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Furniture pieces look awful when they don’t match with decor. The mismatch can feel like an eyesore in an otherwise cohesive space. But before you consider replacing your furniture, there’s a cost-effective alternative to consider: furniture painting.

Giving your furniture a fresh coat of paint can change the look and feel of your room, creating a new ambiance without a hefty price tag. Moreover, it’s a superb method to extend the life of your cherished items, providing both a sustainable and economical choice.

The furniture painting price list is dependent on different aspects including the complexity and size of the piece, the type of finish and paint desired. Let’s get into them!

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Furniture Painting Price List: How Much Does It Cost to Paint Furniture?

The cost of painting furniture is based on whether you go for the DIY option or hire professionals to get painting done. Both choices have their own set of advantages, with DIY being a more budget-friendly choice, and professional service ensuring a high-quality finish. 

Professional Furniture Painting Price

The general price range for professional furniture painting falls between $150 to $800 per piece, depending on several factors.

Professionals come with the expertise, tools, and materials needed to do the job right. Here’s the estimated price list of furniture paintings on the basis of their sizes.

Furniture TypeSize/DescriptionPrice
Dressers3-5 Drawer Dresser$375+
5-9 Drawer Dresser$525+
Fitted wardrobe 3 Sections$850+
Built-in wardrobe3 Sections$2429+
Armoires/China CabinesAverage Armoire$575+
Small China Cabinet$775+
Large China Cabinet$1150+
Rocking Chair$200 to $500 
DesksSmall Sized$325+
Medium Sized$395+
Large Sized Executive$575+
Dining TablesMedium Sized$620+
Large Sized$740+
Extra Leaves $75 each
Desk Chairs/Dining ChairsWith Upholstered Seat$180+ per chair
Without Upholstered Seat$145+ per chair
Nightstands/Side TablesSmall$165+
Coffee TablesSmall$225+

Different Furniture Paint Types And Their Costs

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Chalk Paint

Chalk paint might cost more than other paints, with a quart priced at about $38, covering 150 square feet, enough for multiple furniture items.

You’ll need extra things like a sealer or wax costing around $18 for a small container or $28.97 for a large one, and maybe a sanding block for around $3.97.

For DIY projects, you’ll spend on the paint, wax, and possibly a sanding block. If you hire a professional, it’s about $40 per hour, plus more if they need to transport your furniture.

Latex Paint

Latex paints price averages between $15 and $50 for a gallon, influenced by brand, quality, and finish. It’s a budget-friendly choice for furniture not heavily used.

Similar to chalk paint, the coverage depends on the furniture’s size and the number of coats applied. 

Extra costs may arise for brushes or rollers, primer if needed, and a sealant to protect the finish. Ideal for those seeking a more economical option without compromising on the fresh look of their furniture.

Satin Finish

With a soft sheen, it subtly brightens up spaces making your furniture stand out. 

The durability and ease of maintenance are the cherries on top, especially suitable for high-traffic areas where furniture is frequently used. Priced at a moderate range of $30 to $40 per litre, satin paint is a cost-effective choice for a sophisticated look that lasts.

Useful Resource: Learn more about the differences between gloss and satin paint finish!

Gloss Finish

If a sleek, modern look is what you are after, gloss paint might be your go-to option. Known for its high-reflective quality, gloss finish adds a touch of elegance and vibrancy to your furniture. 

Commonly adorned on doors, cupboards, and frequently used furnishings, the ease of cleaning is a significant advantage of gloss paint. Though a tad pricier than satin, ranging from $35 to $45 per litre, the shiny finish and durability often justify the cost.

Matte Finish

If you would like a more understated or vintage look, matte paint is an ideal pick. Unlike its gloss and satin counterparts, matte doesn’t reflect light, giving a soft and smooth appearance to your furniture. 

However, its susceptibility to marks and less durability make it a less ideal choice for heavily used items. With a price range of $25 to $40 per litre, matte paint is a budget-friendly option for pieces that see less wear and tear.

Eggshell Finish

Blending the best of both worlds, eggshell finish sits comfortably between satin and matte finishes. Choosing it is a great option for those who want a low-sheen finish without compromising much on durability. 

Ideal for moderately used furniture, eggshell paint provides a soft, elegant ambiance to your room. Although it’s on the higher end of the price spectrum at $40 to $60 per litre, the unique balance of aesthetics and durability makes it a worthwhile consideration.

DIY Furniture Painting Cost

If you decide to paint your furniture yourself, it can save you some money. 


The paint prices can range from about $15 to $50 for a gallon of latex paint, or around $38 for a quart of chalk paint. You can check the cost price of Sherwin Williams paint in this guide.


Besides paint, you’ll need some other things too. This includes brushes or rollers, which might cost around $10 to $20. If the furniture has rough spots, you might need sandpaper, which can cost around $5. Also, you might need a primer to help the paint stick better, which can cost around $10 to $25. Furthemore, investing in furniture paint sprayer cost from $40 to $400+ on average.

Learn more about furniture painting tools.


After painting, you’ll need to seal the paint to keep it looking nice. A can of sealant (varnish, polyurethane or wax) can cost around $10 to $80.

All in all, the cost for DIY furniture painting can be quite low, especially when compared to hiring a professional. However, the final cost would be dependent on the paint type and other supplies you choose, and how many furniture pieces you plan to paint.

Furniture Refinishing Price Guide

Refinishing MethodCost Range
Sealing$80 – $300
Furniture Stripping$100 – $500
Staining$150 – $500
Refacing$300 – $800
Reupholstering$50 – $4,000
Antique Furniture Restoration$1,000 – $5,000

Type Of Furniture Painting Cost

Type of FurnitureCost Range
Repainting (e.g., side table, dining chair)$80 – $800
Furniture Paint (per quart)$20 – $50
Painting Labor$50 – $500
Custom Furniture Painting$40 – $60 per hour
Powder Coating or Electrostatic Painting (metal furniture)$340 – $1,020
Wood Furniture Finishing$100 – $3,800+

How much should i charge to paint furniture ?

The cost of furniture painting typically ranges from $40 (basic job) to $100 (special complex job)per hour.

Hiring someone to paint furniture ensures expertise in handling delicate items and achieving a smooth finish, guaranteeing a long-lasting final product.

On the other hand, DIY furniture painting can be less expensive and offers flexibility in timelines but may risk damaging the piece, incomplete stripping, or needing touch-ups sooner.

Ultimately, the cost should reflect the quality and durability of the finished product, ensuring value for the customer.

Final Thoughts On furniture painting price list

The furniture painting price list above provides you with a budget-friendly way to refinish furniture items rather than buying new ones. No matter if you do it yourself or hire professionals, the costs are variable as per the paint type and size of the furniture. 

This option not only saves money but also lets you creatively refresh your space, making your furniture blend well with your decor and last longer.

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