A better way to save money is to renovate old worn-out furniture and cabinets instead of buying new ones. For this purpose, you do not need to use a paintbrush or a roller for larger areas when you have HVLP sprayers that can make your life simpler.

The HVLP spray painting becomes more popular nowadays, resulting in various types available, so it can be challenging to decide which is the best option to purchase. Therefore, we explored the best HVLP paint sprayer available on the market in this review article. Also, we have discussed all the reasons why we chose them over the competition when it comes to the HVLP spray guns.

Top HVLP Paint Sprayers

Fuji Spray 2202-Best HVLP Spray Gun For The Money
Fuji Q5 PLATINUM-Best Professional HVLP Spray Gun 
Fuji Q5 PLATINUM-T70-Best Professional HVLP Spray Gun For Commercial Use 
NEU MASTER 600 Watt-Best Electric HVLP Spray Gun 
NEU MASTER 600 Watt-Best Electric HVLP Spray Gun 

Quick Summary of Best HVLP Paint Sprayers

Lowest Budget

Medium Budget

High Budget

10 Best HVLP Spray Guns

1. Fuji Spray 2202-Best HVLP Spray Gun For The Money

  • Features: 
  • Two stage turbine pump
  • No air compressor required
  • Long, flexible hose

Fuji Spray 2202-Best HVLP Spray Gun For The Money

We have covered a lot of HVLP paint sprayers that are suitable for home users or DIYers, but Fuji 2202 HVLP sprayer is designed for professionals who need a lightweight, portable paint sprayer for small and large painting jobs in less time.

It is a simple and compact design that beginners can easily operate to meet their needs.

Fuji’s 2202 sprayer is packed with excellent features that make it one of the best HVLP systems for detail work. The two-stage 400-watt turbine pumps deliver 5 psi- making it suitable for all kinds of fluids, including highly dense materials. 

This best professional spray gun is supplied with a long hose that allows greater flexibility and minimizes the need to move the unit frequently during work. Also, by using the air valve on the hose, you can even more precisely control the quantity and pressure of air forced through your paint sprayer. 

Testing fuji spray pattern
Testing Fuji spray pattern

We have noticed an adjustable knob on the M-Model spray gun that makes beautiful patterns of different sizes. Furthermore, It is good to know that this spray gun comes with a viscosity cup, which you can use to measure the density of the liquid.

The spraying model has a cool handle for greater comfort. With this ergonomic handle, you can paint for longer periods without feeling pain or fatigue in your hands. Its durability and ease of maintenance make them last for many years.

  • Provide professional finish
  • Strong and durable piece of equipment
  • Comfortable handle
  • High-performance HVLP system
  • Flexible long hose
  • Best HVLP spray gun for lacquer, water based paint, and Plasti dip
  • A minimal amount of overspray
  • A variety of spray patterns
  • The metal turbine sits on the floor
  • A bit pricey for occasional use
  • Clogging of nozzles may occur

Undoubtedly, Fuji 2202 HVLP sprayer review shows it to be a high-quality product capable of handling many tasks to produce a professional finish.

2. NEU MASTER 600 Watt-Best Electric HVLP Spray Gun 

  • Features: 
  • Adjustable knob settings
  • Lightweight handheld sprayer
  • Different nozzle sizes and a viscosity cup included

NEU MASTER 600 Watt-Best Electric HVLP Spray Gun 

The budget-friendly NEU MASTER HVLP Spray Gun is a great tool for homeowners who spray paint occasionally. Based on NEU MASTER electric sprayer reviews, it is the best HVLP sprayer for Painting Walls, Ceilings, Kitchen Cabinets and Fences.

Neu Master’s 600 Watt Spray Gun doesn’t handle many gallons of paint, but it’s a low-cost, portable paint spray gun with more versatility than other similar products. 

This unit features a floor-standing turbine and has a 600-watt motor to give you complete coverage with minimal overspray. You can use it with acrylics, sealers, enamels, polyurethanes, and stains with so much power.

Also, it comes with a viscosity cup, which allows you to determine the amount of dilution required before filling. 

This electric spray gun also features two different nozzles, so you can choose the right nozzle for the job, whether for a precise finish or fast coverage. Plus, You can use one of three different spray patterns to meet your delivery needs based on the material.

By using a 6-foot hose, you can operate the gun more freely. A paint cup and handle of this compact spray gun make it easy for you to hold.

Also, a shoulder strap can be attached to the compact turbine to allow more mobility and reduce hand fatigue during work. 

  • Best budget HVLP spray gun
  • Support for small and medium-sized projects
  • Adjust the flow rate
  • An adjustable shoulder strap
  • The three patterns of paint spraying
  • Limited capacity
  • Latex paints require thinning
  • A plastic spray gun may not appeal to professional painters

If you are interested in an electric paint sprayer for your home, the NEU MASTER 600 is the way to go since it has a powerful motor to provide a smooth finish with various paint materials.

3. Fuji Q5 PLATINUM-T70-Best Professional HVLP Spray Gun For Commercial Use

  • Features: 
  • High-performance quiet turbine motor
  • 5 stage powerful turbine
  • Use with variety of paints
Fuji Q5 PLATINUM-T70-Best Professional HVLP Spray Gun For Commercial Use 

For those who demand a smooth finish, rapid coverage, and durability all in one, then there is no other better option than Fuji Q5 PLATINUM. The most powerful Fuji Spray system offers a price-to-quality ratio in the Q Platinum HVLP Series.

This Fuji Spray features the quietest operating turbine we have seen on the market today. It has drastically reduced the turbine noise levels by over 50% as compared to standard turbines.

With a 5-stage turbine motor, it can generate approximately 9.5 PSI. In addition to their efficiency, the ultimate power is one of the factors enabling the user to apply their finish faster and spend less time preparing materials. As a result, you can use more viscous paint without thinning it as much.

A Turbine HVLP Spray Gun has a heat dissipation unit system that maximizes motor life and reduces heat and dust accumulation in the spray area. This feature makes the Q-Series a unique product in the market.

This series has outstanding coating atomization and overspray control capabilities. We recommend the Fuji Q5 series sprayer for fine-finishing of furniture, cabinets, doors and medium to large painting projects.

Fuji T70 HVLP sprayer is well known for its easy-grip nylon handle and a control pattern knob placed at the side of the sprayer for customizable adjustment of the spray pattern. 

The best paint sprayer for wood comes with a 25-foot hose that helps reduce overspray. Moreover, Fuji includes 5 bonus items as a money-saving platinum package.

Spraying Clear Woodworking Finishes with Fuji Q5 Platinum T75G T70
Spraying Clear Woodworking Finishes with Fuji Q5 Platinum T75G T70
  • With powerful turbine offer great Speed Control
  • Heat Dissipation Unit
  • More comfortable grip
  • Ensures a high-quality finish
  • Offers effortless cleaning and maintenance
  • Best Industrial sprayer at a fair price
  • Warranty last for 24 months
  • A superior level of customer support
  • A more comprehensive user guide would be helpful
  • You’ll need a little practice to spray out.

With Q Platinum Series, you have the ultimate power and control, so you can concentrate on what matters most – the quality of your work. As a final thought, the quality offered for this price makes it a worthwhile purchase.

4. Earlex HV5500-Best HVLP Spray Gun For Woodworking and Furniture

  • Features: 
  • The storage container of great use
  • Capable of handling small to medium painting jobs
  • 650 watts of power

Earlex HV5500-Best HVLP Spray Gun For Woodworking and Furniture

If you are new in the painting industry and don’t have an air compressor, then Earlex’s HV5500 HVLP System is the perfect choice for you. With the HV5500, you can enjoy excellent spray finishing at a low price point.  

A lightweight model with a comfortable handle ensures easy handling. Also, a spray station contains the hose and long cord, with an upper storage area for a larger paint cup. This large storage container facilitates painting because you don’t have to refill it constantly.  

Earlex has a floor-standing turbine with 650 watts of power that produces fast coverage, better atomization and a smooth finish.  

We have found that this HVLP Turbine system is great for fence staining, automotive repainting, furniture refinishing, and cabinet paint spraying. 

The needle and tip of this Earlex paint sprayer are made of stainless steel, offering excellent durability and versatility. In addition, It is very affordable to buy replacement needles to deal with a variety of jobs.  

The kit includes a viscosity cup to help you measure the thickness of the paint material. The HV5500 spray gun sprays multiple patterns depending on the placement of the air cap. 

  • Convenient to carry
  • Assurance of high quality
  • Spray different paint materials
  • Special wrench to remove and install needle and tip
  • Lengthy hose
  • Good storage system
  • Not suitable for professional use
  • Separate tips need to be purchased

We have found it as the best entry-level system. With an Earlex HV5500 system, you can greatly increase your skills. Also, it is easy to clean, which means you can use it for the next job straight away. You can watch spraying techniques of Earlex HV5500 Sprayer in this short video.

5. Home Right C800971-Best HVLP Spray Gun Under $100

  • Features: 
  • A set of brass spray tips
  • Faster, more professional results
  • Easily usable

Home Right C800971-Best HVLP Spray Gun Under $100

Its simple design makes it easy to maintain and a great choice for beginners as well as experts. 

Setting up this spray gun is simple. The one-stage turbine uses 450 watts of power to work with various liquids, including those with a thicker consistency- often used without thinning, which gives you more time for other projects.

With the Home Right Max sprayer, you can give a super smooth finish to your house. The sprayer also offers a viscosity cup to measure the thickness of the paint.

Spraying paint on any surface is easy with different tip sizes. Plus, It comes with a large paint container that means you don’t need to stop to refill it, so your project can be accomplished more quickly and efficiently. 

For cleaning purposes, it is necessary to disconnect the electric power and clean each part of it, and then keep it in a dry place for next use. Read Home Right Finish reviews for details on its features, how it works, and how to use it.

  • Great HVLP finishing sprayer
  • Reduced overspray
  • Excellent for light coats
  • Less paint thinner required
  • Simple design
  • Brass tip and nozzle that resists corrosion
  • Best finish sprayer for woodworking
  • A plastic body may not be durable.
  • Not suitable for large projects

The Home Right Finish sprayer provides you with a quality finish on your projects. Also, a two-year warranty will ensure that you are spending your money wisely. You can also consider it as the Best HVLP paint sprayer for home use.

6. Wagner 0518080-Best HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer

  • Features:
  • Adjustable material flow control
  • Compact and light sprayer
  • Plastic and metal cup for fine finish

Wagner 0518080-Best HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer

Our next pick is the Wagner Best HVLP spray gun for stain or paint. It is a simple-to-use paint sprayer that is perfect for finishing work. In addition, you will find this Wagner model within your budget.

It has an efficient power turbine capable of handling most household paints, but some paints may need to be diluted before use.

The sprayer is equipped with both a metal cup and a plastic cup. Smaller cups are easier to handle for smooth finishing paint jobs, while larger cups are better suited for exterior tasks.

A Wagner HVLP paint sprayer provides a clean, dust-free spray because its filters prevent dirt and dust from getting into the sprayer.  

With the gun, you can control both the fan size and the pattern type to the maximum. A horizontal, vertical, and round spray pattern work well with adjustable flow settings.  

Also, you are provided with a flexible hose that enables you to extend your reach while working. 

An easy-to-clean machine. After each use, you should rinse it thoroughly and ensure that all paint residues are clear. 

  • Setup is simple even for beginners
  • Useable for long periods
  • A superb paint control
  • One year warranty
  • The Lock N Go feature eliminates the stress of cleaning
  • Designed to minimize overspray
  • Best HVLP spray gun for home use
  • You may need thinners for some paints before use
  • Not ideal for the larger painting task

Wagner Sprayer is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s a must-have for every DIYer and homeowner, and you can count on it to do the job well.

7. Graco-Sharpe FX3000-Best HVLP Spray Gun For Cars

  • Features: 
  • Big spray patterns
  • Aluminum paint cup
  • Ideal for automotive use, furniture painting, and DIY projects.

Graco-Sharpe FX3000-Best HVLP Spray Gun For Cars

The Graco spray guns are easy to use right out of the box due to their simplicity. It is especially useful for woodworkers who need to move around a lot during long projects. The low trigger pulls and lightweight makes it easier to maneuver.

With advanced technology and zero stripping, this spray gun provides a large pattern size of up to 12.5 inches, which will allow you to complete your project more quickly and effectively. Furthermore, this HVLP paint gun requires low air pressure, so there is no paint waste.

It sprays a wide range of viscosities, from base coats to clear coats, with great fan control. 

As part of your package, you also receive two different aluminum paint cups, a cleaning brush, and a size-specific wrench for disassembling the parts and the cleaning process. However, this gun lacks a turbine, so that a compressor will be necessary to operate it. 

  • Coverage is greater with a huge spray pattern
  • One-year warranty included
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Primer, base coats, and clear coats apply well with the gun
  • Easy to disassemble the gun for cleaning
  • You may have difficulty finding replacement parts
  • No-turbine

The Graco Sharpe HVLP spray gun is the perfect choice for larger work such as automotive applications. This machine isn’t too expensive and is quite a good gun for the money.

8. Master Pro 44- Best HVLP Spray Gun For Primer, Clear coat & Automotive

  • Features: 
  • Last-longing HVLP system
  • HVLP gravity feed sprayer
  • Sets of 4 fluid spray tips

Master Pro 44- Best HVLP Spray Gun For Primer, Clear coat & Automotive

A High-Performance paint sprayer from Master Pro costs less than Devil Bliss Finish line sprayer. Indeed, high quality, durability and great functionality are the highlights of the Master Pro 44 Series.

Master Pro 44 series features three spray tips: 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5 mm. These compact spray tips are designed to spray base paints, clear coats, primers, and medium viscosity paint. Plus, The Master pro-gun is capable of handling the latest automotive waterborne paint coatings.   

A spray gun with a high air pressure valve and a gauge offers precise fluid control for any painting job. Further, with the help of advanced atomization, its needle, air cap system, and nozzle spray paint coating perfectly create a premium finish on any surface.

A comfortable handle makes it easy for this spray gun to be used for extended periods. Also, a fluid filter separates particles from paint. Cleaning is easy due to the adjustment wrench, which allows it to be loosened, so the cleaning brush has easy access.

An air compressor is required to run this expensive HVLP spray gun. Thus, it will cost more money. In comparison to other similar high-performance models, this one will last for many years.

  • Easy-to-maintain
  • Nozzles and needles set
  • Best automotive HVLP spray gun
  • Impressive atomization technology
  • Customized spray pattern
  • Components made of stainless steel
  • Use with primer, the basecoat, and clear coat
  • Not appropriate for professional use
  • No compressor installed

If you own a Master Pro 44 Series, you don’t have to waste hours using a conventional sprayer only to get tired and have poor results.  

9. TCP Global 9 Pieces Gun Set-Best HVLP Spray Gun For Air Compressor

  • Features: 
  • 3 HVLP guns set
  • Aluminum paint cups
  • Most compressors are compatible

TCP Global 9 Pieces Gun Set-Best HVLP Spray Gun For Air Compressor

Did you ever think that a single spray gun would not be enough to meet all your needs? If so, then you should consider the set of TCP HVLP Paint Guns. 

TCP Global guns are versatile, functional, and an excellent investment for many painting projects. You will receive a touch-up gun and two production guns for industrial applications or decorating your home’s exterior and interior. 

Particularly, these guns help to restore your car’s shiny appearance promptly. In addition, you’ll be able to paint your car from base coat to finish coat.

These best cheap HVLP spray guns require an small air compressor to operate, and they are compatible with most portable air compressors. This means you can keep painting until you are done with a project, rather than having to wait for the compressor to catch up. 

Three spray guns, equipped with multiple spray tips so that you can spray almost any type of material. They will dispense base coats, clear coats, topcoats, sealants, lacquers, latex, and more.

Other accessories come with the HVLP Spray Gun Set as well, like a cleaning brush, spray nozzles, air pressure regulator, wrenches, moisture filter and metal cups, along with plastic lids.

  • Best HVLP spray gun for latex paints
  • With One Year Warranty
  • Aluminum paint container with a long lifespan
  • Three different tips to apply various paints and coatings
  • A high standard of quality
  • Little hard to disassemble the gun for cleaning purposes
  • It costs extra to buy a compressor

In short, If you’d like to save yourself the time of cleaning up after each step of the painting job, then TCP HVLP spray gun kit is perfect for you.

10. Wagner Flexio 890 Stationary Sprayer-Best HVLP Spray Gun For Cabinets

  • Features: 
  • Two unique nozzles
  • X-Boost technology
  • Compact storage case

Wagner Flexio 890 Stationary Sprayer-Best HVLP Spray Gun For Cabinets

Another product from Wagner, the Wagner FLEXiO 890, is also worth considering, as it is a highly portable and powerful sprayer that provides effortless spraying.

It’s an impressive design, and it says

You can cover an 8x10ft wall in about five minutes. 

The X-Boost technology is one of its most notable features. X-Boost feature allows you to control the amount of air and spray speed, whereas material flow control will let you decide how much paint to apply.    

You can use Flexio HVLP sprayer as the perfect tool for cabinets, interior walls, fences, sheds, doors and outdoor garden furniture.

It features a ground-based turbine that comes with two unique nozzles and cups — The nozzle (iSpray) is for broader surfaces such as walls and ceilings, and the other detailed one nozzle for more specific jobs like furniture and cabinet coating.

Its Lock-N-Go technology makes it easy to swap nozzles. Plus, you just need to run the cleaning solution through the system to cleanse it properly.

The HVLP system includes a flexible hose and a stationary base unit that will hold all the accessories when they are not in use.

  • Include two paint cups and nozzles
  • Fine detail finish
  • Lightweight sprayer
  • Suitable for painting and staining
  • Warranty for one-year
  • Best HVLP for Latex
  • Noisy operation
  • Over spraying possible

According to our findings, a little more money is worth investing in a model you can use with fast and effective results throughout the year.

What is HVLP spray gun?

Best HVLP paint sprayer
Best HVLP paint sprayer

A high volume of air at a low air pressure is referred to as HVLP or High Volume Low Pressure. Atomization is achieved not by changing the pressure of the air, but by reducing its volume, resulting in a softer spray.  

Types of HVLP Spray Guns

When selecting the HVLP spray painting system for your spraying needs, you need to consider the following type of HVLP spray gun:

HVLP spray guns can divide into two main categories:

  • Turbine based sprayers
  • Compressor-based sprayers

Turbine Based System

We have found out that a turbine system is portable and lightweight. It can perform touch-ups on any project sight. Also, the turbine system results in less overspray.

Compressor Based System

Sprayers that use compressors to apply paint material at higher speeds with more power. Though they require more skill to use, the result will be a flawless finish on any surface.

As professional tools, they are generally used in automotive workshops or for covering large areas. The advantage feature of a compressor sprayer is its speed.

Can I use a HVLP sprayer with any paint?

HVLP sprayers can be used for a variety of paints. Various sprayer paints can be used to achieve consistently professional results.

It is now possible to use both thick and thin paint with most HVLP paint sprayers.

Even thick paints can be used without thinning. The following paints are compatible with your HVLP paint sprayer.

  • Lacquers
  • Latex paint
  • Enamel
  • Vanishes
  • Clear sealer
  • Top coats and Basecoat paints
  • Milk paints
  • Polyurethane and Urethane top coats
  • Chalk  paints
  • Clear sealer
  • Stains
  • Primers

Do you know when to use HVLP?

You can use it for small jobs, but not for big ones. As the name suggests, it’s high volume, low pressure. An average HVLP sprayer has a max pressure of 10 p.s.i. Homeowner airless sprayers range from 1,500 to 3,000.

In comparison to the big airless sprayers above, or even handheld airless sprayers, HVLP sprayers have very little overspray.

It is easier to reduce waste if you hold the tip closer. There are many professional painters who carry HVLP for quick projects like furniture painting and fence railings.

Buying Guide For Best HVLP Spray Gun

Before investing your money in the purchase of the best HVLP sprayers, you should consider a few key factors.

1. Paint sprayer nozzles

Few HVLP spray guns are only equipped with a single-purpose nozzle. While other HVLP spraying models offer different types of nozzles at extra cost.

Depending on the nozzle’s size, you can spray different paint materials with the sprayer. Larger nozzles can handle high viscosity liquids, while smaller nozzles are suitable for low viscosity liquids.

Choosing the wrong- small nozzle for thick liquid can clog, while too large a nozzle may lead to overspray.

2. Flexible adjustment 

A sprayer’s main requirement is flexibility. You can easily adjust the pressure of the sprayer to control the paint flow, thickness, and pattern, which makes it incredibly useful. 

The easy control feature of any device contributes to less paint waste and lower costs, along with improved results.

3. Filters

Several HVLP Sprayers come with air filters to prevent the spray finish from being polluted by dust particles. Moreover, the filters prevent the paint from getting clogged up within the sprayer.

4. The capacity of the cup

Before making the purchase, it is important to consider the cup size of the spray gun. For wide surfaces or exterior home projects, it is recommended to use a larger cup. As a result, you do not have to refill the container with paint material constantly. 

However, if you’re looking for a detailed painting project, a smaller cup would be better. An HVLP sprayer comes with a cup of plastic, metal, or nylon that holds the paint.

5. Hoses 

The length of your cord may vary depending on what you intend to do so that you won’t have to move any heavy equipment.

Consider options with a lengthy cord and hose to ensure easy movement.

6. The easy way to clean

You should always clean your paint sprayer after every use since this cleaning step will maintain a sprayer in good working condition and prevent costly repairs.

Some sprayers come with adapters that can be connected to hose pipes for cleaning. In contrast, other sprayers offer cleaning brushes and wrenches as well. 

A good rule of thumb is never to skip a thorough cleaning of the sprayer, as you do not want to damage your paint sprayer or fail at your paint project.

Final thoughts on Best HVLP Spray Gun

All of the models we have reviewed above are excellent choices for the HVLP spray system. However, We’ve picked the Fuji 2202 HVLP sprayer as the best pick so far. It can tackle any indoor and outdoor painting project with top finishes. Next, our budget class is the NEU MASTER 600 because of its affordable price and ease of operation. Plus, Fuji Industrial Sprayer Q5 Platinum is our premium pick. Despite being costly, it is a flexible and quiet model than other versions, plus it comes with a bonus kit.

Hopefully, with our recommended criteria for the Best HVLP Spray Gun, you can economically purchase the most suitable and effective model! 

FAQ’s on HVLP paint sprayer reviews

1. Is it possible to use an HVLP gun with a turbine?

Yes, Turbine HVLP Spray Guns are portable and can be used anywhere with an electrical power outlet. Turbine units are therefore perfect for outdoor paintings. In an HVLP Spray Gun, a turbine generates the amount of air required for spraying, which is then transferred to the hose for better atomization.

An HVLP gun with a turbine can offer a more precise but slower application. In this system, paint particles are less likely to return to the air, resulting in less overspray and bounce-back. Interestingly, the HVLP turbine spray system is a simple to use method, which simplifies the learning process. 

2. How do HVLP and LVLP spray guns differ? 

An HVLP gun can be either pneumatic or turbine-powered, unlike LVLP units, which only have compressors as their power source.

The LVLP machine uses low pressure and low air volume, and it will require less power than HVLP guns so that it will work with almost any type of compressor.

HVLP works well on small to medium scale projects like furniture and cabinet spraying, decks, garden sheds, and exterior walls while LVLP spray guns spray faster, making them more suitable for medium to large painting projects, particularly in automotive applications.

As compared to HVLP turbines, LVLP sprayers produce a smaller spray pattern and are less environmentally friendly.

3. Are HVLP or LVLP guns better for you?

These spray guns are both of high quality, so it depends on how you will use them and your personal preferences.

For smaller jobs, HVLP is better than LVLP spray guns. HVLP spray guns are the preferred tool in the painting industry. Their simplicity, affordability, and ability to paint straight from a box make them increasingly popular among beginners and homeowners.

On the other hand, professionals and DIYers alike will find LVLPs to be a better fit because they’re easier to transport, fast, and capable of producing a high-quality finish.

4. What is an HVLP spray gun?

High volume and low-pressure guns are more traditional and widely used in the world. Furthermore, HVLP spray guns save a lot of paint, so they are very cost-effective.

5. Do HVLP spray guns work with compressors?

Yes, pneumatic HVLP guns require an external compressor for both atomization and coating material. Their price is a bit higher than HVLP turbines because they require an additional tool – a compressor.  

6. Which HVLP spray gun would be best for furniture?

Many of the best HVLP spray guns for furniture offer excellent results, but the Fuji 2202 HVLP Spray System stands out for its versatility and value. You can also consider Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 as the Best HVLP spray gun UK.

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