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Chalk paint is a top pick for indoor use. Since many manufacturing companies sell it as outdoor paint, you might be confused about whether chalk paint is suitable for outdoor painting projects or not. In particular, you’ll be concerned about “Is chalk paint waterproof?”

Chalk paint can handle a few splashes but it’s not waterproof. Don’t get disappointed. I’ve good news for you! Are you ready?

There are some methods by which you can make chalk paint waterproof. If you’re using chalk paint for indoor or outdoor painting and want it to last longer, you need to seal it.  

This article will cover all the details on how to make chalk paint waterproof. I’ll also share my personal experience at the end. Keep reading!

Before applying chalk paint
is chalk paint waterproof when dry

Is Chalk Spray Paint Waterproof Or Water-resistant?

About 25 years ago, chalk paint was discovered by Annie Sloan. Since then, it has been used for both indoor and outdoor painting. This product goes on just with anything: wood, metal, plastic, walls and even ceilings!

Now let’s talk about “Does chalk paint become waterproof when it’s dry?”. No, it’s not waterproof but it repels water. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use it for outdoor painting projects. 

Chalk paint is not considered completely waterproof like other paints. If you want it to be used for outdoor purposes, first you need to know the following points:

  • If you live in an area where rain occurs frequently, chalk paint is not a good option because long-term water exposure will wash away this paint.
  • If you’re living in a warm or dry area that experiences minimal rainfall, chalk paint is good to go.
  • For vertical objects or surfaces that don’t allow water to stand upon them, you can use chalk paint on them.

Many people ask, “Is Rust oleum chalk or Waverly chalk paint waterproof?”. The simple answer is that they’re not waterproof entirely. Different brands have tried to make formulas for chalk paint that should be waterproof, but until now none of them have been 100% successful.

Chalk paint (either Country Chic Paint or Dixie Belle Paint) can be used to coat a variety of outdoor surfaces including furniture, tables, chairs, and fences. If any surface is constantly in contact with water, don’t use chalk paint on it.

Inshort, chalk paint can be washed off if not properly sealed. It’s important to use a protective finish like wax or polyurethane to make it durable and washable.

How to Seal Chalk Paint for Outdoor Painting?

Most people ask, “Can chalk paint get wet?”. Yes, chalk paint can get wet, but it is not waterproof. Sealing the chalk paint is unnecessary if you’re using it for some indoor project. 

Is chalk paint waterproof for wood or concrete? No, it’s not! However, if you’re willing to waterproof chalk paint for wood or concrete, you will need a special multi-purpose outdoor sealant.

It’s important to seal it if you want it to last longer. Sealant not only repels water or other liquids but also protects from UV and other sun rays. 

You can seal chalk paint, especially for outdoor use, in the following steps:

  1. Before applying any sealant, allow the chalk paint to completely dry.
  2. Then, Apply the desired sealant coat on the chalk paint with a brush.
  3. Lastly, let it dry completely.

How to Make Chalk Paint Waterproof? 5 Quick Methods

As I’ve discussed above, chalk paint is not waterproof, so we need to make it waterproof for outdoor painting.

Do you want to know the methods used to waterproof chalk paint? Well, I’m going to discuss five reliable methods that you can use to seal your chalk paint.

1. Using Wax Paint

Many of you ask whether chalkboard paint is waterproof or not. It’s not but you can seal your chalk paint by using wax paint. It works as a barrier, thus preventing the paint from water or moisture.

However, it’s important to note that wax paint isn’t an ideal option to waterproof your chalk paint for outdoor projects. It can be damaged during harsh weather conditions like snow, heavy rain and UV rays of sunlight.

2. Coating with Acrylic Paint

Many people wonder about “Is acrylic chalk paint waterproof?” Yes, coating chalk paint with acrylic paint makes it waterproof. This is the ideal and cheaper option to protect your outdoor paint. It gives extra protection by blocking moisture. It can increase the lifespan of chalk paint to almost 5-8 years. That’s a bonus, indeed!

Various brands produce this paint,  some only require one coat while others require two. I would recommend using spray-based acrylic paints as they are easy to apply.

When your chalk paint is completely dry, apply a coat of acrylic spray paint, holding the spray gun at a distance of 30cm from the surface. Then, leave it to dry thoroughly.

Learn the detail process on painting over chalk paint to get quality smooth results.

3. Use of Varnish

What is the best way to seal outdoor chalk paint on wood? Varnish is an ideal option to protect chalk paint on wood. Apart from acting as a sealant, it’s also applied directly on wood furniture.

When you apply it on wood furniture over chalk paint, it can last up to 3-5 years. Also, it gives a clear finish to the wood.

4. Use of Lacquer Spray paints

Applying lacquer paint is another method to seal chalk paint. For your outdoor surfaces, lacquer paint also works well to make chalk paint waterproof. It’s used on a variety of materials such as metal or wood.  

It’s recommended that two thin coats of lacquer should be applied for complete protection. It can take up to 2 weeks to harden or dry, so you need to be careful. Learn more!

5. Waterproofing with Polyurethane 

Polyurethane can also help waterproof chalk paint. But it’s not a recommended method as its results are not satisfactory. This method is the least suitable of all the methods.

Many people utilised this method in areas with minimal rainfall. According to their review, it has worked for them. But I’m not sure whether it’s due to polyurethane or paint chalk’s water resistance property.

When chalk paint is dried thoroughly, apply a thin polyurethane coat with a paintbrush over it. Then, allow it to dry. 

My Personal Experience with Chalk Paint 

I’ve been using chalk paint for years and I love the finish it gives. However, I’ve also learned that it’s important to seal chalk paint if you’re going to use it on outdoor items or in areas where it’s likely to get wet.

My favourite method to waterproof chalk paint is to coat it with acrylic paint. It’s a great way to protect your chalk paint project. I would also recommend this method to you.

Here’s how I usually do it:

  1. Before starting, I make sure the chalk paint is completely dry.
  2. Then, I apply a thin coat of acrylic paint to the chalk-painted surface.
  3. When the first coat is dry, then I apply the second coat.
  4. You can apply a third coat of acrylic paint for extra protection.

I’ve used this method on a variety of items including furniture, planters, trolley table and even kitchen helper stand as show in the pictures below.

before using chalk paint
After coating kitchen helper stand with chalk paint & acrylic coat

Here is the table troley with acrylic chalk paint

table troley with acrylic chalk paint

It worked great every time and my chalk paint projects have lasted for years.

Also, I’ve my grandmother’s chair in my house painted with chalk paint and waterproofed with varnish. It’s almost 30 years old but still it has fresh and clear looks.

Most of you ask “Is chalk paint permanent?”. Chalk paint isn’t permanent, it can be washed off with water. However, it is a very durable paint. It can last longer  if you properly seal it.

Final Thoughts

Chalk paint, if frequently exposed to water, can be washed off. Although it possesses water resistance properties it requires some extra layer to be waterproof.

I’ve discussed five methods to waterproof chalk paints. The most ideal of them is coating it with acrylic paint. While polyurethane and wax are the least preferred methods. There is no need to clean it with sandpaper before applying chalk paint on any object. However, if the paint is old, first remove it and then repaint it.

I hope this article on “Is chalk paint waterproof?” was helpful for you!

FAQs On Waterproof Chalk paint

Does chalk paint wash away in the rain?

Yes, chalk paint can be washed away in the rain. However, if you seal it with a sealant, it will be more resistant to water and will last longer.

Is chalk paint durable for the outdoors?

Yes, chalk paint can be durable for outdoor use but it is important to seal it with a multi-purpose sealant to increase its lifespan.

How many years can chalk paint last?

According to some experts, Chalk paint is durable for almost 5 years. But it depends on the quality of the paint, how it’s applied, and how well it’s protected.

What are the pros and cons of chalk paint?

Chalk paint is easy to use and gives a matte look. But the cons are that it can be expensive and requires sealant for outdoor use.

What is the best paint for outdoor wood furniture?

The best paint for outdoor wood is durable and weather-resistant paint such as exterior latex paint or acrylic enamel paint.

How do you seal chalky exterior paint?

To seal chalky exterior paint, apply a high-quality acrylic exterior primer, followed by two coats of acrylic exterior paint.

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