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The market is saturated with floor paints, but finding the right paint is important. This way, you could ensure the paint is high-performance, durable and budget-friendly. Today, I will share the 4 best floor paints worth your money.

As a contractor, it is my job to ensure that the products I select for my projects meet the highest quality and performance standards. So, if you want to buy a top-notch floor paint, you’re in the right place.

Our top pick is Rust-Oleum Polycuramine Floor. It is highly durable, and I prefer this garage coating because it has low odor and offers extremely high gloss finish which has great resistance to cracking, peeling, and stains. Many people like it because it works well, and people say good things about it.

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Our Best Floor Paints in 2023

1.   Rust-Oleum Polycuramine Floor Paint (Best for Garage floor)

2.  INSL-X Sure Step Floor Coating Paint (Best for Concrete floor)

3.  FIXALL Skid Grip Floor Paint (Best paint for Wood floors)

4.  KILZ Basement & Masonry Floor Paint (Best for Basement)

Top 4 Floor Paints in 2023

Below you can find a list of the top four floor paints tested based on durability, quality, performance, and price. Let’s get into it.

1. Rust-Oleum Polycuramine-Best Garage Floor Paint

Rust-Oleum Polycuramine Garage Floor Paint

The first product on my floor paint list is Rust-Oleum Polycuramine Paint. It is a great affordable garage floor paint. My garage floor measures almost 300 square feet or close to 280. I bought the 2.5-car kit meant to cover 450-500 square feet.

Rust-Oleum rock solid garage floor coating

As you can see in the image above, I applied grey color on my garage floor but Rust-Oleum rock solid garage floor coating is available in many unique colors and styles so that you can use it in basements, drywall, laundry rooms, workshops, and more on concrete, wood, or tile surfaces.

This kit is great for larger garages or with multiple vehicles. It uses a Polycuramine formula that gives 20 times greater durability than regular epoxy flooring.

I opt for this specific type because of its highly resistant coating to highly resistant to cracking, peeling, and stains. And happy with the results.

The paint dries rapidly within just 8-10 hours and is ready to use for light foot traffic. However, it fully cures in 24 hours, which makes it a practical choice for busy garages.

I’d rate this product a solid 4 out of 5 stars. The Rust-Oleum should give 10% more epoxy in these bags to cover the suggested area properly.

Overall, the product works well. It was easy to apply. It rolled nicely, and the chips were easy to spread. It was also low in odor without overpowering fumes.


  •  I’m seriously impressed by the durability of its coating. It can handle the heat, heavy impacts, and even chemical spills.
  •   It doesn’t crack or peel, even with all the comings and goings in the garage.
  •  It is easy to apply.


  •   The suggested coverage area is a little tricky to gauge accurately.

Helpful Resource: Incase, if you want to remove paint from laminate floor then you can read this article below.

2. INSL-X Sure Step Floor Coating– best floor paint for concrete


The second-floor paint is the INSL-X Sure Step. I used it to paint a large walkway that was already painted and chipped badly.

 First, let’s discuss its application; the paint was thick and went like a creamy milkshake. I got way more coverage than advertised. I covered a large 30×20′ area with only 3 gallons and applied two coats.

Before applying INSL-X Sure Step Floor Coating
After applying INSL-X Sure Step Floor Coating

My patio sports a textured, stamped pattern that causes some challenges. The thickness of the paint made it a bit tricky to apply to the indentations. I had to get down and manually brush every groove. But it was all worth it.

It’s been about 2 months now and shows great durability. The paint features a resistant finish that further increases the safety of stairs, walkways, patios or wherever we use it.

My favorite part of getting this paint is its low VOC formula. It minimized the off-gassing and had less to no unpleasant odors during application. Additionally, it is available in variety of colors, including white, which is often scarce in high-quality floor paints.

testing white paint for floors

Its curing time is 30 days to reach its optimal strength. This curing time is quite a lot compared to the Rust-Oleum Polycuramine Paint we discussed earlier.

Personal Take: Its adaptability for interior and exterior surfaces on various materials is a significant advantage. Additionally, the option to customize slip resistance with silica sand is a practical feature. While its coverage may be lower, its thickness compensates for added durability. The only drawback is its unsuitability for garage floors.


  • I like how this concrete paint has a skid-resistant surface because it is important for me that my family can move around freely.
  • Its great abrasion resistance ensures that the results will last. 
  • The low VOC content fits my goal of making environmentally friendly choices.
  • We’re sure it’s tough because it’s made with durable urethane acrylic paint.


  • Not recommended for use in garages, potentially limiting its application.

3. FIXALL Skid Grip– best floor paint for wooden floors

FIXALL Skid Grip- Best Floor Paint For Wood

FIXALL skid grip paint gives a great, durable finish that exceeds ADA anti-slip surface standards. You can use it in safety-critical areas like traffic markings, curbs, sidewalks, crosswalks etc. I used it to paint the swept-finish front porch.

Its application was quite easy. I pressure-cleaned the surface for a month and then used a blower to sweep loose surface particles on the day of painting. One gallon was sufficient for two thick coats on a 50-square-foot area. It takes 2 hours between coats on a dry day.

Overall, the finished appearance of FIXALL was great, and I liked it. When it comes to durability of this paint, only time will tell.

This nonskid most durable wood floor paint gives a lot of traction. It reduces the risk of accidents and injuries in high-traffic zones.

I would give 3.5 out of 5 because the published 450 square feet per gallon coverage is likely an exaggeration. Also, the colors shown on the Amazon listing are not accurate. The smoke color is a cool, light gray with a slight bluish cast.

Overall, the product worked great. It was easy to apply, had a good color match and had excellent non-slip components.


  •    It has great durability because it held up well on my front porch.
  •   It improves traction, and I felt much safer on surfaces coated with this coating.
  •    The color pops and stays vibrant without fading.
  •   FIXALL skid grip was also easy to apply. Brushes and rollers all did the work well.


  • The colors on the Amazon listing were misleading, which was disappointing.
  •    Its coverage claims were also somewhat exaggerated. It’s good to have a little extra on hand.

4. KILZ Basement & Masonry Floor Paint– Best waterproof floor paint

KILZ Basement & Masonry Floor Paint

Now that we explore floor paints with different qualities, how can we skip waterproof capability? If you want to buy paint to waterproof your basement, KILZ is a reliable option.

Its waterproofing capabilities help prevent inconvenient consequences of water damage like mold growth, structural deterioration, etc.

KILZ Waterproof Floor Paint

Besides its waterproofing feature, it is also alkali resistant. It helps to maintain a durable finish on masonry surfaces. I appreciate this feature as it ensures long lasting protection.

Users have praised the ease of application of Kilz Basement and Masonry paint. After applying the first coat, it dries within just one hour. This is the fastest drying time of a floor paint among all the others on our list.

For a polished and glossy surface, go for two coats for complete coverage.


  • It truly excels at keeping moisture out. This is an important feature for basement protection.
  • Has an alkali-resistant feature. This ensures that the paint maintains its durability on masonry surfaces.
  •    After applying the first coat, it dries in just one hour. This speedy drying time helps me to complete my project on time.
  • The end appearance is a glossy finish that I love.
  • Best floor paint for basement


  •  The two coats enhance protection but add one more step to the process.

Compare the different types of floor paints

Type of Floor PaintSuitable SurfacesMain Features and Uses
Epoxy PaintHigh-traffic areasExtremely durable, chemical/stain resistance, used in garages, basements, commercial spaces.
Concrete Floor PaintConcrete surfacesAdheres well, protects against moisture/stains, used in basements, warehouses, patios.
Porcelain/Ceramic Tile PaintTile floorsRefreshes tile look, adheres to tile surfaces, available in various colors/finishes.
Deck and Patio PaintOutdoor flooringProtects against UV rays, moisture, weathering, for wood, concrete, outdoor areas.
Garage Floor PaintGarage environmentsResistant to automotive fluids, chemicals, hot tire pickup, ideal for garage floors.
Anti-Slip PaintAreas needing tractionTextured surface for slip resistance, used on staircases, areas prone to water exposure.
Porch and Floor EnamelInterior/Exterior floorsDurable, easy to clean, suitable for porches, patios, available in various finishes.
Oil-Based Floor PaintHigh-traffic areasHighly durable, wear-resistant, commonly used in commercial buildings, industrial facilities.
Latex Floor PaintLow-traffic indoor areasWater-based, quick drying, suitable for areas like laundry rooms, workshops.
Masonry PaintBrick, concrete surfacesGood adhesion and durability on masonry surfaces like brick and concrete.

Guide To Buying a Right Floor Paint

Floor paint is an umbrella term. You would find floor paints with different specialties and for different purposes. So, ensure you know certain factors to get the right floor paint.

1.     Type of Floor Surface

Concrete: This porous surface requires a paint that can penetrate its surface and form a strong bond. The porous surface necessitates a paint capable of penetrating and forming a strong bond.

Wood: Wooden floors can expand and contract with temperature and humidity. Hence, a painting that is flexible enough to move with the wood is essential.

2.     Durability & Traffic

 For areas with high footfall, like hallways or commercial spaces, consider getting paint that can resist frequent wear and tear. Epoxy and polyurethane paints are highly recommended for such spaces.

3.     Drying Time

Drying time is an important factor when you are painting a surface. So, consider the usability of your surface. While some paints dry within hours, others might need days.

4.     Ease of Application

Self-level paints easily flow smoothly and settle evenly on the surface. All the paints we discussed were quite easy to apply.

5.     Coverage

Coverage is a crucial buying factor when selecting floor paint. It determines how much area a single coat can effectively cover. Opting for a paint with good coverage means fewer coats are needed, saving both time and money. This quality ensures a smooth, even finish, enhancing the aesthetics and durability of the painted floor.

Final Verdict On Best Floor Paint Reviews

Finally, we came to the end of today’s review guide. We explored the top four floor paints in 2023. These choices suit a wide range of needs and preferences. If you are still trying to decide which floor paint to select, go with our best choice, Rust-Oleum Polycuramine Floor. It offers high durability, has great value and positive user feedback.

FAQs On Best Floor Paint

1.     Can I paint the hardwood floors?

Yes, it is possible to paint on hardwood floors. Just make sure it is properly clean and lightly sanded before you start painting. Go for a durable paint that can withstand foot traffic.

2.     Does floor paint need primer?

Not all the floor paint needs primers. Some floor paints are “paint and primer in one” and don’t need a separate primer.

3.     Should a floor get painted with a roller or a brush?

Use a roller when you are covering large areas. It gives a smooth finish. You can use a brush to paint near edges, in corners, and around things.

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