Best Exterior House Paint Sprayer 2022

Do you have a good reason for using a paint sprayer to paint the exterior of your home? Well, we have.

Spraying paint on exterior walls covers a lot of surface area in a short time frame. In addition, the sides of buildings, whether they are plaster, wood, masonry, or any other type of material are most often very textured. Using a paint sprayer will ensure the surface is evenly coated and maintains its original texture, in contrast to using brushes or rollers. 

Thus, paint sprayers are a popular choice because they make your exterior painting project super easy and ten times faster. So, if you have the best paint sprayer for house exterior painting, you can do many other tasks at home with the same level of professional quality. Hence, the following list of the best exterior house paint sprayers fits all of your needs.


Best Paint Sprayer For House Exterior

Swing before using exterior paint sprayer
Swing before using exterior paint sprayer
Swing after using exterior paint sprayer
Refinished swing after using exterior paint sprayer

1. Graco  Magnum 17G177 ProX17-Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Exterior House

Graco  Magnum 17G177 ProX17-Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Exterior House

Graco ProX17 exterior paint spray guns are designed for professional use. Paint contractors, house flippers, and DIYers with a lot of painting projects would benefit greatly from the Graco Magnum ProX17.

In terms of price and features, the Graco ProX17 Paint Sprayer still remains a competitive product.

At first, we noticed that the front look of the graco X17 is different from other Graco Magnum models. The ProX series are built with a replaceable pump, which means that the actual pump on the sprayer can be easily replaced if it gets worn down or damaged.

The 300-gallon recommended annual usage makes it well-suited for maintaining rental properties or tackling big remodels, inside and out.

This unit puts out 0.34 gallons a minute, which is not a small amount. A flexible intake also allows you to directly spray from either a one-gallon or a five-gallon paint can. Also, a full trigger rests firmly in your hand and a swivel connector keeps the hose from kinking – preventing paint flow issues.

A powerful DC motor is capable of pushing paint through a hose without losing pressure. Also, a conversion kit (included in the price) may be used for non-flammable oil-based materials. 

Homeowners are more likely to use a 0.015 tip than a 0.017 tip. This system can handle a maximum orifice hole size of .017 inch. Even a 0.017-inch orifice can let a lot of paint out. Tip size and flow rate are directly correlated. So, it is best to keep the paint flow under control.

In addition, it comes with a 150-foot hose, making it more capable of handling any project practically. Let’s say, if you are painting the exterior of the house and wish to keep the pump in one location while you work around the house, the longer hose can be very useful. 

The AutoPrime feature reduces the issues associated with priming, clog-ups or problems caused by improper aftercare. You can easily clean this model with Power Flush technology.

Whether you are a small painting contractor or a DIYer with tons of work, the ProX7 is best at home paint sprayer for the money.

  • Perfect for large areas and professionals
  • Easy cleaning
  • Best outdoor paint sprayer
  • Great value
  • High-performance motor
  • Quality finish with a wide variety of materials
  • No wheels for portability.
  • A better warranty would be nice.
  • Small projects aren’t recommended.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers reported that this Graco ProX17 best paint sprayer for exterior house was easy to use and clean. Users praised the power and tip options. Some reviewers wrote that they saved time by using the sprayer instead of rollers or other painting methods and that the results were worth the price. Some unhappy customers complained that the suction hose for a five gallon bucket should be longer and more flexible.

2. Graco 262805 X7-Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Exterior Painting

Graco 262805 X7-Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Exterior Painting

In Graco’s Project Series, the X7 Magnum is a sprayer designed for DIYers looking for a professional unit at a more affordable price. Therefore, its our top recommendation to check out the Graco Magnum X7 for a large-job sprayer that goes beyond the standard DIY machines.

Graco Magnum X7 is the perfect sprayer to tackle larger DIY spraying projects. The beauty of this sprayer is its portability. The X7 is mounted on a wheeled cart to make it easy to move, which means no lifting required.

An annual flow rate of 125 gallons makes it powerful enough to cope with a house’s exterior, wide decks, and sheds and outbuildings.

As an industry-respected SG2 metal gun promises an even, debris-free finish with its handle-integrated filter.

The 0.63 horsepower pump delivers 3000 PSI, allowing it to apply latex or any dense paint quickly and efficiently. You can adjust the output intensity depending on the type and thickness of the spraying medium.

The X7 comes with a PowerFlush adapter which lets you connect the sprayer to a garden hose to thoroughly rinse it (this is only applicable to water-based paints).

  • Good for large DIY jobs
  • Wheel-mounted pump
  • Compact SG2 metal gun
  • Best paint sprayer for exterior walls
  • 25ft. hose can be extended up to 100 feet
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to clean
  • Best residential paint sprayer
  • Push Prime for a simple assembly
  • The suction hose prevents paint refilling
  • Best for thick mediums.
  • High settings may result in overspray
  • Larger paint hook is needed
  • Noisy operation

My experience with this product!

I would say that its reversible spray tip, easy cleaning process, and quiet operation earned it high praise. My favorite thing about this sprayer is that there was no need to thin the paint. Once you set the settings to suit your needs, you don’t need anything else and can continue working without issues. Dissatisfied customers reported paint clogging or leaks. However, I haven’t experienced any clogging, but the reversible nozzle makes it easy to clear a blockage when it happens.

3. Graco Magnum ProX19 Cart-Best Exterior Paint Sprayer Review

Graco Magnum ProX19 Cart-Best Exterior Paint Sprayer Review

A general contractor, professional, or DIYer will love the Graco ProX19 airless sprayer because it is designed to offer fast coverage and a satisfying finish.

Sprayers on carts are great for painting large surfaces — they can easily be moved around building interiors, gardens, or yards.

In the SG3 gun, a powerful 3000 PSI is combined with a 515 spray tip for undiluted medium usage. Furthermore, it provides greater reliability and durability than its competitors due to the stainless steel pump.

One of the biggest advantages of the best paint gun for house is its PushPrime feature, which drastically cuts down on pre-project preparation. 

Also, the Graco Pro X19 provides 0.875 horsepower, and a variable control feature allow you to adjust the intensity to suit your choice of paint medium and base material.

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The suction line allows the machine to draw directly from original one-gallon or five-gallon containers, removing the need for constant refilling.

A built-in InstaClean pump filter protects the final finish from clogging or unwanted particles. Plus, a PowerFlush adaptor is included to allow simple cleanup after the project.  

We highly suggest Graco Pro X19  for those who are planning to work on extensive and intensive projects.

  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to transport
  • Good for lacquer coating
  • SG3 metal spray gun
  • Pump replacement requires no tools
  • A 50-foot hose is included
  • A push-prime feature allows quick start-up
  • An adjustable pressure setting
  • A suction-line eliminates the need for re-filling
  • Best paint sprayer for interior and exterior
  • Not recommended for casual DIYers
  • It may require some experience to use
  • Tires made of plastic.

Here is my friends review about this product!

My friend hated painting. She always hired someone to do it for her. However, her Graco Magnum ProX19 makes painting an absolute joy, and it’s worth 10 times the price. The only negative thing she noticed was the preparation time. However, if you get used to prepping, you can do the paint job quite quickly. 

You should clean the machine according to the instructions. My friend used it for the first time and she missed this step. So, it cost her time on subsequent clean-ups. 

4. Titan Control Max 1700 Airless-Best Paint Sprayer For Home Exterior

Titan Control Max 1700 Airless-Best Paint Sprayer For Home Exterior

Titan Paint sprayers are best known for their speed, flow control, and smooth application. Therefore, DIYers with little free time may appreciate the features of Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro Airless Paint Sprayer.

Our recommendation is based primarily on its High Efficiency Airless (HEA) technology, which gives you control over how much paint to use on your DIY projects.

 By using the HEA technology, you will be able to achieve much better pressure control and a reduction of almost 55% in overspray.

Among the key features of the ControlMax gun is a tip guard that can accommodate tips up to 0.017 inches. Pumps that run at lower PSI (1500 maximum) can be used indoors, so there is much less overspray and fewer paint particles being inhaled. Plus, its 0.6 horsepower HEA pump is intended for spraying unthinned coatings. 

You can choose from 311, 413, 515, and 517 tip sizes. In addition, using the tip guard, you can generate either vertical or horizontal spray patterns.

This spray gun for exterior paint will be a good tool for moderate to heavy usage. This sprayer features a rebuildable fluid section, which is supposed to maximize sprayer durability. 

  • Eliminates up to 55 percent of overspray
  • Better control and consistency
  • Longer pump life than comparable sprayers
  • Quick and easy replacement of the fluid section
  • Longest warranty
  • HEA technology
  • Eliminates overspray
  • Less paint waste
  • Best spray gun for house painting
  • Noisy during operation

With its excellent performance, the Titan Control Max 1700 Pro Sprayer is sure to please consumers and homeowners alike. In our opinion, a professional might even find it useful, with an annual flow of 300 gallons.

5. Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP-Best Paint Sprayer For Outside Of House

Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP-Best Paint Sprayer For Outside Of House

With its power, versatility, and fatigue-free spraying, the Wagner FLEXiO 890 allows you to cover medium to large areas quickly and easily.

Two interchangeable nozzles and paint cups is included with this wagner sprayer. Usually, iSpray nozzles are best for spraying large jobs, while Detail Finish Nozzles are better for finishing small projects.

The X-Boost feature allows you to set the air pressure emission, and the material flow control lets you choose the optimal quantity of paint to deliver.

Wagner sprayer can cover areas twelve times faster than a brush, and it works with thinned and unthinned materials – making it an ideal choice for DIYers.

man using Wagner Flexio 890 for outdoor painting
Man using Wagner Flexio 890 for outdoor painting

The FLEXiO 890 paint sprayer can easily be cleaned by disassembling its components. Also, you can store sprayer parts (nozzles, cup, gun, hose etc) when not in use in the turbine box.

FLEXiO 890 provides rapid coverage and a separate turbine for reduced hand fatigue, so it is an attractive option for DIYers. 

  • The X-Boost control allows you to select the speed of the turbine
  • Best house paint sprayer
  • Compatible with un thinned mediums
  • Separate turbine box
  • The set comes with two cups and nozzles
  • Controllable spray width
  • Spraying in three patterns
  • Suitable for large painting projects
  • Powerful sprayer
  • Work at high levels, such as on ladders, may be challenging with a turbine box
  • Quite noisy operation
  • It’s a large unit when combined with the box.

What Customers Are Saying

Many customers who used this Wagner paint sprayer said it saved them time on indoor as well as outdoor projects. Customers suggested new shoppers to clean their sprayer thoroughly to ensure that it works as efficiently as possible. Dissatisfied customers said that it is not the good option for fine finishes work.

Overall, the Wagner FLEXiO 890 offers reliability and versatility, as it’s tested in the field and has impressive coating results. Therefore, if you prefer a unit that looks as modern as possible, then this is a great option for you.

6. Graco Ultra Max II -best electric paint sprayer for exterior house

Graco Ultra Max II -best electric paint sprayer for exterior housee

If you’re trying to find a paint spraying machine that will assist you in painting large commercial spaces (like warehouses, farms, garages, exterior house buildings and offices) then you need to get your hands on graco ultra max paint sprayer. It’s no surprise that this electric sprayer comes in our top 3 picks for the best paint sprayers for exterior house.

To get started, you can simply set up the machine and start working.

Whether you’re a spray painting pro or a beginner, the powerful pump will give you confidence. It’s MaxPowerMotor offers excellent results with a wide range of paints and surfaces.

This is an excellent machine for painting large outdoor areas because you will get a consistently high-quality spray every time. In addition, an internal fan keeps everything cool and prevents dirt and dust from ruining the internal mechanisms.

As we know that, the biggest possible issues with a paint sprayer are spills and waste. However, a solid frame and an easy-out pump filter make this Graco sprayer ideal for reducing spillage.

Our favorite feature of this outdoor paint gun is the ‘QuickAccess’ technology. This means that paint is taken up quickly, helping you cover more ground in less time.

Furthermore, with its intake valve, you can clean debris from areas that need to be prepped before painting, such as exterior walls. In addition, the ‘FastFlush’ feature simplifies the cleaning process, saving you time and effort. Hence, this graco electric spray painter is a great choice for DIYers or professionals.

  • Easy-to-clean with Fast Flush system
  • Eliminates clogs in spraying tips
  • Safe and durable internal mechanisms with a cooling fan
  • Durable pump
  • Paint gun for house exterior
  • Easy storage and portability
  • Best paint sprayers for home use
  • The price is high
  • No wheels

What Customers Are Saying

In positive reviews, customers praised the lightweight frame of the Graco makes both setting up and finishing a breeze. Some liked to paint anything from cabinets and walls to entire house. There have been several complaints about leaks on this device, and it randomly pumps even when not in use.

Buying Guide For The Best Paint Sprayer For House Exterior 

Type Of Sprayer

There are a variety of paint sprayers available on the market today, with each having its own strengths and weaknesses.

As a result, any type of paint sprayer won’t be suitable for exterior painting. Therefore, if you consider our experience, we recommend that you should look into airless exterior paint sprayers.

Type Of Coating

Both exterior coatings and paint types offer a good variety of options, just as with interior painting. Exterior painting typically requires a primer and top coat to ensure it can withstand the outside elements.

Hence, you will have to be certain that you choose a paint sprayer that can handle the necessary paint type.


You can use specific nozzles and spray tips with some of the best paint sprayers for house exteriors. It was commonly caused by a limit in the fan spread or the orifice size of the tips. It would be wise to know the tip sizes ahead of time if you intend to purchase an exterior paint gun.

Painting Area

The size of the area you plan to paint is key to choosing a paint sprayer for house exterior.

We found that larger jobs would be better served by traditional or airless spray guns. However, An HVLP sprayer is better suited to smaller jobs or projects requiring more detail. 

Power Rating

HP is a measure of the power of a motor. It refers to how much paint can be sprayed out at high pressure using a paint sprayer.

A motor that produces more horsepower is generally better at painting.  Consequently, high-HP sprayers are usually more suited to large areas.


A sprayer that sprays a great deal of paint per second needs a large paint reservoir.  An airless paint sprayer, which sprays a large amount of paint each second, is logically going to require as much paint capacity as possible.

In general, HVLP and airless exterior house paint guns usually have a half-paint or quart of paint capacity. As an additional option, you can use suction pipes and buckets to make airless sprayers’ paint virtually unlimited.

Conclusion On best paint sprayer for house exterior:

We hope you now have enough information to be able to make an informed decision on the best paint sprayer for house exterior depending on your own needs. You may also try out one of these two: 

Graco 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer or the Graco 17G180 ProX19 paint sprayer for exterior house. On the other hand, if you are interested in a luxury exterior painting model, you can purchase the Graco Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro.

The paint on the exterior is usually thicker and more resistant to the elements than the paint on the inside. In addition, make sure to wear safety goggles when painting, priming, or staining your exterior and check that everything you’re using is set up correctly before you begin your project.

FAQs (Best Paint Sprayer For Exterior Of House)

How should I spray paint the exterior of my house?

Before you spray paint the exterior of your house, make sure the area is clean and dry. Next, prepare the surface by filling in any holes or other blemishes, caulking cracks, or priming surfaces before you begin painting.

When you spray paint, wear safety goggles because paint can splash back unexpectedly.

Is there a paint I should use on my house exterior?

A variety of exterior house paint options are available, including latex or oil-based enamels. Latex paint is commonly used because it is easy to apply, but not as durable as oil-based paint. However, many people like the fact that oil-based (shellac) colors can be brushed or rolled on smoothly without running. Plus, Alkyd (water-based) paint is excellent for trim surfaces that are frequently wet since it doesn’t warp when exposed to moisture like oil-based paints do.

Is it possible to use leftover paint on my next outdoor project?

You can store undiluted paint for the next project outdoors in an airtight container if you own one. However, if you have diluted the paint with water, then the paint cannot last as long as it will be contaminated by microbes, which will allow mold to grow.

Can you spray exterior paint?

Yes, It is possible to apply exterior paint with a paint sprayer. Depending on whether they are intended for use on interior or exterior surfaces, you can use different kinds of exterior colors and primers. Many people find using an airless paint sprayer more convenient than painting by hand because it provides an even coat of paint quickly.

Should I use a roller or a paint gun for exterior house painting?

A house painted by rolling rather than spraying provides better coverage as the paint will be applied thicker. Furthermore, when a house is rolled, it reduces the risk of things like overspray because it is easier to control.

On the other hand, a good paint sprayer for exterior house painting will always apply paint smoothly. A second benefit to paint spraying is that it is quite quick method and can save you a lot of time due to its high coverage capacity. Additionally, it’s easier to control, and it’s better at handling edges and corners than the other two options.

Is a Wagner paint sprayer good for painting a house?

Yes, Wagner paint sprayers are good for house exteriors. You can get a professional speed and up to 55% less overspray with their high-efficiency airless system.