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When I started my painting career, I was just under budget. I still remember that I could not afford a paintbrush, sprayer, or roller. Let me tell you the real story relevant to rent a paint sprayer. It’s true that having a good quality paint sprayer makes the painting job easy, quick, and convenient.

To cut a long story short, I did not find any way to arrange the cost to buy a paint sprayer and ended up renting a paint sprayer. It was a bad decision, but the results were totally different. You can’t buy all the tools and materials when you start your journey as a professional painter. Renting spray paint gun is a good way to adjust yourself to the situation because it’s necessary to generate some revenue to buy a sprayer instead.

I’ve shared my experience of paint sprayer rental, where to rent a paint sprayer, how much to rent a paint sprayer, and everything necessary for you. So, let’s get deeper into the details!

Paint sprayer rental

Can You Rent A Paint Sprayer?

Yes, you can rent a paint sprayer from various places like hardware online stores, or home improvement rental stores. Renting is a smart choice if you have a painting job to do but don’t want to buy a sprayer yourself. Just check with the rental place about what kind of sprayer they have, how much it costs to rent, and if there are any extra fees. It’s also important to learn how to use and take care of the sprayer properly to make sure your painting project goes smoothly and safely.

Graco 490  paint sprayer rental
My Graco 490 Ultra Max airless.

Should I buy a paint sprayer is a confusing question, and people are still hoping for a satisfactory answer. Using a paint sprayer on a small or large painting project is the best way to achieve the best results.

There is nothing wrong with rent a sprayer or rent air sprayer to start the project without any issues. However, it’s necessary to know what paint sprayer is suitable for you, where can I rent a paint sprayer near me, and more.

Why rent a paint sprayer?

Choosing to rent a paint sprayer is a practical decision for smaller projects like cabinets, or fencing that only require occasional attention. It’s a cost-effective approach, sparing you the upfront investment of buying a paint sprayer you might not use frequently.

Ownership of a paint sprayer is generally more suitable for individuals engaged in long-term or professional painting endeavors. Renting provides access to quality equipment without the commitment, making it a sensible solution for smaller tasks.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Paint Sprayer?

I can’t tell you the exact figure as the cost to rent a paint sprayer usually depends on several factors such as type, size, brand, and more. In my experience, it costs about $30-$250 per day to rent a spray gun. However, a top-notch brush can cost hundreds of dollars per day or above. You can check the different paint stores that provide paint sprayers for rent before making a good decision. 

Airless sprayers with wheels usually cost more to rent than smaller models without wheels. For example, the cost of Graco-PRO-Paint-sprayer rental at home depot around $114 per day to $ 456 per week (at the time of publishing article).

You can expect to pay over $1,000 for a brand-new pro contractor sprayer from Graco, or Titan Brand. It cost me close to $1500 to purchase my Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro. It has been over seven years since I purchased the sprayer and I still use it today.

In home improvement stores, cheap paint sprayers typically cost between $200 and $500, but their performance is often limited and their pumps malfunction frequently.

Spray gun paint rental is a convenient option for small one-time painting projects that will take a few days. However, if you plan to paint multiple things, you should buy a sprayer.

Useful Resource: Find out how much a paint sprayer use paint.

Where Can I Rent A Paint Sprayer Near Me?

Finding a good rental store for renting a spray gun is pretty straightforward. If you are using a browser, you can search “rent a paint sprayer near me” or get help from Google Map to get the address of the paint stores near you. Visit a few stores, check the prices, examine the sprayer’s quality, and rent the most suitable spray gun for your project.

Graco 490 setup
Graco 490 parts
Graco 490 paint sprayer

How to Select the Best Paint Sprayer Rental for Your Painting Project

Graco 490 rental paint sprayer
Graco 490 rental paint sprayer

Airless Paint Sprayer Rentals are the most common type of equipment found at paint and home improvement stores. I own multiple airless sprayers and use them to spray everything from enamel to latex paints and pigmented lacquer. An airless sprayer will save you a great deal of time when painting large projects.

Before renting a paint sprayer, consider important features to ensure it meets your project needs.

  • For instance, if you’re painting a large fence, an airless sprayer with adjustable pressure settings and a high paint capacity would be efficient.
  • Choose the power source (battery, electric cord, or gas) based on your preferences and project needs.
  • If you’re working on detailed cabinet work, an HVLP sprayer with various nozzle options for different paint viscosities might be more suitable.
  • Select a paint sprayer with wheels or a backpack setup for convenience, especially in larger projects.
  • It is important to ensure that the sprayer you rent will be able to spray your selected paint materials, and the size of spray tip you intend to use is supported by the sprayer. For thicker coatings like block filler, primer, and exterior paint, a larger spray tip orifice and pump are required. It’s no secret that I love Graco Brand. The Graco 390 and 490 are contractor models with bigger pumps and support a wide variety of spray tip sizes and coatings. Titan 440 and Titan 840 sprayers are also available for rent in stores.
titan 440 airless paint sprayer rental
Titan 440 airless paint sprayer rental

You will usually receive one spray tip as part of your painting rental, but it might not be the correct tip size for the projects.

Graco FFLP tips in green
Graco FFLP tips in green

For example,

A fine finish tip is required if you want to paint the cabinets. However, the rental sprayer might come with a 517, which is too big for cabinets, but is appropriate for siding and interior walls.

For around $40, you can purchase a tip if it is not included in the rental. On most of my projects, I use the blue and green RAC-X spray tips from Graco. Cabinets and trim look great with Graco FFLP tips in green. So, the tip size should be selected according to the job.

  • Invest in sprayers with filters to remove debris, preventing clogging in the tips for a smoother finish.
  • For hard-to-reach areas, use an extension rod and longer hose for flexibility without needing an extension ladder.
  • Check for available repair kits and decide on the cost-effectiveness of rebuilding or replacing.
  • Additionally, check for features like easy cleanup, portability, and spray pattern adjustability based on the surfaces you’ll be painting.
  • A well-maintained and durable paint sprayer with safety features adds to a smoother painting experience.

By paying attention to these details, you’ll choose a paint sprayer that enhances efficiency and delivers quality results for your specific project.

Airless Spray Machine Rental vs. HVLP

Airless paint sprayers are most common, but HVLP paint sprayers can also be rented. An HVLP sprayer uses a compressor to deliver air to the spray gun, causing less overspray and a finer finish than an airless sprayer. They spray slower, so they’re only useful for small projects.

Rent Or Buy Paint Sprayer

Gas paint sprayer rental is an efficient tool that makes the overall painting job uncomplicated and effortless. Suppose you are still stuck making the right decision about whether you need to rent or buy a paint sprayer; I’m here for you. I have mentioned whether it’s beneficial or not to buy or rent a spray gun. So, let’s move on to the details!

Advantages of Renting A Paint Sprayer

It’s a fact that renting a sprayer requires less cost, but it may be costly if you rent it for a long-term job. Likewise, renting enables you to use different painting machines every day, so you have plenty of choices. Check out the spray paint pros in the following:

Best For Practice (Beginner)

When you are a newbie, you need hands-on experience, and renting a sprayer is the best option. In this way, you get the experience of using different sprayers and help you become a professional soon. After all, it becomes easy for you to use any kind of sprayer for your painting projects.

Little Maintenance

When you own a sprayer, you have to take care of everything related to sprayer. When you rent it, you are free from responsibilities such as maintenance, etc. It saves your precious maintenance time and effort. You can give more time to your project instead of cleaning or maintaining the sprayer all the time.

Disadvantages of Renting A Paint Sprayer

Renting sprayers brings some significant cons that you need to understand. Knowing both sides is always better for making a good decision.

It’s Not Yours

When you rent a spray paint machine, it’s not your property as you have to return it back to the owner. When you don’t have money to pay rent, you have to do it manually.

Storage Issues

There might be some storage issues when you work in remote locations and have little storage. You can’t keep it with you if you travel via a tight-space van in a decorated room. Therefore, you need to return it after the job every day and rent it again the next day.

Advantages of Buying A Paint Sprayer

Having a spray gun means it’s yours. You don’t need to return it back whether you work every day or after a week. The pros of having a sprayer are:

High Efficiency & Time Saver

When you own a sprayer, you are independent to use it as you desire. You are free from any payment restrictions, limited access, and can complete the job more efficiently on time.

Disadvantages of Buying A Paint Sprayer

The cost is the most crucial point when you want to buy a paint sprayer. In fact, not all the sprayers are expensive, but they cost more than renters. Other cons are daily maintenance and replacing the damaged components. If the equipment breaks, you have to pay a replacement cost.

When To Buy A Spray Gun?

If you are a full-time professional painter, it’s worthwhile to buy a paint spraying gun. Surely, it will not be more expensive because you are not going to pay the daily rent. Likewise, it will enable you to perform the job by giving your best without thinking about the rent or other problems.

Besides, you can also buy it if you are a DIYer. Help your friend or family do small painting jobs with a personal sprayer that’s much better than a roller or brush.

When To Rent A Spray Gun?

When your pocket doesn’t allow you to buy a new sprayer, it’s always better to rent a sprayer and start working on a project. If you have a short project such as a single bedroom, I would recommend you have it on rent.

Can You Rent A Paint Sprayer From Lowes?

Lowe’s is one of the biggest paint-product sellers. However, it offers many painting tools for rent to help beginner or professional painters who can’t afford costly products and materials. You can visit Lowes official website and pick up the right product and material on rent without any trouble.

FAQs On Rent A Paint Sprayer

Is it worth getting a paint sprayer?

Yes, it’s always advantageous to have a personal paint sprayer. You remain free from paying the daily rent and other problems. Therefore, enjoy hassle-free painting with a paint spray gun.

Can a beginner use a paint sprayer?

Yes, a newbie painter can also use a paint sprayer. I recommend you have some practice by grabbing it in your hands, pressing the trigger, and trying to act like you are working on a painting project. In short, a newbie finds no issues using a paint sprayer.

Is spraying better than rolling paint?

Spraying is always preferred over rolling as it’s convenient, reliable, and saves your precious time. It’s a perfect tool to finish a big project in minimal time. However, it takes more paint than painting with a roller.

Is spraying cheaper than painting?

Spraying home is always an affordable choice in terms of preparation, reliability, uniform finish, and so on. Painting with a brush or roller is labor-intensive and becomes costly in the end.

Final Words On Paint Sprayer Rental

In conclusion, the decision to buy or rent a sprayer depends on your budget, painting requirements, and other similar factors. For your ease, I have mentioned the pros and cons of renting or buying a spray gun. Therefore, always check your preferences first and make a wise decision about rent a paint sprayer.

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