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A professional painter, I always seek out new sprayers that enhance my work. For the past few months, I have been searching for a paint sprayer that can handle all the challenges I face during my medium to large DIY projects. That’s when I found the Wagner Control Pro 250 M sprayer. What really caught my attention was HEA technology delivering low spraying pressure. And let me tell you, this sprayer exceeded my expectations! I used to struggle with precision and get messy, uneven coatings. But with the Wagner Control Pro 250 M, I can achieve smooth, flawless results even on tricky, intricate surfaces.

Believe me, this sprayer has become my new go-to for medium to large DIY projects. It gives me maximum control, making my work shine again. So here, I am sharing the Wagner Control Pro 250 M review that will help you understand its features, performance, and comparison with other HEA models in greater detail.

Wagner Airless Control Pro 250 M

Quick Summary Of Wagner Control Pro 250M Review

If you are looking for a tool that can help you tackle paint projects with precision and finesse, then the Wagner Control Pro 250M proves to be an invaluable tool that is never going to disappoint you. Due to its innovative nozzle design, it ensures maximum control of your painting endeavors. This allows you to deliver flawless, quality results without streaking.

This product has the great nozzle design available on the market today. Whether you’re a seasoned painter or a first-time user, this sprayer is tailored to cater to your needs, guiding you effortlessly towards picture-perfect outcomes.

One of the primary reasons I chose the Wagner Control Pro 250M is its unparalleled versatility and ease of use. The fact that it is compatible with both water and solvent-based materials is what makes it the perfect choice for virtually any project, from paints and varnishes to wood preservatives and beyond.

In addition, the inclusion of airless technology with the ability to spray at a reduced pressure not only enhances control, but also extends the useful life of the sprayer, making it a long lasting companion to have by your side for a long time.

With up to 55% less overspray, painting is efficient and clean, saving time and material. I was also impressed with the practical two-finger trigger airless gun, and the 9-meter flexible hose. I can easily take on medium to large projects. With its innovative nozzle technology, which provides a softer spray for improved control and a more consistent finish, I can enhance my work to a whole new level, elevating my work to a whole new level.

As it has a practical carrying handle, it adds to its portability, as I can easily switch from one work location to another without any hassle. And not forgetting, the sprayer’s lightweight design ensures I can work for longer periods without fatigue, making it a true workhorse for all my painting needs. Overall, the Wagner Control Pro 250 M provides unmatched control, precision, and reliability for every project.

My experience with Wagner Airless Control Pro 250 M

Used Wagner Control Pro 250 M for walls

At first, I was hesitant due to the mixed reviews I saw, but I decided to give it a shot. And, I am glad I did! With this sprayer, I painted the walls and ceiling of my house, and it covered 15 square meters in just 2 minutes. Furthermore, I managed to paint an entire room including walls and ceilings in just 45 minutes, and everything turned out flawlessly.

I personally tested this sprayer in my house with thick masonry paint at power setting 3, and it worked perfectly. No performance drop!

If there were any dribbles, I found that diluting the paint by 5-10% and increasing the pressure resolved this issue.

Whether you need to paint indoors or outdoors, this versatile tool is suitable for both applications. While it may require some practice to get used to, it offers an easy-to-use experience that significantly speeds up the painting process.

It definitely proved its worth, and I felt like I had made a smart investment. More interested in popular Wagner sprayers.

Wagner 250 M Control ProFeatures / Model description
Compatible materialWood, metal, and wall paints, including anti-corrosion
Weight7.6 kg
Project scalemedium to large
Area Coverage15 m²/2 min
Paint flow rate1.25 l/min
Power550 W
Hose length9 m
This kit includes311 and 517 HEA reversible nozzles and filter
Spray gun typeAirless gun with two-finger trigger

Benefits Of Wagner Airless 250M:

Reduced Spraying Pressure

This advanced technology ensures precise paint application, granting users maximum control over the spraying process, resulting in a professional and polished finish.

Longer Service Life

The airless technology, with its reduced spraying pressure, places less strain on the equipment, leading to increased durability and a prolonged lifespan for the airless sprayer, reducing maintenance requirements.

Up to 55% Less Overspray

Just like Wagner Control Pro 150 HEA technology, it also optimizes paint usage, reduces material waste, and saves on paint costs by minimizing overspray. This makes it a cost-effective choice for medium to large projects.

For times when you don’t need control airless technology due to overspray, you can try a Wagner Control Painter HVLP sprayer. We’ve already done the homework for you:))

Nozzle Technology

This technology generates a soft spray pattern, providing better handling and precise control during painting. This feature enables you to achieve a consistent and smooth finish on various surfaces.

The soft spray pattern enhances control and reduces the risk of paint spillage and splatters. This results in a neat painting experience with minimal cleanup required.

Used For

The versatility of the Control Pro 250 M airless paint sprayer shines through, as it accommodates both water and solvent-based paints on various surfaces. Whether it’s walls, ceilings, wood, or metal, this sprayer handles it all. It handles emulsion, gloss, masonry, lacquer, primer, enamel, satin, varnish, and other special coatings. Its wide compatibility ensures you can tackle any painting project easily and achieve professional-level results.

Lightweight Airless Spray Gun

The two-finger trigger design provides more precision and comfort, allowing you to work for extended periods without fatigue. It enhances your productivity and ensures steady, even application.

Practical Carrying Handle

The inclusion of a carrying handle makes it easy to change work locations without hassle. It adds to the overall portability of the equipment, enhancing convenience during large projects.

Direct paint intake

This feature eliminates the need to refill the paint, saving you time and effort. It also minimizes mess.

Paint Hose

The 9m paint hose gives you more freedom to move around and cover a wide area without constantly moving the main unit, like the ControlPro 250 R. You can download the Wagner Control Pro 250M manual to learn more about it.

What I learnt about wagner control pro 250M electric airless paint sprayer!

When I had a lot of large surfaces to paint, this machine was a lifesaver! It tackled them all in no time, and getting the paint mix right was surprisingly easy. The gun was comfortable to use during the process, but I have to admit, cleaning it and the pipework afterwards was quite a task. It took some time to ensure everything was spotless.

One important tip: If you decide to use this system, make sure you tape up absolutely everything you don’t want paint on. Proper masking is key to a clean and professional finish.

Downside Of Wagner 250M:

Clogging Issues:

I noticed some users mentioned clogging issues with thicker paints or when not straining paint properly.

Not Suitable for Flammable Substances

I prefer not to use flammable substances with this sprayer for safety reasons.


If you’re a beginner, controlling overspray can be tricky, resulting in paint waste.

Not Suitable for Small Projects:

I found it less ideal for smaller, intricate tasks while being great for medium to large projects. I usually use it for domestic use, but not for professional use.

Ratings from Online Purchasers of This HEA Model

Here’s what online customers are saying about this 250M:

DetailsOut of 10
Faster & soft spray8
Easy to use7
Easy to clean7
Overall Rating7.5

Wagner 250M vs 250R

Wagner 250M vs 250R

According to my observation, Wagner HEA control pro 250R and 250M airless models share many similarities. Both feature high-efficiency airless technology with reduced spraying pressure for precise control and less overspray.

The Wagner Control Pro 250R and 250M airless models have the same volume capacity to deliver 1.25 liters per minute. This makes them equally efficient in paint delivery. Additionally, both models have a comparable power output of 550 watts for consistent performance.

They are suitable for medium to large projects, work with water- and solvent-based materials, and come with a practical carrying handle for easy relocation. However, the Wagner 250R paint sprayer is slightly lighter at 7.2 kg and emphasizes its innovative nozzle technology. In contrast, the Wagner HEA control pro 250M weighs 7.6 kg and focuses on its lightweight spray gun for added precision and reduced fatigue. Both models boast a 9m paint hose for larger paint jobs.

Wagner 250M vs 350M

In comparison to the Wagner pro 250M and 350M, both are airless paint sprayers designed to make painting tasks more convenient. These two models aren’t alike. Let’s look at the old and updated 350 M versions.

  1. Power and Performance: The Wagner 350M is generally more powerful (600W) and has a higher flow rate (1.5 l/min) than the 250M. This means that the 350M can take on larger projects and cover more significant surface areas in less time.
  2. Paint Container Capacity: The Wagner 350M typically comes with a larger paint container compared to the 250M. This is beneficial for projects that require a substantial amount of paint, as it reduces the need for frequent refills.
  3. Weight and Portability: The Wagner 250M is generally lighter and more portable compared to the 350M (13.2 Kg). This makes it easier to move around and use for extended periods without fatigue, which can be advantageous for medium size projects or when maneuverability is essential.
  4. Price: As the 350M offers more power and features, it tends to be more expensive than the 250M. The price difference may be a consideration for users on a budget or those who don’t require the higher capacity and performance of the 350M.
  5. Hose Length: The Wagner 350M comes with a longer hose, typically around 15 meters (approximately 49 feet), offering greater reach and flexibility during painting tasks. In contrast, the Wagner 250M features a hose length of around 9 meters (approximately 29.5 feet), which may be more suitable for medium-sized projects with less distance to cover.

You can check the quick summary chart below comparing both 250M vs 350M models:

Control Pro 350Features / DetailsControl Pro 250
600 WPower550 W
13.2 KgWeight7.6 Kg
‎ACPower source‎Corded Electric
1.5 l/minVolume capacity1.25 l/min
15mHose length9m
Cart sprayerTypeWithout cart

The choice between the Wagner 250M and 350M sprayer models depends on the scale and nature of your painting project. The Wagner 250M is ideal for medium to large projects on a budget. It offers ease of use and portability for tasks like room painting or furniture refinishing as I did.

On the other hand, the Wagner 350M excels in larger, heavy-duty projects, accommodating thicker materials and delivering professional-level results. Its high power, pressure, and extended hose make it perfect for whole-house exteriors or large interior spaces.

Consider the project size, paint type, and your specific needs to select the most suitable sprayer. This will ensure an efficient and successful painting experience.

Conclusion On wagner 250 paint sprayer:

After using the Control Pro 250 M airless paint sprayer, I’m thrilled to recommend it! With its HEA technology, it’s a compact, user-friendly solution that delivers flawless coverage and offers maximum flexibility. However, it’s not suitable for flammable substances, and cleaning can take time. In the marketplace, you may find cheaper alternatives, but if you are looking for quality results, this sprayer is for you.

FAQS On Wagner Control Pro 250

What is the difference between a Wagner 250M and a 350M?

The main difference between Wagner 250M and 350M is their paint delivery volume and power consumption. The 250M has a delivery volume of 1.25 liters per minute and a power consumption of 550 watts. In contrast, the 350M has a delivery volume of 1.50 liters per minute and a power consumption of 600 watts. This means that the 350M can deliver slightly more paint per minute and requires slightly more power than the 250M.

What is the difference between Wagner 250M and 250R?

This Wagner Control PRO 250R paint sprayer is supported by a stand. The Wagner 250M weighs 7.6 kilograms, while the 250R is also made of metal but lighter, weighing 7.2 kilograms. Both models are part of the HEA Control PRO 250 series and are suitable for standard paint stains and lacquers, with the 250R being more portable due to its lighter weight.

What is the difference between FLEXiO and control?

Design and technology are the main differences between the FLEXiO and Control series.

  1. FLEXiO Series:
  • The FLEXiO series is designed for versatility and ease of use.
  • It utilizes advanced X-Boost turbine technology, which provides adjustable air pressure and allows for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • FLEXiO sprayers are typically lighter and more portable, making them suitable for various smaller to medium painting tasks.
  • These sprayers are ideal for quick and simple painting jobs with minimal setup and cleanup.
  1. Control Series:
  • The Control series is focused on precision and fine finish.
  • It incorporates (HEA) technology, which reduces overspray and provides a more controlled application.
  • Control sprayers are typically more powerful and suitable for larger projects, such as walls, and exteriors.
  • They offer a smoother finish and are better suited for professional.

Do I need to thin paint for Wagner airless sprayer?

Generally, Wagner airless sprayers are designed to handle unthinned latex and oil-based paints. However, some thicker paints may require slight thinning to achieve optimal spray performance.

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