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Paint sprayers have made painting jobs a breeze due to easy controls, straightforward cleaning, portability, convenience in usage, and less time-consuming. When you visit online markets to buy a suitable spray gun, you may be caught in a confusing situation. What if you are stuck between the Wagner Flexio 590 and other models? Don’t panic! I’m here to help.

As a professional painter, I’ve used the Wagner 590 paint sprayer for many years. Due to extensive experience, I am sharing the detailed Wagner 590 Flexio review, price, features, and all necessary information in the following.

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Wagner Flexio 590 paint sprayer review

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Introduction To Wagner Flexio 590 Sprayer Review

Talking about top-notch sprayers, you will find the Wagner brand at the top due to affordability, control, flow rate, and other benefits. No doubt, it’s an economical and time-saving solution for professional or DIY painting jobs.

The Wagner Flexio 590 is an all-in-all spraying painting kit with essential tools. Suitable for almost all painting projects because the latest technologies are known as spray nozzle and X-Boost turbine. These technologies boost the spray performance and deliver maximum coverage. Definitely, it’s very helpful to acquire a professional finish on various wall faces.

Far from other sprayers, it doesn’t have many limitations on the paint viscosity. You can use thin or thick paints according to your desire, whether interior or exterior paints. The most notable aspect is that it’s quite easy to use for starters and professionals.When you see it physically or in the image, it looks very complicated, but I assure you it’s not.

Furthermore, it’s effortless to set up when you follow the manual’s instructions. The manual explains even a single step through visuals. Another benefit is that you will find very useful tips to use Flexio 590 in the guide to get the best painting results.

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Wagner Flexio Specifications:

  • Power  Source: Corded Electric
  • Tank Volume: 8 Gallons
  • Speed: 10 X
  • Weight: 2.11 Pounds

What I have learned from Wagner 590 Paint Sprayer

Flexio 590 Sprayer Pros

  • It’s a fully functional device and perfect for any kind of painting project.
  • It can spray about 8 gallons of paint per hour.
  • The adjustable airflow control setting? I can paint with precision and way less mess.
  • I couldn’t believe the deal I got. Great price for such high-quality performance.
  • Two front end nozzles included? So handy for different painting needs.
  • And the carry case? Super convenient for keeping everything organized.

Flexio 590 Sprayer Cons

  • Only hiccup is that thicker materials can cause clogging so you need to clean it.
  • When the paint bucket is full, it’s hard to handle the sprayer at a height.
  • My only wish is for a longer power cord. It would make moving around much easier during painting.

Wagner Flexio 590 Key Features

Like other quality Wagner paint sprayer, Wagner 590 brings many benefits and features to the users. I have mentioned the most significant features in the following:

innovative Adjustable Nozzle

It is equipped with the atest iSpray atomizer for better area coverage. It’s perfectly suitable for large projects. So that you can easily adjust the fan width and spray pattern as all is possible with a rotating knob.

Not only that, but it’s equally useful for small corners, edges, areas, and surfaces where a narrow pattern is required.

The Wagner FLEXiO 590 Paint Sprayer, with its detail nozzle designed for precise work, is a more powerful option than other high-quality budget spray gun like the Wagner 518050 Sprayer.

In case, you are interested in a two-stage air turbine with 2 metals included, I recommend you to check out our comprehensive guide on the Wagner 0518050 Double Duty sprayer.

You can use cardboard to test the flow and spray pattern as shown in the image below.

Testing Wagner 590 spray pattern and flow control
Testing Wagner 590 spray pattern and flow control

Easy Maintenance

After completing the job, a sprayer needs regular maintenance. It provides easy maintenance as you can wash it with warm water or any neutral soap. Moreover, the best methods to clean the Flexio 590 are mentioned in the included manual.

I am always stuck cleaning the reservoir, but Wagner Flexio 590 has made it uncomplicated. You can wash it, and it will eliminate all the paint residue. Likewise, the cleaning filters are easy to get out of the sprayer and clean it with an air valve tube. Don’t worry if you stuck while maintaining it, the guide has all the troubleshooting instructions that will help you out.

Cleaning a Wagner Paint Sprayer
Cleaning a Wagner Paint Sprayer

Separate Nozzle

The design of Wagner 590 includes a completely separate nozzle, unlike other models. It provides dedicated control to get desired paint finish. It’s ideal for wall, ceiling, interior, exterior, or even furniture and cabinets. Remember that it works best with stains and oil-based paints.

wagner 590 for furniture restoration
Wagner 590 for furniture restoration

Two-Stage Trigger

Sometimes the trigger gets hit accidentally, and Wagner 590 offers a two-stage trigger design for this model. When you press halfway, the motor will start, but when you pull it completely, the paint gets out. It also helps reduce overspray and makes 50% less noise than other sprayers.

Due to this feature, it’s pretty easy to handle for small or big projects and helps you get your favorite job done smoothly. The trigger can be reassembled with little effort; even a beginner can do it perfectly.

X-Boost Power Adjustment

This new technology is patented and adopted to set the air pressure according to the painting job requirements. It offers several benefits, such as fast area coverage, uniform finish, and can be used with thick paints. The ten available settings enable you to set the pressure as you like depending on the finish and paint viscosity. You can read the details more from manual for 590 paint sprayer.

Material Flow Control

On the gun cap, there is a knob that controls the sprayer. As you turn the knob, the gun sprays material. Spray gun settings can vary based on the type of paint being used, such as diluted emulsion and unthinned paints. Depending on your spraying requirements, gradually increase the minimum material flow setting.

It is recommended that you use the maximum flow setting when using thicker materials and reduce it gradually.

Wagner Flexio 590 Price

The Wagner 590 provides great value for the money spent. I know it’s not the cheapest option, but it brings great features for what you have paid for. It has state-of-the-art technology, is lightweight, easy to handle, is best for all kinds of paints, and is a good choice for everyone. It offers features comparable to the costly sprayer. Check out the latest price of Wagner Flexio 590 here.

Efficiency & Coverage

Having used the Wagner 0518080 HVLP Paint Sprayer in the past and now using the Wagner 590, I find the 590 the better choice. With its lighter weight, it’s more comfortable to handle, and its impressive speed covers surfaces quickly. I particularly appreciated its efficiency when tackling ceiling projects. The larger 8-gallon paint container in the 590 saves time on frequent refills than the 0518080.

What Customers Say About Wagner Flexio 590 Sprayer?

In my experience, it’s a great addition to the paint sprayers with all-in-all features and price point of view. It’s good for everyone, whether a newbie or an experienced person.

Furthermore, people like it very much due to its quiet operation, affordable price range, and features. They said that it’s a versatile sprayer and has a time-saving ability. It’s pretty easy to handle, use, and the carrying case is a plus.

How To Use Wagner Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer?

You don’t need any special expertise to use Flexio 590 spray gun due to its quality features and the latest technology used. Simply read the instructional manual, set up the sprayer, put the paint in the container, and it’s all done. Always spray from a particular distance from the wall, yes you will not find any issues while using this sprayer.

Wagner Flexio 590 Extension

Suppose you are working on a ceiling project and can’t reach more height? What to do in such a situation? Don’t worry! The Wagner brand offers different size extensions according to your requirements. Just check the specification and pick up the right one for your project.

Wagner flexio 890 vs 590

When comparing the Wagner FLEXiO 890 and 590, it’s important to account for significant factors. The noticeable price difference makes the 590 particularly enticing for budget-conscious consumers. While both models deliver commendable performance, the 590 provides comparable quality but might extend painting durations slightly. Meanwhile, the 890 holds an advantage in capacity due to its larger paint reservoir. This makes it a preferable option for large projects that require longer painting sessions without frequent refills.

Performance-wise, both the 890 and 590 shine, benefiting from similar engineering. The 590 features a separate storage case, though slightly heavier in the hand, delivering 8 gallons per hour and improving brush speed by 10 times. On the other hand, the 890 stands out with its integrated storage case. This design, aided by an 11.5-foot air hose, offers a lighter handheld feel while boasting a flow rate of 8.4 gallons per hour and a 12 times brush speed improvement.

In essence, for medium-sized tasks and budget-friendly considerations, the 590 emerges as a suitable choice. Conversely, the 890 excels in scenarios demanding extended coverage, larger paint capacities, and reduced user fatigue. It is ultimately up to your project’s requirements whether to use one of these two models or the other.

Wagner Flexio 590 vs. 690

The major difference between Flexio 590 and 690 is quality. Both sprayers are useful for all kinds of painting projects. Flexio 590 is less noiseless than 690 as it’s equipped with latest components. The efficiency of the Flexio 690 is less than the 590 spray gun.

The 690 model distinguishes itself with a motor attached via a hose for convenient mobility. While both offer corded operation and the ability to spray 8 gallons per hour, the 690 edges ahead at 8.2 gallons. Both are competent for interior rooms.

If we talk about the overall performance, the Flexio 590 works best for small projects and 690 for big painting projects. Cleaning demands precision, requiring the right solvent based on paint type. The 690’s enhanced durability and budget-friendly nature make it the preferred choice, notably due to its leak-free feature.

Wagner Flexio 590 vs. 3000

If we talk about physical appearance, both models look similar. The prices of these sprayers are almost the same due to similar specifications. The Flexio 590 provides a better finish and is able to complete projects 10x faster than the Wagner 3000.

FAQs On Wagner W 590 Flexio Sprayer

What is the difference between Wagner FLEXiO 590 and 2000?

The overall features and specifications are almost similar. The only dissimilarity is the iSpray front-end design. The Flexio 590 has the latest iSpray nozzle that is easily adjustable, and you can control it with a simple rotating knob.

Are Wagner sprayers any good?

Wagner sprayers are worth the money with excellent performance, affordability, and the best for all kinds of projects. Perfect to use for beginners, professionals, and DIYers. You can use them for thin and thick paints; you just need to adjust the nozzle and pressure.

How do I get a smooth finish with the Wagner sprayer?

For a smooth finish using a Wagner sprayer, the only key is to spray slowly but not too much. Maintain a standard distance between the nozzle and the surface and move with a moderate speed to get a uniform finish.

What kind of paint sprayer do professional painters use?

Different types of paint sprayers are on the market, such as air sprayers, airless sprayers, HVLP, LVLP, and more. All these sprayers offer different applications and features. However, professional painters always prefer airless paint sprayers.

How Do Wagner Flexio 570 and 590 Differ?

Despite their similar appearances, the two units differ slightly in their features:

  • A 570 has two adjustable speed settings compared to a 590 that has 10 to control the paint flow.
  • The Flexio 590 can paint 10x faster than a brush, whereas the Flexio 570 can paint just 8x faster. 
  • Nozzles for Detail Finish are included in the 590.

Bottom Line on Wagner Flexio 590 Reviews

In conclusion, I recommend you go for Wagner Flexio 590 product if you prefer versatility, ease of use, and, most importantly, affordability. In my experience, this sprayer is better than other models. So, get it today and make your painting job easier and quicker.

Jennifer Marie-Holapaints writer

Jennifer Marie

Jennifer Marie is a general contractor with over the years of experience in home remodeling, DIY projects, and commercial painting projects. Her experience includes working with paint sprayers, painting tools, and other painting supplies. You can follow her on Facebook.

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