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Painting projects are exciting, like picking a color to give a fresh look to your room or house. It feels great when you finish them, right? But to make a successful painting project, you have to select the right color and the equipment to use.

Airless sprayers like Titan 440 Impact have revolutionized the way we approach paint application and are an “overall solution to the problems that have frustrated us for so long including uneven brush strokes, unsightly roller marks, and the arduous process of achieving a smooth and consistent finish”, says Barbara Bellesi Zito.

I recently acquired Titan 440 paint sprayer as the latest addition to my collection of airless paint sprayers as an extra portable sprayer at my disposal. Prior to this, I had an experience with Graco Ultra 395, which consistently met my expectations.

Titan has been a well-known brand for producing high-quality and reliable paint sprayers suitable for both professional contractors and DIY experts.

In this comprehensive Titan 440 review guide, we will explore whether investing in this sprayer is a wise decision for both amateurs and professionals in the painting industry.

Titan impact 440 reviews

Titan 440 Vs 440i and 410: (Quick Summary)

Titan 440 Impact vs Titan 410 Sprayer

The Titan 440 is a more powerful and efficient airless paint sprayer than the Titan 440i and Titan 410. 

FeaturesTitan 410Titan 440i (Old Model)Titan 440 (Upgraded Model)
Tip size0.021 inches0.021 inches0.023 inches
Maximum operating pressure3100 PSI3200 PSI3300 PSI (Just Like Titan 840 Model)
Power source3/4 horsepower3/4 horsepower7/8 horsepower
Ease Of Use ( Rating Out of 10)879
Performance ( Rating Out of 10)7.279.4

Titan 440 Impact Paint Sprayer: 

Titan 440 Air sprayers have been essential for painting contractors for nearly three decades. Titan 440i is like a reliable old friend to me. 

If you talk about the Titan 440 impact, it is the latest model of the Titan lineup. The sprayer has some upgrades and modern features compared to the Titan 440i. It is a durable, well-built, and reliable paint sprayer one can have.

We will discuss the difference between the products and which is better for you later in the article. Let’s first discuss the key features of the Titan 440 impact sprayer.

Titan 440 Impact Airless Sprayer Features:

Titan 440 Skid vs High Rider:

The 440 Impact airless sprayer comes in the skid style and the carted version with wheels (High Rider). So, I bought the skid model to save space. However, the Higher Rider is larger in size with a high price. 

Skid configurations are often favored for their compactness and stability, while high rider configurations are chosen for their larger paint capacity and efficiency for larger jobs. The choice is yours, what you prefer and what your needs are. It is also available at Ebay.

RX-80 Spray Gun:

Titan RX-80 Spray Gun

The RX-80 is a professional-grade airless spray gun and is quite bigger in size as compared to my previous airless Graco Ultra 395 sprayer. This design helps reduce fatigue during my extended painting sessions. 

The RX 80 spray gun of Titan 440 gives excellent performance. I’ve primarily used an RX-80 sprayer for applying acrylic paint. Its versatility extends to being compatible with various titan tip sizes, accommodating different types of projects and materials from stains and lacquers to heavy latex paints and primers. To withstand the demand of the painting environment the gun is built with durable material.

Its cleaning process is straightforward but a bit more time-consuming. If we talk about the size of the spray gun, it is somewhat larger and heavier when compared to the Graco Contractor guns.

While disassembly for cleaning takes slightly longer than with other spray guns, it is still a manageable process.

Rating: 4.2/5

Maximum GPM (Gallons Per Min):

With max 0.54 GPM the sprayer helped me to deliver a larger volume of paint in a given time, which can be particularly useful for larger projects or when covering large surfaces quickly. 

Rating: 4.5/5

Manifold filter:

The manifold filter in Titan impact 440 airless sprayer serves as a filtration mechanism to remove debris, particles, and contaminants from the fluid before it reaches the internal components of the equipment.

By removing larger particles and impurities, the manifold filter helps prevent clogs from occurring in the spray gun, nozzle, or other components.

A clean manifold filter in titan 440 impact paint sprayer helps me to maintain consistent pressure, flow rate, and spray pattern, resulting in a higher-quality finish.

The only issue with the manifold filter is that it is placed horizontally. So, when we remove the filter for cleaning, it gets a little messy. After cycling water through the pump, some water may gush out from the opening when unscrewing the manifold filter.

So, to resolve this issue, keep the sprayer upright during this process and place a container beneath it to catch any fluids. It will reduce the mess made during filter maintenance.

Rating: 5/5


Titan AutoOiler

In titan 440 sprayer the AutoOiler feature adds convenience for the user, as they no longer need to manually apply lubrication but just with the push of a button. 

In traditional airless paint sprayers like one i used i.e Graco Ultra 395, lubrication involves manually applying oil to the packings at regular intervals. It might be time consuming somehow. While in 440 titan paint sprayer AutoOiler automates this process by allowing me to push a button to deliver oil from a reservoir directly to the packings.

Rating: 4/5

Electronic Pressure Control:

Titan Electronic Pressure control dial

With this advanced technology of Electronic Pressure control dial I was able to precisely adjust and control the pressure at which the paint is sprayed.

The pressure control dial has a feature to select from various pressure ranges for different uses. Although it does not have a digital display, it offers settings for priming, cleaning, and painting tasks.

The PSI I used while my painting work was between 1700-2000 PSI. While if you are using this spray on walls or ceiling you need extra more PSI.

To prevent paint from drying, cleaning of the paint is essential, “Rapid Clean” feature in titan impact 440 paint sprayer allows to simplify and speed up the process of cleaning the paint sprayer after use. Learn more!

Rating: 4.8/5

Any downside

The skid version of the Titan 440 Impact has a potential downside related to its siphon tube design. The siphon tube unexpectedly lifts out of the paint can in specific positions. It became inconvenient during use. However, you can avoid it by placing the paint can inside a five-gallon bucket to prevent spills.

What I Like:

  • I have been able to move and transport to various job sites easily.
  • It delivers professional-grade performance, while painting my living room walls and doors.
  • It gives me a control over the flow and atomization of the coating material.
  • Excellent Warranty coverage of 4 years as compared to 3 years in Graco 395.
  • Impressive coverage up to 300 ft to the pump
  • Auto Oil feature to reduce maintenance needs.

 What I don’t Like:

  • Higher price tag for those on tight budget.
  • lt is difficult to resume operation after downtime compared to the Titan 395.

Titan 440 Impact vs 440i: Which is Better?

Titan Impact 440 is a great upgrade from the 440i. It has numerous improvements in various areas. However, here is a comparison for your understanding. To answer, which is best for you is that which meets your needs and preferences.

FeaturesTitan Impact 440Titan 440i
Maximum Operating Pressure3300 PSI3200 PSI
LubricationAuto Oiler systemTraditional oiling method
Pump ValveSureflo buttonNo Sureflo feature
Main FilterEasier to clean/changeStandard maintenance
Suction FilterSmaller to fit in a 5-gallon bucketStandard size
Suction HolsterTaller for easier removal and mobilityStandard size
WeightHeavier but weight distribution improvedStandard weight distribution
NoiseQuieter during operationProduces characteristic sounds while spraying

Update: Titan Launches New Model Titan Impact X 440

Titan Impact X 440

The Titan 440X has become my go-to choice for wall spraying tasks. Its standout feature, the Logix Adaptive Pressure Control System, is a game-changer. This system uses tip-sensing technology, which means it automatically adjusts the pressure to ensure consistent and efficient paint application.


As a painter, this translates to a smoother finish and less overspray, which not only saves time but also delivers a high-quality result. The portability of the Titan 440X is a big plus, especially when I’m working on both interior and exterior projects. Its included package with the RX-80 Spray Gun and 517 TR1 Reversible Tip is a convenience I appreciate.

Plus, the Quad+ Packings, Sureflo Pusher Valve, and Electronic Pressure Control with Rapid Clean have made my wall spraying projects more efficient, reducing downtime and helping me deliver top-notch work to my clients.

Comparison between Titan 440 Vs Titan 440X Impact

FeatureTitan 440Titan 440X
Weight and SizeHeavier and largerLighter and compact
Recommended UsesHeavy-duty, high volumeVersatile, precise
Key FeaturesPermaLife Cylinder, Quad+ Packings, AutoOilerLogix Adaptive Pressure Control, Complete package with RX-80 Spray Gun, Quad+ Packings
Output0.54 gpm0.54 gpm
Max Tip Size0.023 inches0.023 inches
PortabilityLess portableHighly portable

Conclusion On Titan 440 impact review

We’ve finished our Titan 440 reviews. There’s no doubt that the Titan 440 airless sprayer is versatile. It gives amazing spray performance and durability.

While the initial cost might raise some eyebrows, it’s important to think about the long-term advantages this sprayer brings to the table. These advantages transform the 440 Titan into a valuable investment, appealing to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Don’t hesitate – get the Titan 440 Sprayer today!

FAQS On Titan 440 Reviews

Q: Are Titan and Wagner the same company?

No, Titan and Wager are different companies. Titan is famous for providing professional-grade airless paint sprayers and wagers to DIY and professional users.

Q: Where are Titan sprayers made?

Titan sprayers are primarily made in the United States but have different manufacturing locations.

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