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Little bubbles and texturing across the ceiling impart a bad look to your ceiling. Suppose you have revamped your home and the popcorn ceiling destroyed all the home’s aesthetics. Don’t worry! The popcorn ceiling has an excellent painting solution that I’ve explained in detail. Painting popcorn ceilings is not a piece of cake, and not every tool works for it. You can’t go smoother with a roller or brush for a popcorn ceiling for many reasons. However, painting popcorn ceiling with sprayer might be your ideal choice.

I’m serving society as a professional painter, and I noticed that most people are worried about their popcorn ceilings. There are numerous methods of painting popcorn ceilings, but I always prefer to paint them with a spray gun. Undoubtedly, it takes minimal time and gives a beautiful finish to the textured popcorn ceiling.

If you are a DIYer or looking for painting textured ceiling with sprayer, you are in the perfect spot. In this ultimate guide, I’ll address paint popcorn ceiling spray, painted popcorn ceiling removal spray, painting popcorn ceiling with Wagner sprayer, and all the necessary details.

How to paint a popcorn ceiling

Painting Popcorn Ceiling
Painting Popcorn Ceiling

Here I’ve mentioned the hassle-free way to paint a popcorn ceiling using an airless paint sprayer. Using a primer is always suggest by the professionals because of high adhesion. Different construction companies also talk about using primer to get uniform color on the popcorn ceiling. It’s also said by President Mike Poellinger of Poellinger Inc. in a conversation.

Tools Required For Painting Popcorn Ceiling

Step 1: Test Water Solubility of The Popcorn Ceiling

This test is usually performed to check the best suitable tool for painting popcorn ceilings out of roller, sprayer, or brush. For this, spray a small amount of water somewhere on the ceiling and check how much water it absorbs. Examine the ceiling thoroughly; spray paint is best for the ceiling if it shows a soft texture.

Step 2: Remove The Furniture

I always recommend removing the furniture from the room as much as you can. You can move it to the center when the room has a huge space. Two significant reasons are behind this step. First, it will not bother you while painting. Secondly, you have a lot of space to keep and use the painting tools easily.

Step 3: Convert Things You don’t Want To Paint

preparations before popcorn painting

A home consists of windows, light fixtures, and many other essential things you don’t want to paint. The reason is that your primary aim is a popcorn ceiling. Start covering everything you don’t want to get painted using masking tape and plastic wrappers. A protective paper specialized for painting is also available in the markets.

Step 4: Cleaning The Popcorn

A vacuum cleaner is the best equipment to clean the popcorn on the ceilings. Attach a brush to remove cobwebs and dirt from the ceiling. Make sure that all the ceiling texture has been soaked by the vacuum cleaner. Go for using a damp rag to clean the stubborn dirt stains on the ceiling. In simple words, the ceiling should be 100% clean from the popcorn.

Cleaning The Popcorn ceiling

Step 5: Choose The Paint

Choose a paint color for popcorn painting according to your desire. Nowadays, brands are offering specialized paints for popcorn ceilings. You can also get suitable advice from the store and also don’t forget to read the description on the paint box.

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Step 6: Make The Sprayer Ready

Now it’s time to set up your spray gun. Painting ceiling with Graco airless sprayer might be an ideal choice because it’s a top-notch sprayer brand. Check everything from the spray tip to the paint container. Picking up the right tip is crucial to get the required finish.

Step 7: Painting Popcorn Ceiling

Next, Start the airless paint sprayer ceiling. Start from one edge to the other corner of the ceiling. Don’t change the way of painting again and again; otherwise, you will not get a smooth finish. Maintaining a distance between the wall and the sprayer’s tip is always good. Each pass of the paint should overlap the other by 50%.

Step 8: Finishing Up

It’s time to wrap up painting the popcorn ceiling. Wait for a while and after that, remove the painter’s tape from the covered furniture and areas. You will see the clear and crisp lines of the paint. Keep the furniture back to its place and clean the sprayer.

How To Paint Popcorn Ceiling?

The best way is to choose the accurate tools and precise method for painting popcorn ceilings. First, clean the surface with a microfiber duster. If you don’t have it, attach a bristled dusting brush with the vacuum and clean the dirt across the ceiling. Make sure the surface it thoroughly cleaned before applying the paint to the popcorn ceiling. If you don’t like a painted popcorn ceiling, you have the option to remove the popcorn texture from the ceiling.

Fastest Way To Paint Popcorn Ceilings

Several methods have been invented to paint a popcorn ceiling. Some require more effort and others need more time. Everyone wants to save their time and effort; therefore, the most convenient way to paint a popcorn ceiling is with a paint sprayer. Sprayers are also of different types, but I always recommend using an airless spray gun. You can rent it if you don’t have it. The different settings and other options allow you to paint with your required finish.

How To Paint A Popcorn Ceiling With A Roller?

It’s easy to paint a popcorn ceiling using a roller. Following the accurate procedure is necessary. I always recommend having a little practice to paint with a roller before painting a popcorn ceiling. Buy different size rollers to tackle different areas on the ceiling.

I always recommend using a thicker nap roller, such as 1-inch or more, for painting popcorn ceilings. The other procedure is the same as the airless paint sprayer; you only apply the paint with a roller. This method is used for mending different popcorn ceilings, but it requires more time and effort. However, cleaning after the paint is easier and requires less preparation.

Do you know what best roller to use on a texted ceiling is?

When you have decided to roll a texture ceiling, use a low-nap. Particularly, ½ inches or ¾ inches nap is suitable for texture ceilings. While working without a ladder, an extension pole help you reach all the areas of the ceiling.

FAQs On Painting Popcorn Ceiling With Sprayer

Can you spray paint a popcorn ceiling?

Yes, you can buy a spray gun to paint any type of popcorn ceiling. It requires less effort and saves precious time.

What kind of paint do you use on a popcorn ceiling?

You can use almost all kinds of paints for painting popcorn ceilings. However, interior acrylic-latex paints are highly recommended as they give high adhesion. Whether you want a matte or traditional finish, these pants will give your ceiling a beautiful look.

What is the best way to paint popcorn ceilings?

The answer to the best way to paint a popcorn ceiling depends on several factors, such as the condition of the ceiling, budget, and more. However, using an air-based or airless paint sprayer gives the best painting results for popcorn ceilings.

How much does it cost to spray popcorn ceiling?

It depends on the area of your ceilings. However, it costs about $800 for 500 sq. ft. areas, or we can say $1.60 for one square foot. The preparation and painting cost is also included in this estimate. On the other hand, most people spend $700-$880 for painting a single popcorn ceiling.

Is it better to roll or spray a ceiling?

The answer usually depends on several factors but spray a ceiling is better. It requires short time to paint a popcorn ceiling. Whether it’s a large or small painting project for popcorn ceiling, a sprayer is always a convenient option for everyone.  

Do popcorn ceilings reduce home value?

If you paint the popcorn ceiling or remove the popcorn with time, it increases the value of your home. For safety, it’s always better to remove or paint the popcorn ceiling.


Protecting your ceiling might be your top priority as it’s the most important component of your home. Popcorn ceilings can cause the weakening of the roof and also decrease its value. Therefore, painting the popcorn ceiling with a sprayer is the best way to keep it looking good and durable. Don’t spend the whole day painting with a roller or brushes; take help from the sprayer and finish it in minimal time.

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