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As a professional painter, Graco paint sprayers are one of my top products I use. The reason is versatility, intelligent features, overall performance, and many other significant characteristics. Most of the times, I get stuck in comparison of two similar models of spray guns. Undoubtedly, it’s an overwhelming moment due to identical features. I understand that it might be most challenging for beginners in the painting field. Don’t worry! I’m here to tell you how to escape from such a situation and make a better decision for Graco Ultra vs Ultra Max.

Graco Ultra cordless and Graco Ultra Max Cordless are versatile airless paint spraying devices. They are rapid in working, are lightweight, and very easy to use. You can’t buy any of those without thinking because they are different from each other in many aspects. Stay with me as I’ve shared all the details about the Graco 17m363 vs 17m367 review.

Comparison Graco 17m363 vs Graco 17m367 (Handheld Airless Sprayer)

graco ultra cordless 17M363 sprayer

  • Part Number: 17M363
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Pressure Control: Yes
  • Spray Tips: RAC X FFLP 514
  • Quantity of FlexLiner Bags: 6
  • Filter Mesh: 60
  • Replacement Pump: 17P186
  • Repairable: Yes
Graco ulta max 17M367 sprayer

  • Part Number: 17M367
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Pressure Control: Yes
  • Spray Tips: RAC X FFLP 514 and RAC X FFLP 210
  • Filter Mesh: 60 & 100 mesh
  • Quantity of FlexLiner Bags: 6
  • Replacement Pump: 17P187
  • Repairable: Yes

Overview of Graco Ultra vs. Ultra Max

The Graco Ultra and Ultra Max are variants with a bit different features. They can spray paint with high pressure of up to 2000 PSI. Suitable for different sprayer’s tips to get the desired spray pattern and even the pressure.

Do you like corded or cordless sprayers? Well, I prefer cordless spray guns due to their ease of use. It’s good news that these two graco models are also battery-operated. So, you can get rid of making a mess with cables, power extensions, or cords.

Get a different spraying pattern with the right adjustments of pressure and tip size. Both sprayers offer consistency in painting, spray pattern, and even thickness. Suitable for spraying different paints including Latex paints. I always get boosted results for medium-to-high viscosity coatings.

Furthermore, the compatibility of standard tips and other adjustments make them perfect for painting ceilings, doors, walls, cabinets, fences, and furniture. Both units contain a dedicated cup to paint in forward and backward direction. However, cleaning the unit is mandatory for both models; otherwise, it will clog.

Last but not least, the only downside I observed is that the paint storage is small. When you paint the ceiling, it might not be easy to fill the tank again and again. Overall, cleaning is fast and easy if you follow my instructions accurately.

Graco Ultra vs. TC Pro

First, weight is an important consideration as you have to hold for several hours while painting. The Graco ultra cordless airless paint sprayer weighs 11.3 pounds while TC pro has a little weight of 0.01 ounces. It means that TC pro is easy to manage and carry in terms of painting.

Likewise, TC pro is more compact than Graco Ultra having the dimensions 15.94 x 12.24 x 5.43 inches and 17.5 x 12.8 x 6.8 inches respectively. However, both airless sprayers are satisfactory for touchup and small painting jobs.

Comparison of Graco Ultra and Graco Ultra Max

I always compare two products, i.e., Graco ultra cordless vs ultra max cordless, with the most prominent features. The reason is that the basic features are found in almost all airless paint sprayers. Let’s move on to the all-includes comparison of Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer and ultra max:

Paint Type

Graco ultra cordless and Graco ultra max comes with different paint handling capacities. In short, they are acceptable for certain paints, not for all. In my experience, both units can handle the mineral spirit-based and water-based paints.

Infact, Ultra Max model can work with any solvent-based paint, so you have to decide which is best fit for your paint job.

Spraying Feature

It has the latest features in which the storage is housed in a sturdy holder. It’s a perfect system to create a vacuum while pumping. Both devices offer spraying at any angle without any trouble. However, the Graco ultra sprayer is good for small projects.

Moreover, the Graco Ultra Cordless sprayer is compatible with FFLP and RAC sprayer tips. It means you get the finest even at low pressure and also can paint in reversible manners. On the other hand, the Ultra Max offers SmartControl while enabling you to adjust everything according to your project requirements.


battery of graco ultra cordless vs ultra max
Battery power

Weight is an important consideration, especially working on different ceiling projects. The reason is that you have to hold the sprayer in your hands for hours. If you feel tired, the spray finish can be affected easily.

If I talk about the weight, there is no significant difference in the weight between both sprayers. Graco Ultra weighs about 11.3 Pounds, and Ultra max 10.86. However, the weight affects the overall performance when considering the storage tank capacity. In my opinion, Ultra max is easier to work with in terms of weight and overall geometry.


Both models offer similar dimensions, and the only difference is the height. The Graco ultra’s height is 6.8 inches, while the Ultra max features a height of about 7.25. So, we can say that Ultra max is a bit easier to work in tight spaces.

Tip & Tip Support

The Graco Ultra comes with tip and tip support. The tip support is an additional feature that prevents unwanted drips or paint leakage from the tip. It means that whether you use thick or thin paint in it, no leakage issues are found.

Graco FlexLiner Bags
FlexLiner Bags

However, Graco Ultra Max does not contain any tip support. It also does not usually come with any tip, increasing the cost a little bit. However, Graco ultra packaging contains a durable tip.


Cleaning is necessary to keep the sprayer running for another painting project. In my experience, the Ultra Graco sprayer cleaning is easy; however, it takes less time than Ultra max because of 4 FlexLiner bags.

In contrast, It features a dedicated and intelligent cleaning system of six 32 ox FlexLiner Bags making the overall cleaning a breeze.


Filter mesh of  Graco sprayer
Filter mesh

Filters mesh makes sure to keep the paint away from residue or dirt. The Graco ultra filer has 60 mesh, while Ultra Max is usable for 60 and 100 mesh filters.

It means the paint filter is better for the Graco Ultra Max sprayer.

Repair ability

What if you buy a sprayer and can’t replace some of its components? Yes, sometimes you have to buy a new sprayer if it is stuck with a serious problem.

The Graco Ultra spray gun is fully replaceable which means the repairing is facile and cost-effective. However, Ultra max does not offer some components to repair or replace; that is a downside.

Repair Kit

Graco is a top-notch brand that always manufactures things according to the customer’s requirements. They included an all-in-all Triax repair kit in Graco ultra while it is absent in the latest Graco Ultra max. According to my opinion, Graco Ultra scort more advantages for the users regarding features. You can check the general discussion of both graco models here.

Conclusion: Which one is better, Graco Ultra vs. Ultra Max?

In conclusion, both Graco models stand out from the market due to having state-of-the-art features. However, I can’t say in a word that this one is better. Both spray guns are satisfactory for different projects in distinctive conditions. It means it’s better to go with Graco Ultra max if the application needs more meshes in the filter and vice versa.

Therefore, I always recommend you note down the requirements according to their features and pick the most suitable one. I believe this guide Graco Ultra vs. Ultra max, helps you make the right decision.

FAQs On Graco Ultra vs. Ultra Max

Which Graco sprayer is the best?

Graco has offered several paint sprayers having different features, controls, and more. The most prominent and best Graco paint sprayers are Graco Ultra, Graco Ultra Max, and Graco Magnum 262805 X7 airless paint sprayers. You can choose any of these according to your budget and application.

How do I use my Graco Ultramax?

Using the Graco Ultramax is a breeze when you follow the right procedure. Don’t try to set it up on your own but first, read the manual. After that, set the pressure, and fan width, put the paint in the sprayer, and it’s all done. Paint and enjoy a great finish with Graco Ultra max.

How do I choose a Graco airless sprayer?

Choosing a good Graco sprayer involves a few but important considerations. First, decide the type like HVLP, LVLP, or more. Other important considerations are the gun’s configuration, pressure feed, pressure control options, size, budget, and more.

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