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Are you tired of lugging around a power lead cord when painting? The best cordless paint sprayer will solve your problem. After all, why would you carry an extension cable for the paint sprayer if you can work freely without it? With technological advancements, paint sprayers no longer need cords, giving you freedom to work.

Professional painter and media artist Catherine Hart attests to the superior results paint sprayers offer over rollers. They produce a more even coat with fewer drip marks and are generally faster to use. While they may require more preparation work than rollers, sprayers deliver a professional finish that is challenging to achieve with traditional painting methods.

That’s why professional painters turn to these advance sprayers for their projects. Cordless or battery sprayers are comfortable to use, durable, and flawless in performance. They are lightweight, allowing painters to work for longer periods without fatigue.

The best battery-powered paint sprayer has taken over the market and become a must-have tool for everyone. It ensures that the work is effective and efficient, so you won’t have to worry about cord length when painting hard-to-reach areas.

By using the best cordless sprayer, you can paint a piece of furniture or an entire house. However, it comes with the challenging task of selecting the best battery-operated paint sprayer for your specific needs.

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8 Best Cordless Paint Sprayers Comparison Chart

So, here are the best cordless paint spray gun reviews that will help you choose the right one. Check them out!


Graco Ultra 17M363 Cordless Handheld Paint Sprayer

Graco Ultra 17M363 Paint Sprayer

  • DeWalt batteries
  • ProConnect pumps
  • RAC X FFLP spray tips
  • Product Rating: 4.5/5
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NEU-MASTER cordless electric paint sprayer

NEU MASTER Best Cordless Electric Sprayer
  • HVLP sprayer
  • 2.0-Ah Battery 
  • Soft-grip handle
  • Product Rating: 4.4/5
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Graco 17M367 Ultra Max Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco 17M367 Ultra Max-Best Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer
  • With DEWALT Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • 1 quart Pump Protectant
  • Airless technology
  • Product Rating: 4.6/5
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Graco TC Pro Airless Paint Sprayer-Dewalt Cordless Paint Sprayer

Graco TC Pro Airless Paint Sprayer
  • 0 psi – 2,000 psi 
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Durable carbide piston
  • Product Rating: 4.6/5
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Worx NITRO 20V-Best Cordless Paint Sprayer With Brushless Motor

Worx Nitro Battery Powered Paint Sprayer
  • HVLP technology
  • 4 nozzles
  • 1000ml paint container
  • Product Rating: 4.0/5
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Sun Joe ‎24V PS1 cordless paint sprayer for home use

Sun Joe ‎24V-PS1 Cordless 
  • HVLP technology
  • 24V battery system
  • 32 fl oz paint container
  • Product Rating: 3.5/5
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LINGYUE 18V Makita Battery Cordless Paint Sprayer For Outdoors and Home

LINGYUE 18V Makita Battery Operated Cordless Spray Paint Gun
  • 800 milliliters capacity
  • Higher atomization
  • Makita battery paint gun
  • Product Rating: 4.1/5
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Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 HVLP- Best Wagner cordless paint sprayer

Flexio 590 HVLP- Wagner Battery Spray Gun
  • X-Boost technology
  • 2 front end nozzles
  • 10 speed settings
  • Product Rating: 4.3/5
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1. Graco 17M367 Ultra Max-Best Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco’s 17M367 Ultra Max Handheld Paint Sprayer is one of the few battery operated sprayers on the market today that is popular among contractors and DIYers who demand a high-portability model and flexible operation, so I decided it to give it a try and guess what!

Having tested this best battery operated paint sprayer myself, I know what it can do!

Initially, I admit I had doubts about its power to handle different paints. However, after a few tests, I was pleasantly surprised. I can easily adjust the Pro control II pressure control for different materials, and it will ensure that the pressure doesn’t fluctuate while spraying. As a result, I get consistently even coverage whenever I spray with it. Plus, I noticed that this Graco best cordless spray gun will be ideal for small to medium-sized jobs.

Graco 17M367 Ultra Max Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer

What struck me right away was how comfortable and easy to handle it is. Surprisingly, it’s not heavy at all, weighing in at just around 10.9 pounds. If you’re used to using sprayers regularly, you’ll find this weight a non-issue.

With the inclusion of two DeWalt 20-volt Max batteries, you can experience the convenience of extended operation without the need for frequent recharging. I really enjoy its uninterrupted usage of the sprayer for up to an hour on a single charge.

You’ll get different outcomes when you use different tips, so if you’re planning to use this battery airless paint sprayer for a variety of purposes, you’ll appreciate that it supports a variety of tips.

graco cordless paint sprayer
Graco Cordless sprayer

The included 210 and 514 tips are suitable for various materials, including lacquers, stains, enamels, primers without any thinning required. It is also considered as a great option for latex paint sprayer.

Plus, Graco’s RAC X FF LP spray tip offers more control and sprays at half the pressure, so you can control pressure and finish more accurately.

Despite its lightweight nature, the piston pump is highly durable. I can quickly change a pump with Graco’s Pro connect in a few minutes.

These sprayers come up with filter to provide you flawless finish in an indoor and outdoor projects.

In this spraying model, you’ve got the option of the FlexLiner bags. Its disposable FlexLiner system also eliminates the hassle of the cleaning process. With this reusability feature, you will save money and the environment.

graco flexliner cup paint bags

All you have to do is fill the bag with a cleaning solution and spray it as you paint. This will clean the FlexLiner, hose, and piston.

This unit is also fully repairable, with kits available for the Triax and the valves from Graco.

Moreover, you can get technical assistance from Graco company for all types of Graco sprayers.

Product Specs

  • Tank Volume: 1 Gallon
  • Power source: ‎Handheld
  • Item Weight: 10.86 Pounds
  • Battery Cell Type: ‎Dewalt 20V Max Lithium Ion (2 batteries included)

  • I effortlessly charge the batteries and enjoy hassle-free spraying whenever I need it.
  • You can trust the durable carbide piston to withstand rigorous use
  • You can adjust the pressure output to achieve perfect coverage
  • I have explored the versatility of spraying with the 210 and 514 tips to tackle different projects
  • You can simplify your painting process with 6 included FlexLiner cups, making color changes quick and efficient
  • I keep my sprayer protected and portable with the carrying case
  • I have been able to handle flammable liquids safely
  • Popular cordless sprayer UK
  • Unsuitable for large-scale painting projects.

It is true that the core components of ultra and ultra max sprayers are virtually identical. However, there is a notable difference between them when compared to one another. This Ultra Max Handheld Paint Sprayer is an excellent choice for homeowners because it is able to handle solvent-based materials, while the Ultra is limited to water-based or mineral spirit-based paints.

As you can imagine, this distinction is very important, since utilizing solvent-based materials in a sprayer that was not designed to handle such substances can be extremely dangerous. The modified Ultra Max design enables you to safely handle solvent-borne materials.

With my Graco paint sprayers max sprayer, I was able to easily match the Tuff Shed to the house. I also asked my tall friend for assistance. Check out the images I took before and after painting.

before painting tuff shed
After painting tuff shed with sprayer

In my research, I found the Graco Ultra Max to be one of the most portable best battery spray gun available today. I recommend this device as the best professional choice on this list due to its excellent quality and high performance.

2. Graco Ultra 17M363-Best Cordless Handheld Paint Sprayer

Graco Ultra 17M363 Cordless Handheld Paint Sprayer

Dan Johnson, the Graco Product Marketing Manager for Professional Airless Sprayers, stated, “The latest advancements and innovative design elements incorporated in the Ultra and Ultra MAX handheld sprayers have revolutionized the painting industry.”

He also mentioned that,

“These new cordless models, introduced in 2017, have replaced the older TrueCoat Handheld Sprayers and can be considered as the equivalent of the 17N166 TC Pro Airless Paint Sprayer.”

The reasons why I consider Graco Ultra Sprayer to be a better choice

As an experienced painter, I work on interior and exterior projects nearly every day. Within the past 12 months, I’ve used this Graco sprayer over 80 to 95 times. I prefer this friendly spray gun because of its ability to spray upside down, similar to the Graco Ultra Max, but with the added benefit of being more budget-friendly.

It takes time to clean this sprayer properly, but it is worth the effort.

In comparison with my Graco 490 or similar stand-type sprayers, I can clean this handheld sprayer in half the time. It would be more efficient to run it upside down under a utility faucet while the top cap is on. 

If you plan to paint, ensuring consistency can be challenging. Graco RAC X FFLP spraying tips ensure a flawless finish and make it possible to produce consistent results.

You can work uninterrupted and avoid time-consuming pauses for unclogging, resulting in a more efficient painting process.

Graco 20v cordless paint sprayer can’t be used with flammable substances, unlike its big brother Graco 17M367 but it’s still popular among professionals.

The 514 tip is compatible with a wide range of mediums, including chalk paints, latex-based paints, and sealers without pre-dilution. Usually, only a single coating is needed to finish a job. You can customize the paint flow and pattern to match your specific needs, whether it’s a wide coverage for larger surfaces or a finer spray for more detailed work.

The pressure controls are the standout feature of this battery powered paint spray gun to ensure a consistent spray pattern. You can adjust the PSI levels to suit your comfort level.

What are buyers saying?

 70% of 828 Amazon customers rated this Graco Ultra sprayer 5 stars.

The great things about graco ultra is its FlexLiner bags which simplifies post-project cleanup. The 32-ounce FlexLiner paint bags allow you to change colors more quickly than traditional paint cups.

You can enhance your productivity with two DeWalt X-R lithium-ion batteries, which can provide you up to one hour of continuous use. A battery charger, storage case, and four liners are also included.

Product Specs

  • Tank Volume: 0.25 Gallons
  • Item Weight: 11.3 Pounds
  • Power source: ‎Handheld
  • Battery Cell Type: Dewalt XR ‎Lithium Ion (2 batteries included)
  • Great for walls
  • You an enjoy the ease of pump replacement
  • I have tried it with various materials
  • I got 2 DeWalt batteries and charger for extended usage
  • You can experience effortless clean-up and material changes with the innovative Flexliner system
  • Rest assured with the added protection of a spray nozzle guard
  • A smoother finish with even pressure
  • I have kept all my sprayer equipment in its storage case
  • Expensive sprayer
  • Lower capacity

There is no doubt that both Graco ultra sprayers and ultra max sprayers are highly efficient in performance. However, if your budget is limited, the Graco ultra sprayer would be a good option.

Helpful Resource:

Don’t miss out on reading my complete guide where I share the differences between both Graco Ultra and Ultra Max models.

3. NEU MASTER Best Cordless Electric Paint Sprayer

NEU-MASTER cordless electric paint sprayer
NEU-MASTER battery paint-sprayer

The Neu Master HVLP model stands out as a another great choice for budget-friendly individuals seeking a battery operated model. Despite its affordable price, it delivers exceptional performance and impressive results. When compared to other sprayers from Graco, a well-known brand in the industry, the Neu Master HVLP model offers a more economical option while still maintaining a quality finish.

The NSG0060 Neu Master has a smaller cup capacity than its upgraded model. It can hold less liquid, 24 ounces. Additionally, it has a lower flow rate, meaning it dispenses liquid at a slower speed. Furthermore, its viscosity is rated at 60 Dins, which is also lower than the upgraded model. In summary, the NSG0060 Neu Master has reduced cup capacity, a slower flow rate, and lower viscosity than its upgraded counterpart.

With this electric painting gun, you’ll effortlessly achieve a flawless and professional finish, surpassing traditional paint brushes or rollers.

I have experienced long-lasting performance with the 20V NEU MASTER 2.0 Ah battery system, providing extended charging time and consistent power performance that won’t fade. This ensures you can complete your projects without interruptions or compromises.

I enjoyed the convenience of a shareable 2.0-Ah Battery, allowing you to use it with the rest of New Master’s lithium battery products as well. This versatility ensures that you can power multiple devices with a single battery, making your work easier.

Refilling is super easy with this paint sprayer – no need to worry about messy spills. Its smart design eliminates the hassle of unscrewing the canister when adding paint, preventing accidental messes that could disrupt your workflow.


This battery-powered spray gun has high speed, and it lets you finish the whole container in four minutes. Plus,you can regulate paint output with its adjustable settings according to your specific needs, whether working on edges, corners, or broad interior surfaces. It gives you the flexibility to achieve remarkable results on various projects.

You can select three interchangeable nozzle tips (2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 mm) to suit your specific coating medium. Furthermore, it can deliver most paints without thinning. Whether you’re working on a small DIY project or a larger professional undertaking, this sprayer can handle it all.

The Neu Master sprayer come with cleaning attachments, making it much easier to keep them clean. You can use Neu Master paint gun in any situation to achieve great results.

Product Specs

  • Material: ABS
  • Tank Volume: 900 Milliliters
  • Item Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Power Source: DC
  • You don’t need to refill frequently due to large container capacity
  • I am impressed with its flexible design
  • Excellent results with HVLP technology
  • 3 Nozzles (2.0, 2.5. 3.0 mm)
  • Simple to operate machine
  • Features are adjustable
  • Good choice for cabinets
  • Limited battery life
  • Not suitable for larger paint jobs

A Neumaster cordless paint spray gun that combines affordability with versatility could be the best choice for DIYers looking for a cable-free solution.

4. Graco TC Pro Airless Paint Sprayer- Dewalt Cordless

Graco TC Pro Airless Paint Sprayer-Dewalt Cordless Paint Sprayer

The TC Pro and the Ultra Max series are highly similar, possibly even identical. I recommend this sprayer for professional ones due to its advance airless technology.

Unlike other sprayers like the Wagner Flexio 5000, which use air to push paint out, the Graco TC Pro is airless, reducing the chances of air bubbles or premature drying, resulting in a more polished finish. However, operating and cleaning this sprayer can be a bit challenging compared to simpler models like the Wagner 5000.

These sprayers possess the ability to work with both water-based and solvent-based paints and are compatible with tips measuring up to 15 thousandths of an inch. The TC Pro, equipped with a fine finish tip, is particularly suitable for small touch-up tasks and occasional painting requirements.

You can use 514 and 210 spraying tip on almost any material, such as enamels, interior paints, stains, and primers. Also, triax piston pumps made from carbide are known to last a long time.

I even compare TC pro model with ultra models, so you can take a look at the guide.

The TC Pro stands out for its ability to produce a smooth, glass-like finish, thanks to its airless technology. This is especially noticeable when using water-based enamel paint, as I did for my furniture project. I’ve even captured some photos to highlight the outstanding results achieved with this sprayer.

graco tc pro cordless for furniture

As shown in the image, Graco Handheld Filter 60 mesh removes unwanted particles from liquid coatings during application. By using 60 mesh, you can ensure a smooth and consistent finish free of pressure drops or clogging.

Graco Handheld Filter 60 mesh
Graco Handheld Filter 60 mesh

I noticed that this unit came with 2 batteries. While working on a project I found the batteries to charge quickly. After painting for a while with the first battery, I placed the second battery on the charger. It will be fully charged by the time the first one runs out.


A 20V DEWALT lithium-battery powers this airless sprayer, which lasts long enough to handle most jobs. You can spray up to one gallon with each charge, ensuring the convenience you desire.

Furthermore, its smart control feature eliminates pressure fluctuations during spraying. Moreover, with its reversible tip, you can be certain that your task will run smoothly and flawlessly no matter how much clogging occurs.

I controlled the spray speed at my own pace. Whether I was painting or staining, it works. 

I recommend maintaining a consistent distance of 12 to 18 inches from the surface with this sprayer. This distance is optimal for avoiding drips or runs and ensures an even application of paint.


Once you get the hang of it, achieving professional results is possible, but it may require some trial and error initially.

In addition to saving you time, you can easily dispose of or reuse these disposable liners. You can also buy Graco TC Pro at Home Depot.

Product Specs

  • Tank Volume: 0.25 Gallons
  • Item Weight: 0.01 Ounces
  • Power Source: Battery Powered

  • You can enjoy precise control over your paint application
  • It provide flawless coating
  • Get the benefit from the innovative Flexliner bags that make clean-up and material changes quick
  • Its advanced technology enable you to spray unthinned paints
  • Portable cordless airless spray gun for ceilings
  • Charge it fully before using
  • If you spray stain continuously, it might dry out

In recent years, Graco TC Pro has been gaining popularity due to its impressive efficiency and flow rate. Hence, you will be love its compact design and robust construction just as much as I do!

5. Worx NITRO 20V-Best Cordless Paint Sprayer With Brushless Motor

9. Worx NITRO 20V-Best Cordless Paint Sprayer With Brushless Motor

Some painting applications require a Worx Nitro 20V battery sprayer over a brush. When I first started painting, I used brushes and I remember that brush marks ruined my project. It was a long, tiring job.

But, fortunately, my Worx Nitro 20V helped me finish that painting job in a matter of hours instead of couple of days.

I like using Nitro 20 V battery paint spray device because its brushless motor makes it easier to operate. These motors are also more compact and lighter than conventional motors. Also, the design of this paint sprayer makes it more convenient to use for long periods of time without getting tired.

With a large capacity of up to 1000 ml paint container, you can hold a lot of paint and use materials like primers, enamels, stains, and latex paints which can be applied with four different nozzle sizes (1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.2mm, 2.6mm).

Using latex paint with Worx cordless paint sprayer

Based on my testing, you can use thick material with a large diameter nozzle and if you are using smaller diameter nozzle then it may be necessary to thin paint for a finer finish. As it comes with a viscosity cup, you can thin the paint easily as per your requirements.

This paint sprayer also has a dial on top that you can use to adjust airflow according to your project need. It is compatible with the power share pro battery which is the next-level Lithium-Ion battery system (Graco Ultra and Ultra max use lithium ion batteries).

With power share pro battery, you get increased amp hours, heat resistance, and long lifespan to maximize battery performance.

You can control the speed of this paint sprayer as well, so it offers so much versatility. Despite minimal overspray, cleaning the sprayer isn’t difficult. You can easily clean it with a garden hose.

User reports indicate that the Worx Nitro 20V spray gun may lack sufficient pressure, resulting in longer job completion times. In addition, there are concerns about its suitability for commercial painting projects due to its limited capacity and spray output. However, I tested the Worx sprayer on my table and patio furniture, and I must say, it performed exceptionally well in both projects.

Product Specs

  • Tank Volume: 1000 Milliliters
  • Item Weight: 5.98 pounds
  • Power Source: Battery Powered

  • Easy to clean 
  • Lightweight
  • Brushless motor
  • Four nozzles
  • 1000ml paint container
  • 20 V Power Share Pro Battery system
  • You may want to purchase one or two extra batteries for quick painting.
  • Some users complain that it doesn’t have enough spray pressure

6. Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 HVLP-Best Wagner Cordless paint Sprayer

Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 HVLP- Best Wagner cordless paint sprayer

If you’re not into spending big on brands like Graco, consider this HVLP sprayer. I’ve used it with water-based paint, and primer for my home furniture and it’s proven to be a reliable champ.

The Wagner Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer comes with a set of nozzles that can be used for a variety of jobs.

A couple of its technologies, including X-Boost and iSpray impressed me greatly. With its powerful turbine, the X-Boost offers excellent coverage without overspray. You can cover a variety of surfaces effectively and professionally with this combination. 

To optimize performance, I created a spray booth in my garage. By diluting the latex paint by around 10% and adding Floetrol, this gun provided excellent spraying capabilities considering its price range.

The surface finishes are perfectly flat without orange peel marks. I suggest you use premium latex paint with this sprayer and first try the spray pattern on rough cardboard pieces to find the right technique.

When diluting the paint, I usually set the sprayer to around 5 power and fully open the nozzle control knob. From that point, I gradually advance the nozzle knob until I achieve the desired results.

It’s worth mentioning that this sprayer has a learning curve. I remember when I first used this sprayer, it took me several hours of stripping and sanding the furniture. The issue was my failure, I forgot to tighten the nozzle assembly properly, resulting in paint splatters. But, you can get professional results on wood by diluting latex paint by 10% and adding floetrol to it.

It allows the latex to dry slowly and level out, eliminating the orange peel effect. Floetrol also enhances sprayer performance, enabling more consistent paint application. It’s important not to spray paint without these additives.

With this Wagner paint sprayer, you can paint all day without discomfort since it is quiet and light. You can use this sprayer as an alternative to traditional airless paint sprayers.

Cleanup is surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it. I spend about 25 minutes cleaning latex paint. Compared to oil-based paint, it’s more difficult to remove.

If you’re like me and dislike brush painting but still want professional results, I highly recommend this sprayer. You won’t regret it.

Product Specs

  • Tank Volume: 8 Gallons
  • Item Weight: 2.11 Pounds
  • Power Source: Corded electric

  • You can spray up to 8 gallons per hour, allowing you to complete your project with remarkable speed
  • Its adjustable paint flow setting enables smooth result
  • I am much satisfied with its excellent price-quality ratio
  • Easy to store
  • The versatility of the iSpray nozzle, allowing you to effortlessly switch between different spray patterns and sizes
  • X-boost technology optimizes performance in less time
  • 50 percent quieter sprayer
  • It may not be the lightest device for large jobs if the paint cup is full
  • The power cord could be longer

In my opinion, this Wagner Flexio 590 can handle various painting applications faster for an affordable price more conveniently.

7. Sun Joe ‎24V-PS1-Cordless Paint Sprayer For Home Use

Sun Joe ‎24V PS1 cordless paint sprayer for home use

As someone who already had a collection of Dewalt batteries, I was specifically seeking a sprayer for shorter jobs that only needs one battery. The fact that it lasts 45 minutes per charge was a good option for me. Also, this sprayer allowed me to be highly productive and efficient in situations where power accessibility was a challenge.

You can also quickly recharge your lithium cells with the included rapid charger, so you can keep working.

Using its HVLP technology, the flow of paint is dispersed evenly without the risk of wasted paint. It comes with a 32 fluid ounce container that can hold paint or varnish.

When comparing it to more expensive sprayers on the market, I realized that the 24V-PS1 provided the quality results I was looking for without the burden of lugging around bulky professional equipment. I tried this incredibly cost-effective choice for my painting services and it goes well.

The inclusion of the six-piece accessory kit was another factor that won me over. With three spray nozzles of different sizes such as 1.5, 1.8, and 2.2 mm , a viscosity testing cup for right dilution, and a cleaning brush provide effortless cleaning of the nozzle, chambers, head, cup, and siphon tube — helping me to prevent paint from drying and damaging the sprayer’s performance.

So, I had everything I needed to tackle any potential clogs or clumps and to maintain optimum flow.

You may also appreciate the quick-connect feature which allows for speedy dismantlement for rinsing. The application is quick and easy at the touch of a button, resulting in smooth and even coverage.

Product Specs

  • Tank Volume: 2 Gallons
  • Item Weight: 4.4 Pounds
  • Power Source: 24V Battery
  • Best cheap cordless kit
  • I easily hold 32 oz of paint
  • It produces horizontal, vertical, and rounded spray patterns.
  • Simple and compact design
  • Suited to small scale projects
  • I experienced lees overspray with it
  • Thinning is necessary for latex paints
  • Not for professionals
  • Sometimes clogging occur

Two years of warranty are included with this cordless spray painter. In addition to the many accessories, the Sun Joe ‎24V-PS1 model is a good choice for beginners because it lets you start spraying right out of the box.

8. LINGYUE 18V Makita Battery Cordless Paint Sprayer For Outdoors and Home

This cordless air spray painter does not require a power source or a compressor, essential for professional painting work. I have found out that it is compatible with MAKITA batteries, which makes it a unique and convenient option for those who already own MAKITA tools, just like me.

You can spray various types of paint, including latex, and varnish with it.

LINGYUE 18V Makita Battery Cordless Paint Sprayer
Matika paint sprayer battery powered
Brushless motor Lingyue sprayer

If you have MATIKA batteries, a LINGYUE paint sprayer is a good choice. I chose this sprayer to introduce another tested and cost effective sprayer to DIYERS and beginners. I believe it is useful to share my experience and tips about this sprayer for optimal results.

The first thing I did was to select the proper nozzle and spray patterns to get the desired coverage and finish on different surfaces.

I particularly like its brushless motor, which reduces electrical spark interference and running friction, reduces noise levels, and improves performance.

I want to share that its advanced technology not only provides a more pleasant and peaceful experience but also assures reliability.

I recommend you perform a test spray on cardboard boards before tackling a project. This help you to achieve the most satisfactory possible outcome.

Next, dilute the paint and ensure its smooth flow through the viscosity cup within a specific time frame. This step guarantees that the paint consistency meets your requirements and prevents any potential issues during the spraying process.

After spraying, clean the nozzles, containers, and pipes to maintain the sprayer’s lifespan. The fact that all parts of this Makita battery sprayer are detachable and can be easily cleaned reinforces the user-friendly design of this product.

So, this sprayer strikes the right balance between affordability and functionality. It provides all the necessary features for efficient and high-quality paint spraying without burdening your budget.

Moreover, the user manual provided with this sprayer is comprehensive and informative. It guides you through each step of the process, ensuring you can operate the sprayer with confidence and achieve optimal results.

Product Specs

  • Tank Volume: 800 Milliliters
  • Item Weight: 3.24 pounds
  • Power Source: Battery Powered, Electric

  • It is compatible with Makita battery
  • It reduces paint waste
  • Prolong service life
  • Its  copper nozzles produce uniform spraying
  • You can avoid clogging by thinning paint with this makita sprayer
  • I am amazed at its brushless motor
  • Remove chunks from the paint or else, it will clog
  • If you plan to paint a big job, get more batteries

Makita battery-operated paint sprayer is good for indoor and outdoor applications, including (railings, cars, fences, roofs, exterior walls, crafts, furniture, woodwork, etc.) enabling you to complete the project within a short period of time.

People ask, what about your opinion on Ryobi 18 Volt ONE

During my research, I encountered a few disappointing battery paint spray device that fell short of performance. The Ryobi Cordless Sprayer, in particular, left much to be desired with its recurring clogging problems and overall poor construction. Therefore, I decided to exclude it from the list of recommended sprayers. It’s advisable to avoid such options and focus on better options which I mention in the list.

9. Milwaukee Paint Sprayer Review

Milwaukee paint sprayer review

A Milwaukee airless paint sprayer comes with advanced features that help you to paint more efficiently. These are best suited for professionals.

A Milwaukee sprayer has the added advantage of directly taking paint from a can without running it through a screen to feed it, which makes it convenient for large projects.

You can use competitor spray tips and high-pressure hoses with the device. Using the removable storage bag, you can store the sprayer, hose, and tip.

Does Milwaukee make cordless paint sprayers? 

Milwaukee has been recognized as a brand for many years. This company innovates its products, most notably the Milwaukee battery powered paint sprayer. The brand has been associated with convenient, modern tools since the very beginning, and it has maintained this reputation by continually developing new devices and improving current products. The paint sprayer is a good example of this case. 

Additionally, Milwaukee paint sprayer parts are available online. Milwaukee offers two paint sprayers, both of which are ideal for professional users. Therefore, you can rest assured that Milwaukee paint sprayer units can handle any paint job, big or small.

I recommend you take a look at Milwaukee 6-Tool Combo Kit if you intend to buy it since its products are highly durable.

Product Specs

  • Tank Volume: 5 Gallon
  • Hose length:‎ 300 Inches
  • Power Source: Air Powered
  • It offers good coverage
  • Easy storage and maintenance
  • It saves both money and time
  • 25ft fluid hose
  • Easy trigger
  • Warranty of 2 years
  • It has a two-stage turbine
  • Storage bag
  • Its base can hold up to five gallons
  • Not cheap
  • Sometimes requires more maintenance

Experts tip and guide for using Best Cordless Paint Sprayer

What is a Cordless Sprayer? (Battery Powered)

cordless airless sprayer
Using cordless sprayer for walls painting

For painting, a battery-operated paint sprayer is a very convenient option. It’s a portable spray paint gun without a cord.

An independent power source and a paint container are included in the battery powered paint sprayer. These can be used for painting areas that are hard to access. HVLP and airless models are both available – and all are handheld. 

Generally, the battery-powered paint sprayer will provide enough power and pressure to cover small to medium size projects at one time.

parts of cordless paint sprayer
Parts of cordless paint sprayer

Do cordless paint sprayers work well?

Cordless paint sprayer Ryobi
Cordless Ryobi

Cordless devices are lightweight, battery powered and portable. They are suitable for use in places where there are no power outlets. So, if we compare it with handheld sprayers, which are powered by electric sources. Handheld sprayers would be more useful if the power cord was long, connected to the spray gun unit and to the power outlet at the other end.

We have noticed that electric handheld sprayers offer more power than battery paint sprayers.

On the other hand, cordless sprayers are perfect for small painting tasks because they work for 30 minutes before recharging is needed. However, there will certainly be a difference in the battery life and power of different paint sprayers.

Overall, cordless spray gun can provide you with cost-effective spraying solutions. From DIY to professional projects, spending a bit of money will be well worth it when you’re able to enjoy simple and easy paint spraying. Paint sprayers with cordless technology allow users to complete projects quickly and save time. Due to their battery-powered operation, it never stop working even when the power supply is disconnected.

Therefore, sprayers need to be selected carefully as per your need, and instructions should be followed when using them.

The Best Way to Use a battery-operated paint sprayer

  • If you plan to spray in a room, ensure that it is well-ventilated before you begin. When you spray paint, paint particles fill the air, so don’t do it in a closed space. To ensure your safety, always wear a respirator mask.
  • Some sprayers have a tendency to overspray. Therefore, if you do not want the paint to get on furniture, floors, walls, or any other surface, cover it with a drop cloth. 
  • Charge the battery completely before using it. It might be best to have a backup battery available before doing a big job.
  • It is important to paint with the right consistency to achieve the desired result. For spraying, the paint should be thinner than for brushing. The right viscosity for spraying paint often requires dilution.

Advantages and Disadvantages of battery-powered paint sprayer

Are you considering a cordless power supply? Listed below are the pros and cons of these battery-operated spray guns.

Advantages of a battery spray paint gun


Using mains cables, hoses, and extension cables can pose a safety risk that leads to trips and falls. However, battery-powered paint sprayers minimize these risks.


Due to their small size, these sprayers are easy to transport, making them perfect for moving from one job site to another.


Battery-operated spray guns can be used almost anywhere (as long as the batteries are charged). They are ideal for outdoor use when power outlets are not readily accessible.

Rechargeable battery type

The Graco 17M367 power tool uses branded batteries that work with a wide range of power tools. 

Disadvantages of a Battery Operated Sprayers


It’s expensive to use cordless technology. A DIYer on a budget may not be able to afford these units due to their higher cost. 


These device will have less power than an airless sprayer unless you have a professional-grade airless sprayer. In addition, the battery-operated paint spray gun may struggle with thick medium coats.

Limited working hours

Lithium-ion cells offer a lot of power, but they don’t last forever. Thus, they aren’t ideal for larger painting projects – unless you have plenty of time to let them recharge, or you have a backup battery.


Cordless Paint Sprayers vs Corded Paint Sprayers 

Cordless Sprayers

Cordless sprayers with makita battery
Cordless Paint Sprayer

These devices does not require electricity or air to operate. No cords are present. 

There is no cord in the cordless model, so you aren’t at risk of getting shocked.

These spray guns are powered by batteries, and are less efficient than corded sprayers.

Corded Paint Sprayers 

Corded paint sprayer (handheld)
Corded Paint Sprayer

An electrical cord will be required for a handheld paint sprayer since it uses electricity. 

The use of a corded paint sprayer is always risky due to the possibility of electrical shock.

A corded paint sprayer has consistent power supply. There is no doubt that corded paint sprayers perform better than cordless painters when it comes to efficiency.

What to Look For Before Buying Best Cordless Paint Sprayer:

Having read the list, you might find it challenging to make a final decision on a battery paint sprayer. After all, it is quite a major purchase. Therefore, you should consider many factors before making a decision.

We have provided some of the key features that will assist you in choosing the right battery spray gun for your needs:

1. Types

The battery spray gun comes in two styles – HVLP and airless.


These are budget-friendly battery-powered paint sprayers that work at relatively low pressure and produce a high paint volume. As a result, they produce less overspray and a lower amount of paint wastage than airless sprayers.

They’re best suited for smaller projects, like painting furniture, doors, cabinets, and shelving, since they don’t provide the speed of delivery needed for larger jobs.

Unfortunately, their battery life is short. An HVLP system uses fans to propel air and paint, resulting in less efficiency than airless machines that only drive the coating medium.

* Battery-Powered Airless Paint Sprayer

It is an excellent device for users who want rapid coverage – including painting walls, staining fences, waterproofing decks, and renovating outbuildings.

Using a hydraulic pump, these tools generate immense internal pressure to propel the coating medium. Thus, you can smoothly apply even high-viscosity materials like Latex, epoxy, and chalk-based paint without thinning.

An airless paint spray gun runs longer on a single charge than an HVLP battery paint spray gun – sometimes for up to one hour. Batteries-operated airless paint sprayers are pricier than HVLP and require more maintenance, as well as producing considerable overspray.

2. Battery Quality And Capacity

Make sure you examine both the voltage and mAh ratings of the cell. Generally, higher voltage has a greater power output, allowing you to apply thick paint more easily.

Battery runtime increases with mAh.

Power delivery is the most important feature of a cordless spray painter. Most models are powered by lithium-ion batteries.

It is best to use a 20V battery, but 12V and 18V batteries are also available.

Powerful battery paint sprayers don’t mean better performance or longer battery life. There are models with speed control features that can severely drain a battery within minutes.

Most batteries can be charged once and last for 40-60 minutes even at full capacity. A large painting job will require 2-3 batteries. 

Above mentioned Graco airless run on DeWalt 20V lithium ion batteries.  A longer maximum run time makes them more reliable than other brands. While painting, they are also lighter, which reduces wrist fatigue.

3. The Capacity Of The Paint Container

You should check the paint cup’s capacity so you won’t need to refill the cup as often during your project. This is a time-saving feature on larger jobs with a larger volume.

It is essential to keep in mind that your battery-powered paint gun is already quite heavy with its motor and attached battery – so a huge container of paint will only add to the weight.

4. Nozzle Size

The use of more viscous paints is possible with larger nozzles. If you plan to use various mediums, ensure that your chosen unit can handle them. Some sprayers come with interchangeable nozzles that enable you to match the machine to the paint you may want to use.

5. Adjustable Spray Patterns

A paint sprayer must do more than spray paint. Additionally, there should be horizontal, vertical, and circular patterns for spraying flawlessly.

6. Sprayer tips

There are different spray tips for different types of paint jobs. If you want to use a cordless sprayer for a variety of jobs, you should ensure that it is compatible with the various tips. 

If you use a sprayer with easy-to-use spray tips, it makes everything much simpler and your job will be completed faster. Depending on your spraying pattern, you also get a different spray output. 

7. A pressure control system

Painting slowly is a better option. However, it is sometimes necessary to paint quickly. A pressure control will allow you to adjust the spray fan to ensure even coverage.

8. Weight

An advantage of these sprayers are their portability. These machines shouldn’t be too heavy, even if they are cordless. The lighter the item, the easier it is to handle and carry. Due to its ease of use, you can work longer without becoming tired.

Why You Should Buy a battery spray Paint device:

The versatility of these spray guns makes them an excellent choice. They are most suitable for large and medium projects. In addition, they spray a wide variety of materials, so almost any project can be handled by them. We greatly appreciate its portability and the fact that it does not require an air compressor. 

Troubleshooting My Cordless Paint Sprayer Common Issues

I am sharing all possible solutions that I have learned throughout the years of cordless spraying.

Problem During SprayingCauseSolution
No continuous sprayLow battery charge.Ensure batteries are fully charged.
Low material in the container or clogged air filter.Address by refilling the container or cleaning the air filter.
Limited battery capacity for large volumes.Avoid prolonged spray sessions; consider a corded sprayer for extended use.
Spray is not good and smoothClogged nozzle or air filter.Use the provided tools for cleaning.
Insufficient pressure build-up in the container.Tighten the paint container.
High material viscosity or large spray tip orifice.Modify material viscosity, switch to a smaller tip, or adjust the flow control knob.
Paint drips or runsExcessive application of paint or quick movements Apply moderate amounts, move at a measured pace.
Loose nozzle or suction tube.Securely insert nozzle, tighten suction tube.
Worn nozzle or material build-up.Replace the nozzle or clean any accumulated material.
Excessive overspray.Sprayer too far from the surface or excessive paint.Reduce distance, decrease spray amount, or adjust the spraying speed.
Little or no material flowLoose suction tube or paint container.Tighten both components.
Nozzle or suction tube clogged.Clean using provided tools.
Material volume setting too low.Increase spray amount by adjusting the flow control knob.
Cordless sprayer limitations for large volumes.Consider a corded sprayer for extended use, especially for daily and long spray sessions.

Can you paint a house with a cordless sprayer?

It can be used to paint a house, but there are a few things to consider:

  1. Power and Battery Life: These devices run on batteries, so make sure the battery has enough capacity to cover the entire house without requiring frequent recharges. It may be necessary to recharge multiple batteries or take breaks for larger houses.
  2. Paint Type and Thickness: Various paint sprayers have varying capacities for different paint types and thicknesses. To paint an exterior house, you’ll need a battery sprayer that can handle the thickness required for the type of paint.
  3. Coverage and Speed: A cordless spray gun can be slower than a corded one and have a smaller paint reservoir, which means more frequent refills. Consequently, a house’s painting time may be extended.
  4. Preparation and Technique: Using any paint sprayer, including battery operated models, requires proper surface preparation and technique. The areas you don’t want to paint must be masked off, nearby objects must be covered, and adequate ventilation must be provided.
  5. Maintenance: Like any piece of equipment, these models need to be maintained from time to time. To prevent clogs and ensure the sprayer is ready for the next painting project, clean it thoroughly after each use.
  6. Skill Level: You need practice and skill to use a paint sprayer effectively. Try practicing on a smaller surface if you’ve never used a paint sprayer before you tackle a whole house.
  7. Weather Conditions: External paint is influenced by weather conditions like temperature and humidity. It is important to choose the right day for painting and to follow any recommendations from the paint manufacturer.

Best Cordless Paint Sprayer Reviews Conclusion:

With a cordless paint sprayer, you can spray paint anywhere without a power source – no need to the plugin. These versatile sprayers are well suited for small to medium-sized projects.

You can achieve great success with battery-powered paint sprayers because they offer many advantages and features. Our top favorite, The Graco Ultra 17M363, is a cordless airless paint sprayer that covers a large area with a smooth and even coat of paint at a high rate of speed. If you’re searching for the professional choice, you may want to check out the well design Graco 17M367 Ultra Max for effective and convenient painting. We have also enlisted NEU MASTER Electric cordless spray gun as a decent battery paint sprayer for a Beginner- a product with affordability and versatility. Hence, you should choose the durable and long-lasting one to get the most out of your money.

Cordless Paint Sprayer FAQs

Are Wagner sprayers cordless?

With the Wagner Power Painter, you get a Dual Tip, 18 Volt Lithium, 6.6 Gallons Per Hour with a backpack of 1 hour chargers and 2 Batteries included. It also contains other spraying accessories to make your job easier. We have noticed no paint runs while using this Wagner sprayer.

It is advisable to spray undiluted paint with Wagner spray gun. However, we have also found the sprayer to be a bit heavy sometimes, so you will need a smaller sprayer for touch-ups. Plus, cleaning up takes time, but you will save time with this application.

Which is the best Battery paint sprayer?

In our opinion, Graco Ultra 17M363 is an excellent choice for small painting projects, whether you’re a painting professional or a homeowner. However, if you’re looking for a luxury spraying option that is highly portable, then you should check out the Graco Handheld Paint Sprayer.

This premium model is capable enough to paint a large area quickly. Plus, it is equipped with lithium-ion batteries that supply plenty of power for efficient painting.

Is a DeWalt cordless paint sprayer available?

The Graco spray gun is powered by DeWalt’s XR 20V lithium-ion battery system that can spray up to one gallon. Small tasks can be done easily without starting up a larger airless sprayer, useful for contractors.

Why should you use a battery-powered paint sprayer?

Sprayers that are battery-powered handle painting projects efficiently and conveniently. They produce flawless results and are adaptable for use on any surface. You can use battery spray painters anywhere since you’re not limited by a power outlet since an independent source powers it. They help painters finish their work without much stress while saving them time.

What is the battery life of a cordless spraying gun?

The gun’s format and battery mAh determine the range. By using a larger cell, airless machines with their impressive efficiency can operate for a longer time than their HVLP counterparts – from the same size cell. 

In general, a single charge will power a gun for anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes depending on the above factors. 

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