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With this Devilbiss FinishLine 4 FLG-670 review, you’ll find out what this HVLP paint spray gun can do. As we all know that the spray gun market is flooded with thousands of options. Hence, if you need something more specific that will facilitate your car painting, then this FinishLine will assist you in getting pro results.

Best Gravity Feed HVLP Gun Sprayer
Devilbiss FinishLine 4 FLG-670
4.6/5 Our Score


  • HVLP Technology
  • 1. 5 Pounds 
  • Multiple spraying tips
  • Anodized body 

Devilbiss FinishLine 4 FLG-670 Summary

The DeVilbiss FinishLine 4 FLG-670 is a high-volume, low-pressure spray gun, resulting in a finer finish with little overspray. With this gun you can spray latex uniformly, so you’re not limited to automotive applications.

There are no complicated settings to learn how to use this spray gun, so it’s easy to use for beginners and professionals as well. This spray gun is perfect for spraying primer, base, or clear coat. The kit includes three caps, each measuring 1.3 mm, 1.5 mm, and 1.8 mm.

You’ll be glad you spent extra on this spray gun, which will outperform any cheaper unit you’ll find at your home improvement store.




  • Three spraying tips included
  • Suitable for primer, base coat, clear coat
  • Valve for adjusting air
  • Ensures uniform spraying
  • HVLP technology
  • Materials of high quality
  • Easy maintenance
  • A few drips and streaks


  • It has no carrying case
  • You may need to thin latex paint
  • It contains no filter

For your convenience, we have searched and found alternative options if the DeVilBiss spray gun is not available. So, here is a Fuji 5175G-T75G model that is able to meet all of your needs.

Features Of DeVilbiss FinishLine 4 FLG-670 HVLP Sprayer

Quality spraying tips

This is a great feature from Devilbiss, as it comes with multiple nozzles. Using these three options, you can touch up small spots or cover large areas. The results of these tips are more consistent in the long run.

Nozzle SizeUsed For
1.8mm Epoxy primers
1.5mmBase colors
1.3mmUrethane clear coat

Aluminium Cup (900 cc)

Unlike the DeVilbiss StartingLine spray gun with its 600cc paint cup, the DeVilbiss FinishLine FLG4 boasts a more substantial 900cc aluminum cup.

However, the Finish Line paint cup cover is made of plastic. There is also a drip check to keep paint from dripping. With the large cup of DeVilbiss, you won’t need to refill it as often, which will save time.

Anodized Exterior and Internal Passages

DeVilbiss FLG4 parts breakdown features high-quality anodized exterior and internal passages. This feature makes the gun easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean.

Lightweight design

FinishLine 4 FLG-670 is well-balanced and easy to handle and weighs 1.5 pounds. Due to its compact size, you can hold it for quite a while without tiring yourself.

FinishLine is more versatile due to its wide range of pressure settings. This can cover almost all surface sizes and textures, while the starting line model is suitable for small DIY projects.


With the new FinishLine 4 series from Devilbiss, you can enhance your atomizing experience with one of the latest mechanisms. There are many ways to use it in painting to ensure excellent results, soft, smooth patterns, precise viscosity and coverage for the paint.

Furthermore, the paint mist on the surface is more efficient due to the air cap’s atomization, which results in less dripping. I found the DeVilbiss manual very detailed and understandable; this made it a lot easier for me to set up, start operating, and get familiar with the product.

Air adjustment setting

The Devilbiss spray gun allows minimal pressure dips, greater control by using the valve for efficient spraying.

Why Use the Devilbiss FinishLine Spray Gun?

You can paint your car professionally with Finish Line. This gun produces minimal overspray because of its excellent atomization.

I’ve used it to paint two cars and I compared it with my old HVLP sprayers. So I can say that it is not the most expensive model in their line up but it is still one of the most efficient HVLP spray guns. In my experience, I have found it to be quite easy to take apart and reassemble a part. I like the smooth trigger pull, and an atomizer that atomizes the paint perfectly. It came with three different-sized tips that I used for different coatings.

One of my favorite things about this gun is that if you use it correctly, it will give you professional finishing. One of the most noticeable differences between this gun and a cheap gun is that it does not leave behind orange peel. I find this gun to be well made and it produces smooth results every time that I use it. I would highly recommend the DevilBiss spray gun to anyone who wants to get a great paint job on their car by using this spray gun.

Conclusion On Devilbiss FinishLine 4 FLG-670 Review

DeVilbiss Finish line spray guns meet even the most demanding needs. This well-balanced, efficient sprayer feels comfortable in your hand and it sprays evenly without dripping. Hence, The FinishLine 4 FLG-670 is a good choice if you paint professionally and want a long-term solution.

FAQS On Devilbiss FinishLine Review

Are DeVilbiss paint guns good?

DeVilbiss spray guns are the preferred choice of countless professionals worldwide in the wood finishing and automotive industry. It gives a great pattern selection, smooth finish and easy to clean. I use it for wood finishing with polyurethane and lacquer and it works really well. This brand has come to be associated with quality, reliability, and affordability.

What is the difference between HVLP and gravity feed spray gun?

Compared to air feeds, gravity feeds require less pressure to atomize the paint, provide minimal overspray, reduce paint waste, and provide superior control to the painter. Gravity feed guns usually deliver smooth finishes.

On the other hand, HVLP sprayers offer more precise spray, and lower pressure atomization than other paint guns. So, HVLP guns are more efficient for covering larger areas.

How many CFM do I need to run a HVLP spray gun?

Paint can be atomized into soft patterns using an HVLP gun, which delivers high volumes of air (between 15-26 CFM) at low pressure (10 PSI).

In some cases, the CFM rating of some HVLP spray guns is less than 10 CFM. However, you should use a compressor with at least 13 CFM when spray painting.

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