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What if you clean your Wagner paint sprayer in no time at all? That’s possible, and you’ll be surprised that it won’t be as challenging as you think. Cleaning your paint sprayer properly and after every project is essential. Maintaining and cleaning your paint sprayer will ensure that it will last and work for you for a long time. Many of our repair requests are caused by a lack of or improper cleaning.

So, if you own a Wagner Paint Sprayer or considering buying one, but are unsure about cleaning a Wagner paint sprayer, then this is the article for you! We will explain how to clean your Wagner Paint Sprayer in this guide.

How to clean a Wagner Double duty paint sprayer?

Here is the step by step guide for cleaning wagner sprayer;

Supplies You’ll Need For Wagner Paint Sprayer Cleaning

There are a few things you need before you clean Wagner paint sprayers. Make sure you have them before you start. Here they are:

  • A bowl filled with soapy water
  • A brush for cleaning
  • A clean towel
  • Cleaning solution for the Wagner sprayer
  • The paint container
  • Wagner paint sprayer
how to take apart a wagner paint sprayer-cleaning solvent

Once you have all the materials you will need for the cleaning process, follow the step-by-step guide we have provided below. Don’t forget to wear your protective gear first as it can get just as messy as the painting itself.

Important Tip:

Using A Paint Sprayer Cleaner

You should wash your paint sprayer with warm water and soap if you are using water-based paint. On the other hand, for oil-based products, mineral spirits is your best cleaning solution.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to check the paint label for cleaning solutions if you aren’t sure what to use

As you’re interested in cleaning Wagner paint sprayers, what should you know about Wagner Sprayers?

wagner paint sprayer not spraying

Most DIYers find that an HVLP paint sprayer works well for all painting projects. When it comes to the versatile HVLP model, Wagner sprayers offer high quality and are capable of handling a wide range of projects. 

All of the spray guns in the Wagner Series are worth investing in, as they make some of the best paint sprayers in the industry. 

No matter what Wagner spray guns you use, whether it is Wagner’s Flexio 590, Wagner’s Paint Sprayer 2000, Wagner’s Flexio 3000, or Wagner Control Pro 130, cleaning these sprayers after every use is essential.

All HVLP paint sprayers follow the same basic cleaning process. In general, I clean out my professional paint sprayer in the same way, but with a few changes such as how to detach the parts of the paint sprayer.

With these paint sprayers, you can get a really smooth finish that you couldn’t get if you use a paintbrush, and they’re pretty fun to use as well!

How To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer Step by Step Guide

1: Take apart a Wagner paint sprayer

The first thing you’ll need to do is detach your Wagner spray Gun before you start.

By twisting them apart, you’ll be able to separate the front end from the body of the gun. Remove the paint cup and dispose of leftover paint in your paint tin.

how to clean wagner paint sprayer filter and paint container
Cleaning Wagner paint container

2: Cleaning the paint container

You will need warm, soapy water to remove the remaining paint from the paint cup after using your Wagner spray gun.

However, if the paint has dried, you might need to use a paint cleaner or paint thinner to remove any excess paint.

how to clean wagner paint sprayer other parts after use

3: Clean Other Parts of the Sprayer

Spray guns need to be cleaned regularly, especially the nozzle which is one of their most important parts. For this purpose, the brush can be used to clean hard-to-reach areas.

If the paint is still fresh, you should clean it with soapy water. However, paint thinner is needed to remove dried paint. When working with paint thinner, make sure you wear safety goggles and gloves and dispose of it properly.

4: Take the front end apart

Remove the sprayer tip to gain access to the inside. You can use a brush to remove any leftover paint. However, if you let the paint dry inside there, you may find it very difficult to remove and the device may become unusable.

5: Dried Stubborn Pieces

If you still have dried paint on stubborn items, you can soak them in soapy water with a cleaning agent for 20 minutes and then try to clean them.

Make sure all parts of the sprayer are clean one last time to ensure there is no paint left over. Even the smallest bit of leftover paint can lead to problems, so be careful to scrub precisely.

6: Dry and Reassemble

The last step is to lay out all the pieces from the spray gun on a clean, dry towel so that they can completely dry. once all parts are completely dry, you can reassemble the gun. Just make sure you follow the right order and don’t forget any small pieces.

Is it possible to hook up my Wagner paint sprayer to garden hose?

learn about to hook up my Wagner paint sprayer to garden hose for cleaning

Yes, some paint sprayers can be connected to a garden hose by way of fittings. Usually, the water passing through the hose is enough to remove all the residue inside the sprayer, without the use of soap. This method will not work for oil-based paints or acrylic paints, so you’ll need to clean it with mineral spirits or other paint thinner.

The Final Word on how to clean Wagner paint sprayer

As you can see, cleaning a Wagner paint sprayer is a piece of cake. We have provided a simple guide on how to clean the Wagner paint sprayer to ensure your paint sprayer is always maintained in the best possible condition.

FAQS on How To Clean A Wagner Paint Sprayer

Why wagner paint sprayer won’t spray?

Your paint gun may not be spraying paint at all if there is a clog in the air outlet or the hose. To remove leftover paint, use a toothpick and a cleaning solvent. Also, you should inspect the air supply if your paint gun still isn’t spraying after you’ve cleaned it. 

Is your Wagner paint sprayer clogged?

Don’t worry if it is clogged. Here is the Step by step Wagner paint sprayer cleaning guide 

  • Take the spray gun apart.
  • Wash the paint container cup.
  • Clean the spray nozzle and suction tube.
  • Remove the front portion.
  • Scrub all the parts thoroughly. 
  • Reassemble the sprayer parts when dry.

How to clean a paint sprayer with dried paint?

When it comes to deep cleaning paint sprayers, alcohol and mineral spirit are great solvents. Ideally, you should avoid using them because the chemicals will wear out your sprayer tube and gun’s gaskets over time.

What causes my Wagner paint sprayer tip to clog?

A low air pressure can stop liquids from atomizing, or a liquid that hardens quickly when it comes in contact with air may cause clogging. Plus, too much pressure can lead to clogging. If you stop spraying, liquid may stick to the air cap.

What should you use to clean a paint sprayer?  

You can use paint thinner until the sprayer is clean. However, you should avoid lacquer thinner, which may damage the sprayer’s internal parts. For those, who used water as a flushing fluid, we suggest that you now flush it with mineral spirits to prevent rust and ice build-up.

After that, wipe the exterior parts of your paint sprayer with a rag dipped in water or mineral spirits. Also, make sure to responsibly dispose of waste from this process.

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