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Whenever I talk about the universal sprayers, you will find the Wagner Control Pro 130 review at the top for many reasons. It’s a high-end sprayer with all-in-all characteristics, specially designed for professionals and DIYers. This powerful spray gun is suitable for different painting projects and is considered one of the most popular airless spray guns on the market. Wagner control pro 130 pressure adjustment, performance, and durability make it a great choice for everyone.

In my personal experience, the design and usage of control pro 130 are for medium-to-large painting projects. The high-power motor can take the heavy lifting and always provide professional results. So, check out the detailed research on Wagner control sprayers below.

Wagner Airless Sprayer
wagner control pro 130 paint sprayer
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Power Source: AC/DC
  • Battery Required: No
  • Weight: 11 Pounds
  • Tank Volume:1.5 Gallons

Summary of Wagner Control Pro 130 Review

Wagner control pro 130 power tank reviews is equipped with the latest High-efficiency Airless Technology (HEA). In my experience, it offers 55% less overspray than other traditional sprayers and is a cost-efficient solution for all painting projects.

You don’t need to be a pro to set it up, and the gravity-fed system prevents filthy priming. The 1.5 gallons of a large vessel is capable of completing medium painting projects continuously. The sprayer is very friendly to different paints, primers and stains.

Furthermore, you can easily attach, detach, or replace the parts, even the spray tip attached. The advanced paint applicators make it a state-of-the-art spray gun on the market. The winner of the top award in 2019 as a pro painting tool. Yeah! It’s all about Wagner 0580678 control pro 130 power tank paint sprayer reviews.

Features of Wagner Control Pro 130

You will find hundreds of sprayers and models having unique features, but control pro 130 has its own significance. I’ve mentioned the core features that make it loved by most painters:

wagner control pro 130 parts
Wagner control pro 130 parts

Modern HEA Tip Technology

Wagner features the most modern high-efficiency technology (HEA) to acquire different fan options. It reduces the overspray and lessens the use of paint while painting. Likewise, the technology simplifies and saves a great deal of time when masking and taping. I have also tried another HEA model of control pro series- 250 M Wagner airless sprayer which is great for medium to large projects.

Professional-Grade Spray Gun

wagner control pro 130 spray tips
Wagner control pro 130 spray tip

The spray gun has a professional design with a top-notch tip to paint in minimal time. You can easily spray an 8-10 feet wall in two minutes as per my experience. The tip can easily spread latex and oil-based paints. Moreover, it’s compatible with separately-sold spray tips to change the spray pattern according to your project requirements.

Hose length

You can attach a 25-feet hose to paint the two-story walls. This feature is suitable when working on a big painting project, whether interior or exterior. The hose lessens your investment in buying painting ladders to reach higher levels.

Quick To Set Up

Wagner control pro 130 pouring paint
Wagner control pro 130 poring paint
Wagner control pro 130 paint in hopper
Wagner control pro 130 paint in hopper

There is not a lengthy procedure to set up the Wagner Pro 130, just a few simple steps, and it’s all done. The included instructional manual provides all the necessary instructions if you are stuck somewhere. No assembly is needed, just pour the paint, and start painting.

One common feature that the Wagner Spraytech 0518080 and Wagner 0580678 Control Pro 130 paint sprayers share is the presence of a stationary base as you can see in picture above. This base is designed to connect to a hose, allowing for greater reach during painting projects and reducing hand fatigue that can occur when holding the sprayer for extended periods of time.

This great feature can make both of these sprayers a great choice for larger painting jobs that require more time and effort. By using a stationary base, users can work more comfortably and efficiently, while still achieving great results.

These two spraying models are part of the same series – the Wagner Control Series.

Easy To Clean

No hard cleaning is required, detach the components, and it’s all done. However, I recommend you use a neutral soap or liquid for washing purposes.

A Universal Spray

I call the Wagner control pro 130 price a universal sprayer because you can spray all kinds of paints, primers, and satins with it. The 0.375 horsepower motor is capable of spraying everything without any trouble.

In case you want an all-round sprayer without a cart, then take a look at the Wagner double duty sprayer in the control series.


Enjoy extended warranty as a plus whenever you make a purchase of a new Wagner 130 pro. You can contact state-of-the-art customer support when the warranty is valid.


wagner control pro 130 paint sprayer
Wagner Control Pro 130 sprayer
Wagner control pro 170 sprayer
Wagner Control Pro 170 sprayer

In my opinion, the higher grades of spray painters are not really needed for the homeowner unless you plan to spray epoxy or other thick coatings.

Choosing the Control Pro 170 will increase the flow rate or coating capabilities. In addition, the Control Pro 170 includes a metal spray gun for added durability. On the other hand, Wagner Control Pro 130 is much faster (3X) than a roller. Also, its HEA technology also minimizes overspray using less pressure.

I really enjoy using my Control Pro 130. The tank needs to be cleaned more often, but it’s a great value for the price. 

Wagner control pro 130 vs 150

wagner control pro 130 paint sprayer
Wagner Control Pro 130 sprayer
Wagner control pro 150 sprayer
Wagner Control Pro 150 sprayer

The 130 and 150 sprayers both offer distinctive features catering to different painting needs. The 130 model supports a maximum tip size of 515 and sprays at 0.24 gallons per minute, suited to smaller projects. With 0.375 horsepower, it lacks an adjustable pressure setting, which limits its versatility. The 150 model, on the other hand, shares the same maximum tip size and boasts a higher flow rate at 0.29 gallons per minute. Its increased 0.555 horsepower is coupled with an adjustable pressure setting, making it suitable for a wide array of tasks.

When accuracy and delicate work arises, the 130 sprayer stands out. It’s ideal for delicate projects, intricate detailing, and touch-ups, given its low flow rate. Its lack of an adjustable pressure setting might be less of a concern here, as its primary focus is on controlled applications. Conversely, the 150 model excels in adaptability scenarios. The adjustable pressure feature allows users to tackle different surface types and coating viscosities effectively. Its higher horsepower also facilitates quicker and more efficient coverage, making it well-suited to larger areas.

In short, a Wagner Control Pro 150 would be my recommendation if you plan to paint a large area. Sprayers such as the 150 are better overall because they are faster and easier to use, and they have more options to adjust the spray speed. Having said that, I would suggest that if you are on a budget or only have a few projects to handle, a 130 pro would be a good consideration.

Advantages of Wagner Control Pro 130 Sprayer

  • Easy to set up and use sprayer.
  • Suitable for painting small or large walls.
  • A very little assembly is required, and an easy-to-clean product.
  • Compatible with different spray tips.

Disadvantages of Wagner Control Pro 130 Sprayer

  • You can’t adjust the pressure.
  • The vessel has only 1.5 gallons of storage.
  • Refilling is required after 10 minutes
  • No inline filter is attached.

Customers’ Reviews About Wagner Control Pro 130 Sprayer

I have collected feedback from thousands of customers using Wagner pro 130 for years. It’s an all-in-all sprayer with a digital spray tip. It’s time-saving, reliable, and, most importantly, an affordable sprayer. It’s an impressive spray gun useable for small, medium, or big painting projects. Lastly, people love its extended warranty.

For me, it’s very easy to use and worth the money spent. Speedy set up and quite simple to use for interior or exterior painting projects.

FAQs On Wagner Control Pro 130 review

How good is the Wagner Control Pro 130?

It’s an all-inclusive sprayer equipped with the latest technology to increase efficiency and reliability for most projects. You can paint walls, ceilings, and furniture with paints, stains, or primers.

Do I need to thin the paint for the Wagner Pro 130?

In my experience, Wagner pro 130 is equally satisfactory for thin and thick paints. The high-efficiency technology enables the tip to paint all kinds of paints without any issues.

Can you use oil based paint in Wagner Control Pro 130?

It’s a powerful spray gun and has the latest-technology components. So you can use oil-based, water-based, or any kind of paint without thinking much. The frequently used paints are oil-based, satin, and primer.

How do I get a smooth finish with the Wagner sprayer?

Getting a smooth finish with the Wagner sprayer requires a precise set up. Read the instructions, set the pressure, and maintain a suitable distance between the walls and sprayer tip. Congrats! You are ready to get uniform spray painting results.

Why is my Wagner paint sprayer spitting paint?

There may be different reasons for it, but when the nozzle is not attached properly to the place, it happens. Therefore, read the instructions carefully and make sure the tip has a snug fit in its place.

Final Words On Wagner Control Pro 130 review

Finally, it’s all about the most precise Wagner control pro 130 sprayer. I have shared everything necessary about the Wagner control pro 150 review to make your decision easy.

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