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When it is about painting your home, furniture or automotive, quality matters. That’s where Sherwin Williams steps in with its renowned reputation for providing some of the finest-quality interior and exterior paints on the market. 

The Sherwin Williams paint cost per gallon is $38 to $115, however, this price varies based on different aspects. With a wide range of colors, paint types and formulations to choose from, Sherwin Williams offers paint solutions for different types of painting projects. Let’s get into them deeper!

How Much Is a Gallon of Sherwin Williams Paint

How Much Is Sherwin Williams Interior Paint Cost?

To simplify the process of comparing Sherwin Williams paints based on their price and quality, here is the detailed Sherwin Williams interior paint comparison with their respective costs, as listed on their official website:

Super Paint

The SuperPaint interior acrylic latex, priced at $69.99 per gallon, serves as both a paint and primer in one, available in semi-gloss, satin, flat, velvet sheens. This paint not only applies easily but also dries quickly.

For those looking for additional features, SuperPaint interior acrylic with air purifying technology contributes to better indoor air quality and eliminates household odors, all while offering a choice of semi-gloss satin, or flat finishes costing $75.49 per gallon. 

Meanwhile, Superpaint interior latex with sanitizing technology goes the extra mile by providing ongoing antibacterial action, perfect for maintaining a healthy living environment at a price of $77.99 per gallon.

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A top-tier choice for lasting, clean interiors, Duration acrylic latex paint by Sherwin Williams, at $80.49 per gallon, excels in high-traffic areas with its durable finish and advanced stain-blocking tech. 

Its moisture resistance and anti-microbial properties make it perfect for bathrooms and commercial spaces.

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sherwin williams emerald paint cost

Priced at $109.49 per gallon, the Emerald designer edition interior latex paint offers a flawless coating with exceptional hide and water resistance, ideal for high-end interiors. Additionally, it contains anti-microbial agents to combat mold and mildew, meeting stringent VOC regulations. 

For a luxurious look for doors and trim, the Emerald urethane trim enamel, also priced at $109.49, delivers a long-lasting and wear-resistant coating with a range of sheens to choose from. 

Whereas, the Emerald interior acrylic latex paint, comes at $85.49 per gallon, impresses with its exceptional hide, stain-blocking technology, and scrub resistance. 


cashmere interior acrylic latex paint is available at $69.99 per gallon, delivering a luxurious and silky texture for residential areas. It’s ultra-smooth with excellent coverage, making it easy to apply and giving your walls a rich appearance. It’s scrubbable for easy maintenance and comes in pearl, flat, and eg-shel sheens.

All Surface Enamel 

All Surface Enamel offers an exceptional choice for painters who need durability and versatility in their paint. Whether you opt for the latex or oil base version, both come in at a competitive list price of $83.99 per gallon. 

The latex option is perfect for areas that endure heavy wear, providing excellent resistance to sunlight and weather. It’s a great choice for  trim, doors, and windows delivering a satin or high gloss appearance for added aesthetics. 

On the other hand, as a comprehensive solution for various surfaces, the oil base version expands its application to masonry, drywall, plaster, wood, and steel. 


Available at $44.49 per gallon, Captivate interior latex paint by Sherwin Williams serves as both paint and primer in one. Its easy application and impressive coverage effectively conceal imperfections. 

Available in flat, glossy Satin, and semi-gloss sheen, with a wide range of over 1,700 colors to choose from, having the ability to meet strict VOC regulations, it is an eco-conscious choice. 

Color To Go

Color To Go offers a unique solution for confident color choices. Test your paint directly on your walls to see how it fits your lighting and space. The satin finish provides a touch of elegance, all at just $10.19 for a quart. 

Pro Classic

ProClassic offers a trio of exceptional interior paint options for different painting works. First, the ProClassic alkyd interior enamel that costs $89.59 per gallon, is the go-to choice for trim, doors, furniture and cabinets. Its strong, smooth texture, outstanding adhesion, and the advantage of requiring fewer coats make it a practical pick. 

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If you want a blend of alkyd performance and non-yellowing properties, the ProClassic interior waterbased acrylic-alkyd is perfect for frequently cleaned areas pricing at $102.49 per gallon. 

Moreover, the ProClassic waterborne interior acrylic enamel is also listed at $89.99 per gallon, providing high gloss, excellent flow, and strong adhesion for various interior surfaces. 

Premium Ceiling Paint

The ultra-flat gloss of premium ceiling paint works wonders in concealing minor surface imperfections, while the self-priming, one-coat coverage can save you time and effort during the application. Plus, its mold and mildew resistance provide long-lasting quality at $53.49 per gallon.


Krylon’s Chalkboard paint brush-on, costing $15.89 per quart, easily creates a sturdy, slate-like chalkboard surface for interior use. 

Meanwhile, their Tub & Tile ultra repair paint, at $87.09 for 64 oz, offers a chip-resistant, porcelain-like, and glossy finish perfect for highlighting windows, trim and doors with long-lasting durability.

How Much Does Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Cost?

Here is a detailed comparison of Sherwin Williams exterior paint cost:

A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex

With a list price of $56.49 per gallon, A-100 exterior acrylic latex is available in flat, satin, gloss, or low sheen gloss level, ideal for efficient coverage, low-temperature application, and lasting color retention. 

All Surface Enamel 

Costing you $83.99 per gallon, All Surface enamel paints (Latex and Oil Base) excel in high-wear areas like trim and doors, offering exceptional weather resistance. 

With sheen options like high gloss and satin, these paints offer a lasting, stylish shine on surfaces ranging from drywall to wood. 


Sherwin-Williams’ Exterior acrylic latex paint, priced at $98.99, provides long-lasting beauty and resistance to various elements. 

For a self-cleaning option, the Emerald rain refresh paint, at $121.49, keeps surfaces fresh with rain. The Urethane trim enamel, for $109.49, delivers a luxurious effect for doors and trim with excellent longevity.


sherwin williams duration prices

Another top notch choice of Sherwin-Williams, Exterior acrylic latex paint comes with excellent durability, crack resistance, and self-priming convenience. With a variety of sheen levels and a lifetime warranty, it’s a wise investment at $93.49 per gallon.


Resilience Exterior Acrylic Latex offers remarkable moisture resistance with MoistureGuard technology only at $84.49 per gallon. Its permanent coating, mildew resistance, and versatility in tinting make it a smart choice for lasting exterior projects.

How Much Is Sherwin Williams Paint?

Paint OptionPrice (per gallon)Benefits
SuperPaint$69.99Paint and primer in one, quick-drying, multiple sheens
Duration$80.49Durable finish, stain-blocking, moisture resistance
Emerald$85.49 – $109.49Exceptional hide, water resistance, anti-microbial agents
Cashmere$69.99Silky texture, excellent coverage, easy maintenance
All Surface Enamel$83.99Durability and versatility, satin or high gloss
Captivate$44.49Paint and primer in one, easy application, wide color range
ProClassic$89.59 – $102.49Strong, smooth texture, outstanding adhesion
Premium Ceiling Paint$53.49Ultra-flat gloss, self-priming, mold, and mildew resistance
Krylon$15.89 – $87.09Durable finishes

Is Sherwin-Williams a good quality paint?

sherwin williams paint levels

Sherwin-Williams paints are known for their high-quality formulations, offering excellent coverage, durability, and a wide range of colors, making them a preferred choice for many homeowners and professionals. Their reputation is built on providing reliable and long-lasting paint solutions.

Sherwin-Williams paint reviews can be found on these two reputable websites:

  1. Consumer Reports often conducts independent testing and provides unbiased reviews of various products, including paints. They assess factors like durability, coverage, and overall quality.
  2. The Better Business Bureau allows customers to leave reviews and complaints about businesses, including paint manufacturers like Sherwin-Williams. It can be a useful resource to gauge customer satisfaction.

How much does a 5 gallon bucket of Sherwin-Williams paint cover?

A 5-gallon bucket of Sherwin-Williams paint typically covers around 1,500 square feet with one coat, but this can vary depending on factors like the type of paint and the surface being painted. For more precise coverage information, I recommend checking the specific product label or consulting with a Sherwin-Williams store representative.

Behr vs Sherwin Williams vs Benjamin Moore: Differences

When it comes to Behr vs Sherwin Williams, Sherwin-Williams takes the lead in terms of durability. It exhibits greater resistance to scratches, chips, and scuffs, making it a suitable choice for areas with heavy foot traffic or households with pets and children. On the other hand, Behr paint isn’t as scrubbable, making it less suitable for areas with heavy traffic.

In terms of adhesion, both Sherwin-Williams and Behr perform well if you choose the right tools and preparations. However, Sherwin-Williams has an edge with self-leveling options, making it more forgiving for uneven surfaces.

When considering VOC levels, both companies offer zero VOC paints, but Behr tends to have slightly higher VOC levels in some products. Sherwin-Williams can also have higher VOC levels in certain paints, so it’s important to check the specific product you’re using.

In consistency, Behr is thicker than Sherwin-Williams, which may require a sprayer to eliminate drips and achieve a uniform finish. Sherwin-Williams paint is easier to work with, being thick enough to reduce the number of coats required and less prone to dripping.

Sherwin-Williams outperforms Behr in coverage, with most of its products covering at least 300 square feet per can compared to Behr’s 250 square feet. Both offer a maximum coverage of 400 square feet per can, but Sherwin-Williams is generally more efficient.

When it comes to longevity, Sherwin-Williams interior paints can last up to seven to ten years with proper preparation. Behr, on the other hand, has a two-year shelf life for unopened cans but can last longer if stored correctly.

Paint drying times are longer for both Sherwin-Williams and Behr due to their thickness, with Behr taking up to 4 hours to dry to the touch and Sherwin-Williams taking 1 to 4 hours. Full drying can take up to 48 hours for both, depending on conditions.

Both brands offer a substantial range of colors, with Sherwin-Williams having over 1,700 and Behr offering more than 1,400. Sherwin-Williams excels in color matching, thanks to its software development.

When comparing Behr vs Benjamin Moore, Benjamin Moore stands out for its quality and durability, with better adhesion and consistent results. Benjamin Moore also offers zero VOC paints, making it a safer choice.

In terms of coats required, Benjamin Moore generally needs only one coat for an excellent finish, while Behr may require two or more due to its low VOC content.

Benjamin Moore outlasts Behr, with its paint lasting over ten years without needing repainting, while Behr may require repainting after about three years.

Drying times for Behr can be longer, up to 24 hours, while Benjamin Moore paints typically dry in one to two hours.

Both brands offer a wide range of color options, with Benjamin Moore offering over 3,500 colors and Behr offering more than 1,000.

Price-wise, Benjamin Moore is slightly more expensive than Behr, but it’s considered worth the investment for its quality and longevity, especially for showcase rooms.

How Do You Find Sherwin Williams Paints?

You can find Sherwin-Williams paints through various convenient channels:

Sherwin-Williams has a longstanding partnership with Lowe’s, where you can access their popular paint brands. Lowe’s offers a line of paint known as HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams, which is known for its guaranteed one-coat coverage. At Lowe’s, you can find a variety of colors of these paints.

However, if you’re considering Home Depot for your paint needs, please note that they do not sell Sherwin-Williams paint. Home Depot carries its own range of paint products, so for Sherwin-Williams paints, you’ll need to turn to Sherwin-Williams stores or their approved retailers.

The most direct way to purchase Sherwin-Williams paints is by visiting one of their dedicated stores. They have an extensive network of retail locations across the United States and in many other countries, providing you with a wide selection of paint options, colors, and expert guidance.

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, Sherwin-Williams offers an official website where you can explore their comprehensive catalog. Here, you can browse various paint lines, finishes, and colors, make your selections, and have your chosen products delivered right to your doorstep, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience.

Additionally, some authorized retailers, including select home improvement and hardware stores, may carry Sherwin-Williams products. To determine if they stock the specific Sherwin-Williams paint you’re seeking, it’s a good idea to check with these retailers.

How to get a discount on paint at Sherwin-Williams?

  1. Sales and Promotions: Watch for Sherwin-Williams’ sales and promotions. They frequently offer discounts and special deals on particular paint lines, especially during the holidays and specific times of the year.
  2. Sign Up for their Loyalty Program: Sherwin-Williams has a loyalty program called the “PaintPerks” program. By signing up, you can receive exclusive offers, discounts, and promotions, as well as earn rewards points on your purchases.
  3. Pro and Contractor Accounts: If you’re a professional painter or contractor, consider opening a professional account with Sherwin-Williams. This can provide you with access to special pricing and discounts.
  4. Bulk Purchases: Buying paint in larger quantities can sometimes lead to discounts. If you have a significant painting project, inquire about bulk purchase discounts.

Final Thoughts

Even though Sherwin Williams paint cost is a bit higher, however, they are top-notch for indoor and outdoor painting projects. Their quality and durability make them a favorite among painters and homeowners, ensuring long-lasting and impressive finishes.

FAQs On How Much Does Sherwin Williams Paint Cost

Q. Is Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore cheaper?

Benjamin Moore paints are a bit more expensive than Sherwin-Williams paints, however they are generally considered to be of higher quality. Both companies offer interior and exterior paint types for your home, like Duration, Emerald, and Cashmere.

Q. Why do painters prefer Sherwin-Williams?

Painters often prefer Sherwin-Williams because it’s thick and has more solid stuff in it. This makes it easier to use and can cover a big area with just one or two coats. They prefer paints that work well because their reputation depends on it.

Q. Why are Sherwin-Williams paints so expensive?

Sherwin-Williams paints cost highly due to several different aspects. These include the expensive raw materials they use, their special paint recipes, the demand for rare paint colors, their paints’ long-lasting quality, and challenges like labor shortages that impact production costs.

Q. Which paint is better: Sherwin-Williams or Behr?

The paints made by Sherwin-Williams are more durable than those made by Behr. They hold up well against wear and tear and are less likely to scratch, chip, or show scuffs, making them a more reliable choice for a long-lasting finish.

Q. How long does Sherwin paint last?

Sherwin-Williams recommends using their paint within one year for optimal performance and quality. After this time, the paint may still be usable, but its quality and effectiveness could diminish.

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