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Graco Vs Titan are two major players in the paint sprayer manufacturing industry, recognized for their wide range of models catering to diverse painting needs. Comparing Graco Vs Titan paint sprayers is like choosing between Nike and Adidas. Both brands hold a substantial market presence, emphasizing the need to understand the distinctions between their respective models. With a range of products ranging from industrial-grade sprayers to smaller DIY models, both companies prioritize quality, it’s important to consider the specific features and characteristics that set them apart.

Determining which brand is better, Graco or Titan, depends on your particular preferences and requirements in a paint sprayer. Additionally, proper aftercare is important for maximizing performance. Read on for a detailed comparison to help you choose the brand that suits your needs.

Titan vs Graco Quick comparison Table

PerformanceExceptional performance, precise and consistent resultsReliable performance for medium scale jobs.
DesignAdvance designOffers pleasant looks
ApplicationIdeal for small to heavy-duty applications.Suitable for commercial/industrial projects.
DurabilityDurable design, built for long-lasting use.Provides reliable performance and durability.
User-FriendlyIt may have a steeper learning curve but offers advanced features for professionals.Known for user-friendly designs
Customer supportStrong customer support and availability of parts.Decent customer support, availability of parts may vary.
IssuesSome airless models have overspray issues.Not recommended for beginners. Cleaning the spray gun and filters is challenging for most of its models.
PriceGenerally higher price range due to advanced features.More affordable options without compromising quality.

Graco Paint Sprayer Company

Founded in the 1920s by Russell Gray, Graco originated as Gray Company Inc., initially focused on manufacturing portable air-powered lubricators. Recognizing opportunities in the fluid handling industry, the Gray brothers ventured into paint spraying in the 1940s.

Their breakthrough came in 1958 with the introduction of the world’s first airless spray gun. Renamed Graco in the late 1960s, the company became public and experienced consistent growth. Today, with subsidiaries across continents, Graco is a respected leader in fluid handling products. Continually investing in innovation, Graco offers cutting-edge sprayers for diverse applications, reinforcing its reputation for quality and reliability. Learn more about Graco paint sprayer tip here for better understanding.

Titan airless paint sprayers

Titan Tools, a prominent player in the paint spraying industry, has made significant strides since its establishment in 1974. Throughout its four-decade history, Titan has consistently delivered innovative products aimed at enhancing efficiency and reducing effort for painters.

The company introduced the first titan airless spray tip with an atomizing orifice and variable fan pattern in the 1970s. This was followed by the development of a hydraulic sprayer capable of converting between gas and electricity in the 1980s. Over the years, Titan has continued to refine its offerings, launching highly portable paint sprayers, HVLP guns with improved finishes, and cutting-edge technologies like the Elite Series Permastroke. Titan manufactures and markets a diverse range of professional-grade sprayers for various coating applications.

Graco vs Titan Airless Sprayers

My Graco 390 & 395 sprayers

I own a Graco 395, Graco X7, Graco X5, Graco 360 truecoat, graco project painter, and a Titan 840, but I recently purchased this Titan 440i sprayer. Since then, I have used these airless sprayers for a variety of DIY projects and my painting business.

So I thought to share some of the differences I’ve learned using my Titan and Graco sprayers. Infact, I have already discussed the Graco 395 vs Titan 440 in detail, so please check that out as well.

When comparing the Graco and Titan paint sprayer models mentioned, there are several important aspects to consider:

Performance and capacity:

work with Titan 440 Impact

The Titan 440 Impact is the leading sprayer in the industry. It sprays 50-100 gallons per week of various coatings such as stains, lacquers, enamels, and latex.

Titan 840 Impact included in my tool box

The Titan 840 Impact is a multiple gun unit that offers improved performance and functionality. It is known for its performance and reliability. With its increased capacity, it can efficiently spray 200-300 gallons of various coatings such as stains, lacquers, epoxies, and latex each week.

If we compare to graco models, the versatility of the Graco 395 makes it a popular choice among professionals who require a small sprayer capable of handling a wide range of coatings daily. You can check the performance of Graco 390 vs 395 for better understanding.

Weight and pressure:

The Titan 440 Impact weighs 36 pounds and operates at 3300 psi, while the Graco 495 weighs 48 pounds. The Impact’s lighter weight may offer increased maneuverability, while the Graco 495’s higher pressure can be advantageous in certain applications requiring additional force.

Priming and Speed:

The Titan 440 Impact provides a faster priming time and easier paint transfer to the spray gun than the Graco 495. This is facilitated by the Impact’s electronic dial, which has a dedicated priming setting that operates the pump smoothly at a preset speed. Consequently, the Impact’s small pump allows for quicker priming and clean-up processes.

Hose Length:

Both the Titan 440 Impact and Graco 495 come with long 50-foot spray hoses, offering flexibility and range during spraying operations.

Popularity and Reliability:

The Titan 440 Impact and Graco Ultra 395 are highly regarded within their respective brands. The Ultra 395 being Graco’s most popular small electric sprayer.

The Titan 840 Impact and Graco Ultra Max II 495 offer increased capabilities and performance to meet professionals’ demands for higher output and versatility.

Coating Compatibility:

Both brands offer models that handle a wide range of coatings, including stains, lacquers, enamels, and latex. With these two sprayers, professionals can choose the one that best meets their specific coating requirements.

Why Graco is Better Than Titan?

My Graco sprayers are Better Than Titan

Graco has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality and durable paint sprayers. Their products are known for their reliability, consistent performance, and excellent build quality. Graco also offers a wide range of models with various advance features and specifications, allowing users to find the perfect sprayer for their specific needs.

  1. Graco Handheld Units: These units are specifically designed with excellent ergonomics in mind, ensuring optimal comfort even during long hours of operation. Graco handheld models are engineered to minimize fatigue, allowing users to tackle extensive projects without feeling overly tired or strained. Some handheld models even offer cordless options for example Graco ultra and ultra max, powered by dependable rechargeable batteries from DEWALT. With their portable and ergonomic design, these sprayers enable users to achieve professional-quality results without compromising on comfort.
  2. TrueCoat Models: Graco innovative VacuValve technology enables you to stain or paint in any direction. This cutting-edge feature allows for easy maneuverability of the sprayer, even in hard-to-reach corners and intricate surfaces. Whether you need to tackle complex projects or navigate tricky areas, the TrueCoat series ensures consistent and precise application, making your staining tasks a breeze.
  3. Ultra Max II Line-up: Electric powered paint sprayers offer exceptional longevity and productivity-enhancing features. For instance, the Graco 695 paint sprayer boasts a fatigue-fighting spray head, durable gun and a robust endurance pump. These electric-powered machines deliver consistent performance and are engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of professional applications, ensuring reliable operation.

Honestly, I prefer Graco sprayers over Titan sprayers due to their overall performance and cleaning process. That’s why I have a larger collection of Graco models compared to Titan sprayers.

Who can use a Graco sprayers?

The Graco product line includes products for both professionals and DIY experts. Their TrueCoat collection is ideal for homeowners tackling small projects, while the Magnum range is designed for avid DIYers and handymen. For example, the ProX19 model and Ultra Max II range are suited for contractors and remodelers, offering higher volume and heavy-duty capabilities. In short, Graco has sprayers for every project, from small-scale to expert-level applications.

Who can use Titan sprayers?

Titan has several advantages over Graco paint sprayers. Titan sprayers are generally more affordable compared to Graco, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious users.

Titan sprayers excel as high-powered machines suitable for contractors and larger projects. The Titan 840 model boasts a powerful motor and a larger paint-holding capacity, allowing for extended spray times and increased productivity. They also offer elite models designed for less demanding residential-style applications and property maintenance. Titan sprayers have long warranty coverage, up to four years. This provides peace of mind against manufacturer defects.

Titan 440 vs Graco 390

The Graco 390 and Titan 440 are two paint sprayers with distinct features and capabilities. The Titan 440 is specifically designed to handle 50-100 gallons per week. It incorporates Quad+ Packings, which effectively clean abrasive coatings during operation to prevent damage.

The Titan 440 is having durable chromex piston pump that lasts twice as long as other leading brands. It also boasts a convenient ProConnect system for quick pump replacement.

On the other hand, the Graco 390 is a reliable workhorse suited to residential projects. Additionally, the easy out pump filter ensures a quality finish by utilizing an exclusive inside-out filtering process. The Graco 390 additionally includes an auto oiler for easy lubrication and maintenance.

Titan 840 vs Graco 695

The Impact 840 and the Graco Ultra Max II 695 Hi-Boy sprayers are both designed for complex projects and long work hours. The Impact 840 is recommended for medium to large residential, commercial, and industrial projects, and can handle a wide range of coatings. It has features like Quad+ Packings to protect against damage, an Auto Oiler for easy oil delivery, and Digi Trac Technology for advanced painting jobs.

The Graco Ultra Max II 695 is popular among professional contractors who need to spray different coatings. It has a durable piston pump, a powerful motor, and features like SmartControl 4.0 and the easy out pump filter. This is for reliable performance and easy maintenance.

Conclusion On Graco vs Titan

In conclusion, both Graco and Titan are prominent manufacturers in the paint sprayer industry, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Titan offers modern technology and a wide range of sprayers tailored for contractors. Graco, on the other hand, leverages decades of fluid handling experience and is known for excellent customer service. They offer a catalog of sprayers for professionals but also cater to homeowners with lines like Magnum and Truecoat.

Ultimately, determining the better brand between Titan and Graco depends on individual needs and preferences. Both brands offer durable and high-performing sprayers, making it a matter of personal choice. There is no clear winner in the comparison between Titan and Graco; it’s about selecting the brand that aligns best with your specific requirements.

FAQS On Graco Vs Titan Sprayers

Who owns Titan sprayers?

Titan Tool Inc., the manufacturer of Titan sprayers, is owned by the Wagner Group. The Wagner group acquired the Titan Tool brand in 1999, and they also own HomeRight and Earlex. The acquisition has allowed Titan Tool to benefit from the Wagner group’s resources and expertise in producing high-quality paint sprayers and coating equipment.

Who owns Graco sprayers?

Graco, the manufacturer of Graco sprayers, is owned and operated by Newell Brands. Newell Brands is an American company that specializes in consumer and commercial products. Graco is one of the prominent brands under the Newell Brands umbrella, known for its fluid handling systems and equipment, including paint sprayers, pumps, and accessories. Newell Brands ownership provides Graco with the backing and resources to continue delivering quality products to its customers.

How long do Graco spray tips last?

Graco spray tips last longer depending on usage, coating type and maintenance. On average, with proper care, Graco spray tips can handle anywhere from 150 to 300 gallons of material sprayed before needing replacement. Also, it is generally recommended to replace the spray tips after a certain number of gallons sprayed. For latex coatings, it is recommended to replace the tips after 15-40 gallons of material are sprayed. For oils and stains, replacement is recommended after 35-60 gallons.

Are Graco and Titan parts interchangeable?

Graco and Titan spray tip guards utilize a standardized “universal G thread,” enabling interchangeability between Graco and Titan spray guns, as well as other major brands that employ the same thread type. However, it is important to recognize that not all spray tips are compatible with spray tip guards. The fitting and compatibility of spray tips may vary. This necessitates proper assessment and confirmation of compatibility before interchange parts between Graco and Titan sprayers.

Who sells Graco paint sprayers?

Graco paint sprayers are sold by various authorized retailers and distributors. These include home improvement stores, specialty paint stores, and online platforms. It is advisable to check with local retailers or visit Graco’s official website to find authorized sellers in your area.

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