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Welcome to our Comprehensive Comparison guide of two Exceptional Paint Sprayers: Titan 440 and Graco 395.

Being the owner of a painting company and doing this business for several years, I had the opportunity to work with various painting equipment. I understand your situation when you need clarification about picking a suitable painting sprayer for flawless results. I’ve experienced a similar situation before.

Today, I will compare Titan 440 vs Graco 395, from their key features to performance and customer reviews. These two are quite famous for Airless paint sprayers because of their high-quality finishes, reliability, and durability.

At the end of this blog, you can choose the best paint sprayer according to your specific painting needs. So, keep reading!

titan impact 440 paint sprayer

Graco 395 vS Titan 440 Specs

FeatureTitan 440Graco 395 PC
Engine Size (HP)7/87/8 HP DCX
Maximum Flow Rate (GPM)0.540.54
Maximum Working Pressure3300 psi ( Just like in Titan 840)3300 psi
Maximum Tip Size (in)0.0230.023
Recommended UsageUp to 50 gallons per week50-100 gallons per week
Included AccessoriesContractor PC Gun, HoseRX-80 Gun, 517 Tip, Airless Hose
Pressure Control TypeSmartControl 1.0Electronic Pressure Control
Wetted MaterialsVarious materialsVarious materials
Power SourceElectricElectric

Titan Impact 440 Vs. Graco 395: A Comparison Guide

Titan Impact 440 and Graco Ultra 395 are great for a reliable painting sprayer. But, if you’re looking for a product tailored to your unique requirements, let me take you through this guide. We will explore features and capabilities together to help you make an informed decision and save your hard-earned money.

1.     Design & Portability

Titan 440 has great durability. It has a robust frame and solid wheels. Due to this design, it stays stable during use. A carry handle at the top of the unit gives a good grip for lifting and moving it around. Find out more about 440 titan paint sprayer review in detail by reading our detailed article.


Graco Ultra 395, on the other hand, is a bit heavier, and I spend some calories while transporting it. With its telescoping handle, adjusting the sprayer’s height and comfort becomes effortless.

Winner: Titan Impact 440

2.     Maintenance & Cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance of the sprayer are important for a steady paint flow.

Here, Graco is the winner. Just a twist to open the sprayer gun, and the filters will slide out without using any tools for cleaning. However, to disassemble the Titan RX-80 gun, I used an integrated wrench on the trigger guard.

Both the sprayers have Manifold Filters. Graco has a vertical manifold filter, so it just twists open and comes out of the sprayer easily without any mess.


On the other hand, Titan has a horizontal design, which I am not a huge fan of. Because what happens is that when you unscrew the sprayer, water flows out onto the floor. So, I had to place a container under the paint sprayer to collect the water.

3.     Noise Level

When it comes to noise level, Graco has a significant advantage. Its design includes sound-dampening elements and a well-insulated motor. I could easily use it in residential areas and occupied buildings without disturbing the neighbors.

Titan 440 design, in contrast, has incorporated measures for low noise level, but it does cause noise, which Graco owns.

4.     Spraying Capacity

Both titan and graco paint sprayers are the same regarding how much paint they can spray and the pressure. Unlike Graco 390, which has 0.47 GPM, these Graco and Titan models had a powerful motor of 7/8 hp with up to 0.54 GPM spraying capacity. This power and GPM application rate is enough to work with thick paints, solvent-based enamels, and primers. This makes it an excellent option for extensive projects.

I’ve successfully used the Ultra Graco 395 PC Electric Airless Sprayer with a 310 FFLP tip to achieve a flawless finish on a T-bar ceiling while minimizing fumes as shown in the picture below.

Graco 395 PC Electric Airless Sprayer with a 310 FFLP tip

This combination of equipment allowed for precise application and reduced overspray, ensuring a clean and professional result.

Winner: It’s a tie

Update: After conducting tests on both the Graco Magnum X7 and the Titan 440 Impact Electric Airless Paint Sprayer for exterior projects, it’s clear that the Graco X7 is less expensive and excels as an outstanding paint sprayer. On the other hand, while the Titan 440 is a decent product for its price point, it doesn’t quite distinguish itself from the competition, with better airless alternatives.


5.     Pricing

Price is an important factor to consider unless you have unlimited money to spend. Regarding cost, the Titan 440 is a more budget-friendly airless paint sprayer that balances affordability and quality than the Graco 395.

Winner: Titan Impact 440

6.     Warranty

Regarding the warranty, Titan Impact gives a four-year warranty that even covers a limited return policy. While Graco provides a three-year warranty, it’s important to note that this warranty does not include labor or installation.

Winner: Titan Impact 440

Titan 440 vs. Graco 395: Whose Performance is Better?

Titan 440 and Graco 395 are amazing performers in the world of paint sprayers. I’ve been using Titan 440 for a few years, and it is a reliable tool in my collection. Despite its smaller size, it is tough and can handle a lot of paint – up to 50 gallons per week. I used it to paint cabinets, siding, decks, fences, and interior walls. And it gives amazing results.

On the other hand, I did not use Graco 395 that much. But whenever I used it, it proved itself. It can also handle various coatings, from priming to interior enamels, exterior paints, etc.

Both the sprayers deliver great performance, but the only issue is that Titan takes more time and effort to clean. But it has a compact size and is a more budget-friendly option for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Titan 440: What I Like & Dislike


  • I cleaned abrasive coatings on pistons through Titan 440’s Quad+ Packings.
  • It is simple to maintain the sprayer with the AutoOiler – push a button and it’s done.
  • My job was easier and smoother when I used Sureflo Pushers instead of hammers to unstick a lower ball valve.
  • I saved valuable time on the project with the Electronic Pressure Control and Rapid Clean.
  • Its durability ensured long-term reliability, so I never had to worry about replacements.
  • I was able to spray smoothly and consistently when using the full-size manifold filter.Cons


  • Compared to the Titan 395, the Titan 440 proved a bit trickier to fix.
  • A Titan 440 required more time and effort to clean.
  • Occasionally, the power adapter was a bit sensitive.

Graco 395: What I Like & Dislike


  • In my project, the Graco 395 Durable Endurance Chromex Piston Pump outlasted the competition by two times!
  • I saved a ton of time cleaning with Quick Access intake valve!
  • With that TEFC DC Motor, I could paint with maximum power.
  • I had zero downtime – pump swaps were a snap with ProConnect.
  • With Graco 395, it’s now easier than ever to keep your pump filter clear of clogs.
  • Swivel Inlet Suction Hose made reaching paint buckets easy.
  • I could not get enough of the Contractor PC Spray Gun – lightweight, comfortable, and adjustable trigger length.


  • Due to its weight, the Graco 395 is less convenient for transportation and maneuvering.
  • In comparison to other models, it may need more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

What the Users Say: Testimonials & Reviews

Now, if we talk about the users’ reviews of both products, they praise their quality of finish. With the right adjustments, many users find that a single coat is often sufficient to complete a job. It saves time in the quantity of paint and gives great results.

When it comes to design, people appreciate their rugged design. However, Graco got more attention because of its quick clog clearance and component replacement.

Regarding drawbacks, there are a few complaints. Some users mention cleaning issues with Titan 440, but that’s typical with finish-spraying equipment.


Now, we come to the end of our comparison of Titan 440 vs. Graco 395. Both are formidable competitors. They offer great finish quality, reliability, performance, and durability for different purposes. Now, it is up to us to select the right painting sprayers according to your specific needs.

FAQS On Titan 440 vs Graco 395

Q1: Are Graco and Titan spray tips interchangeable?

Graco and Titan spray tip compatibility can be a bit nuanced. In some cases, their spray tip guards may have a “universal G thread,” allowing interchangeability between Graco and Titan spray guns, as well as some other major brands with the same thread. However, it’s important to remember that not all spray tips fit all spray tip guards. Therefore, while they may sometimes be interchangeable, it’s still advisable to use spray tips specifically designed for your sprayer brand. This will ensure optimal performance and results.

Q2: Can you use a Graco spray tip in a Titan sprayer?

It is not recommended to use a Graco spray tip in a Titan sprayer. Different brands often have proprietary threading and compatibility issues, which affect spray quality and safety.

Q3: Can you put a Graco hose on a Titan sprayer?

Graco hoses and Titan sprayers may not be compatible due to fitting and connection variations. It’s advisable to use the hoses recommended by the manufacturer for your specific Titan sprayer model.

Q4: Are Titan and Wagner tips interchangeable?

Titan and Wagner spray tips are generally not interchangeable. Each brand has its own tip design and threading system. Using the wrong tip can lead to poor results and damage your equipment.

Q5: Will a Graco extension fit a Titan?

Graco extensions with a Titan sprayer can vary. While some users have reported success using a Graco extension on a Titan sprayer, there are differences in threading and compatibility between the two brands. It’s essential to note that results may vary, and there’s no guarantee of a perfect fit. To ensure a secure and safe fit, it’s advisable to use the extension wands recommended by the Titan sprayer manufacturer for your specific setup.

Q6: Will a Titan spray tip work on Wagner?

Yes, you can use Titan spray tips with Wagner Control Pro series and Titan ControlMax airless paint sprayers. This compatibility allows you to use Titan spray tips with Wagner sprayers, enhancing versatility in your painting tasks.

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