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If you want to buy a Graco spray gun but are confused about whether you should buy SG2 or SG3, I’m here to help you!

Graco SG2 and SG3 are the best airless spray guns that share many similarities, but some major differences can affect your working experience if you’re not aware of them. If you’ve no experience with spray guns before, this article is worth a read. 

As for determining ‘Which one is the better fit for your needs?’ – it can indeed present a challenging decision. But for your convenience, here I’ll thoroughly analyze and differentiate between Graco SG2 vs. SG3 spray guns to decide which one is best. It will give you some insight into what to look for in terms of features and benefits so that you can find the perfect solution for your needs. 

graco sg2 metal spray gun

Graco SG2 vs SG3 Airless Metal Spray Gun (Quick View)

FeatureSG2 Spray Gun (Old Model)SG3 Spray Gun (Updated Model)
Graco SG2 vs SG3 Parts ListSG2 gun repair kit, trigger kit, gun filter, gun handle, Spray tip, Spray tip guard, lock nut, trigger studSG3 spray gun repair kit, trigger kit, Graco SG3 spray gun filter, gun handle, Spray tip, Spray tip guard, lock nut, trigger stud
Orifice Size0.125 inches0.125 inches
Mesh Filter60 mesh60 mesh
Trigger Design4-fingerFour-finger
Trigger PullLighter trigger pull than its competitorsSmooth pull
Comfortable DesignYesOptimized for efficiency and comfort
Maximum Fluid Pressure3600 psi3600 psi
CompatibilityBest suited for Magnum and Graco paint sprayers such as Magnum Project Painter Plus, Magnum X7Best suited for Graco Magnum ProX17 Stand/Cart and Magnum ProX19 Stand/Cart
Replaceable NeedleYes (to prevent clogging)Yes (to prevent clogging)
Paint Material CompatibilityLatex, stains, primers, and varnishesVarious material (from thick to thin)
Additional FeaturesNoneSmooth Glide Swivel for reduced hose twisting – Safety lock to prevent leaking when not in use – Considered an updated version of SG2

SG2 Spray Gun

The Graco SG2 Metal Spray Gun is the eldest, lightweight and most affordable airless spray gun out there. In 2023, on Amazon, over 94% of the 500+ reviews for Graco SG2 and SG3 products awarded them five-star ratings.This exceptional level of acclaim is truly remarkable and reflects the high satisfaction of customers. Learn more!

graco sg2 airless spray gun

I have personally used Sg2 spray gun for these Graco models such as;

Graco Airless ModelProject Size Project Usage
Magnum Project Painter Plus5 GallonsLight and small projects
Magnum X510 GallonsMedium projects
Magnum X715 GallonsMedium projects

What I Like & Dislike

Pros Cons 
Extremely affordable airless spray gun Older model
Compatible with a variety of materialsPossesses fewer features compared to the SG3

SG3 Spray Gun

The Graco SG3 metal spray gun is the latest and upgraded version of the SG2 gun. Having all the features of SG, it also owns other extra features that make it stand out. Here we’ve got a list of these SG3’s features. Read more!

graco sg3 spray gun

As a user of the Sg3 spray gun, I have personally used it with the Graco ProX17 and ProX19 models.

Graco Airless Model Project SizeProject Usage
Magnum ProX17 20 GallonsHeavy duty projects
Magnum ProX1930 GallonsHeavy workload

What I Like & Dislike

Tip lock.Slightly pricier than SG2
Smooth Glide Swivel for better control
Handle filter for improved functionality

Similarities Between SG2 and SG3 Spray Guns

SG2 and SG3 Spray Guns parts

Both of these Graco spray guns share quite a few similarities. Here, I’ll discuss them.


We’re comparing two products of the same brand so you know it will be tough competition. Graco is a leading company with a great reputation and no doubt Graco manufactures the best paint sprayers and other spray tools out there in the market. Their goal is to manufacture guns that are easy to handle and comfortable,  that’s why painters all across the world adore this brand.

Fundamental similarities

SG2 and SG3 share many fundamental similarities, some of them are:

  1. Graco Magnum airless system is utilised by both guns
  2. Both spray guns acquire the  4-finger trigger
  3. The guard-locking mechanism is also the same
  4. Share almost the same design

Compatibility and comfort

Moreover, both products are manufactured with comfort in mind. They can be used for any paint job with any pain type. Apart from this, they’re quite easy to use and clean.

Graco SG2 vs. SG3 Guns: A Comparison

Let’s explore some features that differentiate the SG2 Metal Spray Gun from the SG3 Spray Gun.

Graco SG3 vs. SG3 Price

You might be thinking I’ve written it as a similarity. Well, I’ve listed it in similarity because both guns are more expensive than other spray guns, which are cheaper but can’t match these guns in terms of quality and function.

If we compare Graco SG2 and SG3 spray guns, SG2 is cheaper and it may be a good choice for those who are short on budget.

Graco sg2 vs. sg3 Performance

Before choosing any spray gun, know your needs and projects on which you’re working. Selecting the most suitable gun for your specific tasks is important.

If you work as a spray painter, Graco SG3 is an ideal and updated choice as it can easily handle heavy-duty and industrial painting projects. SG3 is preferred because it has a powerful motor, larger tip size and advanced features. It is specially designed for thicker coatings and materials; therefore, it can handle high workload projects easily.

On the other hand, if you’re a DIYer or painting is your hobby, go for SG2 as you’ll be doing only light duty and small projects including painting furniture, houses and fences etc. It enables you to achieve impeccable results without breaking the bank.

Customer reviews

Customers admire both Graco spray guns because they’re user-friendly and easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, there are numerous other advantages worth considering.

These guns are versatile as they’re not only used for staining and varnishing but are also ideal to utilize with oil-based cleaners and latex paints. These spray guns will help you complete your project without any hassle.

According to a few users, sometimes the tip of the spray gun locks up. Although this isn’t an issue with the majority of customers.

Overall, both spray guns have received excellent and similar feedback. But in comparison to other products, people find SG3 more convenient and user-friendly. 

Final thoughts

There isn’t any well-defined supremacy between these two spray guns as both are amazing products with excellent reviews. The truth is, the Graco SG3 is just an updated version of the SG2 metal spray gun. 

If you’ve some extra cash to spend, I suggest you buy the SG3 metal spray gun. However, if you already have the Graco SG2, don’t go for SG3 as they’ve many similarities in features, compatibility and design.

One thing is assured, both guns help you with your spraying needs. Regardless of your choice, ensure that you invest in a high-quality product. I thoroughly explored SG2 vs. SG3 with all features for your better understanding. Hopefully, this article helped decide which spray gun is perfect for you.

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