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Did you know you can have BRAND NEW car rims without having to buy them? Well, It is possible completely to make your old and rusty rims look as good as new by using the best spray paint for rims. It’s an easy DIY project that restores the original shine to your wheels without spending much money.

In this regard, I’ll provide you with detail information about the best spray paint for rims and wheels(alloy and steel), along with instructions on how to paint all of them. These instructions can help you paint your wheels like a professional in no time. As you shop for car rim paint today, we will show you some of the top models so you can make the best decision. 

Our Top Picks


Performix Plasti Dip White Rubber Coating Aerosol 

Performix Plasti Dip White Rubber Coating Aerosol 

User Rating:  4.3/5


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Rust-Oleum 248928 Automotive-Best Matte Black Paint For Rims

Rust-Oleum 248928 Automotive Spray paint

User Rating:  4.6/5


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PlastiKote 618 Steel- Best Spray Paint for Wheel & Rim

PlastiKote Steel Wheel Paint

User Rating:  4.2/5


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Superwrap Vinyl Wrap Sprayable Paint-Best Gloss Spray Paint For Rims

Superwrap Vinyl Wrap Sprayable Paint For Rims

User Rating:  4.0/5


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VHT SP187 Gloss Black-Most Durable Wheel Paint Can

VHT SP187 Gloss Black Wheel Paint Can

User Rating:  4.6/5


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Dupli-Color Silver Wheel Coating-Best Spray Paint For Steel Wheels

Dupli-Color Silver Wheel Coating

User Rating:  4.5/5


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Best Spray Paints For Rims And Wheels

before spray paint rims
Before spray paint rims
after spray paint rims
After spray paint rims

1. PlastiKote 618 Steel Wheel Paint- Best Spray Paint for Wheel & Rim

  • Features: 
  • Scratch resistant
  • 12 ounces specialty paint
  • Steel color
PlastiKote 618 Steel- Best Spray Paint for Wheel & Rim

Last month, I noticed that the black paint on my Hyundai steel wheels was wearing off, leaving them vulnerable to rust. Since my car is a birthday present, I am concerned about its appearance. Having done some research online, I found PlastiKote 618 Steel Wheel Paint and decided to give it a try.

Plasti Dip and PlastiKote are two different things with their own uses, so don’t confuse between them!

Before applying paint, I prepped and primed the wheels properly. Once that was done, I sprayed on the final coat of paint and was pleasantly surprised by how well it looked. Initially, the paint had a glossy finish that I wasn’t expecting. However, after driving around for a bit, the shine settled down and looked just right. Not only did the PlastiKote paint improve my car’s appearance, but it also seems durable.

I’ve put some miles on the car since painting the wheels, and there hasn’t been any noticeable chipping or peeling of the paint.

One thing that made the painting process easier for me was using a circle of old playing cards instead of tape to protect the tires. This allowed me to get decent coverage on the rims without worrying about accidentally getting paint on the tires.

At 12 ounces, the paint can covers most rims and the application is quick and easy with its aerosol design. However, i tried it on OEM wheels but the results are not satisfactory.

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  • Easy to apply with an aerosol design
  • Dried fast
  • Metallic finish
  • Scratch-resistant
  • 12 Fluid Ounces
  • A few users reported issues with the nozzle getting clogged
  • Some users found the initial glossy finish too shiny for their liking

Overall, I’m really happy with the results of PlastiKote Steel Wheel Paint on my car’s wheels. If you have similar problems with your car’s wheels, I definitely recommend trying this product.

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2. Dupli-Color Silver Wheel Coating-Best Spray Paint For Steel Wheels

  • Features:
  • Metallic Finish
  • It adheres better to steel, aluminum, steel, and plastic wheels
  • Acrylic Enamel
Dupli-Color Silver Wheel Coating-Best Spray Paint For Steel Wheels

The DupliColor chrome paint for rims from this manufacturer has one of the best finishesI have seen so far of any paint on our list.

Dealing with single-part spray paints can be a bit tricky due to their chemistry, but this product pleasantly surprised me. This range of paints is highlighted by a rich base color that catches the eye immediately after application. The nozzle it comes with is a standout feature, offering a much finer and better spray compared to the standard plastic buttons on most spray cans.

This amazing brand offers products for a wide range of uses, from home improvement to automobiles as well as for marine boats.

It won’t flake or rub away once applied due to its high quality material, as proven through my testing on different tracks. It’s worth noting that if you’re expecting large metallic flakes, you might be disappointed. The nozzle’s design doesn’t allow for that, but instead, you get a consistent, subtle sparkle in the silver.

I found it to be a suitable match for most cars, providing an appearance that closely resembles original equipment manufacturer (OEM) finishes. If you’re thinking of using it for touch-ups, I’d recommend going for a complete coat – the results are worth the effort. Keep in mind, though, that applying a clear coat is essential since this finish doesn’t stand well on its own.

It provides a protective layer over your wheels as it dries, to repel contaminants, such as dirt and dust, which might damage or discolor them.

wheel rim paint
Wheel/rim paint

In addition, you can use the Dupli-Color wheel coating to your car’s existing color scheme by choosing from a variety of colors.

Therefore, if you’re interested in the classic option, go for graphite, satin black, or silver, or else, if you’d like to add some eye-catching detail, go for gold or copper. Moreover, it can be put on most metal surfaces.

High-quality paint shouldn’t require lengthy drying times between coats.

This paint has a dry time of 30 minutes under the right conditions, so you can apply as many layers as you choose without waiting hours for the previous layer to dry. It’s even possible to polish your wheels and rims using a clear formula. 

One thing to keep in mind is that this paint is on the thinner side, so meticulous prep work is important. Ensure your primer is smooth, take your time during application, use proper spraying techniques, and resist the urge to rush the process.

  • Beautiful finish
  • Best chrome spray paint for rims
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Quick-drying
  • Reflective finish
  • Little expensive
  • Lacks versatility
  • Hard to remove

In light of all of this, Dupli-Color’s affordable price point makes this offer even more attractive. So, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to have your car professionally painted. Whether you’re coating rims or wheels, Dupli-Color’s High-Performance Silver Wheel Coating is highly recommended.

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3. Rust-Oleum 248928 Automotive-Best Matte Black Paint For Rims

  • Features: 
  • Oil based formula
  • Rust and corrosion free
  • Matte Black
Rust-Oleum 248928 Automotive-Best Matte Black Paint For Rims

Among the top brands in the paint industry, Rust-Oleum is known for its combination of paint formulas and application tools. Therefore, I had high expectations of Rust-Oleum’s automotive wheel spray paint, and I am happy to report that I am not disappointed. 

The 11-ounce black aerosol formula of Rust-Oleum wheel coating enhances the color and appearance of your vehicle’s wheels while keeping them rust-free. This product can be used with plastic hubcaps and wheels that are made of either aluminum or steel.

Its durable finish makes it ideal for metal and plastic. You can spray at any angle with a comfort tip. 

They offer a wide range of automotive high-performance wheel paints, for a reasonable price, that provide good adhesion, long-lasting protection, and an excellent finish. You can use Rust-Oleum wheel clear coat to get the best results and an even glossier finish. 

Its oil-based formula dries quickly and sets completely in ten minutes, so you don’t have to wait hours between applications. 

Also, it provides excellent protection against the elements as well, since this oil-based formula is highly durable.

The coating also minimizes corrosion risk by preventing oxidation, while providing a barrier against dirt and road debris as it is scratch-resistant. 

It is easy to find Rust-Oleum at local hardware, auto parts, or home improvement stores. It is also great for painting other parts such as grilles, trim pieces, and more!

I recommend this spray paint because of its durability and quality, however you should take caution if you are seeking a perfect match. It is because some of the paint colors (available in clear, graphite, steel an matte black) look different after application than they do on the packaging. 

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  • Versatile
  • Anticorrosive
  • Sheen finish
  • Best spray paint for aluminum rims
  • Scratch-resilient
  • Fast drying
  • Durable, protective formula
  • It sticks to metal and plastic well
  • Dry within 10 minutes
  • Anti-rust formula
  • Sprays from any angle
  • You might have difficulty to adjust spray tip
  • No plastic extension for working in hard-to-reach areas
  • Basic color suitable only for restoration

One of the best features of this paint is that it gives the wheel a premium feeling that lasts the duration of its life. The same brand also has a truck bed lining that would make a good addition to your wheels! 

4. VHT SP187 Gloss Black-Most Durable Wheel Paint Can

  • Features:
  • Polyurethane paint
  • For Steel and aluminum wheel
  • Chemical and heat resistant
VHT SP187 Gloss Black-Most Durable Wheel Paint Can

Looking for great rim protection? VHT SP187 spray paint is a another good choice. It shields against sand, brake dust, and high temperatures, keeping your rims looking new for years.

With 2 styles and 8 colors, you can easily find a match for your ride. It dries in 30 minutes, but for the best results, heat-cure it at 250°F. Use VHT primer and clear coat for a flawless finish.

However, some users reported nozzle clogging issues. Despite this, it’s a fantastic all-purpose touch-up product, especially in classic colors like black, silver, graphite, aluminum, and clear.

The VHT Gloss Black Wheel Paint adds extra defense, preventing chips and blemishes from road debris. It creates a glossy finish, but be patient as it takes a bit longer to dry.

The fully cured formula can handle extreme heat and chemicals up to 900 degrees, ensuring safety during application and maximum durability.

In short, VHT High Temp Wheel Spray Paint is perfect for standard or custom wheels, resisting chipping, cracking, and fading. It’s a reliable choice from VHT, known for extreme heat resistance and quality coatings.

  • High-gloss finish for wheels
  • Polyurethane-coated for durability
  • Handles temperatures of up to 900
  • Protective coating
  • Glossy finish
  • A little pricey
  • A little slow to dry
  • Not available in bulk
  • In my opinion, they should definitely make some upgrades to the nozzle for better performance.

Spend a couple of extra bucks on VHT Gloss wheel paint can to get a high-quality finish and long-lasting appearance. 

5. Performix Plasti Dip White Rubber Coating Aerosol 

  • Features: 
  • Plasti dip
  • Comfortable to grip
  • Easy to remove
Performix Plasti Dip White Rubber Coating Aerosol 

Performix Plasti Dip Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating is a budget-friendly purchase that is well suited for those who cannot afford to spend too much on this item.

It comes in a convenient, ergonomic container while providing a soft, controlled grip. Furthermore, it is heat, physical, and electricity-resistant.

The Plasti Dip is a classic way to hide unattractive rims. This protective coating can be used in a number of DIY projects around the garage, garden, and home.

Plasti Dip remains flexible and elastic with time, and does not crack or become brittle over extended periods of time. It has been tested and proven to operate at temperatures ranging from -30°F to 200°F.

You should be careful not to wash this product with excessive pressure since it can easily be removed. You can also use Performix Plasti Dip on other objects besides rims. Overall, a low-risk, cheap, effective treatment for quick cosmetic repairs. In addition, the Performix Plasti Dip Rim Kit can be purchased separately, in multiples, or as a kit.

So, I purchased six Plasti Dip Spray White cans, known for providing excellent moisture-resistant coverage on various materials for my garden project. However, I observed that a few of the cans had an issue with “spitting.”

If Performix Plasti Dip is not available then you can check out Krylon COLOR max Spray Paint for outdoor use.

  • This spray-on product is easy to apply.
  • Cost-effective (especially when used on chrome wheels).
  • It hides ugly rims
  • Easy to remove
  • Suitable for DIY projects
  • Protects items against moisture, acids, and corrosion
  • Feels good in the hand
  • Long-lasting and flexible 
  • Resists cracking even in extreme weather
  • Aerosol container
  • A few of the cans clog after few seconds.

With Performix Plasti Dip White Rubber Coating, you can give cheap chrome wheels a flat black look or a different color  without spending a lot of money.

6. Superwrap Vinyl Wrap Sprayable Paint-Best Gloss Spray Paint For Rims

  • For wheel and trims
  • White gloss spray paint
  • Peelable 
Superwrap Vinyl Wrap Sprayable Paint-Best Gloss Spray Paint For Rims

Superwrap Vinyl Wrap stands out from any of the other spray paint products on this list. Its formula is designed for the glossy appearance of vinyl, but with an easy and fast application method. 

It is multipurpose spray paint that can be applied to different surfaces of an automobile.

The Superwrap sprayable Vinyl Wrap is available in 24 colors, so you can be sure to find a shade that complements or at least matches your vehicle’s color scheme. 

You can use Superwrap vinyl wrap paint as the best method of repairing damaged paint. Also, you can cover ugly wheels with a coat of vinyl that will last up to two years.

This spray paint cost is higher, but this is still a good alternative to Plasti Dip.

Here’s a handy sizing guide for using Arctic White spray. For wheels up to 17 inches, you’ll typically need around 4 cans. If you have larger wheels, specifically 18 to 19 inches, it’s advisable to go for about 6 cans. For even larger wheels ranging from 20 to 22 inches, you might want to have around 7 cans on hand. When it comes to accessories like trims, calipers (a set of 2), grills, mirrors, or emblems, 2 cans of Arctic White should suffice.

A quick tip: if you’re dealing with mirrors on trucks and SUVs, consider adding an extra can for optimal coverage. Also, if you’re working on 4 calipers, the kit designed for up to 17-inch wheels is recommended based on my experience.

  • A fair price
  • A glossy finish
  • Multipurpose spray paint can give a sleek, vinyl appearance 
  • Peels easily
  • Perfect for color matching 
  • Best white spray paint for rims
  • No for long-term coverage
  • Easy to remove
  • Pricier than Plasti Dip

If you are comfortable reapplying paint more often and want the benefit of powder coat, then you may be interested in Superwrap Vinyl Wrap paint can.

Buyer’s Guide On Best Spray Paint For Rims

spray painting for rims and wheels

Paint Spray Cans

The best thing to do is to ensure you have two cans of paint on hand when painting your wheels. It is for this reason that we have products that are available in multipacks.

Resistance to weather

If you want your paint job to last longer, be sure you are buying a product that can withstand poor weather conditions.

A protective property

You will damage your wheels over time as little pieces of debris chip away at them while you drive. To avoid this problem, you can protect your wheels from structural damage with certain paints.

High quality

Paints will prolong the life of your wheels, while also improving their appearance, if you use paint with protective features.

What Does the Paint Look Like?

Appearance is an important factor that seems obvious to mention. So, the paint on your car should match the rest of the body. It is because the new paint will be noticeable if it does not complement the existing color.

In addition, automotive paint should be glossy just like factory-fresh paint. Similarly, if you want a chrome-like finish, be sure the paint you pick is reflective.


Any purchase involves a budget consideration. Spray paint, however, is usually quite good for most people. After all, even the most expensive paint will not break the bank. There is no guarantee that buying the most expensive can on the market is the best option. The truth is, getting something at the higher end of the price range can be beneficial to you. If you want your rims to look great, it will be well worth the investment.

Drying Times

Lastly, consider the drying and curing time period. Spray paint for wheels and rims may feel dry to the touch within 10 minutes, or it may take as long as 24 hours. It is important to observe curing times for some paint types even if the paint feels dry.

Spray Paint Types For Wheels And Rims

A metal-specific enamel paint or oil based spray paints designed for painting metal can be used to coat wheels. Metal-specific paints such as Rust-Oleum work well for wheel painting.

Painting your rims requires a paint specially formulated for metal.

The Rubber Coating

You can also paint your wheels with rubber coatings, like this Plasti Dip wheel kit, to change the color and give them a new look. However, you should be careful not to damage the rubber coating of your car when you wash it with a pressure washer.

Textured Coatings, Truck Bed Coating or Epoxy

If you want to give your wheels a textured look, consider applying Rhino Liner. You can use rhino liner to protect your wheels, truck bed, or any other part of the vehicle from the weather by spraying it on. Even though the product is marketed towards truck beds, you can try it on your wheels!

The polyurethane material

A polyurethane coating for your wheels can be found in products like VHT Gloss wheel paint. Its high gloss level, looks beautiful, and it’s resistant to the weather make polyurethane an excellent choice.

Sprayable Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl solutions like SuperWrap are a great way to paint shoes on your whip. These coatings are not permanent solutions. So, after a period of time, you can easily peel off vinyl sprays.

Paint Kit

Various wheel/rim coating kits contain virtually all the supplies you will need. For everything you need, you can buy Performix Plasti Dip Rim Kit.

How do you spray paint rims?

As you know, there are many types of spray paint available on the automotive market for wheels and rims. Following the reviews and the buying guide, you should have a better understanding of what paint type is right for your vehicle and personal needs.

But how do you apply the paint? Is it possible to customize your wheels and rims yourself?

Keep reading to find out! You can spray paint wheels and rims in a few simple steps:

Steps of spray painting Rims

  • Identify the wheel’s metal type and cleaning Wheel
  • Sand the rims
  • Rinse Tire
  • Masking
  • Prime Coat
  • Second Coating
  • Top coats (Not necessary)

Identify the type of metal

Identify the wheel’s metal type and cleaning your workspace is the first step. Make sure that all your equipment is ready and all surfaces that need protection are covered. After that, you can spray a wheel cleaner onto the wheels and allow to sit for at least a minute. Now, rinse it with a pressure washer . Another option would be to use rubbing alcohol.

Also, you need to identify the metal type of the wheels as well. Wheels can be made from steel, aluminum alloy, or even chrome.

Identifying the material of your wheels will help you narrow down your selection of paint.

For Chrome: Plasti dip offers a quick and simple method of removing chrome stains. According to our experience, chrome wheels doesn’t last long since they corrode relatively quickly, causing tires to lose their seal faster.

For Steel: You need to use a truckbed coating style such as Plastikote to provide a military-grade coating for heavy steel rims.

For Alloys: Alloy is one of the best metals for wheels. Our recommendations for high-gloss/semi-gloss alloy finishes are Rustoleum, Duplicolor and VHT spray paint can.

Sand The Wheel

Next, you should sand the wheel with sandpaper. The first step is to take all the larger blemishes off the wheel using a piece of 220 grit sandpaper and then finish off with a piece of 400 grit sandpaper.

Do not forget to sand before painting.

Additionally, you should inspect the wheel at this point for damage; examine the wheel for dents, cracks, or anything that may need to be repaired or replaced before painting. Scratches can be treated by sanding them sufficiently and then move on!


Make sure that you don’t paint over dust by rinsing off the wheel with a hose or pressure washer.

Tire Masking

You should avoid getting paint on the tires. So, you can use masking tape at the point where the tire meets the wheels. Also, you can completely cover the wheel with index cards or paper.  

If you haven’t mounted the tires yet, it is the best time to paint the wheels because you will not have to worry about covering them! Make sure the valve stem is covered as well!

Prime Coat

Once the wheels are sanded, cleaned, and covered with tires, you are ready to paint. You shouldn’t apply too much paint to the first layer so the paint can bond with the metal.

If there are any large crevices on the wheel, start by spraying them first, and then paint the exposed parts. 

Second Coat

Make sure all surfaces are painted with a good second coat after the first coat has dried. After that, when the second coat is completely dry, then paint a third coat. 

Top Coat – Optional

Do not hesitate to apply a third and fourth coat! Remember that too much paint will make it thinner and harder to wash off with a pressure washer.

Application of thin finish coats will prevent flaking.

You’re done!

With a new paint job, your wheels now look stylish! Also, if you need to touch up in the future, keep the leftover spray paint. 

how to paint chrome wheels

paint chrome wheels

Chrome is a metallic plating or paint coating that appears shiny. Painting chrome rims seems too expensive to paint. There is also the possibility that you will think the process is complicated and time consuming. However, this process is not difficult.

If you follow the right steps, the paint will not peel. So, if you put in a little time and effort, it is possible to paint over chrome with good results.

The following materials are needed for painting chrome rims:

  • Sandpaper
  • Chrome paint
  • Primer
  • Clearcoat
  • High-gloss paint (optional)

Step 1

Use the soap and water mixture to clean the chrome portion of the wheel. Next, the rim surface must be sanded. So, you will be able to apply paint better and achieve a smoother finish.

To smooth the surface, start with coarse sandpaper and move on to finer grits.

Step 2

Put a layer of primer on the rim. This will ensure better adhesion of the chrome paint and a longer-lasting finish.

Once the primer is dry, paint the rim with chrome paint (It can be automotive, acrylic or enamel paint). Make sure you paint each area several times using even strokes.

Step 3

You can protect chrome paint against chipping and fading with a clear coat after it has dried. On top of the clear coat, you can apply a layer of high-gloss paint for a glossy finish.

On the other hand, if you wish to paint chrome wheels black with acrylic latex paint with a finish of your choice, apply two coats of paint.

After you have applied the paint coating, let it dry for at least two hours. Furthermore, no topcoat is required for this type of paint since it is chip- and crack-resistant.

Why Refinish Your rims and Wheels?

People often choose to refinish their wheels for personal reasons, such as wanting to match them to their car’s paint job or being inspired by other vehicles. 

However, refinishing your rims can be a great idea for various reasons. It not only enhances the overall look of your vehicle, giving it a fresh and stylish appearance, but it also protects the rims from corrosion and rust, making them last longer. If your rims have scratches or faded paint, refinishing can restore them to their original condition.

Conclusion On Best Spray Paint For Rims

Hopefully, our best spray paint for rims reviews have helped you finalize your decision already. However, if you aren’t quite sure which of these five options is right for your needs, there are three recommendations we can make that might simplify the decision.

If you’re searching for the best black spray paint can on the market for your automotive needs, then consider VHT black wheel spray paint for best results. Another great option for those on a budget, the Performix Plasti Dip White Rubber Coating Aerosol provides good value for its quality. However, if you are looking for best high end product that will provide you metallic finish, then Dupli-Color Silver Wheel Coating is the perfect choice for you.

Now that you know everything about spray paint for rims, your decision should be simple!!

FAQs On Best Spray Paint For Rims And Wheels

Is it Possible to Spray Paint Your Rims and Wheels?

Car rims are best painted with spray paint designed specifically for use on wheels. Make sure the paint has a clear coat finish and the wheels are properly shaped. The right paint can be used for magnesium wheels, steel, and aluminum.

Do you think spray painting your rims is safe?

It would be best to use a spray paint that is compatible with car rims. Also, an additional clear coat may be required as well. 

How long does spray painting last?

The best spray paints can last years when properly applied. Selecting a good quality spray paint and preparing each wheel properly are the keys to having successful results. 

Is it possible to spray paint my rims while they are on the car?

Yes, It is possible to spray paint the rims while they are on the car, but you should be careful. To ensure a smooth paint job, you should protect your tires and parts of your vehicle around wheels from paint.

It is, however, not recommended. When your rims are removed from your vehicle, you will be able to clean them thoroughly and paint them evenly. Even though spray painting rims on the car is possible, it’s better to avoid doing so.

What if I want to paint aluminum rims black?

You can paint aluminum rims black. Before painting the surface, you must sand it with 220-grit sandpaper. Sanding is the most important step, just like for any other color. Moreover, you’ll probably need about six layers of paint for ideal coverage.

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