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It is quite common that paint is usually used for protection or decoration. Likewise, most people think that wood or furniture only require to be polished using some sort of liquid. That’s true up to some stretch but not the whole game. So, can you spray paint wood? Definitely, you can apply paint using a sprayer on all kinds of woods.

Spray paint wood furniture is not a piece of cake. The reasons are very common such as the paint needs to reach every corner and you also take care of the finish or thickness. Spray paints are frequently utilized for painting because of affordability, ease of use, and, most importantly, you get desired results. So, here are some tips on spray painting wood furniture.

Can You Spray Paint Wood Furniture Without Sanding?

The sanding and primer become necessary when the furniture is stained, consists of dents, and requires maintenance. Also, the type of wood used decides whether you need sanding before painting or not. In general terms, you can paint wood furniture, even eliminating sanding procedures. In the end, it’s always recommended to sand before paint application.

Preparations For Spray Paint Wood

can you spray paint wood cabinets
can I spray paint wood cabinets after painting results

Whether it’s a piece of wood or furniture, you need some preparations before painting. There is no special preparation, but it’s pretty straightforward. As a result, you will get wonderful painted wood. Usually, the preparation includes priming, painting, prepping, and more. First, clean all the dust from the surrounding area where the furniture or wood is placed. Arrange some proper lighting and follow the below-mentioned steps further.

  • Sanding: Sanding is an important step of any painting project. Check the wood completely and sand correctly to remove the loose or extra paint. Also, rub the flaking or faded areas. Clean it well to so that the surface can adhere the paint easily.
  • Tack: Make sure you have eliminated all the residual dust. Utilize a dampened microfiber rag to get the finest cleaning results.
  • Vac: The remaining residue you can’t clean at the end can be removed with a vac. Using a vac with a brush attachment is a better option.

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How To Spray Paint Wood?

If you have decided to spray paint wood in your garage or home, follow the below-mentioned straightforward steps:

Step 1: Choose a Spray Paint

The market offers hundreds of paint options. Ask the experts or paint store and buy suitable spray paint. Aerosol spray paints are usually used nowadays due to several benefits. They require a small investment and give the best results. Moreover, buy a good-quality paint only if you already have a sprayer. So, choose according to your present conditions.

Step 2: Use Primer

Bonding primer might be your primary choice here. Start from the bottom and spray primer everywhere on the wood.

Step 3: Wait For The Painter To Dry

After few minutes and let the primer dry. In the meantime, you can prepare the paint using a sprayer separately. If you have bought spray paint, you don’t need further preparation. When the wood surface gets dried, inspect all the areas to get a clean finish.

Step 4: Paint The Wood

Finally, it’s time to paint the wood. Pick up your spray paint (either Krylon or Rustoleum spray paint) or any sprayer and start painting wood. Make sure you cover even the tight corners and everything. Place the nozzle at a suitable distance from the surface. Hereafter, check the paint finish before applying a second coat. Usually, the professionals and we always recommend applying at least two coats.

How To Spray Paint Furniture?

If you have old furniture at home and want to make it look new, spray paint is a vital choice. It’s a very easy job if you do it correctly. If it’s your first spray paint furniture experience, must know how to spray paint furniture. Check out the key steps below:

  • The first step involved surface preparation. Take a soft cloth or towel and thoroughly clean all the pieces of furniture. You can also take help from vacuum cleaners or brushes to remove the debris, dirt, and dust. The detailed furniture takes more efforts while cleaning every corner.
  • For perfect, inspect the furniture and repair any damaging parts. Check the small dents and fill them with a suitable wood filler.
  • Sometimes you don’t want to paint the whole furniture set or use multiple coats. For it, cover the areas with a good-quality painter’s tape that you don’t want to paint.
  • Use a primer on the furniture first. Spray paint primer is a good and easiest method to perform this job.
  • After drying the primer and starting painting. Make sure you cover everything while spray painting the furniture, such as corners, tight spaces, and more.
  • Use two coats if needed and then let it dry completely.

Is It Better To Spray Paint Or Paint Wood?

Commonly, spray painting wood is one of the best methods due to many reasons. It requires minimal time and is also highly affordable. You don’t need any special preparations. A sprayer is a good combination for oil-based paints. Not to mention, spray paint furniture requires a little to get dried accurately.

Can you spray paint wood with any kind of paint?

Various spray paints are available that you can use on wood. It’s possible to find options in nearly any finish, including matte, gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and eggshell.

It is not necessary to stick with just one color. You can choose from classic shades, trendy colors, or anything in between.

Spray paints also come in different types. The general-purpose spray paint can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including wood. You can also buy water-based acrylics and oil-based spray paints. Lacquer spray paint provides a durable, high-gloss finish. Chalkboard and chalk spray paints for wood can also give your wood a soft, matte sheen.

The key to choosing spray paint for your project is to find one that says specifically that it is wood-friendly. Many manufacturers list the surface types it adheres to on its packaging, so it is easy to determine if your preferred product is right for you.

Using spray paint to seal wood

It may be a good idea to use a sealer to protect the paint job. Some spray paints also seal the wood, but most regular spray paints will not do that, so a separate sealant needs to be used.

Most spray paints that also work as a sealant are clearly marked as such on the can. So your new paint job will probably need a separate sealer if you are using spray paint. You can find instructions on how to seal wood spray paint below.

How To Seal Spray Paint on Wood

If you don’t want any leaks or a good finish, a sealer plays an important role for wood. For it, you first need to choose a good-quality sealant. Get professional advice or read the directions on the sealant.

After that, apply it to the wood furniture or any piece of wood. Use a brush or sprayer for it, depending on your ease. Let it dry properly before painting.

How Do You Get Spray Paint To Stay On Wood?

There are some settling steps that you need to follow to get the spray paint to stay on wood. First, start by applying a suitable primer. Inspect the wood type and buy a primer according to the type. After that, remove the dust or repair any damage. In the end, apply the spray paint on it at least twice. Wait and let it dry correctly. So, it’s all done from your side.

Using Spray Paint on Wood

There are pros and cons of spray painting wood. So, you can decide whether to use spray paint or regular paint


  • The process is quick
  • It provides smooth finish
  • With no brush marks


  • It’s more expensive to paint
  • Un friendly for the environment

Can You Spray Paint Varnished Wood?

  • Yes, it is possible to spray paint varnished wood. It is simply a matter of using the right technique to ensure that the paint adheres properly.
  • This usually starts with sanding process. Varnish has a glossy finish, so you will need to paint over it. Alternatively, you can use a deglosser to achieve the same result.
  • Primer is then applied afterward. Consider using a primer that sticks to difficult surfaces, such as a bonding primer, as they will work well on varnished wood. 
  • After the primer is dry, spray paint can be applied.

FAQs On can i spray paint wood!

Can aerosol paint be used on wood?

Aerosol paints are highly in-demand for wood and furniture painting. The availability of aerosol paints in different colors gives you distinctive choice. They are affordable and provide excellent wood painting results.

Do you have to sand the wood before spray painting?

Sanding is a very straightforward process. Everyone can observe unclear and imperfect surfaces such as nicks or dents. To make the surface smooth and remove the previous paint, sanding is performed. Use a disk sander or any other for this purpose.

What happens if you don’t sand before painting?

There is nothing wrong with skipping the sanding procedure if the surface is smooth. Check any damages, dents, and chips before applying the paint. If you find nothing on the wood surface, you can paint the surface without sanding.

Final Words On can You spray paint wood

In conclusion, your query has been cleared that you can spray paint wood or furniture. Nevertheless, select the most suitable paint according to your wood or furniture type. It will surely provide your desired results. Before buying spray paint, check whether it requires a primer or sealer or not. So, we hope this information will make spray painting wood a piece of cake for you.

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