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Have you found yourself facing the challenging task of choosing the right paint sprayer? Here’s what you need! In this article, I will discuss the differences between the Graco 390 and 395. I have received numerous requests for this comparison, likely due to the notable price difference between the two models. This encourages us to investigate further. Graco 390 vs 395 are two exceptional paint sprayers that can elevate your painting experience to new heights.

The Graco 390 PC and the Ultra 395 are both renowned for their efficiency and performance in delivering high-quality paint applications. Manufactured by Graco, a trusted name in the industry, these sprayers are known for their reliability and durability. However, understanding the differences between them is key to making an informed choice.

Graco 390 pc vs Graco ultra 395 Airless Sprayer Quick Comparison

Feature Graco 390 Paint Sprayer Specs Graco 395 Paint Sprayer Specs
Used ForAcrylics, Enamel, Latex, Stains, and LacquerLacquer, Stains, Acrylics, Interior Latex, Exterior Latex, and Enamel
Maximum Flow Rate (GPM)0.470.54
Horsepower0.63 HP0.88 HP
Maximum Tip Size (in)0.0210.023
Maximum Working Pressure (psi)33003300
Weight (lb)3443
Hose Length50 ft50 ft

Graco 390 review

Graco 390 review

First off, let’s talk about its size. This model, based on the existing 390, has gone cordless, making it super portable for room-to-room use. I took the picture for you to compare both model size (Ultra max II 495 PC Pro & 390 PC cordless) during the project!

Ultra max II 495 PC Pro & 390 PC cordless

Graco offers it with a hopper attachment, though I used the included pickup tube and quarter-inch hose.

What’s great is its compatibility with standard 390 parts, allowing for easy maintenance. Made in the USA, it comes with two 6.0 Flex Volt batteries and a rapid charger.

Now, onto battery life. I tested it with a Flex Volt 9.0 battery, spraying halfway through a five-gallon pail without losing a single bar. This was at medium pressure, using an LP 521 tip.

Power and performance capabilities

The Graco 390 PC spray gun, powered by a 5/8 horsepower motor, may not be the most powerful option out there, but it gets the job done really well.

390 PC sandard blue and green rac tip

In this sprayer, you’ve got your power switch, pressure adjustment (blue for high, green for low), and a switch for priming or spraying. There’s also a grounding strap for certain paint types.

With a flow rate of 0.47 gallons per minute, it’s capable of spraying latex, stain, and acrylic efficiently for residential and mid-size commercial projects.

From my personal experience, this workhorse delivers consistent and reliable performance, ensuring smooth and even finishes on various surfaces. Its durability is impressive, enduring regular use without faltering.

Maximum pressure and flow rate


With the ability to change the pressure, you can modify both the spray pattern and the atomization. This is done by controlling how much air is mixed with the paint.

Trust me, I know from personal experience that getting acquainted with the adjustable pressure settings of the Graco 390 paint sprayer takes a bit of time and practice. But let me assure you, once you’ve got the hang of it, you can achieve those professional-grade finishes you’ve been dreaming of.

I also used a Graco X7 sprayer and remember it was 3000 PSI which is suitable for home improvement projects. However, with this 390 model you can have maximum pressures of 3300 PSI and a strong flow rate. The Graco 390 is suitable for a wide range of projects with excellent paint coverage just like the Graco X7, Graco X5 airless and Graco project painter.


The Graco 390 is a well-built paint sprayer with impressive features and specifications which make it a top choice for painting experts. One of the convenient features of the Graco 390 is its flexible uptake 21 inches hose with a swivel feature. This allows you to choose whether to use a separate one- or five-gallon container for your paint, instead of a paint cup.

This flexibility is a fantastic benefit since it reduces the frequency of refilling the unit, allowing you to work without interruptions. With the swivel inlet suction hose, reaching paint buckets becomes effortless.

It’s a practical and time-saving addition that enhances the overall usability of the Graco 390, making your painting projects more convenient.

Chromex Pump

The Graco 390 PC features a durable chromex piston pump that boasts exceptional longevity. With its V-Max Blue Packings, Chromex rod, and stainless steel cylinder, this pump is designed to outlast the competition. Graco confidently advertises it as the most reliable pump on the market, claiming it will last twice as long as other brands.

The heavy-duty cylinder, in conjunction with the Chromex rod and V-Max packings, effectively pressurizes the coating and ensures smooth movement throughout the machine. As a result, you achieve a perfectly atomized spray that delivers a flawless finish.

Pump Filter

Personally, I can confidently say that the Graco 390 comes with a unique feature called the inside-out filter. Honestly, its vertical design filter is a lifesaver.

True to its name, it’s incredibly easy to remove, and it minimizes mess. What’s more, the filter’s clever design prevents collapsing while filtering from the inside out. But that’s not all!

The Nova 390 airless sprayer filter also allows cleaning fluids to penetrate better, which means you’ll need less product for the job. It’s a win-win situation. Learn more about Graco 390 parts here.

What gun comes with Graco 390?

The Graco 390 comes equipped with the Graco FTx 4-finger gun. This particular gun features a built-in filter in the handle, promoting a clean spray application. You can choose between two mesh sizes for replacement filters: standard 60 mesh for general applications and 100 mesh for more refined, fine-finish work. This design ensures versatility and optimal performance for various painting needs.

graco 395 review

graco 395 review

If the features mentioned earlier didn’t impress you, let’s take a closer look at the Graco 395 Ultra to determine if it meets your needs. Compared to its older model, the 395 Graco paint sprayer completes jobs faster. By choosing the Graco 395, you can benefit from its advanced features and advancements over the Graco 390.

Comparatively better spray gun

The Graco Ultra 395 is equipped with the Contractor PC Spray Gun, an upgraded version of the previous Contractor Gun. One notable feature is its ability to alleviate finger fatigue while providing precise control. This is achieved through a lightweight design, making it effortless to carry around without fatigue. Additionally, the spray gun trigger requires approximately 50 percent less force to operate than similar models.

The spray gun’s E-Z Fit feature allows for quick adjustment of the trigger length, ensuring a comfortable grip for users of all hand sizes. Furthermore, this feature enables painting in hard-to-reach areas by moving the trigger down as needed.

When replacing wearable parts and the spray gun needle, the ProConnect Replacement Cartridge simplifies the process.

Flexible Filter

The filter plays a crucial role in any paint sprayer, ensuring smooth material flow and preventing dried paint from contaminating the surface. For optimal performance, the filter should be appropriately sized to the tip to minimize clogs.

The Graco 395 Ultra gun incorporates an easy out filter with an innovative inside-out technique to reduce clogging and achieve excellent results. It’s a must to regularly clean the filter to maintain peak performance.

Failure to do so may result in paint build-up and subsequent issues with the sprayer’s operation, such as the pump running without building pressure. However, with proper maintenance and cleaning, the Graco 395 Ultra can perform flawlessly and deliver exceptional results.

Smart Control Technology

The Graco 395 is equipped with SmartControl 1.0 technology, which ensures consistent pressure delivery throughout your painting job. This intelligent system continuously monitors performance and adjusts motor speed based on tip size and spraying requirements. This feature makes it particularly suitable for fine finishes and low overspray applications that commonly utilize RAC X LP tips.

TEFC Motor

The durable TEFC DC motor of the Graco 395 is designed to provide maximum power and efficiency for various painting tasks just like Titan 440. Its high torque enables optimal performance across different painting applications, allowing you to complete your projects more effectively.

Useful Resource: Learn the difference between Titan 440 and Graco 395 here.

The totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor design actively circulates air from the outside into the system. This prevents overheating and ensures reliable operation even during prolonged use.

Additionally, the motor is housed within a protective unit, safeguarding it from environmental factors such as moisture, dust, and paint. This makes the Graco 395 a suitable choice for both residential and commercial painting projects, providing durability and longevity under various working conditions. Click here to read Graco’s manual about 395 paint sprayer parts.


Having used both the Graco Ultra 395 PC and Graco 390 PC airless sprayers extensively, I can share my firsthand experience of the remarkable features that make these models stand out in professional painting equipment.

SmartControl Technology:

I appreciate that the SmartControl 1.0 pressure control on both the Graco Ultra 395 PC and Graco 390 PC sprayers is helpful in my daily painting tasks. The consistent spray fan without fluctuations is a plus!

Pump Replacement System:

I noticed that the proconnect pump replacement system has been a real time-saver. Being able to swap pumps in minutes without the need for tools has minimized downtime during my projects, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Small Electric Sprayers Series:

The Graco 390 and 395 are basic models in Graco’s Small Electric Sprayers. They’re like starters in the Professional Line of Graco’s Electric Sprayers with contractor spray guns.

Maximum Hose Length:

With a maximum hose length of 200 feet, these lightweight sprayers are highly portable, ensuring flexibility in various painting scenarios.

Swivel Inlet Suction Hose:

The swivel inlet suction hose design has greatly improved the convenience of my painting process, allowing easy access to paint buckets and facilitating a smoother workflow. I know you will also like this feature the most!

Job Types:

While they can handle a range of projects, my experience suggests that they are particularly well-suited to small home improvement tasks within the 50-gallon limit.

Graco 390 vs 395 Review Differences

When it comes to ease of use, both the Graco 390 and Graco 395 paint sprayers are relatively easy to set up and operate. This is applicable to users with no previous experience. However, the Graco 395 has an advantage with its improved Contractor PC gun, offering better control and comfort for more demanding painting tasks.

In terms of power, the Graco Ultra 395 operates with a stronger 0.88 HP TEFC DC motor. Its upgraded motor provides more power than the Graco 390, giving users that extra boost when needed. In contrast, the Graco 390 utilizes a 0.63 HP DC motor. Motors handle painting tasks efficiently.

Performance-wise, the Graco 395 outperforms the Graco 390 due to its Electronic Pressure Control feature. This technology helps achieve a smoother and more uniform spray pattern with reduced overspray.

Considering output capacity, both the Graco 390 and Graco 395 have the same maximum recommended capacity of 50 gallons per week. However, the Graco 395 has a higher gallons per minute (GPM) capacity at 0.54, while the Graco 390 offers 0.47 GPM.

When it comes to customer usage, the Graco Ultra 395 is designed primarily for medium to large-scale contractors but can also be used by homeowners. On the other hand, the Graco 390 is specifically meant for small domestic use by homeowners and DIY projects.

Graco 390 Drawbacks:

Maintenance: Certain users have mentioned that the maintenance process for the Graco 390 can be time-consuming, especially when it comes to cleaning and unclogging the sprayer.

Graco 395 User Drawbacks:

Weight: Several users have expressed that the Graco 395 is relatively heavy, leading to fatigue during prolonged usage.

Price: The Graco 395 generally carries a higher price tag compared to the 390, which might be a disadvantage for budget-conscious individuals.

Graco 390 vs 395 paint sprayer cost

As both devices belong to Graco’s professional line, they are more expensive than typical DIY paint sprayers. The Graco 395, an enhanced version of the Graco 390, has a higher price tag. However, many users believe that the added features and overall upgrade of the Graco 395 justify the cost.

What is Graco pump armor used for?

Graco Pump Armor shields airless paint sprayers from freezing and corrosion during downtime. It serves as a storage fluid for all Graco paint sprayers, helping prevent damage caused by freezing temperatures and corrosion during periods of non-use.

By using Pump Armor, you create a protective barrier inside the sprayer, safeguarding its components and ensuring it remains in optimal condition for future use. This additional information emphasizes the product’s effectiveness in maintaining the longevity of Graco paint sprayers.

Graco 390 pc vs Nova 390 vs Graco 210es

Graco 390 pc vs Nova 390 vs Graco 210es

I am sharing the key differences between these three sprayers from the same brand, Graco. While they may have different names, both serve the same purpose.

First up is the Graco 390, the original sprayer in this lineup. Personally, I’ve owned the Graco 390 for over 6 years and have been satisfied with its performance. It operates at around 3,300 psi and can handle both residential and small commercial projects easily. This model features a built-in piston and lacks the filter and easy-access features found in the newer versions.

graco nova 395 pc

Next, we have the Nova 390 PC, which I purchased from Sherwin Williams. This sprayer retains the 390’s robustness but has some notable upgrades. It boasts the Pro Connect system, allowing for quick and effortless pump replacement on the go. Additionally, it includes a built-in filter for enhanced performance and a pressure control knob at the back.

Lastly, we have the Graco Pro 210 ES, which I picked up from Home Depot a few months back. This model shares the Pro Connect system and built-in filter with the Nova 390 PC, making maintenance and cleaning easy. The notable difference here is the pressure control knob located on the top.

All three sprayers offer exceptional power, handling various jobs, from interior to exterior, residential to small commercial. They can push out paint at high pressures and support long hose lengths of up to 150 to 200 feet.

Graco pro210es vs 390

When comparing the two sprayers, several key differences emerge. The Graco 390 PC Stand is characterized by its lightweight and portable design, making it well-suited for residential projects. It features the Advantage Drive and a ProConnect One-Part Pump Replacement System, emphasizing ease of use and quick maintenance.

In contrast, the Graco Pro210ES is designed for painting contractors and remodelers, offering a proven Endurance Pump and the ability to spray heavier materials. Its design focuses on durability with a welded, chrome-plated steel frame and a DuraDC Motor for extended life. While both sprayers offer valuable features, the choice between them depends on specific project requirements, with the 390 PC Stand excelling in portability, and the Pro210ES catering to a broader range of applications with its versatility and durability.

How do the ultra 395, nova 390, and Pro210ES differ?

The Nova 390 and Pro 210ES differ mainly in what they come with. The 390 packs an FTX gun, runs at 3300 psi, and has a sweet 3-year warranty (motor is for a lifetime). Meanwhile, the 210ES has the SG3 gun, a 1-year warranty, and matches the 390’s flow rate and max tip size. Now, the 395 is similar to the 390 but pushes a bit more paint at 0.54 gallons per minute and handles a slightly larger tip at .023. Still, it rocks the same 3300 psi and a solid 3-year warranty (motor for life).

Final Words On Graco 390 vs 395 Sprayers

In conclusion, the Graco 395 provides more enhanced features, improved performance, and higher output capacity than the Graco 390. However, it comes at a higher price point, while the Graco 390 offers a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality and performance.

FAQS On Graco 395 vs 390

How do you use a Graco paint sprayer 390?

The Graco 390 paint sprayer operates by connecting it to an air compressor, filling the paint container, and adjusting the pressure settings. Then, aim the sprayer at the surface to be painted and pull the trigger to release the paint. Move the sprayer in even strokes for consistent coverage.

Is the Graco 395 a good sprayer?

Yes, the Graco 395 is generally considered a high-quality paint sprayer. It offers more power and performance than the Graco 390, making it suitable for larger projects or professional use. Its durability, versatility, and consistent results make it a popular choice among contractors and DIY experts.

What gun comes with the Graco 390?

The Graco 390 paint sprayer typically comes with a Contractor FTx gun. This gun is designed for comfortable handling and ease of use, allowing precise control and efficient spraying.

What is the Graco 395 used for?

The Graco 395 paint sprayer is commonly used for various applications, including interior and exterior painting projects, commercial painting, residential repainting, and industrial coatings. Its high output and pressure capabilities make it suitable for larger areas, thicker materials, and more demanding projects.

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