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When it comes to revamping a home, paint for toilet also needs attention. Professionals can paint almost everything for decoration purposes, but what about painted toilet? Indeed, brands have manufactured paint for ceramics, including toilets. If your bathroom is new or outdated, you can use any of the best paint for toilets and match your home’s theme.

Spray painting toilets is a new and easiest way to give them a new and fresh look. Ceramic material is adhesive to the paint, and brands manufacture specialized paints for ceramics. If you paint it properly, it will easily retain the paint for years. If you are stuck with the accurate method, you are at the ultimate spot.

Last week, I did painting on my bathroom in master bedroom and the overall experience is good. I have shared all the details of toilet paints, spray paint for toilet bowl, epoxy paint for toilet, porcelain toilet paint, and white enamel paint for toilets in this ultimate guide. Let’s get deeper into the details!

Can You Paint A Toilet?

can you paint a toilet
Paint a toilet ( Before & After result)

Yes, of course, you can paint all kinds of toilets. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to follow the accurate steps in painting a toilet. First, clean all the old paint, debris, and dirt if you are going to paint an old toilet. For new toilets, no cleanliness is required. However, it’s better to have some dusting.

For extremely unclean toilets, I always use WD-40 and also recommend it to others. In my experience, it works best for toilet cleaning. After that, drain all the dirt and wait a while. Next, sand the areas to make them smooth. Apply the primer to get a smooth finish and paint it in the end. You can get WD-40 multi purpose product from Amazon or any local store.

How To Paint A Toilet – Step-by-step Guide

There should not be a problem while painting any kind of toilet. There are plenty of bathroom paint colors, and I recommend you match the toilet color with the home theme. I’m sharing the instructions below that will make the paint for toilet a piece of cake. Let’s go!

Necessary Materials for Toilet painting

  • Different size pliers.
  • Face mask, gloves, and goggles.
  • Rags and other cleaning tools.
  • Sandpaper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Sponge, dry towel, or paper towel.
  • Sprain paint or other paint of your choice.

Step 1: Clean The Toilet Properly

Clean the toilet before painting

When a smooth paint finish is your top priority, careful cleaning is necessary. Make a solution of water with a neutral toilet cleaner and scrub it with a soft cloth.

Don’t leave any spot on the surface and remove debris. I recommend you wear the gloves as I found them very helpful for my hands protection.

Remove rust, grease, or other mineral deposits. Yes, you have to give significant time for cleaning purposes.

In the end, wash it with fresh water and inspect that no dirt remains on the surface.

Step 2: Make The Toilet Empty

The next step is to empty the toilet by eliminating water as it’s necessary for painting. You can use two methods for painting toilet. First, shut off the wall by twisting it, and it will stop the water flow.

Second, leave the water floating, which will empty in a while. Keep in mind that after emptying it, allow it to dry completely for some time. You can use a heat fan or ordinary exhaust fan to remove moisture if it’s cold outside.

Step 3: Scrub Thoroughly

It’s time to make the toilet neat and clean. Pick up the quality sandpaper, wear the face mask, goggles, gloves, and start scrubbing the whole toilet thoroughly. In my opinion, always open the windows for proper ventilation and dust will exhaust outside automatically. Scrub till you get the toilet surface rugged and rough.

In my experience, it will not take more than 10-15 minutes. After cleaning, clean the rag and other residues to prevent any distraction.

Important Note:

1. It is never a good idea to prime an un sanded toilet because it will ruin the finish.
2. Ordinary acrylic latex or oil-based paint will not adhere to a toilet’s surface.
3. A bare toilet should never be painted because it will peel.

Step 4: Prime The Toilet Surface

Priming is the important step for bathroom painting. First, apply the high-quality primer to the surface, and I recommend you use acrylic latex primer for better results. Primer increases the adhesion of the toilet’s surface so that the paint gets more strength. It also saves the toilet from peeling, flaking, or rusting.

Step 5: Paint The Toilet

Let the primer dry thoroughly and start applying your favorite paint to the toilet. I suggest you spray paint the toilet for better results. It’s easier and gives a uniform paint finish. When finished, apply another layer of epoxy that will act as a polish. The spray paint hardly takes 10 minutes to dry on the toilet, and you are ready to apply the epoxy layer.

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Step 6: Wind Up Things & Enjoy Beautiful Toilet

Finally, clean the messy part of the painting area, such as dirty clothes, sprays, tools, epoxy cans, brushes, and more. Have a good quality detergent and wash the floor. Reinstall your toilet, turn ON the water supply again, and it’s all done. Congrats! Your revamped toilet is ready to use.

Paint For Toilet Seat

Toilet seats can be painted to match your home theme. It is manufactured from different manufacturing materials such as metal, plastic, or wood. Wood seats need proper care for painting, such as you need to buy special paint for wood. However, epoxy paints are useful for all other types of toilet seats.

Can You Paint A Toilet Seat

Yes, you can easily paint a toilet seat depending on its manufacturing material. Don’t forget the basic points such as sanding, cleaning, priming, and more.

Can You Paint A Toilet Black?

There is nothing wrong with painting your toilet black. However, you need proper care while choosing the right paint for the toilet. For fresh paint coating, black epoxy paint is recommended by me. It’s available in different shades of black, that’s very helpful for contrasting. So, choose any black shade of epoxy paint and feel free to paint your toilet.

Paint For Toilet Wall

Give a new breather to your bathroom with new paint. Painting toilet walls is crucial, but you have to handle some critical tasks. I always start dealing with moisture, mildew, mold, and rust. I recommend you use a scrubber and sandpaper to clean the walls. After that, prime the walls and apply the paint. In short, you can brighten up your toilet with minimal effort.

Can You Paint A Toilet Bowl and Sink?

Yes, it’s pretty straightforward to paint any toilet bowl. First, sand the surface as it helps bind the paint with great strength. Now, apply the latex primer using a sprayer. Keep a proper distance between the bowl’s surface and the sprayer’s tip. After priming, leave it in the space for about 2 hours, and do not paint until it dries completely. Touch the surface and then apply the paint thoroughly inside out the toilet bowl and sink and they are ready to use.

Can You Paint A Toilet Cistern?

Yes, the cistern shows great adhesion towards paint but with a few exceptions. Water-based paints do not work for toilet cisterns due to many reasons. However, oil-based or latex paints are good options. I always try to make a high gloss finish while painting a cistern because it will reveal a beautiful finish after painting.

FAQs On Can you paint a toilet

What type of paint is best for bathroom walls?

You have plenty of choices to paint bathroom walls, such as satin, glossy finish, semi-gloss, and more with mildew-resistant additives. However, epoxy paints are ideal for bathroom walls. Remember that you have to follow the instructions given by the manufacturing company before applying it to get a strong paint finish.

What kind of paint do you use to paint a toilet?

Almost all paints are easy to apply using a roller, but acrylic latex paints are at the top. Moreover, you can use a roller or sprayer to apply them. For touching up your toilet, epoxy appliance paints work well.

Do you need specific paint for bathroom walls?

Bathroom surfaces differ from ordinary walls and have a good amount of mildew, mold, and rust. You can use normal paints, but they are not highly effective. The suitable paints for bathroom walls are epoxy paints with a mold-resistant additive.

Can bathroom walls be painted?

It’s perfectly okay to paint the bathroom walls. Don’t forget to choose the right paint and start by priming the surfaces. There are different paint finish options such as satin, glossy, semi-gloss, and more. In short, you can paint bathroom walls easily.

Can you paint the inside of a toilet?

Yes, there is not an issue painting a toilet inside. You need to empty it first and remove all the moisture. Use an exhaust fan or hair dryer to dry it properly. Clean it well using sandpaper and make the surface extremely adhesive. Yeah! You are ready to paint the toilet inside.

Can you paint the inside of a porcelain toilet?

Yes, the process of painting porcelain toilets is pretty easy. In my experience, always choose the right paint first and the way of painting like a paintbrush or sprayer. The remaining process is the same as you paint normally.

Conclusion On Paint for toilet

So it’s all about paint for toilet without making a mess. Hopefully, the query has been cleared that you can paint the toilet using ordinary or epoxy paints. However, epoxy paints are highly recommended due to their efficient results.

Have fun painting your toilet as you want!

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