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What if I told you there’s a secret tool in the world of DIY that can breathe new life into your tired, drab fabrics? That’s fabric spray paint. But, can you spray paint fabric?

You might be surprised enough reading this and must be thinking if it’s a good idea to spray paint textiles. Well, the answer is yes!

You can spray paint fabric using specialized fabric spray paints, which enable infusion of vibrant colors into fabric while allowing you to customize your fabric with creative designs as well. Choose non-toxic, fabric-compatible spray paints for a successful customization.

Be prepared to be amazed as I am going to share how I gave my ordinary and dull-looking living room sofa a dazzling makeover with spray paint that left me in wonder. 

I’ll take you on an exciting journey exploring amazing spray paint applying techniques, sharing some insider tips about using them on furniture fabric and suggesting the best spray paint for fabric that I found quite helpful. Let’s dive into the realm of fabric modification! 

permanent indoor fabric spray paint on sofa

Can You Spray Paint Fabric?  

Spraying paint on fabric is a creative and versatile way to personalize textiles and give them a fresh, customized look.  

However, the outcome is dependent on various aspects such as fabric type and quality of spray paint.  

Thinking about using spray paint for your next art project? Make sure to read up on the age requirements for purchasing it in our informative guide: How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Spray Paint.

Different Fabric Types And Their Ideal Applications

Let’s get deeper into various fabric types and their ideal applications for spray painting:

  • Cotton

Cotton is a beloved choice for fabric spray painting. Its natural absorbency allows paint to adhere well, resulting in long-lasting and vivid colors. 

Cotton is versatile and suitable for various projects, from T-shirt designs to upholstery.

  • PolyCotton Blends

Another versatile option, PolyCotton blends offer a balance between durability and paint absorption. 

From crafting to clothing, these fabrics can handle a range of applications. They often provide a good surface for paint adhesion.

  • Wool

Known for its warmth and unique texture, wool can be a bit challenging due to its resistance to moisture. However, with the right technique, it can yield fantastic results. 

Wool’s unique texture can add depth and character to your painted designs.

  • Silk

Silk is delicate and requires a gentle hand when spray painting. Thin coats and patience are key. When done right, silk can showcase elegant, smooth, and intricate designs.

  • Linen

Linen’s natural texture gives a rustic charm to painted fabric. It’s absorbent and suitable for various projects. Ironing before and after painting can help achieve a smoother finish.

  • Polyester

The less absorbent fabric of Polyester requires more paint coats for vibrant colors. However, it offers durability and resistance to fading, proving it to be a smart option for outdoor use. 

Choose paint formulated for synthetic materials when working with polyester.

How to Spray Paint on Fabric? – Using My Living Room Sofa Customization Technique

Now, let’s delve into the step-by-step process of spray painting on fabric, using my living room sofa revival method as a real-life example:

1. Prepare Your Sofa

preparation before fabric spray paint on Living Room Sofa

Start by thoroughly cleaning your sofa to remove any dust, dirt, or stains. Vacuum the fabric to ensure it’s free from debris.

If your sofa has removable cushions or covers, remove them for easier painting.

2. Choose the Right Spray Paint

Choose spray paints designed for specific fabrics in the shades and textures of your preference. In my case, my sofa had lost its vibrant blue hue, so I opted for instant blue. 

Why I Picked Tulip Colorshot Instant Blue:

  • Tulip Colorshot Instant Blue caught my attention because it promised to make my room feel alive again. It wasn’t just about upgrading colors; it was about making my space sound new and exciting.
  • The most impressive aspect was its user-friendly nature. The results were good without much effort on my part. It went on smoothly, and the even coverage ensured a professional finish, all without costing me too much.
  • Moreover, I was impressed that the Tulip Colorshot blue lasted a long time. It didn’t just come off easily; it stayed giving refreshing glaze, making me happy I chose it.

Dupli-Color White Spray Paint For A More Classic Look:

  • Dupli-Color White Spray Paint is a true all-rounder. It worked great on my carpet that is quite thick fabric. So, you could also use it on the sofa to get a more neutral impression. It’s also suitable for a wide range of surfaces, from wood to metal, giving you the flexibility to use it for various DIY projects.
  • My carpet experiences heavy foot traffic daily, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dupli-Color White Spray Paint held up remarkably well. It resisted wear and tear, maintaining its classic white look despite constant use.
  • Despite its white color, which can be seen as high maintenance, this spray paint required minimal care. Regular vacuuming and occasional spot cleaning were sufficient to keep it fresh, making it a practical choice for a busy household.

Another project done with white fabric spray paint

white fabric spray paint on cushion fabric
white fabric spray paint on cushion fabric

Transformed a set of 3 chairs and a glass bistro table into fresh outdoor furniture. Upgraded with a sleek white spray paint finish and brand-new cushion fabric. Cushions securely attached to chairs for comfort. Also included are spare fabric and spray paint for future touch-ups. A creative and practical refurbishment project.

Rustoleum Fabric Spray Paint For Clothes:

You might be one of those wondering can you use Rust oleum spray paint on fabric? The answer lies simple; Yes. I used Rustoleum Chalked Spray Paint on my cushions fabric to contrast it with my sofa. 

  • I found this spray paint to be an excellent choice for use on indoor and outdoor fabrics alike. It endured changing weather conditions with grace, making it a versatile choice for various projects. 
  • Beyond color, it had a surprising effect on fabric texture. It not only refreshed the appearance but also enhanced the tactile emergence of my cushions.
  • I loved that the spray paint dried quickly. It’s a time-efficient choice for those who want to see immediate results.
  • Whether you’re sprucing up cushions, patio umbrellas, or outdoor décor, Rustoleum fabric spray paint provides a durable and stylish solution. You can also purchase Fabric spray paint for clothes on Lowes.

3. Test on a Hidden Area

Before starting the main project on the visible areas of your sofa, test the spray paint on a hidden or inconspicuous section to see if it adheres well and gives the desired look without any surprises.

4. Your Workspace Should Be Ventilated

Arrange your workspace in a properly ventilated location, preferably outdoor areas, to avoid inhaling fumes. Place a drop cloth or newspapers on the ground to shield the surroundings from excessive spray.

5. Begin Spraying

Hold the spray can about 6-8 inches away from the sofa’s fabric. Start with light, even coats of paint, keeping the can in constant motion to prevent uneven coverage.

Apply the first coat, and allow it to dry as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This typically takes a few hours.

6. Build Up Color

If you want a stronger color, you can add more coats of paint. Just be sure that each coat is dry before the next coat application. Be patient, as layering paint gradually ensures a smooth and even finish.

7. Handle Detailing with Care

For intricate or detailed areas of your sofa, you can use stencils or masking tape to make detailed designs with precision. Take your time and maintain precision in these areas.

Have you ever had your hands stained with paint after working on a project? Here is a simple and effective method for removing spray paint from your skin.

8. Allow for Complete Drying

Wait until the sofa is thoroughly dry before placing covers and cushions on it. This could take 5  to 6 hours or even the whole night.

9. Reassemble and Enjoy

Once the paint is fully dry and set, reassemble your sofa or replace the cushion covers.

Your living room sofa has now undergone a remarkable upgrade, breathing new life into your space.

Spray-painting your living room sofa is a creative and affordable way to refresh your home decor. By closely following these guidelines, you may get fantastic results, making your living room stylish and fresh. Enjoy your newly renovated living space!

Is Fabric Spray Paint Waterproof?

Fabric spray paint is waterproof when properly applied and heat-set. It can withstand exposure to moisture so you can wash off spray painted clothes without getting worried about peeling them off. 

However, for long-term waterproofing in heavy rain or submersion, additional fabric waterproofing treatments may be necessary.  

How To Keep Spray Paint On Clothes? – Some Tips 

Keeping spray paint on clothes requires proper application and care to prevent peeling. Here are some quick tips to prevent spray paint from peeling on clothes:

  • Make sure the fabric is clean and dry before painting. 
  • Use quality fabric-specific spray paint, 
  • Apply it evenly in light coats, and 
  • allow proper drying time between layers. 
  • Avoid stretching or straining the fabric, and 
  • Handle painted clothing gently. 
  • When washing, use mild detergents, low heat, and turn garments inside out to protect the paint. Iron with caution using a cloth as a buffer. 
  • Consider applying a fabric sealer for added protection against peeling.

What Spray Paint Is Permanent On Clothes?

Fabric acrylic paints on black T shirt
Permanent Fabric acrylic paints on black T shirt

Acrylic fabric paint is a long-lasting option for clothing. When applied correctly and heat-set, it provides excellent durability, making it a suitable choice for customizing and decorating clothes. 

Soft fabric paint is another ideal option for fabric customization, as it maintains its vibrancy and adherence even after multiple washes. 

Wrapping It Up

Spray painting fabric could be an amazing technique to breathe new life into tired textiles and furniture. With the right techniques and quality indoor and outdoor fabric spray paint, you can achieve impressive results. 

Choose your paint carefully based on the type of fabric you’re working with, and follow the detailed guide on “can you spray paint fabric” to get a successful customization. 

Whether it’s revamping an old sofa, creating custom clothing, or adding a personal touch to outdoor furniture, fabric spray paint offers creative possibilities. Do share your tips that sets your DIY fabric spray paint project apart in the comment section!


Q. How long does fabric spray paint last?

Best Fabric spray paint can last for around 4 to 5 years without deterioration or fading. To maximize the lifespan of your fabric spray paint project, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, avoid harsh washing methods, and take good care of the painted cloth.

Q. Is fabric spray paint stiff?

Fabric spray paint can make the fabric slightly stiffer compared to its original state. This stiffness is a result of the paint adhering to the fabric fibers. However, the stiffness is usually minimal, especially when you apply the paint in thin, even coats.

Q. Does fabric spray paint rub off on clothes?

Fabric spray paint neither transfers nor rubs off clothes because it is a dye that bonds with the fabric fibers, locking in the color. Compared to oil-based paints, water-based paints like latex or acrylic are more durable and resistant to wear, helping your designs remain vibrant and intact on your clothing.

Q. What paint can you use on fabric?

Acrylic fabric paint is a great option to create designs and artwork on fabric. It  is a versatile option for customizing fabric items as it offers a wide range of colors to choose from. Additionally, it can be mixed to create unique shades and effects, making it a popular choice among artists and crafters for fabric projects.

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