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Spray paints are one of the easiest and quick ways to paint the walls, patio, sidewalks, driveways, and more. Suppose you are too shy to use painter’s tape and got overspray spots on your concrete patio. Removing paint is not much challenging, but if you are using spray paint, it becomes a difficult task. So, how to get spray paint off concrete? Don’t worry! We are here to assist you throughout this task.

It’s a fact that spray paint dries rapidly and requires more efforts to remove it. If you are looking for how to remove spray paint from concrete home remedy, stay with us. This ultimate guide is all about how do you get spray paint off of concrete and all the important information about spray paint removal from concrete. So, let’s get started!

How to remove paint from concrete

How To Remove Paint From Concrete

Concrete is a hard material, and it has a porous surface. Due to its nature, it promptly absorbs the sprayed paint. Therefore, removing spray paint from concrete is an extremely challenging task. There are various techniques to remove it, but the most effective techniques are tri sodium phosphate compound (TSP) and power washing.

So, will a pressure washer remove spray paint from concrete? As the name suggests, a powerful water jet is used that removes the paint from the surface. It is mainly used for outdoor concrete paint removal because it may damage the walls, wiring, and insulation if not carefully used.

On the other hand, the TSP method is equally beneficial for outdoor and indoor concrete paint removal. However, you need to do all the work making it a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Therefore, our point of concern here is a pressure washer that is an easier and quicker method. Let’s get deeper!

Necessary Tools Before Spray Paint Pressure Washing

Check out the list of important tools and materials you need to pressure wash spray paint on the concrete.

  • Garden Hose
  • Pressure washer
  • High-quality safety goggles
  • Pressure washer spray wand
  • Gloves
  • Respiratory mask
  • Scrubbing brush with bristles
  • Mop
  • A bucket

Step 1: Prepare a Pressure Washer

First, take some high quality and connect the hose with the pressure washer water inlet. Further, connect the water inlet of the washer with the garden hose. Equip the spray wand onto your chosen spray gun, and it will be connected to the water hose. Remember that the spray nozzle should be adjusted to 15 degrees.

Step 2: Start Pressure Washing

Wear the safety goggles, and open the water supply from the hose. Stand a bit far away from the stained portion, i.e. 3-4 feet, and turn ON the pressure washer. Blow up the water on the sprayed area, and sweep gradually from one side to the other. Usually, the water pressure will start removing the paint within 10-15 seconds.

In case, the water is unable to remove the paint, start blowing up water again from nearer. The distance should be adjusted by yourself so that the water does not splash on the walls or your face.

Step 3: Pressure TSP Solution For Indoors Stains

If you have small spray paint stains indoors or outdoor, i.e., usually 6-inches or less in diameter). Put the working gloves in your hands, wear the safety gloves, and also wear the respiratory mask. Make a solution with a full or half tea-spoon of Trisodium phosphate (TSP). It’s better to make it using a bit of warm water using a bucket.

Step 4: Scrub The Concrete

Dip the bristle brush in the prepared TSP solution and start rubbing the concrete. Scrub the concrete until the paint starts to fade. If it’s not removing the paint immediately, scrub forcefully for about 10-20 minutes.

Step 5: Clean with The Mop

If you are removing paint outdoors, you can wash the removed paint and throw it into the hose. On the other hand, mop the surface to pick up the paint debris. You can also use the dry mop to dry the cleaned part of the concrete.

Other Methods To Remove Spray Paint From Concrete

Recall that there are several ways to remove the spray paint from the concrete. To give you more choices, we have mentioned a few other useful methods in the following:

Other Methods To Remove Spray Paint From Concrete

1. Scrub Using Soap & Water

If you are looking for how to remove spray paint from concrete with household items, this method is for you. It’s the easiest method, and you don’t need to buy many tools. Just prepare the water solution using the household soap in warm water and scrub the stained area. Use a stiff brush for best results. This method is recommended when the affected area is small.

2. Use Stripper or Paint Thinner

Will paint thinner remove spray paint from concrete? Stripper and paint thinner helps remove the paint from concrete and other hard surfaces. Particularly, a paint thinner is a special solution that acts as a solvent for paints. Likewise, strippers are specially designed to remove different types of paints with minimal effort.

A surface coated with oil-based paint can be stripped with oil-based paint stripper. Having trouble identifying the type of paint on your concrete?

In case you’re uncertain, oil-based paint strippers are your best bet.

You should apply a generous layer of paint stripper, and then leave it on for 6 to 8 hours. A chemical reaction will occur during that time, resulting in paint removal. The second layer will be needed if the first is too thin. If you’re using paint stripper, wear the proper protective gear: rubber gloves, a respirator, and long sleeves.

TIP: You can also used WD-40 to remove dried paint from concrete.

3. Use Graffiti Remover

When the method mentioned above does not provide you with the desired results, it’s time to use the graffiti remover. They are specially designed and cause the paint to loosen after penetration. It’s perfect to use on hard surfaces such as concrete and others.

4. Use Sandblaster

If you are a professional, use the sandblaster because it requires experience. If you are going to remove spray paint from concrete for the first time, don’t go this way. However, you can get training and use it after a bit of practice. A sandblaster is a powerful device that removes the paint layer completely and easily. The major drawback is that it might change the look of the concrete.

5. Use The Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is also a helpful device for removing spray paint from concrete. It works like a sander, but you can attach the different size discs on the wheel. It can be used for different small or big paint removal projects.

How to get spray paint off concrete with vinegar?

Vinegar is a very useful solution, and it also helps in other household tasks. The white vinegar helps clean the various types of surfaces. We also recommend using it for spray paint cleaning purposes from the concrete surface. However, you have to take special care while preparing its dilute solution.

Does acetone remove paint from concrete?

Acetone is a colorless and transparent liquid and is very effective in dissolving other substances such as varnishes, grease, and more. It also acts as a great solvent for spray paints and softening the paints. So, you can apply the acetone to soften the paint and remove it carefully.

Will Bleach Remove Spray Paint From Concrete?

Unfortunately, professionals do not recommend this method because of many reasons. The bleach can leave different stains and salt deposits on the concrete surface, which will be impossible to remove.

Final Words On How to Remove Paint From Concrete!

In conclusion, removing the spray paint from driveways, concrete, walls, floors, and sidewalks requires a lot of effort. For you, we have shared several useful methods on how to get spray paint off concrete, so you can choose one that suits your needs. If none of the methods work, take help from a professional painter. In the end, we hope you will find all the paint removal methods for concrete helpful.

FAQs On how to get spray paint off concrete!

Several kinds of chemicals are available online and in physical markets which are highly effective in spray paint removal from concrete. Tri sodium phosphate (TSP) is at the top due to its high effectiveness. Likewise, you can also use acetone, thinner, and vinegar.

Everyone suggests spray paint removal according to their experience. However, pressure wash is the easiest and one of the best ways to pull off spray paint from the concrete. In this method, you just have to blow up the water on the surface with high pressure.

Yes, you can use WD 40 for concrete paint removal. Such oils like WD 40 and others are very effective at loosening the spray paint on the concrete. It easily penetrates the paint surface and lessens its strength.

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