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When it comes to large commercial, residential, and industrial projects, the Titan Impact 840 airless sprayer offers advanced features and versatility. This provides contractors with the opportunity to expand their business.

It can deliver up to 300 gallons of water per week thanks to its brushless motor 2.3 horsepower and operating pressure of 3300 PSI.

This product is suitable for use with various coatings, including stains, latex, enamel, lacquers, and block fillers. Plus, a push of a button delivers oil directly from the reservoir to the packing with the AutoOiler.  

Titan 840 review

DigiTrac has a lockable pressure readout that shows you the pressure at all times, and even set a maintenance reminders.

Titan sprayer 840 are also equipped with proprietary features designed to prolong the life of the product, such as a durable Permalife cylinder, AutoOiler function, and Quad+ packing, which can protect paint sprayer from damage. 

This RX-Pro spray gun features a two-finger and four-finger trigger, a hose connector that swivels so you can move your arm continuously, and a ladder hook for those times when you need both hands.

The titan impact 840 series consists of 10 paint sprayers, including the Titan 840. It is available in two cart-mounted options, the Low Rider and the High Rider, for easy transportation. Titan 840 and other titan models can be found at Acme Tools.

In addition, the process of cleanup can be accelerated with the Rapid Clean feature.

Titan 840 Paint Sprayer Benefits and Features

The Titan 840 spray gun promises versatility and a multitude of features. We’ll take a closer look at it to see if it can handle the challenge.

titan 840 parts

RX-Pro Spray Gun

With the RX-Pro gun design, comfort seems to be a top priority. Titan’s Finger Print Grip ensures the gun fits correctly in your palm so you can control it completely. You can also select the best titan airless sprayer tip for this model.

Choose between a two-finger or four-finger trigger based on your preference. The trigger engagement of Titan’s paint sprayers is 30 percent lighter than traditional paint sprayers, reducing hand fatigue. Plus, it weighs only one pound, so most people should be able to carry it around easily.

Additionally, its swivel connector keeps the hose from tangling so you can move freely around the work area.

You’ll also find a wrench embedded in the trigger guard for unlocking the fluid section – so one less thing to remember or carry around. Titan also improved the nozzle passage on this spray gun, so spray paint will be less likely to spray unintentionally.

DigiTrac Control

The DigiTrac controls offer a variety of menu options, enable you to monitor the sprayer and customize it to match your needs. 

For example:

  • Total volume of paint sprayed.
  • The job volume is the number of gallons used.
  • Service time determines when you want your maintenance reminder to be sent. 
  • Passcode prevent unauthorized access.
  • The panel displays the cleaning modes as well. In addition, once the machine is turned on, it will display the current air pressure.

You can use this information to improve your spraying technique and be more efficient.

AutoOiler function

With Titan’s AutoOiler function, you don’t have to carry around a separate bottle of oil. It also protect the titan 840 piston.

It was redesigned so that this part of the system is more streamlined – the button is on the side, and the oil pump reservoir is in the front section.

The only thing you need to do is lubricate your packing before spraying by pressing the AutoOil button. As soon as the fluid is primed, you must push the knob every eight hours. 

Easy-loading cart

The easy load cart lets you easily move this paint sprayer into and out of vehicles due to its telescopic handle and pneumatic, durable tires. You are also free to move the sprayer wherever you need it. With this unit, you can choose between two configurations – High Rider or Low Rider.

Configurations Of Titan 840 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

ConfigurationsModel NumberItem’s Weight
Titan 840 High Rider805-00987 Pounds
Titan 840 Low Rider805-01085 Pounds

Hose Length

The titan impact 840 comes with a 50-foot hose just like most graco airless models. However, it can reach a maximum of 300 feet. By reducing the movement of the machine, not only does it facilitate faster coverage, but it also provides the opportunity to tackle larger projects.

Check out our detailed comparison of titan vs graco airless models.

The con of a super-long hose, however, is that you’ll need a great deal of paint. Additionally, highly viscous materials may have a difficult time traveling that far. In the owner’s manual, you will find more information about titan impact 840 troubleshooting.


  • Multi-spray gun capability
  • Digi-Trac controller
  • Estimated usage of 200-300 gallons per week 
  • 3300 PSI Max Operating Pressure
  • Brushless HE Motor
  • Quick-Load Cart
  • 517 TR1 fluid nozzle
  • Low Rider and High Rider configurations are available
  • Ideal for latex or block filler coatings
  • Auto-Oiler mechanisms
  • It is used for industrial, large-scale residential and commercial projects
  • 50′ Hose Length support up to 300 feet


  • Unsuitable for small detailed work

Titan 840 Sprayer-Compare with similar models

Paint SprayersTitan Impact 440 Airless SprayerGraco X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer Graco 390 paint Sprayer
TypeAirlessAirlessElectric Airless
Customer Rating4.7 out of 5 stars 4.7 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

Alternatives to Titan 840 Paint Sprayer

Titan 440 paint sprayer review
Titan 440 paint sprayer

Titan Impact 440 Airless Sprayer

Titan has maintained the legacy of the legendary 440 sprayer. 

This  spray gun can be used to apply stains, enamels, latexes, lacquers, primers and other thin or medium viscosity coatings.

The product is most commonly used for residential jobs, property maintenance, and small commercial jobs. Learn more about titan 440 impact review!

Enhanced features with a new design:

  • The titan spray guns are easy to maneuver in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Spray rate is 0.54 gallons per minute.
  • With Quad+ Packings, you can prevent pistons or main sealing lips from being damaged by abrasive coatings.
  • The AutoOiler delivers oil directly to the packing from the reservoir.
  • Rapid clean electronic pressure control accelerates flushing and cleanup.
  • Large Manifold Filter.
  • Using the sureflo pusher valve, the lower ball can be released from being stuck without a hammer.
  • A PermaLife cylinder never wears out or requires replacement.

When spraying out a small residential home, a medical office, or an entire department store, Titan airless sprayers will maximize application speed.

Titan Control Max 1700 Pro Paint Sprayer

Titan 1700 paint sprayer review

Do you prefer to DIY or are you more handy? Then, this Control Max 1700 might suit your needs.

Up to 55 percent of overspray is reduced by this high-performance machine, so you can save paint and money in the long run.

A Titan 840 sprayer can process 300 gallons of waste per week at a pressure of 1500 psi. A swift-replaceable fluid section comes with it.

With this model, you can apply unthinned coatings to fences, garage doors, and home exteriors.

  • Working pressure is lower at 1500 PSI than the 840 Titan sprayer.
  • The Titan 840 can be used to process a wide range of unthinned coatings.
  • Fluid section is replaceable, just like the Titan 840.

Conclusion On Titan 840 paint sprayer Review:

There is nothing to stop you from working longer and with less maintenance interruptions with the Titan Impact 440. With two user-friendly configurations, the Titan 840 can spray up to 300 gallons per week and can support a hose up to 300 feet long. It is most suitable for industrial, commercial, and mid to large sized residential projects. 

In conclusion, if you desire a machine with advanced technology, simpler maintenance, and time-saving features, then I would recommend the Titan 840 paint sprayer. 

FAQS on Titan 840 Paint Sprayer

What is the recommended handheld paint sprayer from Sherwin Williams?

Airless handheld sprayers are a vital tool for finishing small jobs quickly. Exclusive to Sherwin-Williams, Graco Ultimate handhelds are among the most advanced in the world, with unmatched speed, perfect finish, and next-use reliability.

Can Titan and Wagner spray tips be interchanged?

The spray guard features universal threads – the standard size is 7/8″ that can be used with almost any spray gun. Wagner guards work with Graco spray guns, and Graco guards work with Wagner spray guns. All models and brands that use the standard 7/8″ thread, including FARBMAX and Titan, are compatible with the spray guards.

Does the Titan sprayer work with Graco tips?

Yes, Titan and Wagner tips (as well as likely other types) are compatible with the Graco guards.

What is titan 840 paint sprayer price?

Titan 840’s multiple gun unit delivers superior performance and functionality. The unit can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. The latest price is available here.

What company makes Titan Paint Sprayers?

Wagner SprayTec is the parent company of Titan. The Wagner Group bought Titan Tools in 1999, uniting two spray painting industry leaders.

Does the Titan 840I Paint Sprayer Spray Stain?

Almost all paint sprayers can handle stains and lacquers, and you will be able to finish the project more quickly. Stains should only be sprayed with the right paint gun and tip that is suitable for them. Be sure to consider the nozzle size and operating pressure. In the Titan 840, the spray gun and tip included in the RX-Pro package are ideal for this task.

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