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When it comes to painting, why settle for the ordinary when you can achieve masterpiece-level output? 

The choice of tools in the world of painting can make all the difference between an average level finish and a pro painting project. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY lover or an expert contractor, the type of airless sprayer you select can significantly impact the quality of your work. In the realm of airless paint sprayers, 

Graco stands out as a trusted and renowned brand, known for its commitment to innovation and quality. Two of their flagship models, the Graco TC Pro and the Graco Ultra, have garnered attention for their exceptional performance and features. 

After using both, I’m here to provide a first-hand comparison review on Graco TC Pro vs Ultra so you can determine which one fits your painting needs best. If you’re eager to take your painting skills to the next level and turn your project into a true work of art, keep scrolling to find out which Graco airless sprayer outshines the rest.

spraying with tc pro airless sprayer on cabinets

Graco TC Pro vs Ultra Comparison

Painting my kitchen cabinets doors was a challenging yet rewarding DIY project, and I had the opportunity to use both the Graco TC Pro and the Graco Ultra for this task.

Below, I’ll share my personal experience of using these paint sprayers for this specific project, highlighting their key features and efficiency in various categories.

Battery Performance

The Graco TC Pro and the Graco Ultra both rely on 2 Dewalt’s 20-Volt Max XR lithium-ion batteries, ensuring a consistent power supply throughout the painting process. During my cabinets door painting project, I found that the TC Pro’s battery efficiency was dependable, allowing me to work for extended periods without frequent battery changes.

On the other hand, the Graco Ultra’s battery reliability was equally robust, and it didn’t disappoint. The batteries held up well, providing uninterrupted power, which was particularly important during larger painting sessions. Both models are neck and neck in this category.

If you are interested in finding other high quality cordless spray guns available on the market, you may want to check them out.

Tip Configuration

Graco ultra spray machine on cabinets

The Graco TC pro tips utilizes TC tips such as 514 tip as well as a 210 tip, which are designed for various materials, including exterior and interior paints, primers, and more.


The numbers on the tips indicate the spray width pattern and tip size, offering versatility for different materials and spray patterns. These tips proved versatile during my project, enabling me to switch between different coatings with ease.

On the contrary, the Ultra employs FFTP tips, which are known for their precision and consistent spray patterns. I noticed that these graco tips contributed to smoother and more even coats of paint, especially when working on intricate surfaces.


When comparing Graco TC Pro cordless vs Ultra, the TC Pro features a tank volume of 0.25 gallons, which is suitable for handling moderate-sized painting projects.  While it may require occasional refilling for more extensive tasks like painting decks, walls, it is still sufficient for most residential applications.

The tank volume for both models is identical, making it an equal playing field in terms of capacity.


spray painting cabinets with graco tc ultra

If I give Graco TC pro review in terms of applications, I could easily apply EVOLVE Paint & Primer to all the doors of my kitchen cabinets, making my painting project a breeze. For both exterior and interior painting tasks, Graco TC pro can handle primers and paints effectively, delivering satisfactory results. 

However, to achieve a flawless finish, I had to switch to Ultra because the Graco Ultra offered a higher level of consistency in terms of spray pattern and coverage. This consistency was particularly noticeable when working on larger, more expansive surfaces, such as the larger doors themselves.

The Graco Ultra’s pressure adjustment range of 500 to 2,000 PSI makes it a versatile choice for a wide variety of materials and surfaces as compared to Graco Pro that has a pressure adjustment of 0 to 2000 PSI.

If we talk about Graco TC Pro Vs Pro Plus, the primary distinction lies in their intended applications. The TC Pro PLUS Cordless excels in its versatility, capable of spraying a broad spectrum of materials, including flammable substances and water- or solvent-based options like solvent-based lacquer. In contrast, the TC Pro handheld model is manufactured for exceptional functionality across a wide range of coatings, whether thick or thin, and is known for its dependable startup.



I used the color “wrought iron” from the one-hour enamel line for another furniture painting project, which provides a quick-drying, satin finish. One-hour enamel review is available on our website.


The package includes several Flex liners, which are disposable yet reusable helped me a lot in this project. These liners facilitate easy cleanup and maintenance of the sprayer.


As for cleaning in this project, it’s a bit more involved than with other sprayers. You can’t simply run water through it due to its design, so it requires disassembly and thorough cleaning of each part.

Here are the results after completing the furniture painting with the Graco TC Pro sprayer.


Pro Control and Pro Connect

Both models come equipped with Pro Control, allowing for fine-tuning of spray patterns and flow rates. This feature was invaluable for achieving the desired finish on the edges of my doors. 

Additionally, the availability of Pro Connect on both models simplified tip changes, saving me time and frustration during the project.

Portability and Size

The TC Pro’s more compact size (15.94 x 12.24 x 5.43 inches) proved advantageous when navigating tight spaces on the doors of kitchen cabinets. It was easier to handle and store.

While slightly larger (17.5 x 12.8 x 6.8 inches), the Graco Ultra’s size didn’t pose any significant challenges during painting. It’s still a manageable size for most painting tasks.

Note: If you are not interested in cordless handheld sprayers, you can also select the Magnum X7, Pro X17 & Pro X19 Graco sprayers, which have a cart design that allows for easy transportation and are suitable for large projects.

tc pro corded handheld airless sprayer Cost

Graco Ultra being a more cost-effective option for occasional use and the TC Pro catering to professionals seeking precision and durability.

Graco tc pro vs ultra vs Ultra Max airless

FeatureGraco TC ProGraco UltraGraco Ultra Max
Battery Capacity (Ah)2(AC-powered)2
Compatible Replacement Pump17P18617P18517P187
Compatible Tip Size (in)0.008, 0.010, 0.012, 0.014, 0.0160.0160.016
Maximum Tip Size (in)0.0160.0160.016
Maximum Working Pressure (psi)200020002000
Power SourceBattery PoweredAC (corded)Battery Powered
Specific ApplicationsSuitable for small and medium projects. Ideal for walls, cabinets, ceilings, doors, and trim.Great for small to medium-sized interior and exterior painting projects. Ideal for deck, patio, furniture, and walls.Suitable for medium to large-sized interior and exterior painting projects. Ideal for larger surfaces and vehicles.

Note: Take a look at the comparison of both the Graco Ultra and Ultra Max models in detail.

Graco TC Pro Vs Ultra Max

Graco TC Pro Vs Ultra Max

A Graco representative has claimed that both the Graco Ultra Max Cordless and TC Pro are of equal quality. However, there are certain variations between these two airless paint sprayers that are worth examining.

First and foremost, the Ultra Max has the advantage of being capable of spraying flammable materials, a feature not available in either the TC Pro or the Ultra. This is a significant distinction, particularly if you need to work with such substances.

Another key disparity between the Ultra Max and TC Pro is the included tip configuration. The Ultra Max is shipped with FFTP (Fine Finish, Low Pressure) tips pre-installed, while the TC Pro comes with standard TC tips. 

Also, it’s important to note that the TC Pro lacks the ability to change tips. In contrast, the Ultra Max incorporates the newer RAC (Reverse-A-Clean) system, which enables quick and easy tip changes. 

Attachable to the gun, both sprayers are having mesh filters to prevents large particulates from contaminating the paint, ensuring a smooth finish.

One noticeable aspect that often goes neglected is the motor design. The TC Pro features a brushless motor, which has distinct advantages. The absence of brushes in a brushless motor eliminates the risk of sparking and potential fire hazards, making it safer for spraying exotic materials. 

Additionally, brushless motors are generally more efficient, but the true performance benefits could become evident after prolonged usage.

In terms of durability and handling, the Ultra Max appears to have an edge over the TC Pro. Its construction and materials lend themselves to improved longevity, making it a more durable choice for long-term use.

While both the Graco TC Pro and Ultra Max are quality products, their suitability depends on your specific painting job requirements. The Ultra Max stands out for its ability to handle flammable materials, included FFTP tips, and enhanced durability. You can also buy graco cordless model from Ebay.

Final Thoughts

Still wondering what is the difference between graco tc pro and ultra? In short, both paint sprayers deliver a precise finish in terms of final professional painting outputs, but the Graco Ultra’s capability advantages become apparent here as well. 

With its precise pressure control and FFTP tips, it provides a smoother, more even coat of paint. The TC Pro, while still producing good results, may require more effort to achieve the same level of finish, especially when working with thinner materials. The comparison on Graco TC Pro vs Ultra presented above is a result of my hands-on testing and personal evaluation. I hope you found my insights and findings in this review helpful.

FAQs On Graco TC Pro vs Ultra Vs Airless

Q. What is the best Graco fine finish?

Graco’s top-tier option for achieving a superior fine finish is the FinishPro II Air Assisted Airless system. 

This cutting-edge solution excels in delivering top-quality finishes while maintaining a high production rate. Even when working with challenging materials, it eliminates the need for thinning and minimizes overspray.

Q. Which is better Graco or Wagner?

When it is about Graco ultra max vs Wagner, Graco is typically the preferred choice for professional applications and larger-scale projects, while Wagner units are well-regarded for meeting the needs of DIY enthusiasts and home improvement projects.

Q. Can Graco Ultra spray oil based?

Yes, the Graco Ultra Max is versatile enough to handle both water-based and oil-based paints. These Ultra airless handheld sprayers are purpose-built for a range of small-scale projects, both indoors and outdoors, as well as specialized applications.

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