Give your home a stylish upgrade by spray painting. But, it’s important to keep in mind that this type of minor adjustment can affect air quality due to the high levels of chemicals emitted during the process. However, the good news is that you can enjoy a fresh new look for your home while minimizing any negative effects on indoor air quality.

The majority of consumers have access to low-VOC paints and low odors today, but these paints still pose a risk to the environment and public health. Plus, it may not always be possible to open all the windows and doors to disperse the fumes. So, Here we will explain to you how to get rid of spray paint smell in a house using eight eco-friendly products so you can live comfortably in it.

How To Get Rid Of Spray Paint Smell In House Naturally?

Some spaces can be particularly affected by spray paint fumes in the house, and you can eliminate most of the fumes by using natural products that you have on hand already.

If you capture the fumes as soon as you start the painting projects including painting cabinets, furniture, walls. You can begin enjoying your newly painted space straight away.

Baking Soda

Usually, people ask, how to get paint smell out of the room?

Well, if you’re already using baking soda in the laundry and refrigerator, you can also use it to remove spray paint smell even on metal.

Many people keep a bowl of baking soda in the room as a desiccant that absorbs odors and fumes. The next day, throw it away.

Lemon will absorb the paint smell
Using lemons to get rid of paint smell

Lemon Water

One of the best ways to eliminate or reduce odor is to squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl of water, not just for paint odor but for all sorts of smells.

Lemon will absorb the fumes more effectively. You will usually notice a difference after one day or one overnight treatment.

However, if your room has a large area affected by the fumes from spray paint, you may need to add additional bowls and place them strategically throughout the room.

Activated Charcoal

Next, if you are still experiencing a paint smell, you can put a bucket with activated charcoal bags in the center of the room to eliminate the paint odor.

The charcoal will quickly absorb the spray paint fumes, so your room will smell great again. If you pick up activated charcoal, it will be more porous, which means it will fully absorb the gases and smells around it.

However, crushed charcoal does not eliminate the odor of paint since it lacks the oxygen pockets to absorb odors.

A desiccant pouch with activated charcoal is usually available at a local pet store. In addition, you can put the leftovers inside smelly shoes as shoe sachets.

coffee beans remove spray paint smell from plastic and house
Coffee beans remove spray paint smell from house

Coffee Grounds

The ground coffee and beans act as a natural air freshener and odor absorbent.

Place a bowl of ground coffee in a well-ventilated corner of the room.

As a result, they make the area smell better while reducing odor from spray paint. After you’re done, throw them away.


It is difficult to pick a worse smell between onion or spray paint, but still onions have a natural odor. As onions possess a strong smell, they can be helpful in masking spray paint fumes.

Use two medium onions in small containers to cover up spray paint odor. After use, discard the onions.

It is not advisable to eat or cook with them since they have absorbed VOCs and may ill you.


When you use vinegar to absorb paint fumes from plastic surfaces, it will help to eliminate the smell. The volatile chemicals in paint can be broken down with vinegar.

If you want to use vinegar for large surfaces, you should dilute it before applying it since the acidity could damage your plastic material. Before cleaning with vinegar, wait for the smell to go away; otherwise, your plastic object could be further damaged.

As a result of repeated exposure, paint layers will peel off, reducing odors and also increasing the corrosion resistance of plastic surfaces.

Natural Extracts

Several natural extracts including peppermint and vanilla can be used to remove paint odors and refresh the air. Place cotton balls in small bowls and add a few drops of the extract to each.

To reduce the odor, some painting experts have used the extracts directly in the paint cans before painting.

How to get rid of spray paint smell fast on furniture?

YouTube video

It is better to prevent paint fumes from happening in the first place rather than try to eliminate them from your home. These are some ways you can keep spray paint odors out of your home:

Low VOC Paints

The best way to prevent heavy paint fumes is to choose low volatile organic compounds for paint formulations. Low VOC paints are safer and better for your overall health.

Look for the “low odor” label on your oil-based spray paint. These paints are sometimes made from natural ingredients such as clay, plants, milk, and other minerals that are less harmful to the environment.

Compared to water-based spray paints, oil-based spray paints contain more volatile organic compounds.

use low VOC Paints to get rid of paint smell

A great feature of Aqua spray paint is its low VOCs and attractive color choices.

VOCs must not exceed 50 grams per liter in a spray paint to qualify as low-VOC.

Today, spray paints without VOC are also available.

Zero-VOC spray paints are misleading as they still have traces of VOCs. Spray paint labeled zero-VOC should state that it is non-toxic.

In addition, you can check the grams of VOCs per liter to see if the paint is zero-VOC or low-VOC.

Low Humidity

We recommend you avoid painting on humid days. Painting emits the strongest fumes during the application and drying processes when it is humid. If you wait too long for your paint to dry, your soft furnishings are more likely to absorb paint odors.

So, make sure the weather forecast is favorable before you start painting.


The next step to getting rid of spray paint smells is to ventilate the area as much as possible. Spray painting requires proper ventilation to ensure that you and others in your home are not exposed to harmful fumes or unpleasant odors.

Fresh air will help to dilute the paint fumes in the room. So, you should open all windows and doors when painting in one area to disperse fumes.

In addition, you can use a spray painting booth for your future painting project. Here you can find portable booth in varying price ranges. It is an ideal place to do painting, as these booths are a great alternative to minimize odors.

Moreover, they make the cleaning up process much more effortless and confine the fumes to one area. Outdoors are ideal for these booths, which can be placed in a yard to simplify the process.

Use of An Air Purifier

Consider buying a box fan and an air purification system that works simultaneously to promote a better airflow in your space and dilute paint fumes as much as possible.

Using an air purifier is one of the best methods of neutralizing the smell of spray paint inside your house. Generally, air purifiers are designed to filter out chemicals, allergens, and odors, so they effectively eliminate paint odors.

How to get rid of spray paint smell on wood?

Step 1

Pour two parts water and one part vinegar into a mixing bowl and stir well. Apply the solution with a rag.

Step 2

Make sure to rinse immediately after applying the solution. If the odor persists, continue to step 3.

Step 3

Turn on a fan to cure the paint. If the odor remains, proceed to step 4.

Step 4

Dry the wood in the sun to speed up the curing process. You should leave the wood in the sun as long as possible or until the odor disappears completely.

Step 5

Re-perform step 4 until the odor is gone.

How to get rid of spray paint smell on plastic?

Paint spills on plastic can be removed with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Alcohol removes paint without melting plastic, unlike harsh paint thinners.

Conclusion On How To Remove Spray Paint Smell

Those who experience difficulties getting rid of paint fumes will significantly benefit from the tips outlined above. You can follow any of these steps according to your convenience and choice to make your house smell great. Plus, do not forget to ventilate your home.

We hope this article on how to get rid of spray paint smell has provided you with valuable information. So, you can make your surroundings enjoyable to live in by getting rid of the smell of your painted walls or other objects.

FAQs on How To Get Rid Of Spray Paint Smell?

How long do spray paint fumes last?

In many cases, spray paint’s smell will disappear within a couple of days, but sometimes paint fumes can last for weeks. Usually, this happens when you don’t keep the room ventilated properly before and after spray painting.

How to get rid of the spray paint smell on items?

You should pour around a cup of apple cider vinegar or pure white vinegar into small containers to eliminate the paint smell. Afterwards, place them throughout the room in each corner. As the vinegar absorbs the fumes, it won’t add to air toxicity.

Is spray paint smell harmful?

No matter how long you are exposed to VOC fumes, there is a definite risk of inhalation and side effects, including nausea, headache, throat, eyes and nose irritation and loss of coordination.

Can you sleep with the smell of paint?

Not at all. If your room is freshly painted, it is not advisable to sleep in it. Paint fumes can irritate the throat, eyes, nose and cause respiratory problems.

How long does Rust-Oleum smell last?

Cold or wet areas may take several weeks to get rid of the smell. The smell usually disappears within 24 hours. Spray paint fumes will dissipate completely in 2-3 days with good ventilation.

How Do You Get Rid Of Rust-Oleum’s Smell?

It is a good idea to place white vinegar in bowls around the room. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which neutralizes odor molecules.

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