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If you’ve had enough of slow brush painting, the Worx Nitro 20V Cordless Paint Sprayer is here to make your life easier. I know the struggle – spending hours on a ceiling or deck with brushes can be a pain.  But with the Worx Nitro, I wrapped up the finish coat in just a few hours. Recently, I put it to the test on legs of my table and few welding joints, and the results were outstanding, and it saved me a ton of time. From walls to furniture, this sprayer made the job quick and painless. 

Sprucing up your home doesn’t need a painting pro or owning a house. Finally, the Worx Nitro cordless sprayer is the affordable solution I’ve found. Let’s take a closer look at the Worx Nitro 20V Cordless Paint Sprayer and break down the details in our review.

worx nitro paint sprayer review

Cordless Worx Nitro 20V Sprayer Review- Testing & Insights

Hey there! So, let me share my experience with the Worx Nitro 20V Cordless Paint Sprayer. First off, I decided to give it a go for some small painting projects, including the legs of my table and a few welding joints, as you can see in the picture.

Instead of dealing with multiple spray cans, I opted for the Worx cordless paint sprayer.

Upon opening the box, you’ll find the sprayer assembled with a reservoir, a bag of accessories, and an instruction manual. The package includes a measuring cup, an adapter for attaching a hose, two cleaning accessories, and three additional nozzles of different sizes (1.8mm, 2.2mm, and 2.6mm). The sprayer runs on a 20V brushless motor and uses the Powershare 20V batteries.

Now, let’s dive into the features.

adjust the air flow with red dial

I took a picture for you to show its adjustable knob. The sprayer has a red dial on top to adjust the airflow, a trigger with a knob to control the paint volume, and a lockable mechanism for easy disassembly.

worx swiveling nozzle

There’s also a swiveling nozzle at the end for versatile painting angles. The sprayer is entirely demountable for thorough cleaning, and it even comes with an adapter to connect it to an external water source for easy cleaning.

When it comes to accessories, you get a scraper, a brush, and a needle for cleaning the sprayer thoroughly. The different-sized nozzles are suitable for various types of paint, and the manual provides guidance on selecting the right one based on your paint type.

diluting the paint for worx cordless

I gave painting my table legs a shot using rust-resistant paint. After diluting the paint as instructed, I filled the reservoir and tested the sprayer on a piece of cardboard to adjust the settings, as shown in the picture below;

tested the worx nitro sprayer on cardboard

The sprayer performed well, providing a smooth and even coat of paint. It was easy to control and maneuver, allowing me to reach tricky angles effortlessly.

smooth and even coat of worx cordless sprayer

Cleaning the sprayer was a breeze. I emptied the remaining paint, rinsed the reservoir with a solvent, and sprayed it through to clean the nozzle. Disassembling and reassembling the parts for cleaning was straightforward.

painted table legs and welding joints with worx cordless

Encouraged by the results, I took on a more significant project – a welding cart. The sprayer handled it well, though I had to practice to avoid over applying paint. The cordless design made it easy to move around without the hassle of power cords.

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What’s in the box

  • Worx Nitro 20V Sprayer
  • 4.0Ah Battery
  • Quick Charger
  • Four Nozzles (1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.2mm, 2.6mm)
  • Paint container (1,000 ml)
  • Viscosity Cup
  • Wire Brush
  • Unclogging Needle
  • Garden Hose Cleaning Adapter

Worx Nitro 20V Cordless Sprayer Features

Worx Nitro 20V  Cordless Sprayer parts
Source: Worx

The WORX 20V HVLP Paint Sprayer is a part of the Nitro Series, and it’s all about giving you more power and time to paint. Simple and handy, it’s cordless, letting you paint wherever you want without any fuss.

The speed control is a neat feature. It makes sure your paint goes on smoothly and doesn’t make a mess. You can pick between wide or narrow spray patterns, and there are four nozzle sizes for different paints like stains, primers, or latex.

No constant refills here! The paint container holds up to 34 fl. oz., so you can keep on painting without interruptions. Clean-up is easy too, with the garden hose hook-up. Everything comes off effortlessly for a quick clean, making life easier.

Here’s the cool part: it shares the same battery with other tools in the Power Share family. The 4Ah battery and 2A charger make sure you spend more time painting and less time waiting around.

Powered by a high-efficiency brushless motor, this sprayer gets the job done. With a 17-minute run time and a 45-degree spray angle, it’s a reliable buddy for all your painting, backed by a solid 3-year warranty. So, grab it and start painting – simple as that. It is also available at Home Depot.

What I LikeWhat I don’t Like
Lightweight and easy to use once you get the hang of itAdditional batteries recommended for larger projects
Easy to cleanWaiting time between battery charges for large projects
Excellent coverage, smooth finishAdjustments needed for paint thickness, but works great

Conclusion On Worx Nitro 20V Cordless Paint Sprayer review:

In conclusion, the Worx Nitro 20V Cordless Paint Sprayer is a handy tool for DIY painting projects. While it may take a bit of practice to master, its performance, ease of cleaning, and cordless convenience make it a valuable addition to any DIY enthusiast’s toolkit.

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