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Good trucks can last a long time, but if you let the paint chip and peel off, it can lead to rust and damage the truck. Instead of waiting for the paint to get really bad, it’s a good idea to repaint it. But, how much does it cost to paint a truck?

The cost of painting a truck typically ranges from $500 to $1,000 for basic services. For a standard service, which may involve tasks like sanding and rust removal before painting, the cost can vary between $1,000 and $4,000, depending on the extent of the necessary work.

There are certain factors that can significantly influence the final cost of painting your truck, such as the size of the vehicle, the finish and paint type you go for, and whether you opt for any additional customizations. To get a more detailed breakdown, keep reading.

paint a truck a different color

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Truck?

When considering professional truck painting services, there are various levels of service to choose from:

  • Basic Service: This option involves applying a few coats of synthetic enamel paint to the visible areas of the truck. It’s the most budget-friendly choice and typically ranges from $500 to $1,000.
  • Standard Service: For a more comprehensive approach, standard service includes tasks like rust removal and sanding before starting the paint job. The cost varies depending on the extent of necessary work and typically falls between $1,000 and $4,000.
  • Showroom Quality Service: This top-tier service takes the bodywork down to bare metal through meticulous sanding. Rust and dents are thoroughly removed, and high-quality paint is applied in multiple coats. Such projects can span several weeks and come at a higher cost, sometimes reaching up to $20,000.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Truck Yourself?


If you have an older truck and want to refresh its look without spending a lot, you can consider painting it yourself. Here’s a simple guide along with recommended products:

Recommended Products For Painting Truck

  • Paint: Look for automotive acrylic or enamel paint suited to your truck’s color.
  • Primer: Choose a high-quality automotive primer for better adhesion.
  • Masking Tape: 3M automotive masking tape is a reliable choice.
  • Foam Brushes: Foam brushes from reputable brands like Purdy or Wooster work well.
  • Sandpaper: Use 320-400 grit sandpaper for smoothing between coats.
  • Paint Trays: Disposable paint trays are convenient and cost-effective.
  • Solvent: You can use acetone or mineral spirits for cleaning purposes.
  • Filtered Mask: A 3M respirator with suitable filters will provide protection.

The cost of painting a truck yourself can vary based on the materials and equipment you choose. Go through the overview of the estimated costs for a DIY truck painting project:

2. Estimate truck paint job cost

The cost of a DIY truck painting project can vary depending on your truck’s size and the materials you choose. On average, plan for a budget of $100 to $300 for the necessary materials. Learn more about the cost of repainting car or truck!

Helpful Resource: Check out the informative guide about the expenses associated with painting the rims or wheels of a car or truck!

3. Prepare the Truck


Begin by cleaning and sanding the truck’s surface. Performing this preparation step ensures an even and smooth finish after painting. Here is the detailed guide on what you need to do to prepare a car for painting.

4. Apply Primer

Primer is necessary to get good paint adhesion. You should apply it evenly to the entire truck’s surface.

5. Masking

Ensure that areas you don’t want painted, such as windows, trim, and lights, are covered with masking tape.

6. Painting

paint a truck with bedliner

Use thin, even layers of paint. Multiple thin coats provide a more polished finish compared to a single thick coat for a professional appearance.

7. Allow for Drying

Allow each layer of paint to thoroughly dry before applying the next one, which can take several hours or more, depending on factors such as the type of paint and the surrounding temperature and humidity.

8. Sand Between Coat

To maintain a smooth and even surface, gently sand each coat of paint after it has dried using fine-grit sandpaper.

9. Apply More Coats

Repeat the painting and sanding process until you achieve the finish you want. Typically, 2-3 coats of paint are sufficient.

10. Final Touches

Upon completing the painting process, carefully remove the masking tape and thoroughly inspect the paint job. Any areas that require touch-ups should be addressed to achieve the best possible result.


You are supposed to note that the overall cost range can vary as per the materials and tools quality you select. Before starting the project, assess the condition of your truck to determine if any additional work or materials are required. 

While DIY truck painting can save you money, it’s important to proceed with care to achieve a satisfactory result and avoid issues like overspray.

Factors To Estimate The Cost To Paint A Truck

Here are the factors to consider when estimating the cost to paint a truck, each presented with a unique introductory phrase:

Size Matters:

The size of the truck significantly influence the overall cost, as larger trucks demand more paint, materials, and labor.

Quality of Paint:

Your choice of paint quality plays a pivotal role, with premium options being more expensive but offering superior durability and longevity. Moreover, the brand of paint you opt for will have cost implications, as top-tier paint brands usually come with a higher price tag.

Surface Preparation:

Addressing any dents, rust, or imperfections in the truck’s bodywork before painting adds a substantial cost component.

Custom Colors:

The selection of custom or metallic colors can drive up the cost compared to standard options. If you choose a custom color that is not part of the manufacturer’s standard palette, you may need to pay extra for the paint mixing and application. Custom colors can be more expensive due to the additional labor and materials required, on the other hand, common colors like black and white don’t cost you much.

Unique Finishes:

Unique finishes, such as matte or textured finishes, can also increase the cost of a truck paint job. These finishes may require special techniques and coatings, which can be more labor-intensive.

Labor Rates:

Labor costs for the painting job can fluctuate based on location, painter expertise, and the complexity of the task. The geographic location, including living costs, can also influence the overall cost of painting a truck.

Additional Services:

Opting for extra services like clear coating, detailing, or custom graphics will naturally increase the total cost. Click here to get the professional service for truck painting.

Average Cost To Paint A Truck At Maaco

When looking to paint your truck at Maaco, you can anticipate an average cost of approximately $700 to $2,000 (updated price for quality service). This price range takes into consideration of several essential factors, including the truck’s size, any preparatory work needed, and potential repair requirements. 

It’s important to bear in mind that trucks typically have a paintable surface area that closely aligns with that of an SUV, influencing the overall cost estimation. Keep in mind that specific details and customizations may further affect the final price.

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How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Truck?

Putting a wrap on a truck can cost between $2,000 and $5,500. The final price depends on things like how big the truck is and what kind of wrap you want.

Trucks, like SUVs or big delivery trucks, often have colorful wraps on them. These wraps are like stickers that can show cool designs or advertise things. Lots of businesses use these wraps to tell people about their brand. 

Instead of using billboards or TV ads, they put their message on trucks to get more people interested. This way, more folks hear about their brand and want to uncover more regarding this.

Wrapping Up

The cost of painting a truck relies on various factors. It’s better to assess your budget, obtain multiple quotes, and prioritize quality. Investing in professional painting can enhance your truck’s appearance and long-term value. By following our guide on how much does it cost to paint a truck, you can take a wise decision to protect and beautify your truck effectively.

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