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As a passionate DIY enthusiast, I understand the joy that comes from turning a vision into reality with a brush stroke or a spray of paint. But let’s be honest, not all spray guns are similar in performance, and picking the ideal one can be pivotal in your home-improvement projects. 

That’s why I’m excited to share my personal experience with you as I’ve had the chance to put both the Sprayit 33000 and the Sprayit 33500 to the test. These two spray guns have been my trusty companions on numerous painting works. 

Today, I’ll share a detailed comparison of Sprayit 33000 vs 33500 revealing how they perform, helping you make a smart choice for your next home-upgrade masterpiece. 

So keep reading to discover which of these spray guns will be your perfect ally in making your creative dreams into beautifully finished creations.

Sprayit 33000 vs 33500 Review-LVLP Spray gun

Sprayit 33000 vs 33500 Review

Though both Sprayit models 33000 and 33500 offer some similar features, the main difference between 33000 and 33500 lies in their intended use and performance.

SprayIt 33000 is like the dependable workhorse in my artisan tools. Its versatility shines through when I tackle large-scale jobs. Whether it’s giving a fresh coat of paint to a room or covering extensive surfaces like fences and walls, the 33000 handles these tasks with ease. 

Additionally, SprayIt offers the SP-33000K Kit, which includes 1.7,1.5 & 1.3mm tips, an air regulator, cleaning kit, and plastic storage as you can see in the picture below;

Sprayit 33000 review kit

On the other hand, the Sprayit 33500 takes the spotlight when I’m working on intricate furniture, metalwork, or objects with hard-to-reach areas.

For the Sprayit SP-33000 spray gun manual, I recommend checking out the Sprayit website.

They both feature the power of LVLP (low volume, low pressure) technology to achieve great finishes while operating your compressor at a lower psi setting. 

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What’s truly remarkable is the minimal overspray produced, which has been a savior in my design work. 

LVLP spray gun operate compressor at a lower psi setting

It means that my work stays pristine without those annoying drips, the air in my workspace remains clean and breathable, and I’ve found myself saving on paint in the process. 

It’s a win-win situation that has enhanced the quality and efficiency of my handiwork.

Note: There will be a bonus announcement at the end of this article, so keep reading!

The Sprayit SP-33000 and SP-35000 share many similar parts, such as nozzles, needles, air caps, and cups, with slight variations to suit different painting needs.

Sprayit SP-33000 and SP-35000 parts

Comparing Sprayit 33000 vs 33500 price, the Sprayit 33000 tends to be more budget-friendly. It’s a great choice for those who have a lot of large-scale tasks on their to-do list and need a reliable spray gun without breaking the bank. 

On the other hand, the Sprayit 33500 is a bit pricier, but it’s worth the investment if you frequently work on complicated creations.

When comparing Sprayit 33000 vs 33500 specs, I noticed some key differences that may alter your choice for specific painting crafts that I have elaborated below.

Nozzle and Needle Design

sprayit sp-33000 & 33500 tips-Needle design

I appreciated the clear contrast in the nozzle sizes. For the SP33000, there are three different stainless steel spray tip and needle kits available, including sizes of 1.3 mm, 1.5 mm, and 1.7 mm. 

While, for the 35000 gun, you will get four stainless steel needles and nozzle sizes available, ranging from 0.8 mm to 2 mm.

This range of nozzle designs allowed me to select the appropriate tool for my painting tasks, with the 33000 ideal for efficiently covering larger surfaces and the 33000 suited for precise work. 

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Material Compatibility

The 33000 paint gun works well with different kinds of paint, including both solvent and water-based choices.

This flexibility is particularly valuable when you need to switch between different paint types for various applications, all without the need to change your equipment. 

On the other hand, the 35000 gun offers even more extensive material compatibility due to its wider range of nozzle sizes. 

The smaller nozzles, like the 0.8 mm, are great for finer details and thinner paints, such as automotive clear coats, while the larger nozzles, like the 2 mm, are perfect for thicker materials like primers and heavy-duty coatings. 

Pro Tip: Before starting any painting project, regardless of whether you choose the Sprayit 33000 or 33500, always ensure proper ventilation in your workspace. Good airflow not only helps with paint fumes but also aids in achieving a smoother finish by reducing the chances of dust and debris settling on wet paint. 

Air Consumption

What I found advantageous was the distinction in air usage. The 33500, with its larger nozzle, may demand more airflow, making it less suitable for compact compressors or situations with limited air supply. 

Conversely, the 33000’s air consumption efficiency made it the preferred choice for setups with constrained air resources, aligning with my crafting requirements.

SprayIt SP-33500K Kit- Bonus Tip

If you are interested in both models for different projects, then luckily you can buy sprayIt SP-33500K Kit which includes both spray guns models: a smaller 33500K model and a larger 33000K unit. Check the picture below.

Sprayit 33500 review kit

This kit gives you the flexibility to handle both big areas and intricate details. These spray guns, known as LVLP units, require a small air compressor that can generate 30 psi of pressure.

But there’s more in the SprayIt SP-33500K kit than just the two spray guns. You also get various spray tips and needles that you can easily switch, an air regulator to control airflow, a cleaning kit to maintain your equipment, and a handy case to keep everything neat and organized. You can also purchase LVLP spray gun kit at home depot.

Who makes sprayit spray guns?

Sprayit spray guns are manufactured by a company called California Air Tools. California Air Tools is known for producing a wide range of air compressors, air tools, and spray equipment, including the Sprayit line of spray guns. 

Can you paint a vehicle with a LVLP gun?

You can paint a car or any other vehicle with an LVLP spray gun that is operated with 3.5 to 3.9 cfms of air. These guns are suitable for automotive painting, especially for base coats and clear coats. They offer good control and can provide a smooth finish with reduced overspray when used correctly. 

What is a LVLP spray gun used for?

LVLP guns are more efficient at applying different coatings quickly with reduced overspray, making them particularly well-suited for production applications at high level. It is essential in maintaining high-quality finishes in production environments. 

Wrapping It Up

When comparing the Sprayit 33000 vs 33500, it’s good to consider your intended use and performance requirements. Whether you need a dependable workhorse or a precision tool, both of these spray guns are capable allies in bringing do-it-yourself visions to life. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get this Sprayit LVLP Spray Gun Kit for achieving expert-level finishes today!


Q. What is the best size nozzle for spray painting?

Thicker coatings, like primers, demand larger orifice sizes, typically around 1.7 or 1.8 mm, while most painters use tips ranging from 1.2 to 2.0 mm for standard paints, unless dealing with specialized coatings.

Q. What is the difference between high pressure and low pressure spray gun?

The high-pressure guns differ from the low-pressure spray guns in atomization. The high-pressure spray guns rely on compressed air, while low-pressure models use an electric turbine to generate atomized air. High-pressure guns convert compressed air to lower pressure, resulting in a fine spray with reduced volume and overspray.

Q. What pressure should a LVLP spray gun be?

The recommended pressure setting for an LVLP spray gun when the trigger is pulled for the base coat is typically around 10-15 psi, according to most experts.For the base coat, set the LVLP spray gun to 17 psi, and for the clear coat, adjust it to 20-25 psi.

Q. How much CFM do I need for LVLP?

You’ll require a lower air volume, typically between 5-18 CFM, for an LVLP  spray gun, as compared to HVLP guns, which need 10-25 CFM. LVLP also operates at lower air pressure, typically ranging from 10-30 PSI, whereas conventional Air Spray guns typically operate at higher pressures, around 35-60 PSI.

Q. What is the difference between LVMP and HVLP spray gun?

The main difference between LVMP and HVLP spray guns is in the air pressure and volume they use. LVMP guns operate at lower pressure and higher air volume, making them suitable for various coatings. HVLP guns use higher pressure but lower air volume, ideal for reducing overspray and achieving a fine finish.

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