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If you’re in search of a professional spray station, you’re in luck with our product selection. Earlex 5500 is a powerful HVLP paint sprayer designed to make your contractor, woodworker, or serious DIY projects easier. 

Compared to other spray guns, Earlex 5500 uses a large compressor which helps reduce the amount of paint used and avoids ‘over spray’, which is very important for woodworking jobs that require precise stain or finish to their projects. 

With all the benefits, there are some weak points as well, like the hose and the spray guns have the likelihood of getting disconnected sometimes and the spray gun is pretty noisy to be used indoors, but I believe all the spray guns have the tendency to be noisy.

Let’s dive right into talking about Earlex spray station review and see if it’s better than most spray guns or if there are any other spray guns available in the market that are considerably better.

Earlex HV5500 Spray Station Review Summary

The Earlex HV5500 Spray Station offers quality performance for serious DIYers. Its refined mist minimizes overspray, important for precise finishes. With a 13-foot hose, it delivers high-quality results agreed upon by users. However, design flaws include occasional hose and spray gun disconnects, and it’s notably noisy. Overall, a valuable tool for accurate staining and finishing, despite some usability issues.

easy to use earlex
Dresser painted black with an earlex HVLP sprayer

Earlex 5500 Performance 

Earlex HV5500 performed really well for me across various materials. When tested with different materials like oil-based, water-based & latex paints, it delivered a smooth and consistent result. Thinning the material helped with atomizing the paint effectively across the surface, and the 2mm needle was helpful in handling different types of materials, whether they were delicate lacquers or latex paints. 

Spray Painting Tips: Spending 1-2 minutes practicing on a piece of cardboard can help you master your technique, ultimately leading to excellent end results.

Another Project done with Earlex spray station:

Successfully priming a bookcase using the Earlex Spray Station 5500 and general finishes primer. Impressed by the tool’s performance, offering great value for the money. Also trying out the HomeRight spray shelter, the larger size proving to have impressive capacity. Look at the pictures below

Earlex 55000 paint sprayer
priming and painting bookcase using the Earlex Spray Station 5500

If you’re interested in purchasing it, you can find it on Amazon or Walmart.

I have mentioned below some pros and cons that I observed while using the Earlex 5500 paint spray station.


  • Gives a precise and high-quality finish
  • My ideal choice for woodworking or medium-large-sized DIY projects
  • The large compressor helps avoid over spray
  • Three spray paint options are very helpful
  • I often adjusted the paint flow with fluid control dial
  • Comes with a carry handle that allows effortless transportation
  • Good storage space


  • The motor is a bit noisy
  • The hose and the spray gun tend to get disconnected which can be frustrating at times
  • The box comes with only 1 tip, any additional tip required needs to be purchased

Earlex HVLP Turbine 5500 System Rating

Out of 10
Easy to use9
Power & other special feature9

If you are not interested in Earlex, there are other HVLP sprayers reviewed by professionals which may be helpful.

Features and Benefits of Earlex 5500

Some of the best features of using the Earlex 5500 spray gun are listed as follows which might help you to make an informed decision before investing in a spray station.

Three Spray Paint Patterns

Earlex 5500 spray guns offer three spray paint patterns, allowing for seamless conversion from vertical to horizontal or rounded paint patterns, which is great if you want to be creative with your spray paint projects. It comes with a ‘Push N Click’ feature that lets you easily switch between three options from 1-inch to 12-inch fan widths.


Metal Spray Station

A spray gun needs to be sturdy that can withstand heavy use and Earlex 5500 provides that with its robust metal spray station.

This stainless steel sprayer is durable, anti-corrosive, and easy to clean. You can use 2-millimeter Earlex spray tip for various mediums. It comes with a viscosity cup for density checks. However, one of the flaws that I have experienced with this machine is that it lacks smaller tips for stains and sealers, but it can be purchased from their website separately.

Fluid Control Dial

The Earlex HV5500 comes with an easy-to-control fluid control dial that lets you control how much of the paint you want to utilize to get a smooth and even finish. This customizable feature ensures a tailored fit starting from the density of your paint and reduces overspray leaving minimum room for surprises. In the end, you will have full authority to display your innovative skills in your spray painting projects.

Turbine Unit

The Earlex 5500 HVLP spray station features a floor-standing turbine unit, making it lightweight and providing easier application than its competitors. With 650 watts, it can reach 2.2 psi and provides a smoother experience. However, if you are looking for a sprayer with a greater power output (1400 watts) and an impressive spraying technique then you may want to consider the Fuji 2202 HVLP sprayer.

The casing of the turbine provides convenient storage for the gun, hose, and mains lead when they’re not in use or during transport. However, moving the lengthy hose might pose a slight relocation challenge.

Refined Finishing for your projects

Earlex 5500 is a highly effective sprayer that delivers a high-quality finish due to its minimal ‘overspray’, a very important feature for woodworking projects that require great precision.

finishing a woodworking job with Earlex 5500

User manual For Earlex Spray Station 5500

Detailed instructions for using the HV5500 are available on the official Earlex website. The Earlex 5500 Manual can be accessed directly through their website.

Other User’s Experiences With Earlex 5500 Paint Sprayer

The reviews I came across online were of a mixed nature. Some users found the sprayer practical for their projects. However, others pointed out that the Earlex 5500 sprayer has some weak points that can be improved and improved.

User feedback regarding the Earlex 5500 paint sprayer is diverse. Many commend its ability to apply even coats with minimal drips or runs, praising its versatility for various finishes.

Users have noted the manufacturer’s commendable customer service, which is readily available to them. However, a subset of users raised concerns about components like the hose and spray gun detaching, with reports of defective seals causing paint leakage. Improvements are suggested for the hose and storage aspects of the system.

In my opinion, some of the areas for improvement are that the box comes with limited needle tips, the hose appears to dislodge quite frequently and the machine is a bit loud, considering the machine is mainly used for indoor projects.

What are some alternatives to Earlex 5500?

The Earlex 5500 Spray Station Paint Sprayer is a professional-grade machine that offers rapid coverage and thicker coating mediums. However, it may not meet all your painting needs. Other options include the Earlex HV6003, which is the flagship professional-grade sprayer with a 1200-watt turbine, a 25-foot hose, and a three-stage turbine. Another great alternative is the Wagner Spraytech 0518080 which is a DIY-centric turbine sprayer with a 1.5-quart cup and a longer hose. 

Let’s compare some paint sprayers to Earlex 5500 and see which one is the most suitable option for your project.

Earlex 5500 vs 6003

Here are some distinct attributes of the Earlex 5500 vs Earlex 6003.

Earlex 5500Earlex 6003
Power650-watt 1200-watt 
Hose length13 feet25 feet
Needle Tip Size2 mm1.3 mm
Turbine2 stage3 stage

Earlex 6003 spray paint gun
Earlex 6003 spray paint gun

But if we compare the machines based on their usage then the Earlex 5500 is most suitable for small to medium-sized woodworking projects or DIYs whereas the Earlex 6003 is designed for larger projects, professional use, and extensive coverage projects.

Earlex 5500 vs Wagner Spraytech 0518080

Here are some distinct attributes of the Earlex 5500 vs Wagner Spraytech 0518080.

Earlex 5500Earlex 6003
Tank Volume1 quart1.5 quarts
Hose length13 feet20 feet
Needle Tip Size2 mm1.3 mm
Product Weight12 pounds13 pounds

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 spray paint gun
Wagner Spraytech 0518080 spray paint gun

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is a DIY-centric, floor-standing turbine sprayer with a larger capacity than the Earlex HV5500, offering a more affordable option for those seeking a quality turbine machine and the longer hose making it easier when working on medium to large-sized outdoor projects.

Final Word About Earlex 5500 Review

The Earlex 5500 is a versatile spray painting tool that delivers consistent results across a wide range of materials. While this sprayer does have some downsides, such as its loudness, it remains a reliable choice if you need a spray gun.

Craftsmen and DIYers looking for a durable machine for extensive DIY projects or intense woodworking will find the Earlex HV5500 a great choice.

FAQs on earlex spray station review

What is the Earlex 5500 used for?

Earlex 5500 paint sprayers are commonly used for paint and coating purposes for projects such as painting homes, refinishing furniture, and woodworking projects.

How to use Earlex spray station 5500?

The Earlex Spray Station 5500 is a professional paint sprayer that can be used by setting up the gun, filling the paint container, and adjusting the spray pattern and flow settings. It can be used to apply paint using smooth strokes, and after use, it can be thoroughly cleaned.

Is Earlex still in business?

Earlex is a well-known brand in the paint spraying industry which is still in operation, but you can find more information on their websites.

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