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One Hour Enamel (OHE) paint has quickly gained a reputation as a versatile solution for home improvement projects that demand durability and a swift return to service. This fast-drying acrylic enamel boasts a stone-like satin topcoat, making it ideal for applications like painting kitchen cabinets, China cabinets and front doors. However, it’s essential to note that OHE may not be suitable for outdoor wood due to its susceptibility to weather-related issues such as cracking and chipping.

If you’ve been considering this product, stay with us as we provide in-depth wise owl one hour enamel reviews and valuable insights, helping you make informed decisions about your painting projects.

How to Paint Cabinets with one hour enamel paint

In this guide, we’ll explore the steps to paint your kitchen cabinets using Wise Owl’s one-hour enamel paint. Before we start, it’s crucial to prepare the cabinet surfaces properly for a successful painting project. Here’s what you need to do:

Surface Preparation

  • Begin by cleaning the cabinets thoroughly, removing any dirt, grease, or grime. This step is crucial, considering the constant contact these cabinets have with food and daily activities.
  • Sand the cabinet surfaces to eliminate any gloss or sheen, ensuring effective primer adhesion. For a smoother finish, you can use a grain filler to minimize the appearance of grain on the wood.

Choosing the Right Primer

Wise Owl One Hour Enamel white
  • Wise Owl offers three color options for their primer: clear, gray, and white. Your choice should align with the paint color you intend to use.
  • Clear primer is suitable for achieving a distressed look, while gray works well under darker paint colors, and white is ideal for lighter paint shades.

Applying Primer

coat of Wise Owl's stain-blocking primer
  • Apply a coat of Wise Owl’s stain-blocking primer, ensuring thorough coverage of all cabinet surfaces.
  • To achieve optimal results, let the primer dry for a duration of four to six hours, and then proceed with a second coat. This step is essential, especially if you’re dealing with cabinets that might have tannins that could bleed through.

Painting with Wise Owl’s One-Hour Enamel

  • Wise Owl’s one-hour enamel is a premium paint designed for interior and exterior use. It provides a durable finish with excellent adhesion properties.
  • Stir the paint gently but avoid shaking it to prevent bubbles. No need to thin it. But you can learn about how to thin enamel paint for spraying here.
  • To apply the paint, use either a brush, paint sprayer or a short-nap roller, making sure that the coverage is uniform and provides a smooth finish.

TIP: You can also apply one hour enamel paint with top quality cabinet sprayer!

Second Coat:

Painting with Wise Owl's One-Hour Enamel on cabinet
  • Once the first coat of paint has dried (usually within 30 minutes), apply a second coat to ensure complete coverage and a beautiful finish.
  • Be mindful of potential drips and brush marks while applying the second coat.

Drying and Curing:

  • The paint typically dries in about one hour, but it’s recommended to wait 24 hours before reassembling your cabinets.
  • The paint will be fully cured within 14 days, allowing for regular use and cleaning.

Optional Sealing:

  • If you decide to use a glaze for a specific finish, Wise Owl provides varnish and clear top coat options for sealing the glaze.

Useful Resource: Read the differences between enamel paint and latex paint.

Is one hour enamel paint good for painting furniture?

In my recent experiment, I decided to showcase how easy it is to brush on Wiseau’s One Hour Enamel paint. This product has been drawing a lot of interest in the furniture refinishing community because it dries fast and lasts a long time.

I chose the jet black color for my project, as I wanted to achieve a deep, rich black finish. When working with One Hour Enamel, it’s important to keep in mind that it dries incredibly fast, even faster than typical chalk-style paint. So, here’s a step-by-step look at how I applied it:



I stirred the paint thoroughly, as shaking it could introduce unwanted bubbles into the mix.

First Coat

First coat of Wiseau's One Hour Enamel on furniture

I applied the first enamel coat generously to the furniture piece. Since I knew I would be adding more layers and other finishes on top, I didn’t worry too much about achieving a perfect finish at this stage. The essential step was to create a strong starting layer.


After applying the paint, I gently feathered it out to ensure even coverage. One Hour Enamel has a self-leveling property, so this step helps in achieving a smooth and even surface.

Drying Time

It’s essential to allow the first coat to dry thoroughly. This paint dries with more of an eggshell finish due to its built-in top coat, giving it a unique look.

Second Coat

For complete coverage and to ensure that only black shows through the final metallic finish, I applied a second coat. This coat followed the same principles as the first: quick application and gentle feathering.

Final Result of ohe painting

Wiseau's One Hour Enamel paint Black-ohe painting

The beauty of One Hour Enamel is its ability to self-level, so even if it looks a bit rough immediately after application, it smooths out as it dries. You can see the difference in the picture- a glossy finish.

Wise owl one hour enamel review

I recently used it on my kitchen cabinets and my furniture, and the results blew me away as I discussed above. This acrylic enamel dries super fast and stands up to wear and tear like a champ. I appreciate that I can use this enamel paint with my Wagner 3000 paint sprayer for painting cabinets.

Aside from the One Hour Enamel Paint, it’s interesting to note that Wise Owl offers a range of other paint options like One Hour Ceramic Color and Chalk Synthesis Paint Color. Personally, I’ve only had experience with the Enamel paint, but I’m genuinely considering trying out their other products and colors. It seems like a great way to add variety and creativity to my another projects that is painting china cabinets. Learn more!

Just a tip: don’t overwork it, and use the recommended primer for one hour painting. I’m thrilled with the transformation it brought to my home!

One Hour Premium Enamel Paint: What I Like & Don’t Like

Fast-drying acrylic enamelAvoid overworking
Suitable for interior and exterior surfacesNo wax over enamel
Abrasion-resistant finishRecoat time of 2 hours
Built-in satin topcoatRequires a specific primer
Versatile for kitchen cabinets, trim, and doorsRequires a special 3/16 inch roller
Wide range of inspiring colorsExercise caution when using glaze
Excellent coverage with approximately 400 sq ft/galAvoid using clear shellac as a primer

Wise Owl One Hour Enamel colors

Whether you’re refreshing your living space, painting cabinets or refurbishing furniture, Wise Owl One Hour Enamel ensures efficient, long-lasting results. So, if you’re having a difficulty in selecting a color then check out Wise Owl Color Chart.

Note: If you’re considering something similar to one hour enamel, explore exterior-specific enamel paints designed to withstand outdoor exposure, providing a more resilient finish for projects involving wood exposed to the elements. Some brands offer paints with qualities similar to OHE, ensuring you achieve a high-quality finish while addressing the specific requirements of your project.

Conclusion On Wise Owl One Hour Enamel Paint:

I was eager to try Wise Owl One Hour Enamel due to its reputation, especially for rapid drying, making it ideal for quick projects. The excellent coverage and color options were indeed appealing. However, after use, I found that other paints like Sherwin-Williams and Heirloom Traditions offer a more better finish for furniture makeovers, making me unsure if I’d use it again.

What is one hour enamel used for?

Wise Owl One Hour Enamel is an excellent choice for various applications, including kitchen cabinets, trim, front doors, and other projects that benefit from durable and fast-drying acrylic enamel.

What is 1 hour enamel clear?

Wise owl One Hour Enamel Clear is likely a clear topcoat that can be applied over Wise Owl One Hour Enamel to provide additional protection and a glossy finish. It’s commonly used as a protective and finishing layer on surfaces painted with One Hour Enamel.

Which is better emulsion or enamel paint?

The choice between emulsion and enamel paint depends on what you’re painting. Emulsion paint is great for indoor walls and ceilings, giving a flat finish. Enamel paint is tougher and shinier, ideal for surfaces that face more wear and tear. For kitchen cabinets, enamel paint is often the better choice because it’s durable and easy to clean.

Where to buy wise owl one hour enamel?

To find Wise Owl One Hour Enamel, you can visit one of their retail locations or check with local paint stores and home improvement stores. Also, you can buy Wise Owl One Hour Enamel online through their official website or from trusted retailers.

Do you have to prime with wise owl One Hour Enamel?

Whether or not you need to prime before using Wise Owl One Hour Enamel depends on the surface you’re working with. The product guidelines recommend using their Stain Eliminating Primer before applying One Hour Enamel for superior adhesion and durable smooth finish.

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