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Want to give your home a unique and stylish touch? Your house’s walls are like a blank canvas waiting to be painted. The use of tape in wall paint design is an excellent technique to produce unique and distinctive effects.

Tape may be your artistic ally, whether you’re trying to create a straightforward but eye-catching design or a complex masterpiece. In this post, we’ll look at a variety of wall paint design ideas with tape that can breathe new life into your living room, reflecting your style and individuality.

Exterior wall paint design ideas with tape

9 Easy Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape

These tape-based techniques offer an easy yet effective way to change the look of your home, from intriguing geometric patterns to eye-catching stripes. These suggestions are adaptable to any aesthetic, whether you’re drawn to clean, modern elegance or bold pops of color. 

Note: Painting walls requires cleaning first. If you have nicotine on your walls, you can read how to remove nicotine from walls for your assistance.

Use these innovative tape painting designs to up your home design game and transform your walls into breathtaking works of art:

1. Stripes and lines-Simple wall painting with tape

Using painter’s tape, you can enhance the look of your wall paint. By arranging stripes or lines, you can achieve various designs, from classic stripes to abstract masterpieces. Apply one base color, place masking tape creatively, cover the wall with the same color, and upon tape removal, reveal an imaginative and unique wall design.

Horizontal or vertical stripes created with painter’s tape can be a simple yet impactful wall paint design idea. A vertical strip or line elevates a room’s height, especially in low-ceiling spaces or like my attached bathroom.

Vertical lines-Simple wall paint design ideas with tape
Source: Houzz.com

The combination of dark green, grey, and white in my bathroom showcases the potential of this technique. By opting for vibrant or contrasting colors, these stripes can add boldness to the decor. Displaying vertical stripes in living rooms, bathrooms or bedrooms can amplify visual appeal and create an attractive focal point.

Horizontal Tape design Art

In contrast, creating horizontal stripes using painter’s tape follows a similar procedure as stripes, but the tape is applied around the walls instead. Here I painted from serene orange to deep purple, using painter’s tape to create stylish horizontal stripes around the walls. This technique is ideal for visually expanding a narrow room, adding spaciousness and style to your room.

Helpful Resource: You can use a wall paint sprayer to apply paint when creating wall paint designs with tape, offering quick and even coverage.

2. Color Blocking wall paint design


Painter’s tape serves another purpose on walls – creating color blocks. By utilizing large, uniform color sections, fewer tape lines are needed than intricate techniques.

These blocks can exhibit contrasting or gradual hues, clear boundaries or subtle transitions, uniformity or diverse sizes and shapes. This dynamic technique, originating from runways, now influences home decor. It’s especially effective in open concept spaces, where vertical color blocks visually divide areas without physical barriers.

Use contrasting or harmonious colors, such as the grey and white used in this design. This technique adds vibrancy and elegance to your interior.

Useful Resource: Learn how to use painter’s tape to prevent bleed in detail.

3. Geometric Blocks tape wall Painting design

geometric wall paint design with tape

You may create magnificent geometric shapes that give your walls depth and personality by strategically placing the tape. This technique offers a fusion of simplicity and modernity, suitable for infusing personality into any space. Discover how easy it is to create captivating geometric block patterns that redefine your room’s atmosphere.

You should carefully apply painters tape, ensuring it’s flat against the wall to achieve clean lines. This dynamic geometric design is perfect for various spaces, such as homes, parlors, offices, or public spaces.

If you want the project to have a metallic look, try gold or silver ribbons on the walls. When illuminated in the dark, this design creates a captivating visual.

TIP: Your drywall can be decorated with geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, and triangles by using painter’s tape.

4. Stencils and Stamps-bedroom wall paint design ideas with tape

Stencils and Stamps-bedroom wall paint design

Want to jazz up your walls? Stencils and stamps are your pals! If you want to add cool patterns to a wall corner, grab a stencil and painter’s tape. Painter’s tape opens the door to intricate stencils and stamps that breathe life into your walls. Bring patterns and motifs to your living room or bedroom using tape as a guide for your paintwork.

Here’s the fun part: Stencils and stamps let you paint awesome designs on your walls. Think of flowers, sun, trees, animals, any design or even words. Stick the stencil with tape, then paint away. If you’re into crafts, try dry stencil paint with a brush for a cool effect. So come on, make your walls pop with your own style!

5. Colorful Geometrics-Exterior wall Tape design ideas

wall painting ideas with tape

Fuse color and geometry to craft stunning wall designs with painter’s tape. Introduce a burst of color to your room by combining captivating shades with geometric shapes. Whether you choose hexagons, triangles, or diamonds, these vibrant geometric designs provide life and playfulness to any room. Explore the fun of mixing color and shape to create your personalized tape design for walls.

6. Ombre Effects-masking tape wall design

You can create captivating ombre effects using painter’s tape. Ombre designs smoothly shift from one color to another, giving a calming feeling.

Ombre Effects-masking tape wall design

Imagine the magic of a sunset with its beautiful layers of colors painting the sky – that’s the essence of an ombre effect. Easily achieved by painting horizontal stripes using different shades of the same color, this technique adds a calming, watercolor-like transition between two hues. It’s an affordable way to infuse color and texture into your room. Prepare your walls and paint, then blend the colors with a dry brush before drying.

7. Trellis room paint design

Trellis room paint design

Bringing garden charm indoors is easy with a painted trellis on your wall. Despite appearances, it’s a simple DIY. Start by forming the trellis pattern using painter’s tape, then painting over it. Once finished, gently remove the tape to reveal your unique design. This creative touch adds a fun and natural feel to your room. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly way to enhance your space. To add, choosing colors that complement your decor can make your trellis stand out even more.

8. Chevron-Wall paint design ideas with tape for living room

Chevron-Wall paint with tape for living room

You can enhance your bedroom or living room with chic corner decorations that reflect your personal style. This unique touch is easily achievable using painter’s tape and creativity. Wide strips create a distinct look that enhances your space. Feel free to play around with different colors; for example, I chose a delightful combination of pink and gray.

Attach the tape in a chevron pattern, which adds flair. To create a more complex design, mark the pattern with a pencil and ruler. Apply painter’s tape to the chevron edges and paint within, ensuring full coverage. This technique offers a modern and sophisticated vibe, transforming your room into a personalized haven.

9. Honeycomb-tape dIY wall painting ideas

Honeycomb-tape DIY wall paint

Add color to a plain white wall using a grey and white honeycomb pattern just like my working area shown above. Give the room a lively feel by arranging hexagons in a relaxed manner. This design also works wonderfully above a bed, serving as a captivating focal point. Creating this look requires selecting various shades and sizes of hexagons. Adhere them to the wall randomly. By using this approach, you add a modern and lively touch to your space, boosting its attractiveness.

Final Words To wall paint design Ideas With tape

Incorporating tape into your wall color design ideas can open up a world of possibilities for transforming your living room. Whether you lean towards simplicity, boldness, color play, or intricate murals, tape empowers you to create a space that resonates with your aesthetic vision. So, grab your painter’s tape, envision your ideal design, and embark on a creative journey to give your living room walls a makeover that will leave a lasting impression.

Remember, these creative wall color design ideas with tape have the potential to make your living room a true reflection of your personality and taste, so don’t be afraid to experiment and let your imagination run wild.

FAQS On wall painting Ideas with tape

How to tape designs on walls?

To create unique wall paint designs, pick a pattern like stripes or shapes. Mark the edges lightly with a pencil, then use painter’s tape along the marks. If you want a polished design, paint within the taped sections, let it dry, and then gently remove it.

Which Tape is Best for Wall Design?

Consider Scotch Wall-Safe Tape for effective wall design. This type of tape is specifically designed for easy removal without damaging the paint underneath. It also helps achieve clean lines and preventing paint bleed.

How Do You Use Masking Tape for Painting Designs?

When working with masking tape, mark areas, apply it carefully, and paint within the taped sections. Once dry, peel off gently to reveal well-defined designs with sharp & clean edges.

How Do You Tape a Wall for Geometric Painting?

Plan your geometric pattern, mark outlines, use painter’s tape to define shapes, and paint within them. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape for crisp geometric designs.

How Do You Paint Shapes with Tape?

Painting shapes with tape involves marking the edges of the desired shape with a pencil and then applying painter’s tape along these marked lines. Paint the taped-off shape using your selected colors. Once the paint has dried, take off the tape to uncover your neatly defined design.

How Do You Paint an Accent Wall with Tape?

Choose your accent wall, plan the design you want, apply painter’s tape along the design lines, paint within the taped sections, and remove the tape carefully once the paint is dry. Your accent wall will have a well-defined and visually appealing design.

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