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Taking pride in the improvement of your home is something you enjoy and getting the right tools is a key to success. Today I want to share my experience regarding the tool that I use a lot for my painting projects. Since it helps me out and saves me time, I am able to save more money. I have a Wagner Power Sprayer, which is called the Power Painter Plus- a small sprayer for painting which can be used for small and medium projects. You can use power painters to quickly create a smooth professional finish on a variety of projects.

wagner power painter plus parts
Wagner power painter plus with EZ Tilt Technology
Wagner Power Painter Plus
The Wagner Power Painter Plus 0525027 Airless sprayer gets a 4/5 rating from experienced user. 
  • Design: 4/5
  • Power Performance: 4/5
  • Features: 3/5
  • Price: 5/5
Introduction To Wagner Power Painter Review

Wagner power painters are trusted and reliable names that will not let you down. Airless paint sprayers are almost necessary in every painter’s kit, and the Wagner Power Painter Plus is the optimal combination of durability, power, and functionality.

It might seem like a complicated piece of equipment at first, but after using it for a few minutes, you’ll quickly realize how easy it is to operate. You can learn the basics and tricks of spraying in minutes, even if you’re a newbie to it.

Unlike other sprayers, Wagner power painters with easy tilt technology enable you to spray at any angle without spitting or stopping. In other words, you can point downward at floors, decks, or roof eaves while maintaining a continuous flow of material. This Wagner paint sprayer model also offers other unique advantages.


Wagner Power Painter Pro Features

Are Wagner power painters any good? Here is a Wagner power painter plus review to help you make your decision.

wagner power painter plus airless sprayer review
Wagner Power Painter Plus 0525027 Airless Sprayer

Product Features

Brand: Wagner

Sprayer Type: Airless

Tank volume: 0.2‎5 Gallons

Item’s weight: 0.01 Pounds

Wagner EZ Tilt Power Painter Technology

The easy tilt difference begins with the unique flexible, multi-directional suction tube inside the cup. Taking a look at other sprayers, their rigid suction tubes draw up the material when the spray gun is vertical, but what happens when it tilts? The cup isn’t full and the material is only at the bottom, so the tube stops feeding the sprayer, causing it to spit.

Wagner sprayers use flexible tubes for spraying(troubleshooting)
Wagner sprayers use flexible tubes for spraying

Wagner sprayers use flexible tubes that follow material as the sprayers move in any direction. The sprayer keeps feeding the material since it stays with the material longer. In other sprayer cups, material remains in the cup, but the cup must be refilled before emptying. With Wagner power painter plus EZ tilt technology, there’s no need to waste time, so keep spraying without missing a beat.

Note: If you are not interested in Wagner power airless sprayer then I suggest you try Graco Magnum X7 for airless spraying as it is my go-to tool for home improvement projects.

Wagner Optimus Dual Tip

The first thing I noticed when unpacking this sprayer was the Wagner Optimus Power Painter Plus tip. The notable part is that the nozzle end can be adjusted for horizontal and vertical painting.

wagner power painter pro

Wagner’s Optimus dual tip creates a smooth and consistent finish, so you can spray in any direction while getting the same high-quality finish as professional sprayers cost hundreds of dollars for projects. You can also rent Wagner HVLP or Airless sprayers.

Twist lock Paint cup

wagner power painter pro

This Wagner power painter provides quick, and quality paint application which is one of its most appealing features. It may be good enough if you want more speed than a paint roller in your spray system.

The Power Painter Plus comes with an easy to fill 1 quart cup so less refilling is required. Its translucent casing gives you an idea of the amount of stain or paint left, and it takes just a minute to remove for cleaning.

Wagner Paint Sprayer Parts

A Wagner Power Painter can be disassembled without additional tools by simply removing all movable parts. You should unscrew all these parts and clean each one separately.

Material Lever

This feature allows you to use the Wagner power painter with stains, sealers, oil based and latex based paints on your furniture, fence, ceiling, overhang, shed, and more. In this way, the sprayer is able to work efficiently without overspray and paint wastage.

Wagner Spray Painter Quick Summary

What I like:

  • A great overhead tool.
  • Setup was super simple.
  • You can rotate the head to change the spray direction from vertical to horizontal.
  • It’s great having the pour spout on the paint can lid. It makes less mess
  • It is capable of switching from wood stain to normal house paint easily.
  • Its one-quart container reduces frequent refilling.
  • It work efficiently and can spray up to 7 gallons per hour delivery.

What I didn’t like::

  • It was noticeably louder than any of my other power sprayer that I used. So, make sure you have good ear protection.
  • The other thing I would add is a a cord clamp or extension cord to the unit to make the painting project more easy and hassle free.

Why is Wagner Power Painter Plus not spraying?

The following reasons could explain why your wagner power painter plus not spraying properly even though it’s set up correctly:

  • A possible cause is that the spray tip is clogged with old material.
  • Spraying material won’t be possible without the necessary pressure. So, you must tighten the paint container properly to the nozzle assembly.
  • A thick material might not be handled by the spray tip.
  • It is also possible that your paint is being blocked because the suction tube or air vent is clogged. So, make sure you clean your sprayer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • You might have a problem with the flow rate of the paint you’re using.
  • Loose suction tube could be another reason for not spraying. You should remove the tube and clean it to fix this issue. After that replace it, and make sure it’s tightened up.
  • There may be a problem with the spray pattern, your gun may be spitting, or your chosen material doesn’t spray well.

Wagner Power Painter Plus Troubleshooting

  • If possible, spray the material without thinning the first time for testing purposes because it is usually not necessary to thin the paint. However, if thinning is required, you should thin a spraying material, by following the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • It is always a good idea to tighten the tip nut before spraying.
  • When spraying with remote suction hoses, a 75% duty cycle is recommended. The gun should be triggered for 15 seconds, then held idle for 5 seconds.
  • You should turn the lever on your sprayer toward the “Paint” side when spraying thick materials. When spraying thinner materials, such as thinner stains, point the sprayer lever toward the stain.

Note: When using the stain setting, you may find that switching to the paint setting improves the spray pattern.

  • Check that the type of material you are using can be cleaned with mineral spirits for oil-based paints or with soap and water for latex paints.

What do users think About wagner power painter plus Airless Sprayer?

A mixed bag of opinions. This tool is popular among users because of its affordability, EZ tilt technology and power. The satisfied customers say Wagner power sprayers apply paint quickly and evenly, wasting almost no paint during application. Another buyer loved its 10X faster speed than a paint brush.

An unhappy customer complains that the tool is loud compared to handheld turbine units as I discussed already. People say the reservoir has grooves inside so it’s more difficult to clean. However, I followed the instructions carefully, so cleaning Wagner power painter plus wasn’t difficult for me.

Price and performance make it an attractive option, but the final decision is up to you.

Conclusion On Review Wagner Power Painter Plus:

Are you planning to benefit from Wagner Power Painter Plus? This Wagner power painter may fit your needs if you want an affordable sprayer with unique features. With Wagner power painters, you can expect a smooth professional finish from every angle. Nothing beats the speed, coverage, and value you get from Wagner power painters. It’s a plus, if you buy some proper ear protection and an extension hose, it’s a good sprayer for the money.

FAQS On Wagner Power Painter Plus

Q: Can I use the Wagner Power Painter Plus to paint the whole house?

The Wagner Painter is not intended for larger projects. This handheld paint sprayer is designed for small and medium-sized tasks, such as painting furniture, cabinets, sheds, doors, fences, and windows.

Q: Why does the Wagner Power Motor overheat?

There are a number of reasons why Wagner power motors overheat, along with some solutions:

  • Seized piston is one possible cause. It is never a good idea to run the sprayer if the piston is seized. Therefore, You should clean both the piston and the pump housing system thoroughly.
  • The extension cord may be too long. If this occurs, you will need to replace the cord with a suitable one.
  • The Wagner sprayer might be continuously operating, so allow the model to cool for a few minutes.

Q: Do I need to thin my paint with a sprayer?

Depending on the paint, it may need to be reduced to a viscosity lower than the manufacturer recommends. The Wagner Power painter can be used with stains, lacquers, sealers, oil and latex based paints.

When spraying thicker materials, such as latex paint, you should select the button (b) until the indicator light shows the word ‘paint’.

On the other hand, if you are working with thinner materials, such as stains, then click the ‘Select’ button (b) until the indicator displays the word ‘STAIN’.

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