Best Paint Sprayers For Ceilings (Roof , Popcorn & Basement)

Ceilings aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when considering a room’s appearance, but they have a significant impact on the overall look. So, If your ceiling looks a bit dated, it may be time to refresh old ceilings. You can give your ceiling new life by painting it. Usually, ceilings are hard to paint because of gravity, and it is incredibly exhausting and time-wasting to use a brush or roller for painting the ceiling. However, The best paint sprayers for ceilings might be your best choice if you need both quality and speed.

As we all know that the market is flooded with paint sprayers for walls and ceilings of all sizes, shapes, and prices, but not all ceiling sprayers are worth your investment. Therefore, we have researched and selected the best ceiling paint sprayer that works best for you.

Hence, follow the article to find out more about the paint sprayer ceiling.

6 Best Paint Sprayer For Ceilings 2022


Home Right C800971 HVLP Gun-Best Paint Sprayer For Basement Ceiling

Home Right C800971 HVLP Gun

  • Features: 
  • Handheld sprayer
  • Brass spray tips
  • Easy Cleanup
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HILTEX 31229 Air Texture Hopper Spray Gun-Best Paint Sprayer For Popcorn Ceiling

HILTEX 31229 Air Texture Hopper Spray Gun
  • Features: 
  • Lightweight
  • Locking control mechanism
  • Compressed air system
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Graco 16Y385 True Coat 360- Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Ceilings

Graco16Y385 True Coat 360 Airless Sprayer

  • Features: 
  • FlexLiner Bags
  • Special Spray Tips
  • Airless technology
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Paint Zoom GPCT 18-Best Home Paint Sprayer For Ceilings

Paint Zoom GPCT 18 Paint Sprayer
  • Features: 
  • 3-Way Spray Nozzle
  • Paint Zoom spray technology
  • Easy handling
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Wagner 0520000 Electric Corded- Best Paint Sprayer For Walls And Ceilings

Wagner 0520000 Electric Corded Sprayer
  • Features:
  • Texture Paint Sprayer
  • Lock-n-Go technology
  • Adjustable nozzles
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Wagner 0525027 Power Painter-best paint for spraying basement ceiling

Wagner 0525027 Power Painter
  • Features:
  • Optimus dual tip
  • EZ Tilt suction tube 
  • Quart paint cup
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Our Top Pick

Graco 16Y385 True Coat 360- Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Ceilings

Graco 16Y385 True Coat 360- Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Ceilings
9.6/10 Our Score


  • Brand: Graco
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Technology: Airless System
  • Weight: 3.5 Pounds

Our Verdict:

In our overall review of the best ceiling paint sprayers, we chose the Graco 360 handheld paint sprayer as our top pick. This Graco paint sprayer is ideal for DIY homeowners who struggle to paint their ceilings.

When it comes to mid-sized decorating jobs, this airless spray gun offers professional and rapid results. You can choose a suitable operating pressure using the Dual-Speed control when working on small detail projects.

1. HILTEX 31229 Air Texture Hopper Spray Gun-Best Paint Sprayer For Popcorn Ceiling

HILTEX 31229 Air Texture Hopper Spray Gun-Best Paint Sprayer For Popcorn Ceiling

People seeking comfort and affordability will love the Hiltex Pneumatic Air Texture Spray Gun. It can spray liquids of various viscosities.

Spray guns like the HILTEX 31229 come with replaceable nozzles with a variable airflow regulator.

One particular benefit of this paint sprayer is spraying ceilings and walls simultaneously.

This ceiling sprayer allows you to paint faster, since you do not have to continually change angles.

The Hiltex 31229 paint spray gun for ceilings has a compressed air system which is ideal for removing imperfections.

Hiltex large hopper holds enough paint
Hiltex large hopper holds enough paint

Plus, you don’t have to keep refilling this paint sprayer because its gravity-sustaining container holds up to five litres. It is better to fill it in gradually than all at once.

Moreover, a compressor with at least seven CFM is required for the spraying gun. This texture sprayer can handle heavy tasks like painting walls and ceilings.

The Hiltex popcorn ceiling sprayer has a metal handle with a lockable trigger to precisely control the paint. That means you can spray a uniform coating using the trigger’s locking mechanism.

What Our Product Testers Say:

At first, I was worried that it would be small, but it works perfectly. I was willing to give it a try for a few hours. I have used the Hiltex 31229 Hopper Spray Gun for bathroom renovation and as far as my experience is concerned, it works well for spraying viscous materials and paint.

You can use this texture gun for painting drywalls, ceilings, or small DIY projects at home. 

By using an air compressor, this gun sprays mud on walls and ceilings. A variety of materials can be applied, such as drywall compound, textured paint, ceiling texture, wood refinishing, redecorating, and spray waterproofing. 

 All you have to do is adjust the airflow, and the joint compound should have proper consistency.

Melissa John, Product Tester
YouTube video

  • Easy cleaning and cost-effective design
  • Budget-friendly paint sprayer for ceilings
  • Reduces paint waste
  • Works with liquids of various viscosities 
  • A locking control mechanism easy to spray a uniform coat
  • Lightweight spray gun
  • It didn’t include a set of instructions with the Hiltex 31229 Paint sprayer
  • The gun and hopper are not connected well.

The Hiltex 31229 Drywall Paint sprayer is an excellent choice for spraying ceiling paint since it has interchangeable nozzles and an easy-to-hold handle to make your job super easy. Hence, you’ll enjoy your painting projects with the Hiltex ceiling spray gun.

2. Wagner 0520000 Electric Corded- Best Paint Sprayer For Walls And Ceilings

Wagner 0520000 Electric Corded- Best Paint Sprayer For Walls And Ceilings

When it comes to creating textured finishes for your ceiling, walls, and other hard surfaces, the Wagner spray gun makes it easy to create orange peel, popcorn, and knock down ceiling.

We have experienced that the textured paint can be tedious to apply by hand. However, you can speed up the process by using a Wagner paint sprayer.

We all know that paint is applied in layers, and the layered process will improve the quality of the final finish. Since people notice the texture of the last layer of paint, so make sure your ceiling or wall texture looks good by applying it correctly.

This Best Wagner paint sprayer for ceilings delivers paint using an air turbine instead of a compressor. Plus, you can use adjustable paint hoppers as a paint source for your projects. The paint hopper can be moved to various positions to provide better support.

wagner 520000 electric handheld texture paint sprayer description

A gallon of paint is more than enough to finish your project. For texture paint sprayers, the most significant advantage is that you have to load the paint hopper before spraying. Although the paint hopper makes the sprayer relatively bulky, it still fits in your hand nicely.

YouTube video

With Lock-n-Go technology, you can easily connect and disassemble the parts. Also, by using this HVLP sprayer for the ceiling, you can achieve the desired texture when applying your paint coating.

Furthermore, three nozzles can be used with this paint sprayer. These nozzles come in different sizes, and each has a different effect. So, you will need to choose the nozzle depending on your preferred texture, from rough popcorn to smooth orange peel.

popcorn ceiling paint after spraying
wagner texture sprayer results
  • Lock-n-Go technology
  • Large adjustable paint hopper
  • No compressor needed
  • The high-performance turbine
  • Easy to use ceiling sprayer
  • A tool for applying textured finishes
  • Three adjustable nozzles for textured application
  • Best indoor paint sprayer
  • This sprayer is a bit large on your hands
  • Not Recommended for smooth painting jobs

What Our Product Testers Say:

*I have been using this Wagner texture product for a few weeks now. It is very simple to use. After a little practice, you’re all set. Depending on the thickness of the ‘mud’ and how you spray, texture patterns will vary (circling, back and forth, up and down, close to the wall, etc.).

*It’s just a matter of getting the mud right and using the right tip. My suggestion is to try it out. A Wagner corded sprayer is an excellent option at a reasonable price for anyone who needs a texture sprayer for ceilings and other house exterior projects.

Luca Martin, Product Tester

3. Graco 16Y385 True Coat 360- Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Ceilings

Graco 16Y385 True Coat 360- Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Ceilings

Paint your ceiling with the Graco paint sprayer to save yourself time and effort. Graco offers an electric paint sprayer kit with two sprayer tips and paint cups for a very reasonable price.  

Its stainless steel piston pump allows painting without thinning, giving you better coverage with each coat. It can spray paint un thinned at 5 gallons per minute. That means you will use fewer coats to get the job completed.

Graco’s 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 paint sprayer utilizes VacuValve technology, which allows spraying from any direction.

Plus, you can use Flexliner bags instead of traditional paint cups, making it easy to switch colors and simplifying clean-up. Also, you can discard the bag when you’re done painting.

Graco sprayer has an adjustable air pressure setting, so you can control the width and pattern of the spray, making it suitable for a wide range of projects.

This sprayer comes with two reversible tips that are different in size, which is perfect for indoor and outdoor jobs. You can also store extra tips for the paint sprayer in it. That way, your extra tip will always be handy.

Moreover, a convenient handle allows you to change your vertical to horizontal. It also has an easily visible paint reservoir that lets you know if it needs filling at all times.

  • Simple to use airless sprayer
  • Cost-effective gravity feed system
  • Provides a professional finish
  • Great for DIY projects
  • Minimizes overspray
  • Better coverage
  • Best paint sprayer for walls and ceilings UK
  • Use un thinned paint to spray reversible tips for indoor & outdoor use
  • Small paint reservoir
  • It can be a bit loud when used

What Our Product Testers Say:

It’s easier than ever to update the interior of your home by using Graco 360 Airless sprayer. Having the option of spraying in any direction makes it appealing to me. Overall, I would recommend the Graco airless sprayer to anyone who plans to paint ceilings or outdoors.

Kevin, Product Tester

4. Home Right C800971 HVLP Gun-Best Paint Sprayer For Basement Ceiling

Home Right C800971 HVLP Gun-Best Paint Sprayer For Basement Ceiling

Home Right C800971 is another one of the best home paint sprayers for ceilings which is perfect for stains, milk and chalk paints, latex paints, primers, polyurethane and varnish.

In the first place, we noticed that it is effortless to use right out of the box and does not require any prior experience.

The best HVLP paint sprayer for ceiling has adjustable settings, which helps you achieve the best coverage on small to large projects with little thinning. The turbine motors power HVLP spray guns, so air compressors are not needed.

It’s turbine utilizes 450 watts of power, allowing it to handle various mediums, including thick liquids.

You may have noticed that many sprayers come with plastic tips, but this sprayer from Home Right serves its purpose well with brass spray tips. It comes with six different tip sizes so that you can customize the flow of paint on any project.

Additionally, you can reduce overspray and increase the precision with high-volume low-pressure technology. This sprayer was designed with efficiency to save time and money.

A noteworthy feature of the Home Right Finish Max HVLP Paint Sprayer is that it is a handheld model and doesn’t weigh much which means you shouldn’t have to worry about arm fatigue when painting or to stain corners and small spaces. Moreover, Home Right C800971 sprayer allows for a simple clean-up process since it doesn’t have many parts, so it’s easy to disassemble.

  • Quick and easy to use for even beginners
  • Electric paint sprayer
  • Reduces material waste with minimal overspray
  • Provides best spray tip for unfinished paint ceilings
  • Controls paint volume
  • It is faster than other sprayers
  • Best paint sprayer for interior walls and ceilings
  • With no compressor needed
  • Suitable for small painting tasks
  • Two-year warranty included
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The power cord is short 
  • Difficult to manage with thick materials

Everything you need to get started is included in this package – the Home Right Finish Max sprayer, a spray nozzle, three brass spray tips, a 40-ounce paint container, wrench, cleaning brush, and a user’s manual. In short, The Home Right hand sprayer is not the best choice for large jobs such as painting a ceiling.

5. Paint Zoom Review GPCT 18 -Best Home Paint Sprayer For Ceilings

Paint Zoom GPCT 18-Best Home Paint Sprayer For Ceilings

Sometimes, you may need rollers, brushes, and paint trays with most sprayers. Luckily, that isn’t the case with this product, as it’s self-sufficient and easy to use.

Paint Zoom GPCT18 is a unique sprayer that features a three-way direct-dial nozzle head, which you can use to spray a horizontal, vertical, or round spray pattern according to your needs.

Sprayers like the Paint Zoom are portable, fast, and convenient to use. It is capable of reaching nearly every spot in the room. Since it’s easy to carry around, this sprayer is great for painting large surfaces. 

Plus, you can achieve a professional and smooth finish with Paint Zoom spray technology. It also simplifies the painting job.

paint zoom platinum spray gun parts
Paint Zoom spray gun

One of the features we noticed was that it performs a one-touch operation that significantly reduces painting time. Therefore, you can paint in minutes instead of hours without any drips.

Additionally, there is an adjustment knob to adjust paint flow and a viscosity cup on the turbine.

Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer allows you to spray paint ceilings, flat walls, bricks, dry walls, paneling, concrete walls, wood, and more. Even with a 50% reduction in paint usage, it still provides a professional finish.

The best paint sprayers for ceilings come with limited hose lengths, so you’ll need to purchase an extra hose to reach any hard-to-reach corners. However, the turbine’s housing is equipped with a handle for easy portability.

One of the most appreciated features of Paint Zoom is its easy cleaning. When the paint container is empty, you can clean it in minutes.

Take a look at our detailed article which is about the features and benefits of the paint zoom sprayer.

  • Best 3-Way Spray Nozzle
  • Easily portable with carrying handle and strap
  •  Adjustable paint flow
  • Simple to use
  • No dripping
  • Easy application
  • Limited hose length
  • A little noisy

Paint Zoom sprayer deserves to be among the best ceiling sprayers available today. To get the most out of your paint sprayer, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

6. Wagner 0525027 Power Painter-Best Paint Sprayer For Interior Walls And Ceiling

Wagner 0525027 Power Painter-best paint for spraying basement ceiling

An excellent little project sprayer is great for spraying paint on ceilings and for staining surfaces.  

Its optimus spray tip provides rapid horizontal and vertical coverage due to its generous one-quart container. 

The EZ tilt technology features a flexible suction tube that can be used when the sprayer is flipped over to simplify overhead spraying and angle spraying.

Avoid letting your paint reservoir go empty, or even close to it, as that will cause your paint to splatter. 

Wagner’s Power Plus Paint Sprayer can take on projects of medium size better than other sprayers within its price range. A tool like this can handle large pieces of furniture, patios, walls, and ceilings. Further, the sprayer is equipped with a rear-mounted material lever that lets you use it for staining and painting.

Even though this unit does not overspray excessively, it may still cause some damage to your lungs and skin.

Power Painters from Wagner can be disassembled without the use of additional tools. Therefore, you should unscrew each of these parts individually and clean them. It is important to keep in mind that cleaning solutions differ depending on the paint material.   

Initially, our product analysts think this is a complicated unit, but users report that after a few minutes, they feel like they’ve been using it for all their lives. Wagner sprayers also have the advantage of having easy-to-follow instructions

He noticed that the optimus dual tips on its nose reduce overspray while simultaneously providing better control of the spray, even when working quickly. The spray gun is also compatible with sealers, stains, and oils and latex.

Note: Before cleaning a paint sprayer, always unplug it from the power supply.

  • Tilted spray
  • Easy to clean
  • Variable spray pattern
  • Ideal for overhead work
  • A heavy machine when fully loaded with paint
  • One quart paint container is not good enough for large projects.
  • Noisy operation

What Our Tester Say:

*With this Power Painter, I painted the exterior of my new home and shop last week. It was a nice experience! 

*Honestly, I’m amazed at the amount of time this item saves. The only drawback is that the paint tank has limited capacity, but I plan to purchase the kit to allow it to draw directly from the can before I paint again. 

*Refills are frequent because the paint container is small. Despite this, I’m a satisfied camper:))

Adam, Product Tester

If you want a home paint sprayer with unique features at an affordable price, then this power painter from Wagner may be for you. Furthermore, it is the perfect choice for medium painting projects that require denser materials.

Here is how I protect all surfaces while spraying the ceiling with an airless sprayer.

Protect surfaces before spray ceiling
Protect surfaces before spray ceiling

A Guide To Buying The Best Paint Sprayers For Ceilings

It is challenging to select a suitable paint sprayer from the many options on the market for your spray ceiling paint project. Luckily, here are a few things to consider to help you make a smarter choice!

To understand the product better, let’s check out its key features. By doing so, you would gain a deeper understanding of the product and be better prepared to decide.

Types Of Paint Sprayers For Ceilings

Ceiling Paint Sprayer
Ceiling Paint Sprayer

Paint sprayers fall into three categories: Airless, Compressed, and HVLP sprayers, each comes with its benefits and drawbacks.

Airless paint sprayers are most often used in ceiling painting jobs, as they are powerful enough to generate a lot of pressure to reach the ceiling and finish the job quickly and efficiently. However, airless sprayers are a bit pricey as compared to other sprayers.

Compressed paint sprayers combined with an air compressor are great solutions for painting ceilings since they do the job in no time and offer a smooth finish. However, they are prone to over spraying.

Lastly, we have an HVLP sprayer. Using an HVLP sprayer, you can easily control paint flow. An HVLP paint sprayer is guaranteed to give you a superior finish regardless of its speed.

Paint Container

Paint capacity is often overlooked until the need arises to perform a large painting job. Therefore, you should consider this factor before buying. For instance, a large cup capacity means a heavy sprayer may cause additional strain on your hands. So, you should choose the cup capacity according to your painting scale.

Sprayer Tip

Ceiling paint sprayers usually have a compact design and are low-power, making it difficult to reach the top. Therefore, It is necessary to use a paint hose or extension cord to finish the project efficiently.

Choosing a sprayer with extension solutions will reduce your chances of experiencing numerous problems on the job.

Safety Measures

You can create a lot of mess when you paint a large surface, so if you do not want to spend hours cleaning afterwards, cover the furniture or nearby stuff.

Additionally, you should also wear safety goggles and a mask to protect your eyes.

Conclusion On Best Paint Sprayers For Ceilings:

Painting a ceiling with a sprayer is one of the most challenging interior painting projects. Often, spraying a ceiling takes several hours. In some cases, it takes days to finish one room’s ceiling. However, if you have the right ceiling sprayer, you can have less mess, and your paint job will look more professional.

We recommend HILTEX 31229 Air Texture Spray Gun as the best budget ceiling paint sprayer due to its affordable price, effective operation and high technology integration. Even though all the products reviewed above are among the best paint sprayers for ceilings, but Home Right C800971 stands out as the quality product because it is powerful and comes with brass spray tips with HVLP technology. Though a bit pricey, Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer offers value valve technology that allows you to spray in any direction at high pressure.

Long story short, Ceilings are an essential factor in your home’s appearance, so paint with a shiny finish adds life to your home. We are hopeful that our article on the best paint sprayer for ceilings gave you some helpful information on ceiling painting tools.

FAQs on Best Paint Sprayers For Ceilings

Should I use a sprayer to paint the ceiling?

Yes, you can use any sprayer to paint on ceilings, but electric handheld sprayers are the most compact and affordable models. These sprayers are usually well-made, have a convenient pressure, and quickly move around. They are great options for working on ceilings of any size, huge ceilings.

Would it be better to roll or spray a ceiling?

Painting with a brush or roller is the best option if you want greater precision, a smaller mess at an affordable price. Alternatively, you should consider using a paint sprayer for ceilings if you want a uniform coating in the shortest amount of time. However, painting the ceiling with a sprayer is the most expensive option and can result in overspray.

Usually, when it’s time to paint a ceiling, some painters reach for a roller, but it’s not always the right tool. So, If you have decided to paint a heavily textured ceiling, then Graco or Wagner sprayers are more efficient for large painting projects.

Which is the best spray tip for ceilings?

Larger surfaces, such as ceilings or tables, would be best painted using a 411 spray tip and lacquers or paints. However, If you’re painting a room or a house, you should use a 515 spray tip.

Are paint sprayers safe to use indoors?

Yes, indoor paint sprayers work great on ceilings, walls, cabinets, furniture, tables, etc. Using an indoor paint sprayer saves time and ensures a uniform finish.

Which Paint Is the Best for Ceilings?

High gloss paint is usually too shiny for the ceiling. However, It is best to use satin acrylic paint or flat, matte acrylic paint for the ceiling. The most popular color for ceilings is white or ivory because it creates a feeling of openness and reflects ambient light.

Is it better to paint ceiling or walls first?

It is always best to paint ceilings first. You can effectively cover the surface with two coats while not worrying about over spraying by the sprayer.