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Do you wish to have your fence be a beautiful and professional addition to your home? If so, it is time to invest in a spray gun to paint or stain the fence. A good paint sprayer will allow you to do all small or even large paint jobs, so you can maintain the beauty of your home.

We all know that the market offers a wide selection of paint sprayers for fences, so selecting the best sprayer for staining a fence can be a challenge. However, to make your life easier, we have researched and compiled a list of the best paint sprayer for fences that ultimately saves your money at the end of the day.

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Top 11 Best Paint Sprayers For Fence

1. Wagner HVLP 0417005 Paint Sprayer – Read Full Review

2. Graco X5 Airless Paint SprayerRead Full Review

3. Titan Control Max 1900 Pro SprayerRead Full Review

4. Wagner Flexio 590 HVLP Sprayer Read Full Review

5. Fuji 2903 Mini-Mite HVLP SystemRead Full Review

6. Wagner 130 Paint Sprayer Read Full Review

7. Home Right C800971 Spray Gun Read Full Review

8. Chapin Professional 30600 2 Sprayer Read Full Review

9. Home Right Power Pro Sprayer  Read Full Review

10. Graco Ultra Airless Sprayer Read Full Review

11. REXBETI 700 Paint SprayerRead Full Review

Our Overall Pick

Graco X5 Airless Sprayer For Fence

Graco Magnum X5- Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Fence


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Brand: Graco
  • Type: Airless Sprayer

Reason Why I pick Graco X5 paint sprayer for fence 

Graco Airless Sprayer is the perfect choice for outdoor and indoor projects. It has adjustable settings to provide flawless finish on your desired surface. It can spray directly from the paint container. With its long hose, you can handle any paint job. The best part is that you can also clean this Graco paint sprayer with the help of its power flush adapter, which connects to an ordinary garden hose. 


1. Wagner HVLP 0417005- Best Sprayer For Staining A Fence

Our Budget Pick
Wagner 0417005- Best Sprayer For Staining A Fence

Wagner HVLP 0417005- Best Sprayer For Staining A Fence

Product details:

  • Portable
  • Lightweight plastic reservoir
  • HVLP spray gun for spraying thin materials
  • Simple design

If you have a Wagner 0417005 HVLP stain sprayer, you do not need to hire a professional painter for the small jobs you can do on your own. Since it is much faster than a roller or brush.

This lightweight handheld paint sprayer is extremely useful for almost every homeowner. The sprayer uses HVLP technology to spray thin materials such as stains, paints, varnishes, sealers, urethane, and other thin liquid.

It allows maximum control and the least amount of overspray. Wagner stain sprayer is equipped with advanced technology for quick material changes and easy cleanup.

The spray tip can adjust to three different positions. You can simply twist the air cap to change the pattern from horizontal, round or vertical.

The quick-adjustability option provides you with even coverage and a consistently fine finish. Furthermore, it is a highly efficient air turbine capable of spraying 4.1 ounces per minute that will allow you to complete your project quickly and smoothly.

Luckily, the gun would take you less than 10 minutes to clean after painting. Besides the sprayer, the kit contains 1 qt. plastic container to hold enough paint for small projects and removes the need to refill frequently.

With a fast setup and easy cleanup, Wagner 0417005 stain sprayer is ideal for beginners to complete the fence paint job smartly. In fact, Wagner spray guns are a great alternative to larger paint sprayers for homeowners.

It is easy to do small jobs on your own if you use the Wagner 0417005 HVLP stain sprayer, which is a perfect choice for small-scale outdoor projects.

  • Great for thin materials.
  • Powerful air turbine.
  • Portable, lightweight plastic reservoir.
  • Inexpensive stain sprayer.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Best Wagner fence sprayer
  • Not suitable for thick material.

2. Graco Magnum X5- Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Fence

Our Top Pick
Graco Magnum X5- Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Fence

Graco Magnum X5- Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Fence

Product details:

  • Lightweight floor-standing turbine.
  • Perfect for un thinned paints and stains.
  • Easy-to-clean with flush capability.
  • User-friendly Graco spray gun.

Looking for a quality airless paint sprayer that you can use for DIY, home, or commercial business? Here is a good example of an all-rounder, a user-friendly paint sprayer- The Graco Magnum X5 Paint Sprayer.

It is best known for its high-quality piston pump, which is made of stainless steel to ensure durability and provide a smooth paint finish. Also, it handles even thick paints at high pressures.

The Graco X5 is equipped with a metal SG2 gun. This is the best airless sprayer for staining that can be used for up to 125 gallons annually. This is a certain amount of paint required for various painting projects, such as painting an exterior and interior wall, fences, a deck, sheds, garages, painting furniture or rooms in your home.

Giving a new look to the fence, the Graco X5 Sprayer taught me a lot!

As someone who has purchased and used the Graco X5 paint sprayer, I can say that it produces flawless and beautiful results. However, when making a purchase, one should consider a few points. One of the issues is that the set-up process can be a hassle and requires a full quart of paint, which can be wasteful if you’re only painting a small area.

Additionally, the clean-up process takes about 30 minutes, which may not be worth it for small projects. That being said, the Graco X5 sprayer is suitable for large painting projects.

Couple of months ago, I painted a 300 linear feet of picket fence in one day. This would have taken us a week if we used traditional brushing or rolling methods.

painted picket fence with graco X5 sprayer

You can use a flexible long spraying hose to reduce time moving around. In fact, you can easily reach the ceilings and walls. The length of the hose would allow you to quickly complete any paint job quickly.

Unlike hand-held paint sprayers, this model has to be placed on the ground. You can simply place the flexible tube in a paint tub to spray directly. In addition, the Graco sprayer comes with a viscosity cup, which you can use to test dilution requirements before use.

I have noticed that this Graco paint sprayer offers an adjustable spray tip that you can twist and turn to continue the job as soon as the tip gets clogged. In addition, various tip sizes are available for this model.

graco lowest pressure setting
Graco lowest pressure setting

When spraying lighter materials like stains, choose the lowest pressure setting that allows you to maintain a smooth spray pattern.

After painting, cleaning a paint sprayer is an essential task that cannot be skipped because paint residue can negatively affect the paint’s performance and life span.

All you need to do is to connect the power flush feature to a garden hose for cleaning the sprayer easily.

Moreover, if you’re the first user of the Graco X5 sprayer, I highly recommend watching instructional videos and learning about the various aspects of the machine. This includes the settings, tips, and pressure needs. Even though this may take some time, it’s worth it for optimal results. Additionally, expect to use more paint than traditional methods, especially if you don’t set up the machine correctly.

Overall. if you wish to find one of the most efficient and portable floor-standing sprayers, then I highly recommend the Graco X5 airless stain sprayer.

  • Piston pump that allows un thinned paint and stains to apply under high pressure.
  • Spray tip offers better control.
  • Minimal overspray.
  • Fine spray pattern.
  • The long hose prevents you from carrying heavy paint cans and the spray unit.
  • Best paint sprayer for metal and wood fence
  • The warranty is only one year.
  • Sometimes it acts as a noisy machine because of vibrations.

3. Titan Control Max 1900 PRO-Best Stain Sprayer For Fences

Our Professional Pick
Titan Control Max 1900 PRO-Best Stain Sprayer For Fences

Titan Control Max 1900 PRO-Best Stain Sprayer For Fences

Product details:

  • HEA advance technology system.
  • Softer spray at fast speed.
  • Sprays up to 500 gallons annually.
  • Easily spray latex paints.

Anyone can paint like a pro by using the Titan Max 1900 paint sprayer because it offers DIYers and Handymen excellent output with easier control. Also, it covers the area on narrow wood strips and curved surfaces without overspray. Titan Control Max 1900 Pro is the updated version of Titan Control Max 1700 Pro.

My friend Martina (expert in paint and coating) recommended this airless sprayer to me as a replacement for my previous titan sprayer, and it took me a little while to learn how to use it, but once I did, I had excellent results on my outdoor fences as you can see in the picture below.

outdoor fence with titan 1900 pro

According to her suggestion, “the setup and learning were relatively painless since the instructions were very clear. In comparison to some “high end” sprayers, this Titan does the same job and is even easier to use. However, I have noticed that titan sprayers are not suitable for spraying stain. There is also a tip included; if you intend to spray stain, you’ll need the 311.”

Like the 1700 Control Max Pro sprayer, it also has two-wheel cart support for effortless mobility and ease of adjustment. So you don’t feel tired anymore.

In addition, this metal spray gun is powered by a pump that delivers 0.7 HP and a maximum pressure of 1600 PSI for un-thinned coatings. Being an airless sprayer, it is capable of handling multiple paint types such as stains, latex, varnishes, and acrylic.

The Titan sprayer produces an even paint finish with excellent atomization for both indoor and outdoor painting projects.

Thanks to HEA tip technology, overspray is reduced by up to 55 percent while the spray is delivered in a softer manner, improving control and consistency. 

The easy-to-rebuild fluid section maximizes sprayer life and offers the best warranty in the painting industry.

Although it is more expensive than we expected it to be, still it has good quality features for painting jobs. Thus, Titan 1900 Max sprayer will help you to make your work easier without compromising quality.

  • Useful for interior and exterior spraying.
  • With a 50-foot hose for easy access to large projects and multiple stories.
  • Durability.
  • The reversible tip helps to remove clogs and activate the sprayer again.
  • Easy-to-carry rubber grips.
  • Suitable for DIY projects at home.
  • Select the right size tip for the project otherwise you may experience clogging issues.
  • A bit costly paint sprayer.

4. Wagner Flexio 590-Best HVLP Fence Paint Sprayer

Amazon’s Choice
Wagner FLEXiO 590-Best HVLP fence paint sprayer

Wagner Flexio 590- Best HVLP Fence Paint Sprayer

Product details:

  • Spray paint 10 times faster than brush.
  • Apply un thinned paints and stains for indoor and outdoor projects.
  • Two versatile nozzle for high-quality finishing.
  • Paint capacity of 8 gallons.

In the world of DIY projects, Wagner Flexio 590 is the most popular HVLP handheld paint sprayer. It is not only used to paint a fence but also used for all kinds of painting projects without costing as much as professional sprayers.

This power sprayer is lightweight making it extremely convenient to use on multiple projects.

The Flexio 590 is also known for its quiet operation. Initially, we found that the power cord was too short, but with an extension cord, the problem was solved.

The Flexio 590 is considered as best stain sprayer for deck. We had used this sprayer for many projects including spraying stains for decks, painting cabinets, furniture, trim, ceilings, and more.

A combination of X-Boost turbine and iSpray nozzle is designed to spray undiluted interior, exterior paints, and stains to give professional results on a wide variety of surfaces.

The Flexio 590 features a Power Dial that can be used to adjust air pressure when spraying different surfaces. Moreover, with proper maintenance and cleaning, The top paint sprayer will last for many years from now. Also, It increases the productivity of your work just to your satisfaction.

Useful Resource: Click here to learn more about Wagner FLEXiO 590 sprayer.

Wagner Flexio 590 has mostly positive reviews because it is a very reliable unit at an affordable price for your projects without hiring any professional. Furthermore, the Flexio 590 is quieter and lighter than airless sprayers, which makes it extremely user-friendly.

  • X-Boost Power turbine
  • Diverse range of paints
  • Excellent control over the flow of paint
  • A quick clean-up
  • With a relatively low price
  • Thick materials tend to clog up the tip
  • Short power cord

5. Home Right C800971- Best Handheld Paint Sprayer For Fences

Best Seller
Home Right C800971- Best handheld paint sprayer for fences

Home Right C800971- Best Handheld Paint Sprayer For Fences

Product details:

  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Spray thick paints, stains, and varnishes
  • No need for a compressor

Home Right Super Finish Sprayer is an excellent choice for anyone who likes to do their own home projects. The most exciting thing is that this HVLP sprayer comes with a turbine motor, so you don’t need an air compressor for any painting project.

However, an electrical connection is required to operate this sprayer. You can paint with any type of water-based or oil-based paint, latex paint, milk paint, varnish, enamel, and more. 

In addition, it is good practice to thin the thick paints before use to get a fine finish on any surface.

With Home Right handheld sprayer, you will be able to paint or stain fences, cabinets, tables, furniture, counters, walls, or other large numbers of projects with less effort. 

Unlike finish Max sprayer, which has one brass tip 2.0mm, this super finish sprayer has three brass tips. By adjusting the tip size, you will get faster and smoother paint flow than with finish sprayers without losing the interest you’ve built.

The 39-ounce viscosity container holds sufficient paint for most small painting jobs without the need for constant refilling at a time. Also, a cleaning brush is included with the finish paint sprayer for quick maintenance.

In short, the HomeRight HVLP paint sprayer gets you the best value for your money in comparison with items that have the same price on the market. As a bonus, the Home Right sprayer comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • Lightweight HVLP sprayer
  • Durable three brass spraying tips
  • Less thinning needed for thick paints
  • Paint viscosity cup to atomize paints
  • Fast and efficient painting of a large quantity of jobs
  • Not work well for long projects
  • It’s not recommended for painting ceilings

Wagner vs. Home Right: Which sprayer is Better? (Based on my opinion)

As someone who has personally used both sprayers, I’d like to share my own personal opinions about the benefits and drawbacks of each sprayer. In addition, I will discuss the new models that Wagner offers similar to my old Flexio 590 sprayer.

Home Right does not have a removable nozzle. Spray tips can be exchanged and the paint container can be removed. However, the Wagner spray nozzles can be removed and are used with different products.

Both sprayers have turbines in the back. I found out after researching these 2 products that HomeRight is owned by Wagner. This would indicate that both sprayers are designed and operated with the same technology but are slightly different in shape.

HomeRight’s Super Finish Max only comes with one paint container. But the Wagner Flexio comes with two paint containers for small and large projects.

A Wagner sprayer has an X-Boost power dial that can be used to select the sprayer power, whereas no power dial can be found on the HomeRight. Both sprayers have flow dials for controlling how much paint is sprayed.

Comparing the Wagner and HomeRight spray tips, we found that the HomeRight spray tips are made of brass where as Wagner spray tips are plastic.

The brass spray tip has a smoother spray result with less spitting, so brass tip seems to win. I had a success with both sprayers on my fence and furniture projects. However, if you wish for a smooth result with minimal overspray, practice it first before starting a project.

Wagner is my choice for cleaning because the Wagner nozzles can be removed from the main body of the sprayer. You can use the brush cleaning tool and soak the nozzle in water. After that, you can clean it thoroughly with warm water before you use it for your next project.

According to my experience, the Home Right Super Finish Max was less expensive to purchase than the Wagner Flexio 590. Here are links to the latest prices on for both below, so you can compare them yourself:

Check Wagner Flexio 590 price on Acme Tool

Check Home Right Super Finish Max price on Walmart

My verdict For both sprayers:

As a beginner, I believe the Home Right Super Finish Max is the easiest sprayer. If you are inexperienced to paint spraying and have never used one, you will probably get better results with Home Right than with Wagner 590.

On the other hand, when it comes to speed and efficiency, I can paint a project much faster with the Wagner Flexio 590 since it cuts down my cleaning times.

Comparison Chart for Wagner Flexio 590 vs Home right Super Finish Max

An important factor to consider when purchasing

Home Right Super Finish Max Wagner Flexio 590
Project size2 to 3 gallons per hour8 gallons per hour
Spray NozzlesNon-removable nozzle2 nozzles included
Spray Tips3 brass spray tipsOne plastic spray tip
Power Cord Length 20 inches6 feet
Material Flow DialNo power dial featureAn X-Boost Power Dial features 10 speed setting
Power AdjustmentHard to read Plus/Minus Dials Adjustable Trigger Knob (better in new Flexio model)
Storage BoxCardboard BoxBlack Plastic Box
Cleaning ProcessIt takes more time in cleaningEasy and Quick

6. Fuji 2903 Mini-Mite HVLP System-Best Paint Sprayer For Fences And Walls

Most Popular
Fuji 2903 Mini-Mite HVLP System-best paint sprayer for fences and walls

Fuji 2903 Mini-Mite HVLP System-Best Paint Sprayer For Fences And Walls

Product details:

  • The perfect choice for professionals
  • Noise-reducing casing
  • Constructed of durable metal
  • Heat reduction system

Many standard paint sprayers are available on the market, but Fuji 2903 PLATINUM is one of the best fence sprayers. These Mini-Mite sprayers yield great results on the surface you wish to paint. Whether you are paint spraying garden fences, metal fences, cabinets, furniture, or woodworking projects, this sprayer will amaze you with its convenience.

A Fuji spray gun is included with the HVLP Spray System to facilitate the painting process. The user can enjoy hassle-free painting with this paint spray gun since it is easy to handle. The biggest benefit of this bottom-feed paint gun is its health-beneficial effect.

As we know, paints that contain toxic chemicals are frequently used in painting. However, with the Fuji sprayer, the chemicals are released in the opposite direction from the worker, thus preventing health risks.

A notable feature of this spray system is the pattern adjustment knob to change the adjust the fan according to your need. Plus, the hose is flexible long enough allowing you to spray your coat far away from the turbine motor, and this makes applying coatings to edges and corners much easier.

Fuji spray systems come with non-bleeding capabilities. By using this feature, you can achieve better paint coverage on the desired surface with a professional finish. The non-bleed spray feature prevents over spraying of paint.

A durable metal platinum turbine provides long-lasting protection from harsh weather conditions, water spills, and other damages. Additionally, Fuji’s heat reduction system lowers internal temperatures, resulting in a longer lifespan for the machine.

The powerful Fuji 2903-T70 unit is extremely light and portable for an industrial-grade unit – making it an ideal pick for professionals working on site.

  • Stay-Cool plastic handle
  • 25-foot hose for comfortable use
  • No over-spray
  • Great industrial sprayer
  • An easy-to-use paint spray gun
  • Use of less paint material
  • A Heat Dissipation Box can prolong the life of the turbine
  • A turbine with a noise reduction system
  • Spraying kit comes with a storage tube and a viscosity cup
  • It works well with both water-based solvent coatings
  • The price is a bit high

7. Wagner 130-Best Power Sprayer For Stain

Most Versatile
Wagner 130-Best power sprayer for stain

Wagner 130-Best Power Sprayer For Stain

Product details:

  • With a 25-foot hose to handle any job
  • Ability to spray both paints and stain with a professional finish
  • Branded sprayer with HEA technology

Wagner’s stationary paint sprayer provides a high-quality, professional finish with the help of high-efficiency airless technology (HEA) while reducing the amount of time required to paint.

As I remember, I needed to complete a major fence painting project within a short amount of time. So, after reading reviews from professionals, I concluded that the Wagner Control Pro 130 would be a suitable tool for my project.

I found the setup and use of this device to be fairly straightforward. My brush and roller would not be able to handle the different textures and surfaces. However, Wagner’s Control Pro 130 was able to complete the job in a day. I really like its versatile features that simplify the painting projects for you.

This high-efficiency, airless spray gun creates a soft fan pattern that will ensure a uniform finish and reduce overspray by 55%.

Control Pro 130 paint sprayer can spray thick materials and stains. It’s an excellent choice for outdoor wood-staining fences, houses, or decks.

You can use this spray gun for fence painting and priming as well. Moreover, It has a 25-foot extended hose to make you comfortable while spraying.

Also, It is powered by an air compressor and has a 1.5-gallon storage capacity to handle continuous painting.

I adjusted the paint flow within a few minutes and the finish is flat, smooth, and excellent. Also, it is helpful to have enough lighting and keep a small roller on hand for runs. After painting the fence, I washed the sprayer in the backyard with a hose to keep it clean for the next use and it is super easy to clean and maintain.

A Wagner Control Pro 130 sprayer is highly recommended for those who want professional results at a price that isn’t as high as professional spraying models.

  • Easy cleaning system
  • 3 times more efficient in spraying than a roller
  • 515 spray tip ideally suited for latex paint
  • Reasonable cost
  • Long spray hose
  • Best wood fence paint sprayer
  • The paint sprayer may be difficult to assemble for inexperienced users

8. Chapin Professional 30600 2- Best Pump Sprayer For Staining Fence & Deck

Best For Spraying Stain
Chapin Professional 30600 2- Best Pump Sprayer For Staining Fence & Deck

Chapin Professional 30600 2- Best Pump Sprayer For Staining Fence & Deck

Product details:

  • With three nozzles
  • Spray patterns in 3 different ways
  • Use of electricity or compressor is not required
  • Nozzle kit for medium, coarse and fine spray pattern

The Chapin International Tri-Poxy steel pump Sprayer does not rely on an electric cord or compressor, which means a power outlet is not required to run the product. Therefore, you can use the sprayer anywhere you want.

It is a hand-pump fence stain sprayer designed for easy carrying and comfortable pumping. It has a 2-gallon steel tank that has enough paint to cover a large area. This durable tank is triple protected against corrosion, dents, scratches, and rust.

Plus, three fan nozzles allow you to spray different patterns. For quick spray application, it includes a flexible hose to spray at a maximum pressure of 60 PSI. This inexpensive sprayer is right for the application of sealers, cleaners, and transparent stains to your garden fences, patios, home, farm, lawn, decks, professional project, or for commercial application.

The good thing is that there are spare parts available for this pump sprayer for fence stain, so if it gets damaged, it can be replaced instead of having to buy the whole unit again. Moreover, they also provide a copy of the user manual online.

Chapin 30600-2 sprayer gives you consistent air pressure for stain spraying projects. Plus, this pump sprayer is extremely durable and will last for years to come. This pump sprayer will last for many years due to its durability.

  • Filling is easy with a funnel top opening.
  • Comfortable Handle
  • It’s easy to pump
  • Simple cleaning
  • Various replacement parts available
  • Paint tank with a large capacity
  • Suitable for thin materials only
  • The sprayer is quite heavy when fully loaded
  • Hose is relatively short

9. Home Right Power Pro- Best for Home Exterior, Garden Fence Paint Sprayer

Amazon’s Choice
Home Right Power Pro- Best for Home Exterior, Garden Fence Paint Sprayer

Home Right Power Pro- Best for Home Exterior, Garden Fence Paint Sprayer

Product details:

  • Chrome-plated airless spray gun
  • Easily handle large household projects
  • Top handle for portability

You can save a lot of money by using HomeRight C800879  instead of hiring a painting contractor. The Best Heavy-duty sprayer can paint large projects really fast, saving you precious time while providing you with an outstanding finish on any surface.

This Airless paint sprayer comes with a 515 reversible tip, making it ideal for spraying latex paints and oil-based paint without thinning them. Also, the reversible tip is excellent for clearing clogs. A tip can be interchanged to provide different patterns depending on the project.

The powerful hydraulic pump motor on its strong legs offers stability to the Airless paint sprayer and produces a good paint coat to cover large surfaces. 

Home Right paint sprayer can handle several tasks such as painting fences, walls, ceilings, sheds, decking, and garages with great efficiency.

One more thing, the 25-foot hose will allow you to reach large areas quickly and efficiently. Also, the ceramic inlet valve is water-resistant, so it is suitable for multiple staining and painting projects.

Overall, with the support of this spray painter, you will be able to perform the huge chores yourself without any difficulties. Make sure you have selected the tip that is right for the job. I would recommend Home Right Power Flo C800879 for larger outdoor projects that require a quick finish.

  • A two-year warranty is included
  • Metal handles for convenience and easy portability
  • Pressure output up to 2800 psi/Up to 2800 psi pressure output
  • Suction pumps eliminate the need to refill the paint
  • Up to five gallons of capacity
  • A top handle makes it easy to carry
  • Unlike other Airless Sprayers, cleanup is not as simple
  • Thinning of paint required

10. Graco Ultra 17M363 Cordless Handheld Paint Sprayer

Best Fence Sprayer
Graco Ultra cordless airless sprayer

Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer

Product details:

  • Triple Piston Pump
  • Adjustable motor speed
  • Airless technology

Graco offers another great cordless handheld paint sprayer that is recommended for beginners or semi-professionals who have a lot of DIY projects in mind, as it is at the higher end of the market.

Similar to its elder brother graco ultra max, this Graco ultra sprayer is also powered by a DEWALT lithium battery that makes painting a breeze. In addition to spraying straight out, Ultra sprayers can also spray upwards, downwards at any angle, and even upside down. It covers the spray pattern very well, and it does not over apply paint. A 20V battery and charger are included in this kit. 

It boasts to be the most durable, lightest pump on the market today according to Graco. Thanks to its ProConnect connection, this pump can be quickly and easily replaced on-site due to its design for frequent use.

It has Reverse-A-Clean switch tips that allow you to easily clear clogged tips and continue spraying even if the tip becomes clogged.

You can also adjust the speed of the motor in the ProControl 11 system, resulting in a professional finish for your project.

A great feature of this sprayer is the disposable liners, which means you don’t need to clean the suction tube.

The Ultra Cordless Sprayer from Graco allows you to finish the first coat smoothly without thinning it. A great feature of the battery system is that it can be used with any DEWALT 20V battery.

I found that fast charging only takes 35 minutes for these batteries. The runtime of a battery will be longer with a larger battery. I was very pleased with the coverage!

  • Easy to set up
  • In-the-field pump replacement
  • Adjustable flow control and pressure
  • Paint cup liners make cleaning super easy
  • RAC X FFLP 514 spray tip
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Battery charger
  • FlexLiner bags
  • Storage bag
  • Suitable only for smaller jobs

11. REXBETI 700- Best Electric Paint Sprayer For Fences

Best For Beginner
REXBETI 700- Best electric paint sprayer for fences

Rexbeti 700- Best Electric Paint Sprayer For Fences

Product details:

  • User-friendly & Light weighted spray gun
  • Perfectly sized for comfortable holding
  • 6 Nozzles for spray painting

Another HVLP paint sprayer fits into our category of affordable paint sprayers because it is made with a quality design at a reasonable price.

The sprayer is designed with a gun body and motor separation, allowing the user to keep most of its weight on the floor rather than on their hands, significantly reducing the chance of hand fatigue.

Rexbeti paint sprayer can be used to stain and paint fences, furniture, tables, chairs, interior and exterior walls, wooden furniture. It comes with a large paint container so you do not need to refill it as often as you would do with other sprayers. Also, with a long power cord, you can move freely in a large work area.

The fence power sprayer features a variety of spray patterns. It has six nozzle sizes that can be adjusted for different types of spray outputs. Working with adjustable control gives you the ability to work on edges, corners, and large surfaces such as tables and walls.

Despite its versatility, the Rexbeti can handle many other types of paint such as sealers, varnishes, chalk, and milk type paints.

Replacements are cheap, and they perform much better than other low-quality designs. Moreover, it is easy to maintain since parts can be disassembled for thorough cleaning and easily reassembled again. On Ebay, you can also find Rexbeti 700.

The Rexbeti 700 best electric spray gun for fence painting can be used with a variety of paint types but is best suited to latex paint to produce an even finish. As a bonus, the paint sprayer package also comes with cleaning equipment.

  • Less maintenance required
  • Comes with six spray nozzles
  • Great spraying power
  • Adjustable control knob
  • Comes with a paint strainer to eliminate dirt and impurities
  • Nozzle adjustment can cause a problem
  • Too thick paint won’t be handled by it

People often ask:

Can I stain my fence with a backpack sprayer?

Yes, you can use either the best backpack sprayer or a hand-held spraying model. Sprayers with high pressure can apply stains into nooks and crannies, and it is possible to achieve a good application while minimizing drips by adjusting the pressure settings.

The Chapin 61800 Backpack Sprayer is one of the most versatile sprayers in the industry. It is used for weed killers, fertilizers, and pest control treatments.

Do You Know What To Look For When Selecting the Best Paint Sprayer for Fences?

Staining a fence with sprayer
Fence paint sprayer

The paint sprayer market is filled with a lot of options, and their prices differ drastically. It is actually possible to purchase a paint sprayer from as little as $30 to more than $700. Hence, you have to look for the following factors before purchasing the best paint sprayer for fence.

1. High-pressure sprayer

If you’re painting a large wooden fence, then high-pressure sprayers are better since they apply paint faster. Our recommended fence sprayer- Graco X5 airless sprayer holds the top spot in this ranking because it delivers a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI.

2. Adjustable paint flow 

Staining your wooden fence becomes frustrating when you can’t adjust the flow of the paint. A very high amount of pressure will cause the stain to become thick. In contrast, with low pressure, you are not being able to paint as quickly as desired. 

To solve this problem, we recommend you go with a sprayer that has the ability to adjust the flow of paint. 

3. Material of paint sprayer

Paint sprayers come in a variety of materials. It is preferable to use metal sprayers (like made up of copper or brass) rather than plastic ones, as metal sprayers are more durable. 

4. Compatibility of stain sprayers

You must consider the size of the nozzle, which will determine the amount of paint sprayed at a given time. If you need to stain a garden fence more quickly, we would suggest you to use a nozzle with a wide spray pattern. 

5. Easy to maintain feature

Don’t forget to clean the sprayer before you start your next painting project to maximize the shelf life of a paint sprayer or else, the paint will dry up and the sprayer will become clogged.

Therefore, you should purchase a sprayer that can be simply cleaned through a garden hose, like the Graco machines.

6. Stain sprayer cup size

Paint cup size is also important to consider while purchasing a sprayer. If you are planning to paint or stain large surfaces, such as a garden fence and metal fences. 

We recommend you look for a large paint container because you will be able to use it continuously for many hours once the container is fully loaded. But unfortunately, larger paint cups are heavy to use.

7. hose length

Consider using the best stain sprayer for garden fences with a long hose because it can move along the fence as the turbine remains stationary. Therefore, there is no need to carry the stain container or materials throughout the entire painting project. The long hose is capable of staining large areas without stopping.

Which Types of Paint Sprayers Are There?

Different kinds of paint sprayers are available, but only some of them are suitable for use as fence paint sprayers. It’s because spraying a fence outside may require different spray patterns and a different level of pressure than other circumstances. Now let’s go over some of the different types of paint sprayers and how they differ so you know which is best for painting a fence.

Airless Paint Sprayers

A variety of projects can be tackled with airless paint guns. This allows you to achieve a very precise spray pattern on whatever project you are painting. In this system, paint is not atomized by compressed air but rather by a motor that compresses the paint. The result will be fewer bubbles that may damage your paint finish.

HVLP Paint Sprayers

HVLP stands for High Volume, Low Pressure. These spray guns work by spraying a mixture of paint and compressed air into a spray pattern that delivers a smooth finish to painted surfaces.

The air compressor make them louder but they can be used for inside and outside projects. Also, the air and paint mixture can cause overspray on your paint job, requiring more cleanup for your DIY project.

Gravity Feed Spray Guns

Spray guns like these work because gravity handles all the heavy lifting. When spray guns are pneumatic, paint goes through a gun and comes into contact with pressurized air, usually from an air compressor.

With this air pressure, the mixture or paint sprays out in a precise pattern, making it much easier and faster to accomplish your task. So, creating the right spray requires more air pressure for heavier fluids.

LVLP Spray Gun

A LVLP spray gun uses low volume air and paint at low pressure, enabling it to be safer and easier to use. However, it produces a weaker spray and is hard to control. It’s cheaper and requires a lighter air compressor to use these spray guns. As compared to other options, they don’t usually provide a high-quality finish.

Pump Sprayers

Pump sprayers can also be used for painting fences. A bucket filled with stain or sealer is connected to this sprayer, and the coating is pumped through the hose. However, painting with them isn’t the best way to produce a clean, precise finish.

Is it better to spray or roll fence paint?

If you are planning to paint a fence, the most suitable method for applying paint will depend on the size of the fence and the type of paint you are using. Here are a few points to consider:

  • The use of paint sprayers allows the application of paint to be controlled more easily, so that drips can be avoided, resulting in a more even and consistent finish.
  • If you use an airless sprayer instead of brushes and rollers, you will be able to finish the fence painting 10x faster, particularly when covering large uneven areas.
  • Sprayers are preferred by professional painters because of their efficiency and speed.
  • Painting with a roller is a more traditional way to apply paint, and it is generally less messy than spraying. A roller can also be used for surfaces that are difficult to reach or for smaller projects. additionally, good texture and better adhesion make it a great choice.

How do I use a paint sprayer on a fence?  

 how to stain a fence with a sprayer
Using a paint sprayer for fence painting

You might wonder how to stain a fence yourself after purchasing the best paint sprayer for fence stain?

1. Preparation for fence staining

The fence needs to be prepared for staining before spraying, otherwise, you will not get the desired results. Firstly, you need to clean the fence thoroughly to remove the dirt and mildew by using wood cleaner before applying the stain.

After washing, let it dry for a few days. Put plastic sheets on outdoor furniture, grass, potted plants, and walls near fences. By doing so, they will not be coated with sprayer mist. Once you’ve done all the prep steps, now it’s time to spray the stain.

2. A thin fence paint

using Valspar Solid stain for fence

Usually, stains are thin enough to use straight from the container. However, It is possible you’re using a thicker paint that requires thinning before using it.

Oil-based stains need mineral paint thinner. On the other hand, a water-based stain just needs water for dilution. In addition, you can get the idea of paint dilution by following the manual guide. Also, A viscosity cup will make this process easier for you.

3. Fence staining with a sprayer

As you know that Fence stain sprayer has a versatile spray tip and adjustable pressure so you can change the spray pattern easily while working to ensure you have the best coverage possible.
Now, Shake the can of stain thoroughly and fill the sprayer container with the stain.
Next, You’ll need to allow the stain to dry completely for 24-48 hours before applying the finish coat.

Conclusion On fence painting:

We hope that the task of finding the right sprayer for staining a fence should no longer be a problem now. As we have mentioned are good choices of stain sprayers for fences. However, we recommend our top choice, The Graco X5 sprayer as the best paint sprayer for fences because of its superior design, extended reach, and outstanding power.

A high-quality, budget-friendly Wagner 0417005 HVLP Stain Sprayer should be at your home because of its affordability and ease of use. In addition, we offer a professional option, the Titan Control Max 1900 PRO, which is a well-designed model that delivers excellent results for large and smaller projects.

Hopefully, The next time you need to shop for the best paint sprayer for fences, you can use this list, which offers detailed reviews and a guide to the product’s features.

FAQs on Best Paint Sprayer For Fences

1. What is the best type of paint sprayer for fences?

Paint sprayers all come with their own unique features, so when choosing the best fence sprayer, what type of paint sprayer should you consider. To be honest, you can buy any paint sprayers that we have reviewed in a detailed article on the best paint sprayer for fences. However, here are two popular types of sprayers that are more appropriate for painting a fence than others.
1- Airless paint sprayers for fences
2- HVLP paint sprayer for fences

The reason for selecting these types of paint sprayers is that they facilitate the application of paint with greater precision and are easier to operate.

2. Is it possible to use an airless sprayer to spray stain?

If you’re thinking about using an airless paint sprayer for staining fences or other larger projects, go for it. Airless sprayers offer a variety of functions. Most airless paint sprayers have multiple spraying tips that can handle a range of paints and stains. Therefore, you can select the right tip for the stain application on fences.

Also, they are capable of spraying different patterns with fast speed, making them the best choice for fence staining.

However, Airless paint sprayers are a bit expensive as compared to other paint sprayers and are considered professional sprayers for all types of painting jobs. These sprayers require a little time for a new user to learn how to use them properly because they operate at such high pressure.

On the other hand, HVLP spray guns are easy to manage for beginners and offer good coverage with a smooth finish on fences.

3. How to paint a fence?

Spray guns and paint sprayers work best for applying stain to a fence completely and efficiently. The best fence paint sprayer makes the process much easier and faster than a roller or paintbrush. On the other hand, Stain jobs that take hours to complete by hand can be sped up with a spray gun. Usually, people prefer to use sprayers when staining fences to get smooth and even coverage.

4. How much does a professional paint sprayer for fences cost?

Professionals generally charge $3 to $17 per linear foot and $1 to $ 4.0 per square foot. Alternatively, the cost to hire a professional for fence staining is between $500 to $4,000 depending on the fence’s length, height, and condition. Plus, the average timeframe is about 1 to 2 days are required to complete the paint or stain on your fence.

Our recommendation is to purchase the best paint sprayer for the fence to cover it completely at a reasonable price. In this way, you can save heavy labor costs and time.

5. How many gallons of paint does it take to spray a fence?

There are several factors that determine the amount of paint needed to spray a fence, such as the surface condition of fence, size of fence and the paint type. Generally, a gallon of paint covers 200-300 square feet. However, you may need to apply more paint for rough surfaces.

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