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When you are committed to perform a top-notch painting job, you should be a professional. Nevertheless, consideration of the accurate Graco sprayer tips brings the desired results.  It’s crucial to get unwavering painting results which consume less time and effort. Graco offers a wide variety of spray tips for individual applications to certify painting efficiency. In short, you should never ignore the Graco sprayer tips before getting started.

Well. I drove into the field of professional painting career a few years back and mastered several painting-related concepts. The sprayers have made my professional life easier, but there are things that people need to understand, like Graco tip sizes and more. Don’t worry! I will share my experience and let you know how to choose the sprayer tip easily.

This guide is all about Graco sprayer tips, and I will share all the relevant information about the Graco sprayer tips guide, Graco sprayer tip chart, and everything according to my personal experience.

What is A Spray Tip?

Many people ask this question: what do I actually mean by spray or sprayer’s tip? Simply, the outlet or orifice from which the paint comes out of the airless paint sprayer is known as the spray tip. Besides other important things, the spray tip determines the speed and finish of the wall. They are accessible in numerous sizes from the market to fulfill the needs of different applications. I always select a spray tip based on the type of project I’m going to start working on.

Helpful Resource: Graco and Titan spray tips can be used interchangeably, but it’s important to note that not all spray tips are compatible with all spray tip guards.

Graco Spray Tip Guide

Which Graco spray tip to use is a hot debate in the professional painting world. Picking up the right Graco sprayer tip is a crucial task to get efficient painting results.

graco airless spray tip
Graco airless spray tip

In my experience, there are a few compulsory parameters you need to understand, i.e., tip size, tip numbers, and more. If you grab the concept thoroughly, I assure you won’t regret your experience with Graco paint sprayers.

1. Understanding The Graco Spray Tip Numbers

Let’s understand the basic concept of written tip numbers on Graco sprayer tips. Usually, tip numbers are described in three digits, and all have a certain purpose. For example, I noticed a number written on sprayer 536. These three numbers denote the fan width, spray angle, and hole size, usually measured in thousands of an inch. I have explained the tip number in detail in the following:

Meaning of The First Digit (5xx)

The first digit indicates the “Opening angle” of the spray gun. If I explain, it’s the hole size from where the paint comes out. For example, our first digit is 5 and add a zero after it, i.e50. It means the angle is 50 degrees. Don’t forget that it’s also called the angle of atomization.

Meaning of Last Two Digits (x36)

The numbers 3 and 6 combine and make a number called 36. In actuality, the diameter of the hole by which the paint is sprayed over the surface. Here 36 stands for 0.036 on an inch. However, you can convert it into inches or any format using the particular conversion formulas. In my observation, the highest tip number of an airless paint sprayer is 0.051″.

2. Graco Sprayer Tip Sizes

The tip size of the Graco paint sprayer depends on the thickness of the painting material. If you want to put light paint coatings on the walls, such as stains, lacquers, and enamels, I recommend you go with smaller tips. In my opinion, always find the right tip size written on the paint by the manufacturer.

3. Graco Sprayer Tip Chart

For better understanding, check out the Graco spray gun tips sizes chart in the following.

Graco orifice size

Graco FFLP Tip Sizes

The term FF denotes “Fine Finish”, and LP means “Low Pressure”. Mainly, Graco FFLP Tips are highly suitable for fine finish and low-viscosity paints such as glazers, lacquers, varnishes or urethanes. Due to this, Graco FFLP available sizes in the markets range from 0.008″ to 0.016″. Not to mention, manufacturers are striving to make them available in more sizes for different applications.

Furthermore, they are available in different colors based on application type. The green tips are the finest ones and are readily available for the users of the Graco brand. Likewise, yellow FFLP yellow-color tips are for spraying lacquer. Due to low quality, there might be chances for over-spray or sagging of the paint.

Graco spray tips Guide

Graco RAC X FFLP Tip


Graco RAC X Fine Finish Low-Pressure Switch Tips are replacing the FFT tips. The green Fine Finish tips are designed for finishing work such as woodwork, cabinetry, and metal. It requires RAC X Hand Tite guards. A fine-finish material such as lacquers, varnishes, urethanes, and other finishing materials can be applied with this FFLP tip.You can check out the video uploaded on our channel to see how well the Graco FFLP Tip minimizes overspray.

Graco RAC IV Reverse-A-Clean Tips

Graco RAC IV Reverse-A-Clean Tips

It was the RAC IV tips that set the standard for airless tips. The Magnum series sprayers still come with these OEM parts. These tips fit the RAC 5 guard.

Graco RAC X SwitchTips

Graco RAC X SwitchTips

New Graco Contractor series sprayers come equipped with blue RAC X Switch tips made for spraying latex paint for commercial, industrial or household purposes. The longest lasting and best-performing airless spray tip on the market can spray lacquers. The RAC X Guard can be attached to all modern airless sprayers with 7/8″ threaded guns.

Graco WideRAC X SwitchTips

Graco WideRAC X SwitchTips

RAC wide tips are ideal for large airless sprayers with high production. It works well for surfaces such as construction sites, concrete, and blocks. RAC X HandTite guard is required. Its fan spray pattern has an extra wide 24″ width.

Graco LineLazer RAC 5 SwitchTips

Graco LineLazer RAC 5 SwitchTips

Line stripping equipment requires yellow tips. Lines are incredibly sharp and don’t have any rough edges. Sprays water-based traffic paint over alkyd. The tip guard for orange RAC5 is compatible with it.

Graco Heavy Duty RAC SwitchTips

Graco Heavy Duty RAC SwitchTips

They can be used with a wide range of paints and coatings – solvent-based and water-based. You can use it in situations with vibration, such as bridges, where tip loss might be an issue. RAC Tip Guard Heavy Duty is required.

Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips

Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips

RAC 5 tips in black are common and available in a wide variety of sizes since they were previously a standard part of Graco sprayers. In the airless tip market, they are the most demanding spray tips.
You can spray lacquers, mastics, and anything else with this tip. You can also use it with RAC V Guard and RAC IV.

Graco Spray Tips For Cabinets

I always like to refresh the cabinets with Graco sprayer for the kitchen. You can use the same tips and tricks for all kinds of cabinets, whether in your bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else. It’s one of the most used things; therefore, I always like to finish it as soon as possible.

Spray tip selection for cabinets is an important point. Consider the area, shape, size, and other essential parameters. Smaller spraying tips come with small fans suitable for spraying water-based paints. In my experience, the 311 spray tip always gives the best painting results for kitchen or bedroom cabinets.

Graco Reversible Spray Tip Chart

Most people like to use Graco sprayers. After getting too much appreciation, they launched Graco reversible spray tips. Different types of spray tips are in the market for spraying individual paint-related liquids. They are widely used by professionals, and I also like its working. It’s helpful in applying lacquers, interior, or exterior paints with a clean finish. The reversible process immediately cleans the tip blockage and continues working in the backpedal. The reversible spray tips are also available in different sizes.

Graco Spray Tip Extension

The uncertainty can happen anytime. Once I was working on a project, and the height of the sprayer was a bit lower than the corner of the room. Here Graco spray tip extensions helped me a lot, and they are specially designed to tackle such situations. I didn’t need to buy a long ladder, but a small tip extension resolved my issues.

Spray tip extension brings multiple benefits, such as variable spray, finish, and how long you want to reach the painting area. Therefore, don’t forget to include a Graco spray tip extension in the necessary material whenever you start a painting project.

Graco Spray Tip Seal

Graco has brought an all-in-all solution for you if you are worried about spray tip paint leakage. Graco spray tip seal is beneficial to eliminate all the leaks from the spray tip. However, it needs replacement after some days of usage due to wearing down. It’s pretty easy to install in the Graco sprayer and is suitable for RAC IV, True Airless, and TC Pro sprayer tips.

A spray tip guard has the same advantage, but its core quality reduces the paint build-up in the spray tip. It also prevents dripping, clogging, and spitting while painting. It’s the best tool to provide protection when you paint at high pressure.

Last but not least, the Graco spray tip gasket is like a strong seal between the spray tip and the gun. It also prevents any unwanted leakage of the paint. For more detail, you can check the detail video of Graco airless sprayer tips.

FAQs On Graco Sprayer Tips

What do the numbers on a Graco spray tip mean?

The numbers determine the fan width, orifice size, and the amount of output liquid from the nozzle. There are three digits on Graco spray tips. The first digit tells you about the fan width, the second digit defines the atomizer size, and the third digit gives you the output fluid rate.

What is the 515 spray tip used for?

515 spray tip is a good choice for those who want to work on large surfaces such as interior/exterior walls, ceilings, and more. It is equally acceptable for paint, primer, and enamel.

What is a 311 spray tip used for?

The 311 spray tip offers a maximum fan width of 6 inches. It’s a good choice to paint small surfaces such as decks, fences, or other narrow furniture. It’s ideal for spraying thin materials such as water sealer, semi-transparent stain, and polyurethane.

What is a 619 spray tip used for?

The 619 spray tip is a Reverse-A-Clean sprayer tip and is popular for spraying a wide range of paints such as lacquers, interior paints, or exterior paints. It automatically eliminates the clogged paint and provides you with continuous paint flow.

What is a 312 spray tip used for?

The 312 spray tip is satisfactory for DIYers and expert paint professionals. It’s ideal for getting an even paint finish on windows, ventilation, doors, and such components with minimal paint waste. I also use it for cabinets, and it offers efficient painting results.

What is a 310 spray tip used for?

If your top priority is to get a smooth finish for interior or exterior paint, the 310 spray tip might be your ideal choice. Whether using it for ceilings or walls, it provides the best results for trim, cabinets, or door painting.

Bottom Line On Graco Sprayer Tips

To sum up, I have shared all the theoretical details of Graco sprayer tips that will benefit everyone. Don’t neglect this part, as the right sprayer tip gives you the desired painting results.

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