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When it comes to airless painting, the right spray gun can make a great difference in turning painting projects into works of art. That is why I am excited to share my experience and insight into the Husky gravity feed HVLP spray gun today.

I got my hands on the Husky paint gun a few months ago. I’ve been excited to test its capabilities thoroughly. In this article, I’m sharing my Husky Spray gun review results to determine whether it lives up to the hype. So, keep reading!

Gravity Feed Vs. Siphon Feed Spray Gun Specs

FeatureGravity Feed Paint Spray GunSiphon Feed Paint Spray Gun (H4920SSG)
Cup Capacity0.63-quart (600 ml)1.05-quart (1000 ml)
CFM at 40 PSI4.3 CFM4 CFM
Tip Sizes1.4 mm & 2.2 mm1.8 mm & 2.2 mm
Suitable forWoodworking & car refurbishmentWall painting, indoor & outdoor use
Our Product Rating4.4/54.5/5

Husky gravity feed spray gun review

Husky Gravity HVLP paint spray gun is known for its ease of use, precision, and efficient results. Let’s start reviewing this product from unboxing to setup and testing.

Husky Gravity Feed Composite HVLP Spray Gun parts


When I opened the box, I noticed the Husky spray gun was delivered in an organized package. Inside the box were a Husky spray gun, two air caps, fluid adjustment needles, nozzles, a cleaning brush, a wrench, and a socket spanner.

Upon inspection, I was impressed by the Husky spray gun’s build quality. It feels sturdy in the hand. The trigger has a great springback. It makes it easier to control and be precise when spraying.

Setting up Husky spray gun

Setting up the HVLP gun is straightforward. You’ll need to attach the paint cup first. There are necessary tools provided in the kit to make the painting process easier and quick.

How I tested the Husky Spray gun

I used this spray gun to paint my staircase when I tested it. I used the husky spray gun with a two-gallon California air compressor, which worked well for smaller projects.

The spray pattern is even and consistent. The spray gun significantly speeds up the painting process compared to brushes or rollers. There was some overspray, which is quite normal regarding paint sprayers. If you have an air pressure regulator, it is easy to further control overspray by adjusting the airflow.

Overall, the Husky gravity feed gun performed great. It provides a smooth spray pattern that is easy to control and precisely applies paint.

How to Use the Husky HVLP Paint Spray Gun

Now, let’s talk about the proper step-by-step guide to use and adjust the Husky paint sprayer to achieve smooth paint application with less waste.

1. Prepare Your Paint

Start by filling the paint cup with the paint you want to use. Follow the product instructions for the particular paint type, which may involve any required dilution or blending.

2. Adjust Air Pressure

Check the recommended PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) for your HVLP spray gun. It typically falls between 40-45 PSI. Adjust the pressure on your air compressor to match this recommendation.

3. Connect Air Hose

Connect the air hose by attaching one end to the compressor and the opposite end to the spray gun. Ensure all connections are tight to prevent air leaks.

Method to Adjust Your Husky Spray Gun

  • To begin, you should make adjustments to the fluid nozzle. This nozzle plays a crucial role in regulating the amount of paint that is dispensed. Turn it clockwise to get more paint and counterclockwise for less flow.
  • After that, set the air cap to manage the spray pattern shape and size.. Adjust the air cap by rotating it clockwise to expand the pattern or counterclockwise to shrink it.
  • Some spray guns have a knob to adjust the spray pressure. Use the spray gun to manage the paint spraying pressure if it has one.
  • Use the fan pattern adjustment knob on your spray gun to change the paint’s fan pattern just like in Fuji Q4 platinum. Turn it clockwise direction to make the spray wider or counterclockwise to narrow the flow.
  • Try out a paint gun on any scrap If the spray isn’t how you want it, adjust the fluid nozzle, pressure, air cap and spray pattern until it’s right.

4. Test Spray Pattern

 Before painting your target surface, test the spray pattern on cardboard or scrap material. This step lets you fine-tune the fluid and air pressure settings to get the desired spray pattern.

5. Start Painting

Hold the paint spray gun about 6-12 inches away from your painting surface. Then, begin painting by moving the spray gun in a side-to-side motion. Keep a consistent speed to avoid drips.

6. Clean Up

After you’re done, turn off the compressor. Let out any remaining pressure in the spray gun. Follow the product’s instructions to clean your spray gun thoroughly.


  • The gun comes with both 1.4mm and 2.2mm tips. So, it was easy to use it with stains or enamel, etc.
  • The Husky spray gun has a secure grip because of its textured handle.
  • The spray fan size can be adjusted between 1.2 to 9.2 inches. Therefore, it was easy to change the spray pattern.
  • A three-finger trigger operation on the gun made it easy for me to use it for an extended time.
  • My other favorite features of the gun were its control dial and pressure gauge. They work great to give precise air control.
  • Its 0.63-quart cup made my car painting project much smoother.
  •  The gun worked well with both smaller and larger air compressors.


  •  It’s not compatible with dense paints like latex.
  •  The manual does not give correct guidelines for its use.

husky paint sprayer review (Different Husky Paint Models)

After examining and comparing different Husky spray gun models, here’s a brief husky spray gun reviews based on my practical experience with different projects:

Husky Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit Review

Husky HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit

If you’re new to spray guns or need a comprehensive kit, this one is worth considering. It’s beginner-friendly with clear instructions and includes two spray guns for various tasks. The adjustable settings allow for flexibility in your projects. However, the limitations of dense latex-based paints may be a drawback.

The inclusion of accessories and a hard carry case enhances its overall value.

By the way, I often use this HVLP kit for cabinet painting and the best part is it works great without thinning the paint.

Note: If you are not interested in the Husky spray gun kit, we have also covered a TCP HVLP spray gun 9-piece kit review, which includes 3 guns and 3 nozzles. Check out detailed information!

H4920SSG Husky Siphon Feed Spray Gun Review

Husky Siphon Feed Spray Gun, H4920SSG

This spray gun is a great choice for large interior or exterior painting projects. Its compatibility with thicker mediums like chalk and latex-based paints is a plus, making it suitable for furniture and wall painting.

The ample 1.05-quart cup reduces the need for frequent refills, which is great for efficiency. Its adjustable spray pattern and volume control make it versatile for different painting task. Just be aware that its aluminum construction can be prone to dents.

Husky Gravity Feed Composite HVLP Spray Gun

This gravity feed spray gun is a go-to choice for woodworking, cabinets, and car refurbishment. It’s relatively lightweight, making it suitable for more extended projects. It offers comfortable handling with its textured handle and adjustable airflow control.

The addition of two tips (1.4 mm and 2.2 mm) provides versatility for different coatings. Unlike the Husky H4920SSG Siphon model, it’s not suitable for dense paints like latex.

Note: If you’re searching for a spray gun compatible with latex, you can check out this article.

Husky Siphon Feed HVLP Spray Gun Review

Husky H4930SSG Siphon Feed Spray Gun

When precision and finesse are required, the H4930SSG stands out. It excels in delivering ultra-fine atomization with minimal overspray. This makes it ideal for tasks like cabinet staining and trim finishing. However, it may struggle with thicker mediums like latex without pre-thinning.

The adjustable fan settings give you control, but its relatively heavy weight could be a consideration for larger jobs. You can also find different Husky Models at Ebay.

Husky HVLP Spray gun Manual

If I talk about the manual of the Husky spray gun, many issues in it could leave a beginner scratching his head. First, there was the use of different words for a single thing. They called a part “fluid adjustment needle,” but it was a tip.

Next, on page 5, there’s a picture of the air hose that zooms in on a part called the quick coupler fitting. Strangely, this fitting is wrong and impossible in its depiction.

The troubleshooting manual suggests lubricating or replacing the air valve stem to resolve many issues. The problem is that there is no information about this valve stem in the service parts diagram.


To wrap it up, the Husky Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun is a decent choice for affordable painting tools. Although the user manual is disappointing, you can find helpful tutorials on YouTube for guidelines.

Testing showed that this gun can deliver good results with the right adjustments. It comes with various parts and options. So, you can use it for different painting projects.

FAQs On husky gravity feed hVLP spray gun

1. Can I paint my car with a Husky paint sprayer?

Certainly, it is possible to utilize a Husky paint gun for the purpose of painting a car. When using the spray gun for car painting, select the right nozzle size and adjust the settings to achieve a smooth finish.

2. how to use a spray gun with air compressor?

  • Wear safety gear, like gloves or a mask.
  • Now, connect the air compressor to a power supply and turn it on.
  • Then, attach the hose from the air compressor to the spray gun’s air inlet.
  • Mix your paint or primer per the manufacturer’s instructions and pour it into the spray gun’s paint cup.
  • Start the compressor and set the recommended air pressure for your specific spray gun and the type of paint you’re using.
  • Before painting, spray on a piece for testing.

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