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There is nothing better than revamping different items at home to give them a new look. The same is true for staining a deck with new beautiful paint. It not only improves appearance but also prevents wear and tear. Staining a deck with a pump sprayer has several ways to perform this job. Nevertheless, carrying it out with the help of a pump sprayer is easier and quicker.

Keep in mind that a pump sprayer works differently than an ordinary paint sprayer. It utilizes the power of elbow grease to mix the air with paint and shoot it with a particular pressure to get the best finish on your deck. It’s a simple DIY task, but if you are going to do it for the first time, you might be in trouble.

If you are planning to stain a deck with a pump sprayer, this guide is for you. This ultimate guide will cover: how to thin deck stain for a sprayer, its preparations, and everything related to stain too thick for sprayer. So, let’s get started!

Spraying stain with pump sprayer

Can You Use A Pump Sprayer To Stain A Deck?

There are hundreds of ways to stain a deck using sprayer, pump sprayer, and manual work. Some methods won’t work, and others give you unsatisfied results. Using a pump sprayer for staining the deck and fence is one of the best ways.

A pump sprayer requires extensive labor work, but you get high output as a result. Its working is dependent on elbow grease that is responsible for pressure built up. No air compressors are used.

how to stain a deck with pump sprayer

If you are on a tight budget, a pump sprayer is the best option because regular sprayers are costly. Deck stain pump sprayer are prepared with fewer moving parts and therefore available at an affordable price.

Also, Wagner deck sprayer requires minimal maintenance, decreasing the maintenance cost. It will be totally manual and helpful for beginners. Likewise, in deck sprayer vs garden sprayer, both are good according to the application.  

Yes, everyone can use a sprayer to stain a deck, but it also offers several applications. Deck stain sprayer is handheld and easy to carry due to their overall design. According to the weight and tank size, spraying deck stain with HVLP are a bit bulkier than others.

An ordinary paint sprayer weighs 3-5lbs, but a pump sprayer’s average weight is 16lbs. The latest pump sprayers are not manual, but you can operate them with a battery. Even so, they handle all the tasks themselves without human effort.

How To Stain A Deck With A Pump Sprayer – Step-by-step Guide

If you think staining deck with hand pump sprayer is difficult, we disagree with you. For your assistance, check out the following steps to spray your deck stain quickly and easily.

Step 1: Mix The Stain

First, make a homogenous mixture of stains thoroughly by adding it to a paint tray. Take all the precautions given by the manufacturers to prevent spilling and spillage.

Step 2: Start From Wood Railing

It’s good to start with wood railing; if the deck doesn’t have railings, you can go for the flooring first. Give proper paint coverage to the grass and concrete. Shrubs should also be painted with a big size poly tarp.

Step 3: Hang The Canvas

Take a canvas of almost 4 feet (9×12) from one side and 12 feet in length. The opposite side should also be 4 feet, and use it as a backdrop for overspray protection.

Step 4: Apply The Stain

Start applying the stain with the sprayer and life on the side of the canvas tarp. Leave one edge of the canvas tarp for your ease, and the other side will easily grab the overspray. No, go to the other side and repeat the procedure mentioned above. The purpose is to apply the stain from all the sides. Remember that you must set the proper pressure of the sprayer to get an even paint finish.

Not turn the tarp upside down and rearrange the poly trap if needed. Wipe the spare stain, or you can use a water-dipped brush for cleaning purposes. Stain pads are also very helpful at this stage.

Step 5: Wipe & Finish Railing Section

Wiping the extra drips and completing the painting of the railing section. After some time, check whether it needs a second coat or not. If it’s not looking good, apply the second coat as all the professionals recommend having two coats. Take a bird’s eye view in the end and fill the missing spots or areas.

Step 6: Flooring

Now it’s time to work on the flooring. Starting with edges and going to the depth of 1-2 feet. You can use a staggered line to get assistance. It’s recommended to use a brush or stain pad at this step.

Deck Paint Brush with handle

Step 7: Use Pump Sprayer

After that, use a Wood stain pump sprayer and carefully spray all the areas. Now, apply the second coat to get even results. Take every precaution to prevent any painting error. Congrats! You have done staining a deck with a pump sprayer.

Pros and Cons of Pump Sprayer For Staining A Deck

Staining a deck with a pump up sprayer brings many significant advantages. However, we have noticed a few disadvantages that are important to tell you. Let’s move on to the advantages and disadvantages of deck staining pump sprayer.


  • A pump sprayer is cheaper than ordinary sprayers due to less number of tools inside.
  • It does not require any compressor to work, or you can say pump sprayer gives compressor-less working.
  • You can use it for staining a deck and for other purposes too.
  • It is helpful for beginners and professionals because it’s easy to use.


  • It’s heavier than common sprayers.
  • Low spraying speed.

How Do You Use A Deck Sealer With A Pump Sprayer?

You can use a deck sealer with a pump sprayer with a few precautions. The reason is that the deck sealer is thick, and you won’t even get spraying results. In short, it can be a total mess if you use it directly with a pump sprayer. It is recommended to use low pressure, but the tip should be reversed to get this pressure.

Use the small tip or Titan sprayer tip in a backward direction to get smooth steam without any issue with the clouds. It will work pretty well and give you desired painting results.

Can You Spray Stain Through A Sprayer?

Nowadays, applying deck or wood stain with paint sprayer is possible because they are easier to use and require minimal effort. In our experience, you can use a sprayer for both painting wood surfaces or staining preparation.

The professional suggests using a roller or brush for staining, but if you don’t have one, a sprayer can perform this task. You might feel a bit difficult to use a sprayer, but you can do it if you follow the right procedure.

How To Stain A Deck With An Airless Sprayer?

According to professional painters, using an airless paint sprayer is the quickest and easiest way to stain a deck. If you do it manually with a brush in hand, it will consume more time.

If you are doing a bigger project, it’s better to apply stain with an airless paint sprayer. It will definitely save a few days and labor work. Pick up the airless paint sprayer, read the instructions manual and apply things accordingly.

How To Stain A Deck With A Garden Sprayer?

You can use a garden sprayer to stain a deck. It’s also a perfect tool to apply and use the deck stain. The manual work will take several days on a bigger project, but you can save a couple of days using a garden sprayer. Just bring a garden sprayer, read the instructions carefully, and stain a deck according to them to get the desired results.

FAQs On How to Stain a Deck!

Can you spray stain with a pump sprayer?

The primary meaning of applying the stain using a brush or roller. The sprayer is also a good option to adopt here. Prepare the solution, start applying it from the railing to the floor, and it’s all done.

Is it better to spray or roll deck stain?

Spraying deck stain vs rolling is a common question asked by the people. A roller is an excellent option to apply the stain quickly and easily. Nevertheless, it might be challenging to apply in far-reaching and tight areas. At this time, using a sprayer is a convenient option. Carefully read the instructions by the manufacturers before getting started.

Is it OK to spray stain on a deck?

It is perfectly fine to spray stain on a deck as it brings many significant benefits. It helps seal the deck from the infesting pests and moisture. You don’t need to fight the mold & mildew and find a cost-efficient solution. It’s also helpful in sealing the minute cracks.

Final Verdict On Staining A Deck with A Pump Sprayer

In conclusion, staining a deck with a pump sprayer is easier, but it takes more time than a paint sprayer. On the other hand, it’s also a cost-efficient solution, and you can take it as a DIY task. In this way, you can save the expenses of tools and a lot of money but get the same results as a paint sprayer. Last but not least, you can also use a pump sprayer for different applications; that’s a plus. So, save your money and get the optimal results with a pump sprayer.

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