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Ever had those moments when your paint job just didn’t look as good as you’d hoped? Well, I’ve been there too, and that’s why I wanted to share my experience with the TCP global brand HVLP spray gun set.

Whether you’re doing some top coatings, automotive or any industrial work, one spray gun isn’t enough to meet your needs. That’s where the TCP Global HVLP Spray Gun Kit steps in. With stainless steel nozzles and needles, it allows you to fully adjust spray patterns, fluid coverage and air pressure according to your needs.

In this TCP global spray gun review, I’m going to have a detailed discussion on it. I’ll be comparing different guns of the TCP series, especially focusing on the TCP Global Professional HVLP spray gun. Scroll down to read on! 

TCP Global Professional 9-Piece HVLP Spray Gun Set

With three HVLP TCP spray guns, this set is the top choice of professional painters, automotive workshops and home DIYers for all kinds of painting projects. 

Since 1974, TCP global pressure tank paint spray gun has been known for its fast, efficient and affordable spray guns that can handle a variety of materials. And the best part? TCP’s guns are surprisingly affordable, making them a dream come true for both professional and hobbyist painters alike.

In this set, you’ll get a small touch-up gun with a 1mm nozzle, and two production guns with a 1.4mm and 1.8mm nozzle, respectively. They can be used to apply primers, topcoats, clear coats, latex, lacquers, and more. The spray guns in this set produce a fine and consistent mist, making them perfect for achieving a professional finish.

Reasons why I Choose TCP Global Paint Gun Set

I’ve used a few other spray guns in the past, but I’ve found the TCP Global spray gun set to be the best overall. This set is more versatile and user-friendly compared to other spray guns I’ve used in the past.

One of the things I love about the TCP Global spray gun set is that it’s compatible with many portable air compressors. The recommended operating pressure for this kit falls within the range of 29-50 PSI, with CFM requirements ranging from 3.5 to 7.1. This means you can use the set with my existing air compressor without worrying about running out of air in the middle of a project.

But it doesn’t end here!

I was particularly pleased to learn that the TCP Global spray gun set comes with three different guns with different nozzle sizes, allowing you to spray any kind of material. This flexibility allows you to select the most suitable spray gun for your project, taking into consideration the type of paint you intend to use and the desired outcome. Also, its spray pattern is adjustable, so you can fine-tune it to get the perfect finish. 

This set comes with different accessories including extra spray tips and a cleaning kit. You can buy its other accessories including a spray gun holder, paint mixing kit and paint strainers at a price that won’t break the bank.

Compared to spray guns of popular brands like Graco, DeVilbiss, and IWATA, the TCP Global HVLP spray gun set is way more affordable and versatile. 


  • Based on my personal experience with this set, I can say that it comprises three versatile spray guns that easily pair with most compressors.
  • The lightweight build and durable aluminum paint cups in high-quality metal construction make it an excellent choice.
  • It caters to a wide audience, from hobbyists to home DIYers, automotive painters, and industrial professionals.
  • Equipped with stainless steel needles and nozzles, it consistently delivers high performance.
  • Its user-friendly design is a standout feature.
  • The affordability of this set adds to its appeal.


  • At first, dismantling and cleaning the guns can be difficult.
  • If you’re a left-hand user, controlling knobs may be challenging for you.
  • Use more paint compared to other HVLP spray guns.
  • It might cost you extra expenses for a compressor or spray gun holder if you don’t have one before
  • For some users, spray guns can be a bit heavy

Here is my personal experience with TCP automotive paint gun!

I chose single-stage acrylic urethane purple and completed the car painting project over a single weekend after watching YouTube tutorials and advice from TCP Global’s customer support team. If I could manage it, anyone can take on this DIY endeavor with the right guidance and determination!

Check out the pictures while and after the project!


Comparison of Three Guns Set

Here is a table comparing the three spray guns of the TCP Global Professional 9 Piece HVLP Spray Gun Set:

Features of Spray GunTCP Global 1mm HVLP Spray GunTCP Global 1.4mm HVLP Spray GunTCP Global 1.8mm Spray Gun
Nozzle size1mm1.4mm1.8mm
Ideal for Thin paints, touch-ups and primers Light to Medium viscosity paints such as clear coats, base coats latex, acrylic etcHeavy viscosity paints such as enamel, oil base, polyurethane and primers
Max air pressure30 PSI30 PSI30 PSI
Air consumption5 CFM6 CFM7 CFM
Weight 1.5 Pounds1.7 Pounds1.9 Pounds
Spray pattern and fluid deliveryAdjustable Adjustable Adjustable 
Cup capacity 600 ml600 ml600 ml
Accessories Cleaning tools, moisture filter, air regulatorCleaning tools, moisture filter, air regulatorCleaning tools, moisture filter, air regulator

One notable distinction between these three spray guns is the variation in nozzle sizes. The nozzle size determines the thickness of paint that can be sprayed and the flow rate of the paint. The smaller the nozzle size, the thinner the paint and the slower the flow rate. The larger the nozzle size, the thicker the paint and the faster the flow rate.

When choosing a spray gun, it is important to consider the type of paint you will be spraying and the desired finish. Also, you can buy them here at TCP global spray gun.

Update: I have tested a more affordable spray gun option compared to the TCP 9-piece Kit, which is the Husky HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit. Take a look at the comprehensive Husky HVLP Spray Gun Review for more details.

Comparison of TCP Global 9 Piece HVLP Spray Gun With Other Guns of TCP Series

Comparison of TCP 9 Piece spray gun with other guns of TCP Series

The TCP Global Professional 9 Piece HVLP Spray Gun Set is a versatile and high-quality spray gun set that is perfect for a wide range of painting projects. It is superior to other TCP spray guns in several ways:

Features TCP Global Professional 9-Piece HVLP Spray Gun SetTCP Global Air Undercoating Spray GunTCP Global Pressure Tank Paint Spray GunTCP global professional gravity feed HVLP spray gunTCP Global brand professional new 2.5-mm HVLP Spray Gun
Gun typeHVLP, gravity feedPneumatic air siphon feedHVLP, Pressure feedHVLP, gravity feedHVLP, gravity feed
Spray tip size1.3,1.4 and 1.8mm2.5mm1.5mm0.5-1mm2.5mm
Operating pressure29-50 psi42-120 psi25-30 psi30-60 psi29-51 psi
Use  Best for versatility Ideal for automotive undercoatingBest for commercial coatingSuitable for airbrushingBest for heavy paints (gel coats) and finishes 
Performance High Good Good Good Good 
Accessories Cleaning tools, wrenches mixture filter, air pressure gaugeNone Pressure tank None Air regulator with gauge, cleaning brush, wrenches and cup filter 

Customer Reviews 

TCP Global paint gun reviews are widely positive, with customers praising the gun’s versatility, performance, and affordability.

According to TCP Global spray gun’s Amazon reviews, this Spray Gun set is a great value for the money, including everything you need to get started with spray paint. The spray guns are well-made and produce a fine, even mist that is ideal for achieving a professional-looking finish.

Most people love it because you can adjust the nozzle size and pressure and it comes with rebuild kits, nozzle sets and many other accessories. 

Overall, TCP global paint reviews and gun kit reviews are overwhelmingly positive and must-have for any beginner, professional painter or home DIYer.

If you’re looking for the best spray gun set on the market, I highly recommend the TCP Global Professional 9 Piece HVLP Spray Gun Set. It’s a wise investment that will last for many years to come. Learn more!

Final Thoughts

TCP Global offers an economical 9-piece HVLP spray gun set that caters to a wide range of painting tasks. They’re capable of spraying all types of paint, from thin primers to thick enamels, and come with a variety of spray tips and accessories to customize them to your needs. Also, this spray gun gives you much better results compared to the Graco HVLP or 3M gel coat spray gun.

In this TCP Global complete professional 9-piece HVLP review, I’ve provided detailed information along with sharing my personal experience. Hopefully, it helped you to decide whether buying a TCP Global HVLP spray gun is worth it or not!

When you order a TCP Global Spray Gun Kit, you’ll receive the following items:

FAQs On TCP Global Paint Gun Set Review

Who makes TCP global paint?

Since 1974, TCP Global has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality, affordable spray guns.  They also manufacture TCP automotive paint, industrial, and commercial paints, coatings, and accessories. Their products are used by professional and DIY painters around the world.

Is TCP Global Paint any good?

Yes, TCP Global paint is generally considered to be good quality. A popular choice among both professional and DIY painters, TCP Global Paint is renowned for its durability, affordability, and extensive array of colors and finishes.

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