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Have you ever wished for an easier way to paint with a smooth, beautiful finish and less paint consumption? The Scuddles power paint sprayer is your solution for better painting results. Using its special High Volume Low Pressure technology, it delivers a perfectly even coat of paint, all while being eco-friendly.

If you’re new to the world of paint sprayers, this budget-friendly Scuddles HVLP Paint Sprayer is your best friend, offering an effortless transition from brushes and rollers. With multiple nozzles included, it’s your all-in-one solution for various projects, even those involving thicker materials.

So, let’s explore Scuddles Power Paint Sprayer Review to discover why the Scuddles LLC paint sprayer is causing a buzz in the painting world and making life easier for homeowners and professionals alike.

scuddles paint sprayer parts


  • 3 Nozzle sizes
  • 6.6-foot power cord
  • 1200 Watt Power
  • Plastic Material
  • Extra containers and cleaning accessories

My experience with the Scuddles Power Paint Sprayer

When it comes to painting, one best practice is “boxing” your paint. This involves combining all the cans of paint into one large container to ensure uniformity of color. It also makes the process of thinning the paint easier.

How to use scuddles paint sprayer?


For my project, I started with a 10% dilution by adding water to make the paint thinner, allowing it to spray more efficiently. I added about 500 milliliters of water, roughly half a quart or 16 ounces, to achieve a 15% dilution.

To test the paint’s viscosity, I used a special cup designed for this purpose. I filled it with paint and timed how long it took to pour through. It should take between 25 and 50 seconds. After a few adjustments, I got the viscosity just right.

before painting with scuddle HVLP sprayer

The Scuddles Power Paint Sprayer was new to me, but I found it relatively easy to use. It’s important to figure out the right speed for using the spray gun. Moving too fast results in insufficient coverage, while moving too slow can lead to excessive thickness and runs. Once you find the optimal speed, the spray gun is simple to operate.

I found that this sprayer covered a significant area quickly. I was able to complete approximately four to four and a half bays with one container of paint, equivalent to almost two coats. The coverage was impressive, and the color, Star Anise (resembling espresso), looked fantastic.

The Scuddle Paint Sprayer I used is an affordable option for indoor and outdoor painting jobs. It’s readily available on Amazon, and there are various similar models to choose from. I selected this one because its Scuddles HVLP paint sprayer gun with 1200 watt power rating. This higher wattage seemed promising, although I can’t confirm if the wattage makes a significant difference.

scuddles paint sprayer parts

The sprayer comes with a variety of nozzles, in different sizes suitable for various viscosities of paint as you can see in the picture above. It includes a cup to test viscosity, extra pickup straws, a cleaning brush, and a pin for nozzle cleaning.

Adjusting the spray pattern and angle is also possible with this sprayer. It offers versatility in terms of how you can apply paint. The finish is smooth, and it doesn’t leave any brush or roller marks.


One of the great advantages of this sprayer is that it minimizes overspray, making it a relatively clean process. I recommend wearing protective gear such as gloves and a smock when using it, but I found that I had less paint on me compared to using traditional brushes and rollers.

Cleaning the sprayer is important, and you can disassemble it to clean it thoroughly. However, the textured plastic surface can make it challenging to remove all traces of paint. The gasket material used in the sprayer may not be the most durable, so it’s essential to handle it with care.


When I mention cleaning the Scuddles paint sprayer parts, it’s essential to include the air filter in the cleaning process. I’ve taken a picture of its sponge-type filter; please have a look.

Despite a few minor downsides like the instruction manual lack clarity and dealing with the cord while working on scaffolding, I found the Scuddles Power Paint Sprayer to be a valuable tool for intricate painting tasks and hard-to-reach areas. It significantly speeds up the painting process, and for the price, it’s an excellent investment. You can also buy it from Walmart.

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AffordablePotential overspray concerns
Handles various materialsUnclear instructions
Multiple nozzlesLimited paint spread width
Powerful 1200W motorMay require thorough cleaning between uses
Large 1000ml paint tankPlastic parts may be less durable
Adjustable paint flow and air volumeRelatively short power cord
Long 6-foot power cord
Additional accessories included
Efficient paint application
Versatile spray patterns
Comfortable to hold
Spare paint suction straws
Easy assembly and use
Accommodates a variety of paint types
Provides even paint distribution

Unboxing your new Scuddles Paint Sprayer Parts

Paint Spray Gun

The kit includes a professional-quality paint spray gun for excellent finishes.

1000ml Paint Container

You’ll get a large 1000ml paint container to minimize refills during your projects.


A funnel is included to help you pour paint without making a mess.

Straws & Extra Container

You have additional containers and straws for quick color changes.

Cleaning Needle

You’ll find a cleaning needle to keep your spray gun clog-free.

Nozzle Tips

The package contains five nozzle tips of various sizes for different paint types.

User Manual

A user-friendly manual guides you through setup and usage.

Features of Scuddles Paint Sprayer

Spray Patterns/ Spray Modes

Just like Wagner 590, the Scuddles paint sprayer is a versatile tool that offers three different spray patterns: horizontal, vertical, and circular. It comes with a total of 5 nozzles, available in three different sizes (1.8 mm, 2.2 mm, and 2.6 mm) to handle different types of paints.

Note: You can consider Wagner Flexio 590 as your go-to alternative to the Scuddles paint sprayer. It’s a popular choice that comes fully equipped with two nozzles, perfect for both intricate projects and larger surfaces. Flexio 590 may be priced slightly higher than the Scuddles paint sprayer.

The smaller nozzles work well for thin paints like sealers and varnishes, while the larger ones are suitable for thicker paints like latex and chalk paints. You can adjust the spray patterns width with a handy lever in front of the spray nozzle. It’s a good practice to test the spray pattern on cardboard before starting your project to ensure a smooth finish.

Paint Container

The Scuddles paint sprayer has a generous 1000ml (34-ounce) paint container, which means fewer refills and more efficient painting. It even comes with a funnel to make filling the container easy. This large capacity makes it perfect for various projects, from furniture to walls and crafts.

Powerful Motor

This electric paint sprayer features a powerful 1200-watt motor, ensuring a consistent paint flow and making your painting tasks faster. It uses HVLP technology to create a fine and even coat on surfaces. With its three spray patterns, it’s suitable for a wide range of projects, including furniture, fences, cabinets, cars, and crafts.

Flow control knob

You have precise control with adjustable air volume and flow settings thanks to two easy-to-use knobs. These adjustments let you switch seamlessly between covering broad surfaces and tackling edges and corners, ensuring an even and efficient paint application.

Cleaning Accessories/ Attachments

Cleaning the Scuddles paint sprayer is made easy with the included accessories. A brush and unclogging pin help prevent clogs and keep your sprayer in good condition. Three straws reduce cleaning frequency and improve operation. This user-friendly paint sprayer is simple to assemble and use.

Performance of Scuddles HVLP Paint Gun


I grabbed my Scuddles paint sprayer to give new life to some old wooden chairs. Setting it up was a breeze, and I chose the 2.2mm nozzle for an even coat. The horizontal spray pattern covered the chairs beautifully, and the 1000ml container saved me from constant refills. Afterward, cleaning was a snap with the included tools. The Scuddles paint sprayer is a DIY game-changer, giving those chairs a fresh, professional look. Learn more about performance of the scuddles sprayer here.

Troubleshooting for Scuddles Paint Sprayer:

1. Clear Clogs:

If your Scuddles paint sprayer isn’t spraying, it may have clogs. Check the air vent hole and hose for obstructions. Use a toothpick to remove dried paint and consider a cleaning solvent for stubborn blockages.

2. Ensure Air Supply:

Verify that the air supply is unobstructed. Check for kinks or blockages in the air hose that might impede airflow.

3. Use Viscosity Measuring Cup:

The Scuddles paint sprayer provides a viscosity measuring cup to assess the paint’s thickness after thinning, ensuring it’s suitable for spraying.

4. Timing with the Cup:

While the owners manual may lack detailed instructions, online resources or videos can guide you through using the viscosity cup effectively.

5. Thorough Cleaning:

Before use, thoroughly clean the entire sprayer unit, paying special attention to the nozzles. This minimizes the risk of issues like paint spitting during operation.

6. Secure Connections:

To prevent any disruptions in the spray pattern, it’s important to confirm that all connections are tightly secured, preventing any potential air or paint leaks.

7. Adjust Spray Pattern:

If paint spits or the spray isn’t even, check the spray pattern adjustment. It may be too narrow for the material you’re working with; consider a wider fan pattern for improved results.


The Scuddles Power Paint Sprayer offers affordability but may come with some compromises in terms of part quality and finish. It’s a decent option for budget-conscious buyers, but keep in mind that you might need to make trade-offs to save on costs.


Can you use any type of paint in a scuddles paint sprayer?

The Scuddles paint sprayer’s adaptability in terms of nozzle sizes makes it your ideal companion for a variety of paint projects. I just like its three options to choose from: 2.6 mm, 2.2 mm, and 1.8 mm. Each of these nozzle sizes is designed to handle specific paint consistency. If you’re dealing with thicker paints like latex or chalk-type paints, the 2.6 mm nozzle is your best friend. It guarantees that these thicker coatings are applied with a smooth and uniform finish, delivering a polished, professional look.

On the other side, when you’re working with thinner paints, like sealers and varnishes, simply switch to the 1.8 mm or 2.2 mm nozzles. These smaller nozzles are perfectly suited for the delicate task of applying these types of paints, ensuring a precise and flawless result. In a nutshell, the Scuddles paint sprayer’s adaptability in terms of nozzle sizes makes it your ideal companion for a variety of paint projects.

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