Renovating a home has become popular among homeowners in the UK. Before you begin a painting project, put away brushes and rollers when you have a better option to upgrade furniture or even remodel the whole house. Luckily, paint sprayers are a great solution!

A paint sprayer is a valuable tool that can simplify the painting job and reduce your painting expenses at the same time. After testing and researching dozens of paint sprayers, it’s fortunate that we have a good variety of the best paint sprayers UK that could fit your needs and budget. 

The Best Paint Sprayer UK To Buy in 2023-Comparison Table

If you don’t want to shop around and compare the specifications of various sprayers, no worry! Here you’ll find our recommendations for the Best paint sprayers UK and a comparison table to make your search easier.


Wagner Flexio 590- Best paint Sprayer for furniture UK review

Wagner Flexio 590-Paint Sprayer for Furniture and Cabinets

  • Features: 
  • Quality Nozzles
  • Spray stains and paints
  • Faster coverage

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Wagner w 100 review-Best Wood and metal paint sprayer

Wagner W 100-Wood and Metal Paint Sprayer
  • Features: 
  • A perfect finish at any angle
  • Detachable gun for easy cleaning
  • Quickly refills the paint pot

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MYLEK 700W- Best Electric Paint Sprayer UK Review

MYLEK 700W-Electric Paint Sprayer
  • Features: 
  • Two paint cups sprayer kit with washable filters
  • Best paint sprayer for outdoor garden and indoor furniture
  • Fast coverage

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Graco 262800 X5- Best airless paint sprayer UK reviews

Graco 262800 X5-Airless Paint Sprayer
  • Features: 
  • Unique spray tip
  • Long paint hose
  • Power adapter for cleaning

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Fuji 2202 review- Best HVLP paint sprayer UK

Fuji 2202- HVLP Paint Sprayer
  • Features:
  • Durable Stainless steel parts
  • Convertible Gravity cups
  • Spray different paint materials

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Bosch 3000-2- Best Paint Sprayer for Walls UK

Bosch 3000-2-Paint Sprayer for Walls
  • Features: 
  • Super easy cleaning
  • Lightweight design
  • Same gun for painting wood as well as walls

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Best Paint sprayer for fences UK Wagner Paint Sprayer-Paint Sprayer for Fences
  • Features: 
  • User-friendly corded paint sprayer
  • A large 1400ml spray pot
  • Quality finish on uneven surfaces

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Wagner Control Pro 350 M- Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer UK Wagner Control Pro 350 M Airless sprayer
  • Features: 
  • Suitable for Metal paint, Walls, Ceilings, and Wood
  • A better spray fan than airless sprayers
  • About 50% less overspray

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Wagner FLEXiO 690 Review- Best Electric Paint Sprayer Under $200 Wagner 690 Electric Sprayer
  • Features: 
  • Separable Lightweight gun
  • Professional grade
  • Corded electric

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KATSU Battery Power-Best Paint Sprayer for Garden Fence, Furniture & Wood Treatment UK KATSU Battery Power Paint Sprayer for Garden Fence, Furniture & Wood Treatment UK
  • Portable gun
  • Two Nozzles
  • Cordless sprayer

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The type of paint sprayer you buy makes a BIG difference. If you pick the wrong one, you’ll end up with an unfinished job because you’ll have trouble doing it right.

When painting interior walls, spray painting furniture, or spraying your car, it’s extremely important to choose the best paint sprayer system.

As a helping hand if you’re not sure where to begin, here is a comparison chart sheet of different types of paint sprayers, so if you’re feeling lost and in a hurry, check it out! 

Compressed Air Sprayers
  • These sprayers use compressed air to apply paint evenly to surfaces.
  • They work well for painting furniture, coating cars, trim, and cabinets.
  • This type of sprayer consumes a lot of paint, but they are incredibly inexpensive as compared to airless or HVLP sprayers.
  • If you already own an air compressor, all you need is a hose and a paint gun to start.
  • These air paint sprayers result in overspray.
Airless Paint Sprayers
  • These paint sprayers use electricity, either supplied by a battery or the house electrical system. As a result, you do not need an air compressor to paint.
  • Spray paint at high pressure along with an excellent finish.
  • They are excellent for painting external surfaces like decks, lattices, and fence, ceilings, walls, and floors.
  • Airless sprayers can also solve the problem of thick paint better than other sprayers.
  • Sprayers emit more noise compared to HVLP, so they are better for outdoor uses.
  • Possibility of overspray.
HVLP Paint Sprayers
  • HVLP paint sprayers require a separate air compressor and features a cup for holding paint.
  • Paint travels at a slower speed.
  • With these sprayers, paint is less wasted but is generally more expensive than other sprayers.
  • They provide professional finish on interior painting projects like painting furniture, cabinets, trim, doors, and much more.
  •  Not recommended for thicker paints.

The key is finding the perfect paint sprayer for you. No matter what type of work you do, whether you are a DIYer, a professional painter or a carpenter, you’ll enjoy the speed and quality of paint sprayers.

A paint sprayer makes it easy to get a professional finish. The right sprayer and the right paint or finish mix will make the job easier. Here are the best paint sprayers UK currently available on the market. You can choose from any of these sprayers, and one of them will satisfy your needs perfectly.

Best Paint Sprayer UK Reviews

1. Wagner Flexio 590-Best Paint Sprayer For Furniture UK

Wagner Flexio 590- Best paint Sprayer for furniture UK review

Reasons To Buy

  • Powerful turbine for faster application
  • Large capacity to hold paints
  • Good finish on most surfaces
  • Coats paint faster than a brush or roller
  • Works for both solvent-based paints or latex paints
  • Best cordless paint sprayer UK

Reasons To Avoid

  • Clogging of nozzles may occur
  • You may need to practice to get the paint thickness right

Our Favourite Wagner’s Flexio 590 paint sprayer is a versatile option for homeowners that will allow you to complete both indoor and outdoor jobs very quickly even in the cold weather.

It is an impressive option for the price, lightweight, and made with high-quality materials.

Wagner Flexio 590 adjustable setting

The Wagner sprayer includes iSpray standard nozzles which is perfect for large surfaces and a fine finish spray nozzle ideal for minimal work.

You can use Wagner 590 hand-held paint sprayer on a wide range of projects. This model works well with water-based paints, and it is best suited to smaller to medium jobs. However, it can also handle oil, enamels, emulsions, latex, gloss, primers, etc.

The powerful X-boost turbine controls the level of air pressure that results in fast coverage with thick material allowing users to customize the settings according to their need of the project. 

The Wagner 590 has quality spraying tips that produce delicate spray patterns without being affected by temperature changes like plastic needles.

Wagner 590 sprayer is our top choice because of the following reasons:

  • According to our observations, the tank is large enough to hold metal wall paint. The motor power has good atomization power to provide uniform paint delivery. You can also use this model as the best DIY paint sprayer as it offers excellent control during spraying.
  • We learned from this sprayer that once you know what viscosity and speed to use, it works perfectly. Therefore, the amount of dilution should be checked before use.
  • One of Wagner 590’s best features is its separable spray attachment and easy cleaning.
  • Moreover, this best paint sprayer for the money UK is light enough that you won’t get tired even if you’re painting a large area. Wagner 590 HVLP sprayer is an excellent choice for any painting expert or a beginner because it’s capable of handling various projects around the house, including spraying furniture, walls, ceiling, and fence painting, etc.

Key Specifications: Type: HVLP, Material: Metal, Weight: 3.1 Kilograms

2. Wagner W 100-Best Wood and Metal Paint Sprayer

Wagner w 100 review-Best Wood and metal paint sprayer

Reasons To Buy

  • Quick and easy refill mechanism
  • Suitable for Wood & Metal furniture, drawers, garden houses, and garden furniture
  • Customizable spray pattern
  • Minimum overspray 
  • Ease of cleaning
  • It works well with low viscosity paint
  • Professional paint coating
  • Best budget paint sprayer UK

Reasons To Avoid

  • The paint container is small
  • Power cord length could have been longer
  • Requires regular refills 

Most HVLP spray guns are beyond the reach of DIYers and woodworkers. Fortunately, the Wagner 100 electric sprayer fills the gap to a great extent.

The Wagner paint sprayer is a powerful electric paint sprayer ideal for painting cabinets, wood furniture, skirting boards, wooden decks and toys, drawers, fence panels, metal furniture, doors, and more.

The most notable benefit of this Wagner Wood & Metal Sprayers is the Click and Paint system, enabling the wet parts to be easily removed from the gun.

This feature is perfect when you use different colors and materials. You can quickly speed up the refilling process by using the click and paint method.

Wagner sprayer W100 makes decorating easy on metal or wood, with its simple design and easy-to-use features.

Wagner Adjustable spray setting

This best budget spray gun UK comes with three spray settings, detailed, vertical, and horizontal, to maximize the efficiency of the spray. It provides uniform paint coverage with a single application.

Also, the paint flow can be easily adjusted, which results in a very fine spray pattern. 

It works well with satin, varnish,  wood preservatives, gloss, and stain to achieve a smooth finish.

In short, you can accomplish a variety of projects at an affordable price without experiencing any unnecessary stress.

The Wagner Paint Sprayer UK is an easy-to-use finishing tool used on metal, garden sheds, and wood surfaces. So, if you are looking for a quality paint sprayer at a reasonable price, then the Wagner 2361508 W 100 budget paint sprayer is the perfect solution for your small and medium-scale projects.

Key Specifications: Type: HVLP, Material: Plastic, Weight: 1.66 Kilograms, Tank Volume: 800 Millilitres

Having tested different types of paint sprayers, I would say the Wagner W 100 has the right balance, but the smaller pot means that it requires frequent refills. Comparing it to the Wagner 590 sprayer, which I expected to be more bothersome, I actually preferred the lighter model. The Wagner W 100 is considerably lighter than the Wagner 590 when you stretched out your arm. Last week, when I tested the Wagner 590 on painting fences, I really struggled with its weight.

Also, I found that re-filling Wagner 100 was more frequent on the ceiling, the obvious downside to a smaller pot, but given the choice of a bigger pot, I’d still go for half full, since I know how my back feels after using the 590 models with a big pot!

With the Wagner W100 paint sprayer, you’ll enjoy extra comfort with less weight! I hope I’ve made that clear since it will be a key issue for you if you want to buy units.

3. Graco 262800 X5-Best Airless Paint Sprayer UK

Graco 262800 X5- Best airless paint sprayer UK reviews

Reasons To Buy

  • No thinning necessary
  • Lightweight for a vertical turbine
  • An easy-to-use metal spray gun
  • 1-year warranty
  • Cleans easily
  • Best professional paint sprayer UK

Reasons To Avoid

  • Vibrations can be heavy at high pressure

Whether you’re living in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, you don’t need to spend money on the heavy labour cost of a professional painter. You can tackle small to large painting projects by yourself without wasting megabucks on them.

Easily paint flow knob of graco X5 sprayer
Easily paint flow knob of Graco X5 sprayer

Graco X5-Best Airless paint sprayer is the perfect solution for your painting needs. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can operate the spray machine with ease because of the 25ft long hose, you’ll be able to reach over difficult spots quickly.

Thanks to its flexible suction tube, a Graco paint sprayer can directly spray from a paint bucket, which minimizes the frequency of refilling.

Also, it comes with great features like reversible tips to prevent clogging and The Graco garden hose adapter for speedy cleanup.

With its super capabilities, you can use it for residential and commercial purposes (including painting basement ceiling).

It is hard to find the same level of quality, efficiency, and a warranty among brands offering models at this price point.

We recommend the Graco Magnum X5 UK for spray painting furniture, metal fences, cabinets, roofs, garages, decks, sheds, doors, and walls. We have recently covered Graco Magnum X5 sprayer review in detailed. So you can check it out for better understanding.

Key Specifications: Type: Airless, Material: Steel, Weight: 19 Pounds

Why we picked the Graco X5 sprayer to be our professional pick:

We rated the Graco sprayer X5 UK as one of the best airless spray guns in UK since it can spray 125 gallons of paint per year at its maximum capacity, which is more than enough to complete any project around a standard-sized house. We have found that the sprayers replacement parts can be ordered online and repaired at home easily.

4. Bosch 3000-2-Best Paint Sprayer For Walls UK

Bosch 3000-2- Best Paint Sprayer for Walls UK

Reasons To Buy

  • With an additional shoulder strap
  • 3 stage adjustable paint nozzle
  • Feels smooth to the touch
  • Great spray paint technology
  • Good for DIY projects
  • Best best paint sprayer for walls and ceilings UK

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not cordless paint sprayer
  • It consumes a large amount of paint

If you have ever struggled to paint, you need to consider the Bosch spray system- the best-known brand in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada. It is the perfect combination of efficiency and simplicity on every level.

An innovative spray system from Bosch, the Paint Sprayer PFS 3000-2 can spray with a wide variety of paints quickly and easily.

You can spray thick materials such as emulsions, latex paints but make sure to thin the paint beforehand to get flawless results. Check out the video for thinning paint.

The DIYer has the option of working with glazes, wall paint, or lacquers. 

The powerful motor pump and a 1-litre paint container offer consistent paint supply even on tough-to-reach paint areas.

bosch paint spray nozzle interchangeable
Bosch Spray Nozzle

A three-stage interchangeable spray nozzle on the PFS 3000-2 allows you to adjust the direction of spray output, making it ideal for painting walls or other challenging to reach places with maximum efficiency.

Moreover, If you need to change the paint again while working, the spray gun can be cleaned and refilled easily because of Bosch’s SDS system.

The shoulder strap in this model gives you a sense of flexibility and ensures easy movements. 

You can count it as the best emulsion paint sprayer UK for interior and exterior walls, indoor wood furniture, tables, garden benches, or outdoor garden fences.

Bosch spray application technology paints quicker than a brush or roller on any surface. Also it produces less noise and low vibration level. Thus, Bosch 3000-2 sprayer is an excellent purchase for those who want to save time on larger paint jobs.

Key Specifications: Power source: Corded electric, Material: Metal, Weight: 4.38 Kilograms, Tank Volume: 1000 Millilitres

5. Wagner Paint Sprayer-Best Paint Sprayer For Fences UK


Reasons To Buy

  • Best outdoor paint sprayer ( especially for decks, fences, garden furniture, and doors)
  • Easy hanging shoulder strap
  • Large paint pot
  • Professional finish in less time
  • With its detachable gun, cleaning is convenient
  • Easy to set up

Reasons To Avoid

  • A bit of overspray

The Wagner brand has always provided something spectacular and valuable in the paint industry. This paint sprayer from Wagner offers significant advantages over traditional painting methods. Hence, It does not come as a surprise that they can save so much time and energy.

You can easily use this portable electrical sprayer to apply stain, varnish, oil or wood preservatives, etc. Thanks to The super-fine atomization technology that allows you to coat multiple surfaces with a single coat.

A great feature of the Wagner paint sprayer is its shoulder strap to accomplish outdoor-indoor projects effortlessly. It is not only designed to support your back from carrying heavy sprayers but also secure enough to use on ladders. 

As a result of our testing, we have reviewed that Wagner W 100, which requires you to further water down the thick paint before spraying. In contrast, Wagner fence and deck sprayer can spray regular paint without mixing. It is because Wagner Fence & Deck Sprayer has an atomization power of 110 W. It provides extra-fine atomization for uniform paint coverage with a single coat as compared to W100 atomization power which has just 65 W. Therefore, if you’re going to tackle a big project, you should consider getting a 110 W sprayer.

Furthermore, we have compared two Wagner models with large and small pots, let’s look at these pictures:

Wagner Fence & Deck sprayer having large paint container
Wagner Fence and Deck paint sprayer having small paint container
Wagner W 100 having small paint container
Wagner W 100 having small paint container

The Wagner Fence & Decking paint sprayer carries 1400 ml plus of paint whereas the Wagner W100 paint sprayer only carries 800 ml. So, if you need to paint a large area without having to refill the paint pot constantly, this Wagner sprayer will be a blessing for you.

You can expect the best result from this Wagner sprayer UK due to its high-quality design and golden spraying properties. Wagner Fence & Deck Paint Sprayer would certainly help you to complete the job professionally.

Key Specifications: Power Source: AC, Weight: 2 Kilograms, Tank Volume: 1400 Millilitres

6. Fuji 2202- Best HVLP Paint Sprayer UK

Fuji 2202 review- Best HVLP paint sprayer UK

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy maneuverability
  • With Two-Stage Turbine HVLP sprayer
  • Great build quality
  • Adjusting knobs are smooth
  • Greater control over the paint pattern
  • Easy to assemble
  • Having stainless steel components
  • Two years warranty
  • Various air cap sizes allow spraying at different viscosities
  • Best DIY paint sprayer UK

Reasons To Avoid

  • A bit beyond your budget
  • Noisy spray system

If you are looking for a heavy-duty paint sprayer, the Fuji 2202 Best HVLP paint sprayer is the perfect choice for you.

The top-rated HVLP spray gun was ideal for professional painters and homeowners to complete paint jobs that look impressive with high-quality finishes in a timely fashion. 

This Paint sprayer comes with everything you need to get started. It has a great detail HVLP spray system that offers a wide range of benefits that allow you to handle projects of all sizes, including spraying cabinet and furniture pieces, shutters, walls, fences, doors, and more.

It is even more surprising that the Fuji spray gun works so well, even on larger jobs, that you won’t get fatigued by using it. Additionally, the Fuji non-bleed spray gun has versatile technical specifications, making it one of the best paint sprayers in the UK. 

The M-Model Fuji spray gun is convertible to tackle a paint job with ease. Depending on the paint cup you choose, you can use it as a gravity-feed or bottom-feed design.

This best HVLP spray gun UK comes with a comfortable handle, so your hand does not sweat, and you do not lose grip. The result is less hand strain and reduced hand fatigue.

The model also contains adjustable nozzles for painting different patterns. A high-powered two-stage motor with an attached gun holder lets you spray almost any type of paint.

In addition, The hose connection helps you reach all the difficult spots easily and work over large areas without the need to move the entire machine by hand. 

Key Specifications: Material: Stainless steel, Power Source: Corded electric, Weight: 25 pounds

YouTube video

7. Wagner Control Pro 350 M- Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer UK

Wagner Control Pro 350 M- Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer UK

Reasons To Buy

  • Easier to use
  • Better paint application
  • No more need for filters
  • Special tips for better coverage
  • Long15-meter hose
  • Compartment for storing tools
  • Directly pumps from the paint bucket
  • Best Airless spray gun UK

Reasons To Avoid

  • Insufficient instructions
  • It may cause clogging

Testing Wagner Control PRO 350M before painting
Testing Wagner 350 M sprayer before painting

Wagner’s HEA Control PRO 350M paint sprayer is a larger, more powerful model in the Wagner HEA series.

This Wagner sprayer is mounted on a wheeled trolley; it is highly mobile and easily moved around in large areas.

Compared to Airless technology, today’s market leader, Wagner’s HEA technology offers even better and fuller spray.

Plus, it reduces overspray by half because of the low pressure, and it is easier to handle than the old-style airless sprayer.

We have noticed that this paint spray gun can spray all common water- and solvent-based paints with ease by using the correct spray tip.

DIYers and professionals can use it for small to medium-scale painting projects. This spray gun itself is so light that it won’t tire you out when you use it on a large job.

Key Specifications: Material: Metal, Power Source: AC, Weight: 13.2 Kilograms

Wagner Airless Control Pro 250 M Paint Sprayer vs Wagner Control Pro 350 M

I purchased a Wagner 350 M sprayer for multiple painting projects recently to replace my old Wagner 250 M sprayer. So, I am comparing two models from the same brand “Wagner.”

Think about where and what you are spraying, e.g. if you are painting a roof, you need a hose of at least 15 meters, otherwise you will be moving the spray unit continuously.

In this case, if we compare Wagner Airless Control Pro 250 M Paint Sprayer vs Wagner Control Pro 350 M then 250M comes with a 9m hose that cannot be extended beyond 9m due to the smaller motor. However, another model 350 M comes with a 15m hose and can be extended to 30m if needed. Therefore, it’s much easier to paint a roof with a Wagner 350M paint sprayer.

Another factor is is the power and flow rate of your sprayer that determines how hard it will work and the variety of products you can spray.

Wagner 350M model consumes 600W to deliver volume1.5 l/min, while in 250M model power consumption is 550W to deliver volume1.25 l/min.

Why I Choose Wagner 350 Sprayer As Another Professional Sprayer

Comparing FeaturesWagner Airless Control Pro 350Wagner Airless Control Pro 250
Power consumption600 W550 W
Delivery volume1.5 l/min1.25 l/min
Hose length15 m9 m

Having a coverage rate of 15 meters in just two minutes, you can spray exteriors and interiors with it. So, get ready to buy this great Wagner Control Pro 350 M sprayer for such an affordable price as compared to other models. Hence, it will certainly brighten your day!

8. MYLEK 700W-Best Electric Paint Sprayer UK

MYLEK 700W- Best Electric Paint Sprayer UK Review

Reasons To Buy

  • The after-sales service is friendly
  • An easy-to-use shoulder strap/ carrying useful handy accessories
  • Non-messy paint sprayer
  • One-coat uniform paint coverage
  • Best paint spray gun UK

Reasons To Avoid

  • Weak instructions
  • A short hose can sometimes cause problem

You can turn your home into a more enjoyable place to live with an MYLEK 700WElectric Sprayer in no time at all. MYLEK 700W electric paint sprayer is certified by a European testing house as meeting the highest British standards.

With this spray paint gun, you can achieve even coverage in one coat with its three adjustable atomization settings.

A sprayer kit with a powerful motor, two paint spray cups allows you to prepare for your task in a shorter amount of time with the highest efficiency. 

Also, a set of two distinctive washable filters is included in the tool to ensure a longer life span of the sprayer.

Non-messy Paint sprayer ensures a professional finish on indoor furniture, garden furniture, fences, windows, decks, sheds, walls, and wood surfaces. 

This sprayer can use with satin, emulsions, enamels, stains, primers, varnish, and wood preservers.

Key Specifications: Power Source: Corded electric, Weight: 3.5 Kilograms

Homeowners can achieve a professional-looking result with the Mylek electric spray gun with little effort. It comes with everything you need, from two paint cups to a cleaning needle and a powerful industrial motor. 

9. Wagner FLEXiO 690 Review- Best Electric Paint Sprayer Under $200

Wagner FLEXiO 690 Review- Best Electric Paint Sprayer Under $200

Reasons To Buy

  • Adjust turbine pressure with X-Boost.
  • Suitable for un thinned paints.
  • It has soft bag and easy to carry.
  • A pair of nozzle heads and cups.
  • Spray width is adjustable.
  • Three spray patterns.
  • The hose is 15 feet long.
  • Ideal for larger jobs.

Reasons To Avoid

  • Operation is loud.
  • In the storage bag, everything was hard to fit.

Wagner FLEXiO 690 is a powerful machine that has more coverage capacity than a handheld unit can provide.

The most amazing feature of Wagner’s spray guns is it’s floor-standing turbine, which reduces gun weight. Also, this HVLP sprayer reduces fatigue during lengthy jobs by taking the weight off the hands.

A Wagner iSpray nozzle is included on the machine to spray fencing, ceilings, and walls. I remember I had finished painting my walls within an hour, it just because a latex-compatible iSpray head on this machine allows it to cover 11 times faster than a handheld bush.

With the Wagner FLEXiO 690, two optional nozzles and paint cups are available. Many water-based latex paints can be handled without thinning. Detail finish nozzles enable you to stain furniture or cover moldings with increased precision.

The 15-foot hose allows you a lot of freedom when spraying, while the X-boost feature allows you to regulate the turbine pressure according to the spraying medium.

You can control the delivery method of your stain, sealer, or paint using three spray patterns. Having a soft carry case means the turbine, guns, paint cups, and hose can be safely stored and transported easily.

Some people complain about the noise of the unit, but I suppose serious power comes with a price. However, the FLEXiO 690 delivers a quick and satisfying finish across a range of coating mediums.

Key Specifications: Material: Metal, Weight: 2 Kilograms, Tank Volume: 800 Millilitres

10. KATSU Battery Power-Best Paint Sprayer for Garden Fence, Furniture & Wood Treatment UK

KATSU Battery Power-Best Paint Sprayer for Garden Fence, Furniture & Wood Treatment UK

Reasons To Buy

  • Light weight spray gun
  • Portable and easy to use
  • It is possible to spray up to 5 cups of paint for 20 minutes using the battery
  • Two nozzles for different paints
  • The flow of paint can be adjusted
  • Disassemble with one click 

Reasons To Avoid

  • It would be helpful to have a big paint reservoir

You can benefit greatly from a cordless paint sprayer if you do not have access to an electric outlet nearby. KATSU has the most reliable sprayer gun around. I used it to paint my fence and I will definitely going to use it a lot for home improvement projects.

A Lithium-ion battery powers this paint sprayer so you can use it anywhere – just make sure it is fully charged before using. You can paint a few fence panels or walls with four liters of stain, varnish, or emulsion. 

A paint cup that holds 800ml can spray five cups before recharging.

Key Specifications: Power Source: Corded electric, Weight: 1.5 Kilograms, Tank Volume: 800 Millilitres

A happy customer said that KATSU cordless sprayer was easy to hold and could spray a variety of paints. It has simple adjustment settings and it is great for beginners or for homeowners.


That’s our list of the 8 best paint sprayers overall. Let’s recap, our top two favorites, and a comprehensive guide to help make your choice even easier!

Our Top Pick
Wagner Flexio 590- Best paint Sprayer for furniture UK review

Wagner Flexio 590- Best spray gun for Furniture UK

Product details:

  • HVLP Paint Sprayer
  • Best Hand-held paint sprayer
  • 10 times faster than brushes 
  • 20 percent is lighter than other airless sprayers
  • Best indoor paint sprayer UK
Most Popular
Graco 262800 X5- Best airless paint sprayer UK reviews

Graco 262800 X5- Best Airless Paint Sprayer UK

Product details:

  • Quality sprayer tip with Airless technology
  • Lightweight, ground-standing sprayer
  • Best paint sprayer for commercial use
  • Preferred by professionals
  • Quick clean-up

Easy Guide to Find the Best paint sprayers UK

How to use paint sprayer (Graco)
Graco X5 sprayer-quicker to work

Are you unsure of what to buy when it comes to the Best paint sprayer? Well, we have specifically designed our guide to help you find the best-rated paint sprayer that meets your demands.

When you know more about your paint sprayer, you will be able to use it better, so make sure to read the buying guide before you purchase.

*Paint spray gun Tips

It is an essential feature for a perfect finish. There are various types of tips for different purposes.

They can handle thin or thick paint and can use for both interior and exterior surfaces. 

The sprayers have multiple spray pattern widths for every tip size. That means the Paint pattern on any surface also depends on selecting the correct type of tips. 

You can use smaller tips for light coats to medium coatings. Using a larger tip is a wise choice when painting primer, block fillers or if you wish to get a thick coat. A paint gun with a too-small tip could clog up.

* Hose for paint sprayer

A sprayer hose length depends on the type of paint job you are working on. A length of at least 25 feet is required to spray a large area while spraying successfully. 

Your collection of hoses will allow you to use the sprayer in a multitude of ways, so you will not be limited to a short hose.

* Container Volume

Paint sprayers with small capacities come with a painting container that holds around 1000 mL to 1200 ml for use at home. If you plan to use the sprayer for professional purposes, then choose a sprayer that has a larger paint container. 

Gravity cups and metal-ceramic cups are popular types of these reservoirs, and they come in diverse shapes and sizes.

* Area of Coverage

You must choose the product that best meets your requirements based on its coverage area. For example, lightweight paint sprayers are convenient for small projects, whereas larger paint sprayers with larger paint cups, longer extension cords, and longer hoses are best for larger tasks.

Therefore, before buying a particular model, you should consider the coverage offered by the product and your painting requirements.

* Cleanup in a Flash 

Most sprayers are compatible with a garden hose, which let you do your job efficiently. Attaching a garden hose after painting makes the cleanup process even easier.

5 Professional Paint Spraying Tricks & Tips

Best corded electric paint sprayer UK
Professional grade Sprayer for Home improvement

The method of spray painting is always my favorite way to update both indoor and outdoor items because it is faster and requires less effort, which results in a professional look than brush-based painting. 

Keep in mind, two things are vital for spray painting:

A good paint sprayer

The proper technique.

Whether you are an expert in spray painting or just starting, here are some quick tips to help you get started.

*Prior step to paint surface

Make sure to check all the pieces of furniture; if they need any repairs, fix them before painting. Next, clean the furniture surface to get rid of dirt.

Once the furniture is in good condition, it is time for sanding to remove imperfections from the furniture surface to get smooth application of paint.

Apply primer is the next step, which may not be necessary in some cases. However, Several paint spray systems have a high-pressure system that sprays primer. Metal surfaces also require priming before painting.

For proper use of your paint sprayer, you should also read the manual carefully.

In short, cleaning, sanding, and priming on the furniture surface is an essential part of the painting process.

*Prepare the Painting Area

Besides the usual surface preparation, Paint spraying requires thorough area preparation, especially if you are working indoors. 

You should perform your work far away from any surfaces you do not wish to spoil, and It is also advisable to tape and cover those areas with protective plastic that you do not want the paint to get on before using the paint spraying technique. 

As a result, the nearby area is safe from overspray

*Safety Guidelines

Spray painting is not a complex process to paint furniture. However, we highly recommend you to follow safety guidelines for painting furniture:

  • Put On goggles for eye protection.
  • Invest in good quality Protective Clothing 
  • Wear a face mask to prevent paint fumes 

*Figure out the proper nozzle

It is not always possible to use the same size nozzle for all of your projects. Therefore, If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your paint sprayer, you need the right nozzle size and shape. 

Using the perfect nozzle depends more on the type of paint you’re using and your working project. Usually, thicker paint requires a wide nozzle.

*Set up the Paint sprayer

The most common beginner issue is a faulty setup, where air remains in the hoses causing blobs on the surface. It is often possible to prevent this problem by testing the sprayer on a small area before painting.

Each coating medium differs in terms of viscosity and density. An overly thin paint won’t stick to the surface, whereas thick material will clog the nozzle badly. Hence, The thick paint needs to be thin before using it in a paint sprayer. 

Moreover, It is essential to read the manual instructions to see if the sprayer supports your chosen paint format.

*Apply the paint To the surface

Follow the instruction to paint the entire surface firmly from one side to the other. A good spray system ensures even coverage with a single coat.

You should select the right fan pattern- vertical for sideways movement, Horizontal for up-and-down, and circular for delicate finishes. Once you have completed the painting project, allow the surface to dry fully.

 For drying purposes, It is always a good idea to spray in a well-ventilated area. As a result, The air in the room will circulate properly.

*Cleaning up

Remove all protective plastic and masking tape after the paint has dried. Place furniture and other items back in their proper places. 

Re-install all the light fixtures that you have removed. Now, clean the paint sprayer as instructed to prevent clogging.

How Does a Paint Sprayer Benefit You?


Airless sprayers have the greatest advantage over traditional methods in terms of speed, which is why they are extremely attractive to painters just starting out. However, the speed of HVLP sprayers greatly varies depending on the technology.

With a paint spray, even difficult surfaces, such as ceilings and fences, can be sprayed more quickly than with a brush. However, speed isn’t always an advantage, even for professional contractors, especially in detailed work.

Fine Finish

Paint sprayers are popular because the smooth and professional finish they produce makes them a superior alternative to brushes.

It is vital to use paint sprayers for spraying car and furniture restoration since the appearance is the first impression of the quality of the product.

Simple To Use

When you start looking into spraying for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming. It is difficult to know where to start, with so many kinds, brands, sizes, spray patterns, and price points available.

However, it is actually quite simple once you have the right guidance and the best paint sprayer for the desired project. You just require a small amount of practice to get the technique and you will be spraying like a pro in no time.


Using a small paint sprayer for home use eliminates all of these frustrations, since you can move back and forth over the large surface and cover all of the nooks and crannies within a few minutes. Paint prayers saves you hours of precious time with good coverage.


By investing a few hundred dollars in a good airless paint sprayer, you can save several thousand dollars and get a better, longer lasting paint finish for a fraction of the price.

FAQs on Best Paint Sprayers UK

Q1. Are paint sprayers good for furniture in UK?

Paint Sprayers can cover small to big projects quickly and efficiently because they are versatile, easy to use, and economical in the long run.

Sprayers are lightweight and provide quality finish over brushes and rollers, even on irregular surfaces. They never leave marks behind like brushes and rollers. In addition, that Brush-on paint dries much slower than spray paint.

Paint sprayers have multiple spray patterns to complete the project smoothly.

Hence, you will get great value for the money you spend on paint sprayers.

Q2. Can you recommend a paint sprayer that can handle thick paint?

Airless sprayers can handle thicker paint better than HVLP sprayers and compressed air sprayers. 

These sprayers can spray any paint (thick or thin), including lacquers, latex paint, varnishes, gloss, emulsions, and more, whereas some HVLP sprayers may clog with more thick paints. 

Electric and gas-powered airless sprayers used a mechanical pump to push paint or stain through the sprayer, where it’s atomized and became a spray.

They are one of the fastest sprayers in the painting industry.

 Here are the Top 3 best paint sprayers to spray both thin and thick paints.

1- Graco X5 Stand-Best Airless Paint Sprayer for thick paints at high pressure.

2- Titan Control Max 0580009- Affordable Airless Paint Sprayer for thick paints.

3- Fuji 2202 HVLP Spray System allows you to spray materials of different viscosities from stains to latex paints with little dilution.

4- Earlex 6003 HVLP Paint Sprayer for atomizing thick or thin coatings with ease.

Q3. What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Furniture?

Mainly sprayers are designed to handle thinner paints and stains. However, if you’re going to spray thick materials like emulsion or latex paints, the paint needs to be thin first.

The best finish to use on furniture is either a satin or semi-gloss coating in latex or oil-based paints. The drying time of spray paint is much shorter than that of brushed-on paint.

Q4. What are the best paint sprayers for home use in UK?

The best paint sprayer works well for both homeowners and professional painters. Also, these sprayers offer quality coverage in less time. Here are the best paint sprayers for home use in UK:

1-Wagner Flexio 590- Best paint sprayer UK

2- Fuji 2202- Best HVLP Spray gun UK

3-Graco 262800 X5- Best Value for Professionals

4- Bosch 3000-2- Best household paint sprayer in UK

5-Wagner 100- Best Electric Paint Sprayer for indoor Wood furniture & Metal Furniture UK

Q5. Which is the best type of paint sprayer for furniture in UK? Is it Airless or HVLP paint sprayers? 

HVLP systems are the best choice for small detail work such as paint spraying for furniture, doors, cabinet pieces, etc. However, they are relatively slow as compare to airless paint sprayers.

HVLP paint sprayers require less pressure to push a large amount of paint through a nozzle to work efficiently. Moreover, these sprayers provide the perfect finish for your furniture projects with less paint.

On the other hand, airless sprayers are more powerful and faster than HVLP sprayers. They can spray paint at extremely high pressure from the tip of the spray gun. 

Airless paint sprayers are best suited for covering large outdoor areas with both thin or thick paint.

Conclusion On Best Paint Sprayer UK : 

Hopefully, the look at the paint sprayer reviews UK has been helpful for you. We recommend the Wagner 590 as the Best Paint Sprayer UK– an inexpensive, all-rounder is ideal for those who value versatility. Budget-friendly and best-selling Wagner W 100 Electric Paint Sprayer are also here to serve you well. Like me, if you are looking for professional coverage with the best quality, the Graco X5 Sprayer should be in your home. There is nothing better than the convenience and efficiency offered by these quality paint sprayers.

After months of research, we have compiled the Best paint sprayers UK for 2022 so that you can get the exact product you need according to your tastes. Please pick one from the list and let us know which one is best for you. 

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